june 6, 1944. united states britain canada vs. germany

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  • June 6, 1944
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  • United States Britain Canada VS. Germany
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  • In the days leading up to the main invasion, Allied planes bombed the Atlantic Wall defenses all along the coast of France Pictures of Allied bombing damage at Pointe du Hoc, France
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  • The night before the invasion, Allied troops parachuted behind enemy lines in France They tried to destroy railroad lines and disrupt communication General Eisenhower speaking to airborne troops on the evening before the invasion
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  • On June 6, 1944 more than 150,000 Allied soldiers crossed the English Channel They attacked the German military along a 60 mile stretch of the coast in Normandy, France. US troops in a Higgins landing craft approaching the coast of Normandy
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  • British, American, and Canadian troops sailed from different ports in Great Britain and attacked the Germans together on five different beaches in Normandy, France
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  • Soldiers faced intense opposition from the Germans when they landed
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  • Many men were killed or injured before they even reached the beaches US troops take shelter behind German hedgehogs. The obstacles were designed to prevent Allied landing craft from getting too close to the shores of France.
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  • The Allies wanted to free France from German control They had to first conquer the coast of France so that they could then liberate western Europe and defeat Hitler
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  • D-Day was the beginning of the end of the war in Europe The Allies were able to liberate France from German control after several months of fighting
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