june 6, 1944 d day

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short presentation abot the D Day


JUNE 6, 1944

The world war II was a global conflict that started in 1939 and finished in 1945The fronts were: Axis: Germany, Italy and Japan.Allies: Great Britain, Russia and USA.

CAUSES In may 10, 1940 the Germans and Italians attacked the north part of France, they had the victory and conquered this part of France that divided the country in three parts:GermansItaliansFrench

In may of 1943 the Allies started to plan the liberation of ocuped part of France.

Operation OverlordJune 5, 1944

Operation OverlordIs the largest amphibious military operation. 6,000 landing craft ships 176,000 trops The British and Canadians helped too.They divided the beach: Omaha Juno Utah Sword beach Gold

Allies trops (American, British, Canadian) had succesfuly capture the Normandy beach.The Germans lost this battle.The Allies created a distraction: Operation Bodyguard. Destroyed bridges and roads

Consequences France and Belgium liberation. Another war front against GermanyEnd to the Nazism and World war II.

Without the surprise invation of Operation Overlord, the turning point in WW II would not have happened. Russia most lively would have fell and allowed Germans to over take the country. The world would be a different place.


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