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  • K4A Transliteration Guidelines

    Please note that transliteration guidelines are different according to each culture and also within eachmovement of Judaism. We have developed these guidelines for use with our transliterated documents.They may or may not apply to transliterations put out by other movements including the variousorganizations teaching Kabbalah.

    a as in father

    ai as in aisle

    e as in red

    ei as in eight

    i as in pizza

    o as in no

    oi as in toy

    oy as in toy

    u as in tune

    ch as in Bach in German (strong sound from the throat)

    g as in give

    tz as in lots

    typically adds an EH sound after a consonant, this is known as a Shva Na or pronounced Shvaas in the word Shma.

    - a dash is simply used to aid in pronounciation, usually if two like vowels follow each other, as inthe word da-at.

    In Hebrew, the accent generally falls on the last syllable, however it sometimes falls somewhere else inthe word. In our transliteration, when the syllable falls somewhere else other than the last syllable, thatstressed syllable will be underlined. Example: Melech.

    Hebrew Rules

    The following are some of the Hebrew rules you may notice in our siddurim (connection books).

    Kjln In Hebrew, the accent generally falls on the last syllable, however it sometimes fallssomewhere else in the word. Whenever a syllable other than the last is accented, a meteg(the vertical line under the first letter) will appear.

    lk The masoret above the letter Chaf indicates that this is a Kamatz Katan, which ispronounced as o; in this example the word is kol.

    Eg n U i The rafe above a letter indicates it is a Shva Na. This example is pronounced yismchu.Note that the rafe does not appear above the first letter of a word that has a Shva as that isALWAYS a Shva Na.

    Please do not publish or distribute without permission.

    All prefaces to prayers written and adapted by David-Anthony Curtis.Transliterated according to the K4A Transliteration Guidelines developed by David-Anthony Curtis and Rebecca Schwartz.Translated by David-Anthony Curtis.Edited by Rebecca Schwartz and David-Anthony Curtis.

    Copyright 2010 Kabbalah4All.com.

  • SLICHOT zegilq



    Used each day during the month of Elul and in the days between Rosh Hashanah andYom Kippur this connection unites us with the Light and with the consciousness ofslicha, which means forgiveness, and we cleanse ourselves of our past negativeactions. The best time to do this connection is between midnight and dawn, for it isduring this time when mercy is awakened.

    The month of Elul is dedicated to teshuvah, which means to return. We return toourselves through introspection and to the Light through repentance for any negativeactions we may have done. It is not enough to just do this connection, we must alsofeel repentance for those actions and seek to correct them. The negative actions thatwe do determine our destiny. Teshuvah is the means through which we can reversethe effects of our negative past actions . It gives us the ability to go back in time andtransform the negative into positive. Therefore, we can change history through ourthoughts, remove chaos from our lives, and balance the accounts that remain openbetween ourselves and others.

    We know that spiritual transformation is like a garden, we cant simply plant the seedsand expect them to grow. We must also water and tend them. Likewise, we mustdedicate time to our transformation.

    It is important to remember that the Creator has no need of our prayers, but throughthem we sense the Light within and our purpose in the world. In order for actions themto have an effect in our world and in our lives they must be coupled with theproper/matching intentions. Without intention, kavanah as known by the Kabbalists,our actions are meaningless. Since most of us lead hectic lives, and with that in mind,we have created an abbreviated Slichot connection. The traditional connectionnormally takes an hour to complete. For those who wish to do the entire connection,we have included the Hebrew for scanning (without translation or transliteration).


  • SLICHOT zegilq



    We find 21 of the 22 letters of the Hebrew alphabet encoded in this Psalm of David. Thefirst letter of each word of each verse is the alphabet in its order. Nun was intentionallyleft out by King David because it has the same numeric value as the Hebrew word forfalling, which would indicate a spiritual falling. This Psalm assists us to bring order andthe power of creation into our lives.

    Ashrei yoshvei veitecha,Happy are those who dwell in Your house,

    od yhallucha selah.they will forever praise You.

    Ashrei ha-am shekachah lo,Happy the people whose portion is this,

    ashrei ha-am she-Adonai Elohav.happy the people for whom Hashem is their Elohim.

    Thilah lDavid,A Psalm of David,

    Aromimcha Elohai ha-melech,I shall exalt You, my Eternal One, the Sovereign,

    va-avarchah shimcha lolam va-ed.and I shall bless Your name forever and ever.

    Bchol yom avarcheka,I shall bless You every day,

    va-ahallah shimcha lolam va-ed.and I shall praise Your name forever and ever.

    Gadol Adonai umhulal mod,Great is Hashem and exceedingly praised,

    vligdulato ein cheiker.the Eternals greatness is unfathomable.

    Dor ldor yshabach ma-asecha,Generation to generation shall praise Your actions,

    ugvurotecha yagidu.and recount Your mighty deeds.

    Hadar kvod hodecha,The brilliance of Your splendid glory,

    vdivrei niflotecha asichah.and the wonders of Your acts, I shall speak of.

    Ve-ezuz norotecha yomeiru,They shall speak of the might of Your awesome acts,

    ugdulat'cha asaprenah.and I shall tell of Your greatness.

    Zecher rav tuvcha yabiyu,They shall remember Your abundant goodness,

    vtzidkatcha yraneinu.and Your righteousness they shall joyfully proclaim.

    ,Lzi a i WFi i x W .dlQ LE l d i cFr

    ,FN dkM W mrd i x W .ei l dedi W mrd i x W

    ,c ec l dN d Y,KlO d i dFl L n nFx

    .cre mlFr l L n W d xa e xa mFi lk A

    .cre mlFr l L n W d l d e,c` n lN nE dedi lFcB

    .x wg oi FzN c b l e ,Li Ur n g A W i xFc l xFC

    .EciBi Li xEa bE ,L cFd cFa M x cd

    .dgi U Li l t p i x a c e ,Exn`i LizF` xFp fEfre

    .dP x R q L zN c bE,EriAi L aEh a x x kf

    .EpP x i L zw c v e


  • SLICHOT zegilq

    Chanun vrachum Adonai,Gracious and merciful is Hashem,

    erech apayim ugdol chased.slow to anger and great in kindness.

    Tov Adonai lakol,Hashem is good to all,

    vrachamav al kol ma-asav.Your compassion extended to all of Your creatures.

    Yoducha Adonai kol ma-asecha,All that You have made shall thank You Hashem,

    vachasidecha yvarchuchah.and Your pious ones shall bless You.

    Kvod malchutcha yomeiru,They shall speak of the glory of Your realm,

    ugvuratcha ydabeiru.and talk of Your mighty deeds.

    Lhodiya livnei ha-adam gvurotav,Your mighty deeds You make known to all humankind,

    uchvod hadar malchuto.and the glory of Your splendid realm.

    Malchutcha malchut kol olamim,Yours is the realm of all worlds,

    umemshaltcha bchol dor vador.and Your reign extends to each and every generation.

    Someich Adonai lchol hanoflim,Hashem supports all those who fall,

    vzokeif lchol hakfufim.and holds upright all those who are bent over.

    Einei chol eilecha ysabeiru,The eyes of all look hopefully towards You,

    vatah notein lahemand You give them their food

    et ochlam bito.at its proper time.

    Potei-ach et yadecha,You open You hand,

    umasbiya lchol chai ratzon.and satisfy every living thing with its desire.

    Tzadik Adonai bchol drachav,Hashem is righteous in every way,

    vchasid bchol ma-asav.and virtuous in all deeds.

    Karov Adonai lchol korav,Hashem is close to all who call,

    lchol asher yikra-uhu ve-emet.and to all who call in truth.

    Rtzon yrei-av ya-aseh,You fill the desires of all who revere You,

    ,dedi mEg x e oEP g.cqg lc bE m iR K x

    ,lMl dedi aFh.eiUr n lM lr eing x e

    ,Li Ur n lM dedi LE cFi .dkE xa i Li ci qg e

    ,Exn`i L zEk l n cFa M.ExA c i L zxEa bE

    ,ei xEa B mc d ip a l ri cFd l.FzEk l n x cd cFa kE

    ,mi nlFr lM zEk l n L zEk l n.xce xC lk A L Y l W n nE,mi P d lk l dedi K nFq

    .mi tEt M d lk l s wFf e,ExA U i Lil lk ipir

    m dl o zFp dY e.FY r A ml k z

    ,L ci z gzFR.oFvx i g lk l riA U nE,eikx C lk A dedi wi C v

    .eiUr n lk A ci qg e,ei w lk l dedi aFxw

    .z n a Ed x w i x W lk l,d Uri ei x i oFv x


  • SLICHOT zegilq

    vet shavatam yishma vyoshi-eim.You respond to us with the promise of redemption.

    Shomeir Adonai et kol ohavav,Hashem You protect all who love You,

    vet kol harsha-im yashmid.and You destroy all the wicked.

    Thilat Adonai ydabeir pi,My lips utter the praise of Hashem,

    vivareich kol basar sheim kodshoand may all flesh praise the holy Name

    lolam va-ed.for ever and ever.

    Va-anachnu nvareich Yah,And we shall bless You Eternal One,

    mei-atah vad olam, hallu-Yah.from this time until eternity, praise the Eternal One.

    .mri WFi e r n W i mzr e W z e,eia lM z dedi x nFW.ci n Wi mi r xd lM z e

    ,i R xA c i dedi zN d YFW cw m W xUA lM K xai e

    .cre mlFr l,Di K xa p Ep gp e

    .DiEl l d ,mlFr cr e dYr n


  • SLICHOT zegilq

    sydq yox


    The spiritual atmosphere is made up of five levels of the soul and ten Sfirot. We need atool which connects us to the different realms, one at a time. The Kaddish is that tool andit is also the channel through which the Light flows to us.