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<ul><li> 1. H&amp;M Potter SchoolH&amp;M Potter School Media Center ProposalMedia Center Proposal By: Kimberly PascarellaBy: Kimberly Pascarella AndAnd Melissa PascarellaMelissa Pascarella </li></ul> <p> 2. Facts about H&amp;M Potter One of four schools located in the Berkley Township School District Serves 474 students in grades K-4 Student population includes: Gifted and Talented Economically disadvantaged students ESL Special Education Regular Education 3. H&amp;M Potter Media Center Students at H&amp;M Potter rely on the media center to conduct research, extend, and supplement the daily curriculum The goal of the media center is to provide a warm and nurturing environment to expose students to all the potential benefits of taking advantage of a fabulous media center 4. How can we improve the H&amp;M Potter Media Center? Using media center technology we have found the H&amp;M Potter Media Center to be a strong one, but it is not without areas in need of improvement According to the Follet Title Wise system the current collection is lacking in its reference selection for a variety of reasons 5. H&amp;M Potter Media Center Collection Collection Analyisis 0 5 10 15 20 25 G ene ra litie s P h ilo so ph y an d P sych o lo g y R eligio n S o cia lS cien cesLa ng u ag e N atu ra lS cie n ce s/M a thT e ch no log y T h e A rts Literature an d R he toric G eog ra ph y an d H isto ry G e ne ra lF ictionR efe re nceB iog rap h y P ro fe ssio n al S tory C o lle ctio nP ap erb a ck E asy A /VP e rio dica l Classification Percentage Series1 6. Collection Weakness Reference! Facts about the H&amp;M Potter reference collection - represents only 2.98% of entire collection - average age is 21 years - collection does not support the needs of a K-4 student population due to the reading levels currently available 7. A $15,000 Goal $15,000 grant would provide H&amp;M Potter with the necessary items to improve the reference selection and make a drastic difference in the academic life of our students by allowing for the following purchases encyclopedia software program reading reference books atlases, almanacs specialized encyclopedias and dictionaries 8. Encyclopedia Software Program We would like to purchase the Encyclopedia Britanica Online school edition for our Media Center Students would have access to this program in school and at home to assist with research projects 9. Almanacs Adding a collection of almanacs would provide students with the ability to learn how to use almanacs and support current research 10. Atlases The following atlases would improve the research selection in the H&amp;M Potter Media Center - My Picture Atlas - National Geographic Atlas for Young Explorers - Kids Road Atlas 11. Reference Books DK First Reference Book set including the following books - First Animal Encyclopedia, First Atlas, First Spanish Dictionary, First Encyclopedia, First Human Body Encyclopedia, and First Nature Encyclopedia 12. H&amp;M Potter Media Center Improvement Plan Summary Outlined here it is evident that the H&amp;M Potter Media Center can benefit from an improvement in its reference collection For $15,000 the Media Center can be drastically improved therefore improving the overall atmosphere and learning environment at H&amp;M Potter </p>