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K-8th Grade Schools

K-8th Grade SchoolsBy Collin Crandell

What are K-8th Grade SchoolsA combination between elementary school and middle school.Brings all grades from kindergarten to eighth grade into one building.Will not need elementary, upper elementary, or junior high schools.

A K-8th grade school is a school that combines elementary and middle schools into one. Instead on having two or three buildings in a school district that house all those certain grades, one school can fit all the grades into it. This takes away all elementary, upper elementary, and junior high schools out of a school district.2Why are they Important?Middle schools are struggling.Test scores have decreased.Absences and suspension rates have increased.Parents start to disapprove at the middle school level.It saves money.


K-8th grade schools are very important in a community. Back in the 30s and 40s school districts had a K-8th grade school, and a high school. Today, middle schools are struggling. Test scores started to decrease once students have reach sixth grade. Also absences and suspension rates started to sore. Also, parents start to disapprove once their children enter middle school. They believe the teachers and technology can be better. These certain schools also save the school districts money. Educators now think it is a good idea for school districts to switch back to K-8th grade schools so they can help the students succeed.3Nice AtomsphereStudents feel comfortable.

Teachers get to know the students.

Stay at the same school for nine years instead of five years.

Teachers can collaborate and talk about up coming students that past teachers have had.

The K-8Th grade school create a nice atmosphere for the students. Students start to feel more comfortable at these schools. They will go there for nine years instead on five, so they do not need to worry about the anxiety of their first day of school. Plus they get familiar with the school and know where everything is. Also, the teachers get to know them. When you go to the same school for a long time, the teachers know each of the students theyve had for a longer time. Also, the teachers can have a better understanding of teaching each student because they can talk to other teachers about students they have had. 4Saves MoneyHave one building.Not two or three other schools.Less expensive to operate.


Having a K-8th grade school is less expensive for a school district. It allows them to only pay for one building instead of two or three other ones. People have to realize that it cost a good amount of money for utilities and security. The school district will have more money to save or spend because of this school style.5Role Models12-13 year olds should have their own building.Act immature for their age.People realize they should be in the same building as younger students.Sit example to younger kids.Become role models.Younger kids will want to act a certain way.

People in the past always thought it was best for 12-13 year old kids to have their own school because of what happens to them during that time. They thought they act immature for their age. Now, people are starting to realize that a K-8th grade school can benefit 12-13 year olds. They can sit examples for the younger kids and become role models. The younger kids seem to look up to them and want to act a particular way.6Impacted on High SchoolsKids are better prepared.Students have shown higher test scores.Teacher were more involved in students lives.


K-8th grade schools can have a great impacted on high schools. Kids are better prepared coming into high school. The teachers did understand them, and made them a better student. This means more kids will be ready for high school work. Also the students have shown higher test scores, so the school can have better recognition. Teachers from the k-8 school have an impact on the high school. They were more involved in a students life so they know their strengths and weaknesses. Knowing this, can make the students better educated.7Showing Up For ClassStudies show students show up for class more.

Less violent atmosphere.

Students will stay in community.

Will stop students leaving the school district.

In studies, students in K-8th grade school have better attendance record than middle school students. They are showing up to class which equals to better grades. Also, the suspension rate has gone down in K-8th grade schools. When older students see younger students, they do not find it necessary to show acts of violence. It isnt as violent as middle schools which will move over to the high schools. Also, more and more students will stay in the community. In rural areas, the closest school in a town might be 30 miles away, so they go to a neighbor towns school that is closer. If there is only one K-8th grade school, it is easier for parents to get their children to school. So, it means more students will attend the high schools.8Future ImpactMore K-8th grade schools.It creates neighborhood schools.School districts will have more money.More students will stay in local schools.


There will be more K-8th grade schools across the country. The students have a better time learning in these schools. The schools also create neighborhood schools. With neighborhood schools, more and more students will stay in their school district and attend the local schools.9Students Better educated.

Better participation in classroom and extracurricular activities.

Healthier adolescents.

Less violent schools.

For the future, the students will be better educated. More and more students will succeed because of the help of the teachers. The students will do a better job participating in the classroom which is always a good thing. Also, they will participate more in extracurricular activities which will result in a healthier adolescent. Then, the school will be less violent due to the students behavior in the school.10ConclusionK-8th grade schools will benefit teachers and students.It will save money.Parental involvement will increase.More students will attend local schools.A better learning environment.Help the students grow into successful adults.

The K-8th grade schools will benefit teachers and students. The teachers will be able to teach the students better, and the students will succeed because of it. It saves the school district money because they have only one school to operate. The parental involvement will increase and make a better community atmosphere. More and more students will attend local schools instead of neighbor schools. A student will have a better learning environment because there will be less violence. Also, the schools will help students succeed and become successful adults.11Referenceshttp://www.philaedfund.org/notebook/TheGreatK8Debate.htmhttp://www.middleweb.com/MWLresources/K8schools.htmlhttp://www.educationworld.com/a_admin/admin/admin115.shtml