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  • KADAMBINI MEDIA PVT. LTD.A vision for uplifting of Art, Culture and Literature

    (Estd: July 2000)

    Founder: Dr. Achyuta Samanta

    Director: Dr. Iti Samanta

    Proud Members of:

    Proud Members of:

    (Started in July 2000)

    (Started in July 2011)

  • Architect of temples of learning who has sculpted beautiful institutions like KIIT and KISS; the man whois down to earth but perspicacious is the one and only Dr. Achyuta Samanta; the founder of KadambiniMedia Pvt. Ltd.; is a humble, philanthropist, who has dedicated his life and all his comfort for the sakeof service to society. He lost his father in early childhood when he was only 4 years old. Having grown upin abject poverty though he managed to complete his post graduation in chemistry with flying colours.However, all the adversities of life that beset him could not snatch away his innocence, honesty andaltruistic orientation. He braved all odds with fortitude.In the process of evolving a society sans poverty and ignorance, he discarded every comfort and left thealluring stable job of a lecturer in those days. He was destined to create an institution what started asa Technical Training Centre in a two-room rented building in 1995 with a meagre capital investment ofonly Rs. 5000. It has now become a world-class state-of-the-art University par excellence.In his quest for an equitable society that gave birth to a modest school for the indigenous aboriginalchildren, living in and around Odisha in 1993, that has grown into the largest residential institute of theworld for 25,000 tribal children, culled from the poorest of the poor sections of the society. This is thelegendary Kalinga Institute of Social Sciences (KISS). They are being provided with food, accommodation,healthcare and all other basic amenities of life absolutely free to pursue their studies from KG to PG.Besides 2 Guinness World Records for KISS, there are 4 Limca Book of Records including one scripted inhis name as the Youngest Chancellor of any University in India.In spite of being the founder of an educational conglomerate (KIIT group of Institutions and KISS),Dr. Samanta has never lost sight of his roots and philosophy of life to respect mother, motherland andmother tongue. Kalarabanka, his remote village, in the process, has been transformed to a model oneproviding all facilities and amenities of city life.Dr. Samantas passion and love for language, literature, art and culture gave birth to the KadambiniMedia that publishes 'The Kadambini', the first ever family feature magazine in Odia; 'The Kunikatha', ananother first of its kind is the magazine for children in Odia, and presented two notable feature filmsKathantara and Krantidhara.Recognition and Appreciation for Dr. Samanra are: Isa Award-2015 for Service to Humanity, the highestcivilian award of the Kingdom of Bahrain; highest civilian award of Mongolia-2015; GUSI Peace PrizeInternational- 2014; President's Gold Medal, CIS International Association of Knowledge, Moscow; HighCivilian Award of Czeck Republic; 'Hall of Fame' Award from World CSR Congress, Economic Times Awardfor being in the top 50 successful entrepreneurs in India, 2015 besides 50 other national awards and200 state level awards. He has also received 31 Degrees of Doctorate/Doctor of Letters (Honorary Causa)from different Universities in India and abroad, besides 3 National Fellowships (ISTE, CSI, ICA).

    FOUNDERDr. Achyuta Samanta

    Eminent Educationist, Noted Philanthropist

    and Social Activist

    KADAMBINI MEDIA PRIVATE LIMITEDA vision for uplifting of Art, Culture and Literature

    Kadambini Media Pvt. Ltd. was founded in July 2000 by the eminent educationist, noted philanthropist andsocial activist Dr. Achyuta Samanta, the Founder, KIIT group of institutions and KISS. From a modest startasthe publisher of a family magazine, the organisation today has emerged as a large publication housepublishingnovels, short stories, poetry collections, feature collections and translations of literary masterpieces from otherIndian and foreignlanguages. Writer and social worker Dr. Iti Samanta, the director of Kadambini Media and theeditor of magazines The Kadambini and The Kunikatha, is a woman with a dream. The Kadambini is herbrainchild through which she dreamt of ushering ina creative renaissance of sorts in the state. The Kunikatha isalso first of its kind as a magazine for young children which fulfills the long standing demand of Odia youngchildren for an exclusive quality Odia family magazine exclusively for them. As a step towards fulfilling KadambiniMedias commitment for literature, it has published / is publishing books with high literary value authored byeminent as well as young writers. As a part of its endeavour, Mediahas also ventured into the audio-visual medium.So far it has produced several music albums and Video CDs of popular songs.Kadambini Media alsohas marked its debut in films with its maiden production Kathantara (Another Story), afilm with 1999 Super-cyclone as its backdrop. Kathantara went on to bag 8Awardsin the 18th Odisha State FilmAwards and Silver Lotus for the Best Odia Feature Film- 2005in the 53rd National Film Awards. It also participatedand received critical acclaims in several National and International Film Festivals. Medias second feature filmKrantidhara (coup de grace) has based on the struggle of women in grass root politics which has been highlyacclained by crities and audiences in varous national and international film festivals and owned 3 Awards in theOdisha State Film Awards-2015. Another short film by Kadambini Media Kahani Nuhe was adjudged the BestShort Film at the 1st Odisha State Tele Film Award.Apart from these, the organisation is also producing documentaries, tele films, tele serials, music videos, realityshows, and many other entertaining programmes for different channels. Kadambini media in association withKalinga TV has produced quality programmes related to Odishas art, culture and literature.

  • Iti Samanta was born in a non-descript village Kalarabanka in Cuttack District of Odisha and went throughthe similar situation in her childhood like her elder brother Achyuta Samanta. She had a strong desiresince her school days to become a writer. Circumstances in the family compelled her to pursue Engineeringeducation. But her strong will power brought her from engineering to the field of literature and shecompleted her Post Graduation in Odia. She did her Master Degree in Mass Communication and AdvancedJournalism also. Being a voracious reader of novels and magazines, Ms. Samanta dreamt to bring out aquality magazine in Odia language. Her dream came true when her brother, Dr. Samanta foundedKadambini Media. She shouldered the responsibility as the Director of this Organisation to spread Art,Culture, Literature and Cinema through it. To begin with, she edited the family magazine, 'The Kadambini'which came out in the year 2000. 'The Kadambini' gave a new dimension to Odia magazines and createda history in Odia magazine world. In addition to editing, writing she managed to take out time for research.She did her Ph.D. in literature from Visva-Bharati Central University, Shantiniketan. She was also awardedas a fellow-scholar in literature from the Ministry of Culture, Govt. of India. As a creative writer, her twoanthologies of short stories titled 'Tathapi' (2001), 'Iti Tora Lipsa' (2012) and short story & film scriptJhada Parara Surya O Krantidhara(2017) and a novel 'Nirab Aalapa' (2013) have got wide reviews andappreciations. 'The Itibruti-1' (2006) and 'The Itibruti-2' (2010) are two separate volumes of collectionsof her editorials published in the 'The Kadambini'. A research oriented interview collections of eminentOdia writers on woman characters of their novels, titled 'Kathare Kathare Upanyasare Naricharitra':Part-1 (2011), Part-2 (2012) and a collection of interviews Kathabarta (2017) are an unique endeavorof Dr. Iti Samanta. She has also edited a book of critical essays 'Charchare Chandrasekhar' (2012). Shehas compiled and edited two books on cooking 'Kadambini Aama Rosai': Part-1 (2007), Part-2 (2012) andPart-3 (2014). She did not limit her activities in family magazine only. She also brought out 'The Kunikatha',a monthly magazine exclusively for children and involve herself in different social activities.

    Simultaneous with her literary pursuit, Dr. Iti Samanta ventured into visual medium to promote goodCinema and artistes of caliber. Now Dr. Iti Samanta is a name to reckon with in that field. She has provedher excellence by receiving many awards as a literary editor and producer of the movie 'Kathantara'(2005) and has been nominated to several prestigious committees as honorary member. She has alsobeen regularly participating in many seminars, discussions, TV shows and Radio talks related to art,literature, women oriented issues and present social topics. She has turned the dream of the founder,Dr. Achyuta Samanta into reality by her sustained and concerted effort and dedication as the Directorof Kadambini Media Pvt. Ltd.

    Her story Jhada Parara Surjya has been adapted to a feature length film Krantidhara (2015) which ismaking waves.

    EDITORDr. Iti Samanta

    Writer, Publisher, Director,Producer and Social Worker

    Kadambini Media hasbeen providing a platform to young people to showcase their talents in the field of art,literature and education etc. The Media has also instituted several Awardsfor rising talents in various fields andhonours them during the anniversary function of The Kadambini. In this occasion the prestigious KadambiniSammana is also presented to an individual in recognition of his/her contribution to art, literature, social service,education, administration and industries etc. All the awards contain cash component and special gift items. TheMedia selects a novelist in every 5 years and honours in th


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