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Get a print out of the Age of Exploration PowerPoint from the desk at the front If you already have one get it out Get out your h ighlighter or one from the bucket When the bell rings, I will instruct you as to what to highlight for this set of notes - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


Mercantilism Game

Jump Start- Annotate NotesGet a print out of the Age of Exploration PowerPoint from the desk at the frontIf you already have one get it outGet out your highlighter or one from the bucketWhen the bell rings, I will instruct you as to what to highlight for this set of notesWhen we are finished, they will go in the brads of your class folder.Mercantilism GameObjective: You have 12 minutes to conquer as much land, people, and gold as possible.Your expedition will face a series of obstacles.Once your team has completed an obstacle, bring it to me to check.If you are correct, your team will place a flag on the land that your team chooses to conquer and claim.Each piece of available land holds a different amount of gold and silver.The team with the most gold at the end wins!Jump Start- Make sure you have the following questions from Friday answered completelyWhat do the countries represent?What real obstacles did those groups face?Why place flags upon the map?Why only 12 minutes?What does the gold represent?Why were you not all from the same country?Why was it a competition? Why couldnt multiple teams colonize the same area of land?Main IdeaCountries tried to gain wealth by controlling trade and establishing colonies.MercantilismNations strength depended on its wealth

Wealthy nations had more powerful militaries and expanded influenceNew Economic PolicyWealth measured by amount of gold & silver a nation had

For one nation to become more powerful, it had to take wealth away from another nation

Intense Competition4Mercantilists built wealth two ways:Get gold and silver from minesSell more goods than you buy (export more than you import)PROFIT$$$ PROFIT$$$ PROFIT$$$

They wanted to reduce the amount of imports by placing tariffs on goodsTariff = tax on importsImporter paid tariff, added cost to price of goodImported goods became more expensive = people stopped importingImports = BAD Manufactured goods were more expensive than raw materialsCountries encouraged the export of those manufactured goods to their coloniesProvided a market for their goodsExports = GOOD

5Building colonies was essential to mercantilism !!!!!!!!!!!!!! Europe could control sources of raw materialsProvided new markets for manufactured goodsColonies existed only to benefit the mother countryColonies Colonists could not sell raw materials to other countriesCould not buy manufactured goods from other nationsForced to buy only from mother countryStrict Laws in Colonies6Quick Write- 3 minutesDescribe, in detail, the best meal youve ever eaten. Maybe its your favorite. Is it homemade or from a restaurant?

Jump Start- 10 minutesGet a Columbian Exchange reading from the front deskGlue it into your journalRead and answer the following:What three main things were exchanged between the Old World and New World?What might be1-2 benefits to this exchange?What might be1-2 negatives of this exchange?Why were so many natives eradicated (killed off) as an effect of this exchange?

Project Work Day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Menu Checklist: Does our menu have theCorrect number of categories?Correct number of items?Complete sentence descriptions?Picture for each item in color?Is our menu neat and organized?Are all of our foods from our side of the world?PreAP- Due Thursday *extendedOL- Due Friday *extended

9Main IdeaThe voyages of Columbus led to a great transfer of people, plants, animals, and diseases back and forth across the Atlantic Ocean.Columbian Exchange

10Introduction of work animals to the Americas provided people with a new source of labor and transportation.Plants, animals developed in very different ways in hemispheresEuropeansno potatoes, corn, sweet potatoes, turkeysPeople in Americasno coffee, oranges, rice, wheat, sheep, cattleThe Exchange of GoodsThe Columbian ExchangeArrival of Europeans in Americas changed all thisPreviously unknown foods taken back to EuropeFamiliar foods brought to Americas by colonistsSharing Discoveries11

Different FoodsExchange of foods and animals had dramatic impact on later societiesOver time crops native to Americas became staples in diets of EuropeansFoods provided substantial nutrition and helped people live longerTraditional cuisines changed because of Columbian Exchange

Italian Food Without Tomatoes?Until contact with Americas, Europeans had never tried tomatoesMost Europeans thought tomatoes were poisonousBy late 1600s, tomatoes had begun to be included in Italian cookbooksEconomicsActivities like Texas cattle ranching and Brazilian coffee growing not possible without Columbian Exchange Effects of the Columbian Exchange13Devastating ImpactNative American population continued to decline for centuries due to these epidemics (outbreak of disease)Inca Empire decreased from 13 million in 1492 to 2 million in 1600The Introduction of New DiseasesNative Americans had no natural resistance to European diseasesSmallpox, measles, influenza, malaria killed millions Population of central Mexico may have decreased by more than 30% in the 10 yrs following European contactEffects of the Columbian Exchange14