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<ul><li><p> Improving the quality of each individual life</p><p>The powerful do-it-yourself aspect of the Feldenkrais Method</p><p>Feldenkrais Class ScheduleAwareness Through Movement </p><p>Exercises</p><p>Wednesday</p><p>Tuesday</p><p>Thursday</p><p>Friday</p><p>Saturday</p><p>12:30 pm Open Class with Marek Wyszynski 3:00 pm Basics Class with Nancy Gayle Judson 5:30 pm Open Class with Emily Davis 7:00 pm Bones For Life* with Anastasi Siotas</p><p>*Bones For Life is a 1.5 hour class. Please check website or call for price details.</p><p>12:30 pm Open Class with Mark Hirschfield 3:00 pm Community Class with Belinda He 5:15 pm Basics Class with Mark Hirschfield</p><p>10:00 am Open Class with Andrew Suseno &amp; Molly Schaffner12:30 pm Basics Class with Lauren Wolk 5:30 pm Open Class with Richard Newton</p><p>11:00 am Yoga/Feldenkrais with Suzanne Ausnit 12:30 pm Open Class with Mark Hirschfield 5:15 pm Open Class with Suzanne Ausnit 6:30 pm Basics Class with Joshua Wolk</p><p>10:30 am Basics Class with Belinda He12:30 pm Open Class with Nancy Gayle Judson</p><p>12:30 pm Open Class with Belinda He 1:45 pm Basics Class with Janin Gunderman 3:00 pm Moving Out of Pain with Joshua Wolk 5:30 pm Community Class with Janin Gunderman</p><p>Monday</p><p> Drop-ins: $25 6 Classes: $125 12 Classes: $225 Members: All classes are FREEIf you are new to the Feldenkrais Method, we recommend the Basics Class. </p><p>If you are in acute pain, we recommend Individual Sessions and the Moving Out of Pain class. Mats are provided. Your second class is FREE!</p><p>212-727-1014 FeldenkraisInstitute.com134 West 26th Street , Second Floor New York, New York 10001</p><p> 2016 Kaethe Zemach-Bersin, Feldenkrais Institute of New York</p><p>**NEW Class!</p><p>July 2-4 </p><p>July 6 </p><p>July 13 </p><p>July 19 </p><p>July 26 </p><p>July 28</p><p>The Summer Awareness Through Movement Intensive with Marek Wyszynski and David Zemach-Bersin</p><p>Breathe Better, Feel Better with Mark Hirschfield</p><p>Feldenkrais to Organize Your Knees and Ankles with Janin Gunderman</p><p>Beginners Feldenkrais with Marek Wyszynski</p><p>Feldenkrais to Nurture Your Yoga Practice with Suzanne Ausnit</p><p>Back Basics with Joshua Wolk Bring a Friend for Free!</p><p>Feldenkrais Institute of New York Co-founders: David Zemach-Bersin and Marek Wyszynski</p><p>2016</p><p>Workshops, Classes &amp; NewsJULY</p></li><li><p>Feldenkrais helps you do the things you want to do, better!</p><p>5TAKE WORKSHOPSSAVEAND</p><p>Are You a Member?Membership is probably the best discount deal at the Feldenkrais Institute of New York. Its the easiest on your budget and the most supportive of your self-care goals. With Membership, all classes are free and one individual Functional Integration session is included each month. Members also receive significant discounts on all of our workshops and additional Individual Sessions. And, if you want to purchase Feldenkrais materials to use at home, you automatically receive discounts on those, too. </p><p>We have 30 different workshops on our calendar between the first of July and the end of the year. So, it still makes sense to buy a Take 5 and Save pass! This discount package gives you entry to five workshops of your choice for the usual price of four. You can select them in advance, or pick them as you go.</p><p>For Membership or a Take 5 Workshop Discount package, call 212-727-1014!</p><p>MembershipThe Feldenkrais Institute of New York</p><p>Explore the art and science of feeling better </p><p>Awareness Through </p><p>Movement</p><p>Summer</p><p>Intensive</p><p>THE 5th ANNUAL</p><p>Would you like to make personal progress, get over a hump, reach a new level, or develop new skills? Do you struggle with an old, lingering injury? Or would you like to improve your overall organization so that you are less susceptible to injuries in the future? Is it time to do something to regain your internal balance, remember how to relax, and feel better?</p><p>For profound Feldenkrais improvements, join us for the annual three-day workshop known as the Summer Intensive. Over the Fourth of July weekend, the Co-founders of the Feldenkrais Institute will collaborate to present a series of Feldenkrais exercises that build, one upon another, to move you from hereto better.</p><p>So grateful to be able to wake up refreshed today very much pain free! Previous Participant</p><p>Saturday-Monday July 2-4 </p><p>Regular Tuition: $350 Early bird Tuition: $325 through June 17</p><p>For more information and to register, please call the Feldenkrais Institute at 212-727-1014</p><p>with Marek Wyszynski and David Zemach-Bersin</p></li><li><p>It is important to have healthy knees and ankles because so much pressure or force is transmitted through them every moment in which you are upright. If your ankles and knees are well organized in relation to the rest of your body, this type of pressure is absorbed easily. But, if your ankles and knees are poorly organized and not functioning well, shearing forces can cause damage and inflammation, exacerbate symptoms of arthritis, and make you more vulnerable to a range of orthopedic problems including osteoarthritis, torn menisci, patellofemoral pain, strained ligaments, fallen arches and sprained ankles.</p><p>With summer activities in full swing, this Feldenkrais workshop might be exactly what you need. Join Janin Gunderman to learn valuable Feldenkrais lessons (exercises) that can help to restore and protect the strength, flexibility, and dependability of your knees and ankles.</p><p>Wednesday, July 13 6:30-9:30 pm</p><p>Member Tuition: $30 Pre-Registration: $55 Day of Event: $65</p><p>The quality of your breathing impacts the quality of your life. If your breathing is shallow and restricted, you are more likely to feel weak, anxious, and tired. If your breathing is healthy, you are more likely to feel strong, relaxed, and energetic. Healthy breathing promotes good circulation and relaxed muscles. It can improve your physical comfort, your posture, your energy and outlook, and your ability to handle stress.</p><p>This valuable and soothing workshop with Senior Staff Practitioner Mark Hirschfield features Feldenkrais Awareness Through Movement lessons (exercises) designed to enhance the function of your entire breathing apparatus. Youll find ease and improvement in your ribs, belly, shoulders, neck and pelvis. By enhancing your awareness of the way air enters and exits your body, the Feldenkrais Method can help you to enjoy a greater sense of wellbeing and vitality. Join Mark Hirschfield to learn a Feldenkrais approach to better breathing.</p><p>Member Tuition: $30 Pre-Registration: $55 Day of Event: $65</p><p>Wednesday, July 6 6:30-9:30 pm</p><p>Improve your health and wellbeing</p><p>Breathe Better, Feel Better </p><p>with Mark Hirschfield</p><p>Feldenkrais to Organize Your Knees &amp; Ankles For strength and support</p><p>with Janin Gunderman</p></li><li><p>Beginners Feldenkrais</p><p>Member Tuition: $30 Pre-Registration: $55 Day of Event: $65 Member Tuition: $30 Pre-Registration: $55 Day of Event: $65</p><p>Have you heard of the Feldenkrais Method but not tried it yet? Or have you tried it, been amazed, and want to understand it better? In a world full of stress-related aches and pains, and medicines that often mask our discomforts instead of resolving them, the Feldenkrais Method is a resource worth knowing about. </p><p>When Dr. Feldenkrais began to develop his unique understandings about the human brain and body, he was fifty years ahead of his time. Gradually, science is beginning to catch up. Now, it is widely known that our brain is flexible, much more powerful than our muscles, capable of change and learning at any age, and that even our oldest habits of self-use can be up-dated if the right kind opportunity for change is provided. </p><p>The Feldenkrais Method specializes in creating opportunities in which your brain can sample and develop new pathways on behalf of your body. This workshop will be a treat; please join a very experienced teacher, Feldenkrais Institute Co-founder, Marek Wyszynski, for an introduction to the Feldenkrais Method. </p><p>Feldenkrais exercises can make everything that you do easier and more comfortable, including yoga! Do you ever find it challenging to maintain your balance while holding postures like Tree, Warrior III, Half-Moon, Extended hand-to-foot or Dancer? Or have you ever noticed that it is easier for you to balance on one leg than the other, and wondered why?</p><p>The Feldenkrais Awareness Through Movement lessons (or exercises) featured in this dedicated workshop will help to clarify your awareness so that you can understand what you do habitually, in all your balancing poses, and make improvements. Once you become aware of your unconscious habits, new options will begin to emerge, allowing you to recalibrate your balance in an effortless and effective way. Because the Feldenkrais Method is designed to improve your skeletal and neuromuscular organization, it can have an profoundly positive and supportive effect on your yoga practice. </p><p>Please join Yoga Teacher and Feldenkrais Practitioner Suzanne Ausnit to use Feldenkrais to develop your awareness and improve your balance both on, and off the mat. </p><p>with Marek WyszynskiAn Introductory Workshop</p><p>Tuesday, July 19 6:30-9:30 pm</p><p>Feldenkrais to Nurture Your Yoga Practice </p><p>with Suzanne Ausnit</p><p>Using the Feldenkrais Method to improve your balance </p><p>Tuesday, July 26 6:30-9:30 pm</p></li><li><p>Member Tuition: $30 Pre-Registration: $55 Day of Event: $65</p><p>Thursday, July 28 6:30-9:30 pm</p><p>with Joshua Wolk</p><p>Bring a Friend for Free! The Feldenkrais Method is a terrific resource for anyone who has back problems. You can use it to reduce many kinds of back pain, improve your posture, and protect yourself from worsening back problems in the future.</p><p>Our spine has two structural curves that absorb shock, carry weight, and provide us with </p><p>energy and power. If those two curves are diminishedeither as a result of poor </p><p>posture or injuryour entire skeletal support system can </p><p>be compromised. </p><p>Without the dynamic support provided by the two healthy curves of our spine, we are more susceptible to muscular pain </p><p>and tension, disc problems, and unnecessary wear and tear throughout our body.</p><p>Join Feldenkrais Institute Senior Staff Practitioner, Joshua Wolk, </p><p>to learn a Feldenkrais approach to back care. It can help you to reduce pain, heal, and reduce the likelihood of having worsening difficulties as you get older.</p><p>Back Basics Developing a powerful and comfortable back with Feldenkrais</p><p>Self-Care Strategies for Individual Functional Problems</p><p>A New Workshop with RUTHY ALON</p><p>Movement Intelligence</p><p>Solutions for Optimal Mobility</p><p>PART III</p><p>Wednesday - Sunday, October 26-30</p><p>Additional Certification Opportunities In addition to Ruthys new segment, PART III, we also offering make-up courses of Part I and Part II, for those who wish to be certified as a Movement Intelligence, Solutions for Optimal Mobility teacher. These will be taught by Anastasi Siotas.</p><p>Movement Solutions I with Anastasi Siotas Four Sundays in 2016: October 2, October 9, October 16 (with Sonja Johansson) and October 23 10:30 am-5:30 pm</p><p>Movement Solutions II with Anastasi Siotas Four Sundays in 2017: January 8, January 15, January 22 and January 29 10:30 am-5:30 pm </p><p>All are welcome to attend! This Fall, we are thrilled to present Ruthy Alon and her newest workshop, Solutions for Optimal Mobility, Part III. Ruthy is an internationally recognized, master Feldenkrais Trainer. Because she lives in Israel, this is a rare opportunity to study with her in person.</p><p>Participants will explore a range of innovative neuro-motor processes and learn easily applicable self-care strategies to address common movement-related issues including facial tension, sitting, squatting, pelvic floor health and sphincter muscle function.</p><p>For more information on all three events, please call 212-727-1014.</p></li><li><p>A Feldenkrais Approach to Understanding and Reducing Back Pain September 23-26An Advanced Training with David Zemach-Bersin and Marek Wyszynski</p><p>New Discount Policy For Feldenkrais Guild membersMembers of the North American Feldenkrais Guild receive 10% off on ALL Feldenkrais Institute programs and services. </p><p>MentoringFor Feldenkrais Practitioners Joshua Wolk and Mark Hirschfield will begin a new Mentoring Program in August. </p><p>It will meet from 6:30 9:30 pm on: August 17, September 21, October 19, November 16 and December 7</p><p>Events for Feldenkrais Practitioners &amp; Training Program Students</p><p>PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT</p><p>For more information on any of these items, please call the Feldenkrais Institute at 212-727-1014</p><p>August 10 More Shoulder Comfort </p><p>with Mark Hirschfield</p><p>August 16 Better Meditation </p><p>with Joshua Wolk</p><p>August 20 Experience Your Super Powers </p><p>Family Feldenkrais: For kids of all ages and their families Bring a Friend for Free </p><p>with Emily Davis</p><p>August 20 Better Balance </p><p>Bring a Friend for Free with Nancy Judson</p><p>August 24 Understanding and Improving Posture </p><p>with Marek Wyszynski</p><p>Workshops Coming in August</p><p>Take the Feldenkrais Method with you! Books, specialized CD sets, and MP3s of our classes and workshops are available. Dont hesitate to ask for a recommendation; our teachers would love to help. And remember: Dont do anything that is uncomfortable. Go slowly, do less, make as little muscular effort as possible, and rest between each movement, and enjoy the difference!</p><p>Going on Vacation? </p></li></ul>