June 2011 Vol.3 No.1 LSH girls can do anything! can do anything! ... Front row: Liz Donegan, Carol Stephens, Morea Stevens. ... Sunday 3 April 2011 lunch at Milano’s, Brighton

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    June 2011 Vol.3 No.1

    Newsletter of the Alumnae Association of the Our Lady of the Sacred Heart College, Bentleigh

    ISSN 1837-5316OLSH girls can do anything!The world for each of us in this 21st century is a world that is always changing, always inventing and always becoming. The challenge is to keep learning, to move with that world so that we too can be always open to change that finds its source in wisdom and discernment; always open to invention and creativity that respects life and the dignity of every human person; and, always open to becomingto becoming who we are called to be. At this time in the history of the College, it is important that we are attuned to becoming who we are called to be. Over the past year, one of the significant ways we have attempted to do this is to adopt a mantra: We Believe! We Achieve! These words embody our continued commitment to keep building OLSH College as an outstanding Catholic girls school. In the midst of a competitive climate in education, it is essential that we acknowledge, acclaim and proclaim the exceptional achievements of our OLSH girls. Such achievements, in so many walks of life educational, professional, family, personal are inclusive of our entire OLSH family and especially our alumnae. Those who have walked the path before us have the capacity to inspire and encourage the ones who are still on the journey. Importantly, our alumnae enrich our shared identity of OLSH as it is you who really know the depth of what it means to be proud to be an OLSH girl!We Believe! yes, at OLSH we believe in the Heart of our God who loves us without limits with no strings attached. To be convinced of this is to then be inspired, encouraged and confident in ourselves and in each other. For these are the fruits of We Believe. It follows that when we do truly believe that gives us the capacity to achieve.We Achieve! we are called with every fibre of our being to achieve our very best in all that we undertake. Whether we be student, parent, staff member, alumna or friend whatever pathway our life takes us to be truly human means that we must strive to continue to become who we really are.

    Life is an accumulation of becomings, all of them important, none of them complete.

    ( Joan Chittister, Called to Question, Sheed and Ward, 2004)

    Regnet Christus!

    Anne OLoughlin College Principal

    For the second successive year, an OLSH Year 12 graduate has received a Monash University Faculty of Engineering Scholarship. This year the recipient is Catherine Attard, 2010, and last year Natasha Mutch, 2009, was also so honoured.A Bachelor of Engineering is a four year course and this scholarship provides $6,000 a year for each year, making a total grant of $24,000, quite a substantial amount.Catherine Attards individual result is an example of just one of many high achievers from the Year 12 class of 2010. Another was our College Dux, Laura Colaianni, achieving 99.2, an outstanding result given her role as College Captain throughout the year. In all, 15 girls achieved ATARS of 90 or more. (ATAR refers to the Australian Tertiary Academic Ranking system formerly known as ENTER).To read about other high achievers, turn to Flame Girls on page 4.

    Professor Tam Sridhar, Dean of Engineering, Monash University, with Catherine Attard and Anne OLoughlin, College Principal. (Inset): Natasha Mutch.

  • E . D . I . T . O . R . I . A . L


    Reproduced with permission by Affirmations Australia. Quote from an anonymous source, photo by Richard lAnson, Lonely Planet Images.

    From the Alumnae SecretarySince the Alumnae Association was set up in late 2008, various alumnae have made donations in order to give something back.Thanks to their generosity, we have now accumulated a sum sufficient to offer a scholarship award.We are now delighted to be able to announce the establishment of the Flame Scholarship Award for a Year 10 student going into Year 11.The idea of being able to offer a scholarship has been around for a while. But it became official in December 2010, when the Australian Taxation Office granted OLSH College the authority to set up a tax deductive gift fund. Into this fund, we have transferred the several hundred dollars already donated and are ready to receive further donations to ensure the continuation of the Flame Scholarship Award.The award, based on merit and equity, will be granted in the form of a $500 contribution towards College fees for Year 11 in 2012 and a further $500 for Year 12 in 2013.Applications are open to girls currently in Year 10 who wish to complete their final two years of secondary education at OLSH College.The closing date for applications is the last day of Term 2, Friday 1 July 2011, and the recipient of the first Flame Scholarship Award will be announced in Term 3, 2011.Note: Anyone may donate to the OLSH Flame Scholarship Fund. All gifts over $2.00 are tax deductible and will be receipted for tax purposes.The first donations for this year have come from the Class of 1961 and Linda Henderson, 1966. Many thanks to all concerned for your generosity.

    Shane ONeil Alumnae Secretary

    ReflectionAs I write this, it is in the midst of the horror in Japan the earthquakes, the tsunami, the nuclear reactors. And of course in these disasters, we see those who are prophets to the rest of us, those who manage to live life well despite everything. For me at the moment, it is the workers who have heroically stayed back to fight the almost hopeless situation in the power plants, thus allowing their bodies exposure to deathly radiation and the possibility of an explosion that would kill them instantly. It reminds me that it is in the every day, in the now in the place where I am, that I am called to live life well. Most times this living will be commonplace and ordinary, (although, is love ever ordinary?). Sometimes it will be extraordinary courage and love that is asked of us, but we will never manage the extraordinary without living life well in the every day. We pray for the grace to have hearts that are loving and forgiving in the situations that are around us.

    Sr Elizabeth Taylor fdnsc College Chaplain

    VolunteeringOLSH Sisters minister in a total of twenty-seven countries around the world. Sisters from the Australian Province are working side by side with local people in: Angola Kiribati Philippines South Africa Sudan Papua New Guinea Burkina FasoThe main thrust of the work is to assist in the areas of education, health care and social and community development on a continuing, long-term basis.If you want to find out more about these projects or become a volunteer, go to www.olshoverseasaid.org

    The hand of the giver is never empty.

    Moving?Please let us know if you are planning to move. We dont want to lose touch with you.

    Or lost... ?If you are reading someone elses copy of Flame, then you are lost and not on our mailing list.Contact Shane ONeil, Alumnae Secretary, on 03 8520 9263 or alumnae@olsh.vic.edu.au to be reconnected with OLSH and former classmates.


  • R . E . U . N . I . O . N . S

    Back row: (L-R) Maureen OKelly, Patty (Lawlor) Sproule, Barbara Bretherton, Morea (Stevens) Reid, Kaye (Condon) Phelps, Christa (Van Santvoort) Beesey, Bernadette Brennan, Maureena (Brazel) Tilley, Maureen (Hopcraft) Garden, Bari (Dunne) Dalidakis, Marlene (Carrick) Cashman.

    Front row: Celia (Shaw) Weston, Mary (Ludlow) Bloink, Maureen (Pecunia) Spark, Anne (Gwynn) Rudden, Pat (OConnor) Page, Cathy (Bourke) Suhr.

    Back row: (L-R) Maura McCabe, Ann Gwynn, Christine Kennedy, Suzanne Blakeley.

    Middle row: Bernadette Brennan, Barbara Bretherton, Kaye Condon, Helen Chopov.

    Front row: Liz Donegan, Carol Stephens, Morea Stevens.

    Do you remember when ...? Many of us girls have met up for some years for an almost annual trip down memory lane. But our Sunday 3 April 2011 lunch at Milanos, Brighton Beach, was an extra-special reunionit was the 50th anniversary of our OLSH years as the class of 1956-61. Advance publicity plus a massive seek-and-find mission by Barbara, Marlene, Kaye and Celia produced more former classmates than usual 17 of us after 50 years was amazing! Our several hours of reunion started with smiles of recognition, hugs, air kisses and speed catch-up chats. After our meal and the raffle prize draws for freebie gifts like champagne and an OLSH apron, we all lined up like self-conscious schoolgirls for a group photo. In our time at OLSH, class photos werent taken at school, so this reunion photograph is more prized for that reason. I guess its a case of Better later than never.We were sad that last-minute illness or family circumstances prevented Carol (Stephens) Hofman and Paddy (Niven) Niven from joining us, and Pat (OSullivan) Trotman, who was marooned by flood-waters at Ngukurr her remote NT school, couldnt even fly out by light aircraft. Thanks for your catch-up phone call during lunch, Pat. Cheery regulars Gaye (Evangelista) McDonald and Anne (Egbers) Jopp had other commitments, and Terri (Statton) Prideaux didnt manage to make it. We missed all of you.Thanks to those who were able to attend for a most enjoyable day. Were having another get-together in a few months. Please get back in touch if youre one of the 20 or so missing from the class of 1956-61wed love to see you again. You can get in touch via Shane ONeil, Alumnae Secretary, whose contact details are on the back page.Morea (Stevens) Reid

    Class of 1961 in 1959 (Year 10


    Wow! Is it really 50 years?Class of 1961 Reunion


    Matric Class in Sports Uniform

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    F . L . A . M . E G . I . R . L . S

    W . E B . E . L . I . E . V . E ! W . E A . C . H . I . E . V . E !

    Elizabeth (Hall) Boorn, 1967After leaving OLSH in Year 10 in 1965, Elizabeth went