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Recertification is easier than you think. Slides from our webinar to educate certificants on how to find pre-approved activities, entering activities, and low cost ways to recertify.


  • RECERTIFICATION: Its Easier Than You Think Note: There is no recertification credit awarded for attending viewing this presentation.
  • Goals Why recertify? Categories Specified hours Recertification updates Low Cost Ways to Recertify Other Recertification Resources
  • Why should I Recertify? The HR Field is constantly evolving Required to retain use of HR credentials Getting certified was not easy Endows your certification with credibility Validates your HR experience and continuous learning Shows commitment to HR profession and continued mastery of the field
  • Why should I recertify? Requirements HRBP /PHR 60 HR Credits; HRMP /SPHR 15 Business, 45 HR Credits; GPHR 15 Global, 45 HR Credits; PHR/SPHR-CA 15 California, in addition to the specifications above; You recertify every 3 years!
  • Categories 60 recertification credit hours are required every three years Recertification Categories Recertification Credit Hours Continuing Education No max Instruction 20 hours max On-the-Job Experience 20 hours max Research/Publishing 20 hours max Leadership 10 hours max Professional Membership 10 hours max OR you may take the exam again (at current certification levelbefore your certification cycle ends).
  • Category Overview CONTINUING EDUCATION Concurrent sessions (conference) Seminars and workshops College and university HR courses Webcasts and e-learning INSTRUCTION Presentation of a HR related subject Instructor of an HR course Presenter at a conference session ON-THE-JOB PROJECTS Research and design a new benefit plan Research, design and implement a diversity program
  • Category Overview RESEARCH/PUBLISHING Articles published in journal or periodical solely written by the certificant Co-authored or edited work LEADERSHIP Use your HR expertise to further a volunteer organizations mission Chairing a committee Mentoring Holding a board position PROFESSIONAL MEMBERSHIP Being a member of a national/international HR-related professional association
  • Continuing Education Recertification All 60 credit hours can be earned in this category Videoconferences, audiotapes, webcasts/webinars, e-books and podcasts have a 20 hour maximum No limits on e-Learning
  • Calculating Hours Tips on Calculating Credits Ensure topic is HR-related Round recertification credits to nearest quarter hour Determine full length of activity Subtract non-education contact time Programming must be at least 1 hour in length
  • Instruction/Teaching Recertification Earn credits for teaching an HR-related course Credit is awarded the 1st time you perform an activity Other activities that can earn credits here: Leading an HR workshop/training session at work Leading a performance management seminar Teaching a sexual harassment workshop Presentations on company policies would not be eligible for credit
  • On the Job Recertification Credit is awarded the 1st time you perform an activity The activity must add to your HR Knowledge Other activities that can earn credits are: Implementation of a new HRIS system Development of an employee handbook Development/Implementation of an AAP Development of a disaster recovery plan Conduct a benefit program needs assessment Conduct job analyses to create job descriptions
  • Research/Publishing Recertification Credits can be earned by conducting primary research on an HR- related topic and then by getting those results published Articles must be published in a journal or periodical Other activities that can earn credits are: Contribution to a published textbook (20 hrs) Development of an HR video (10 hrs) Participation in an HR-related blog (.50/2 hrs per cycle) All research must by conducted and focused outside of your organization to be eligible
  • Leadership Recertification Credits can be earned through contributions to the HR Profession outside the workplace Activities must have a direct HR-link (Boy/Girl Scouts or Homeowner Associations would not qualify) Other activities that can earn credits here: Officer position on a board Participation in a structured mentoring program Writing letters to Congress on an HR issue
  • Membership Recertification Credits can be earned if you are a member of a national or international HR-related professional association or society NEW: Membership for local chapters qualify for credit 3 hours of credit are awarded per year 6/1/20137/31/2014: 3 credit hours Organizations that can earn credits examples: World at Work Membership ASTD Membership
  • Specified Hours HRMP /SPHR 15 Business recertification credit hours 45 HR recertification credit hours GPHR 15 Global recertification credit hours 45 HR recertification credit hours CALIFORNIA* 15 California-specific recertification credit hours 45 HR recertification credit hours* (or additional specified credit requirement)
  • Business Recertification Business credits cover HR responsibilities that fall outside the traditional HR function Require learning about the business or enter into a partnership with another department for the activity Have an impact on the organizations mission, vision, values, bottom line, policies or strategic goals and objectives If the subject matter of the activity is covered in one of the other 5 domains, then it would not qualify for business credit
  • Determining Business Questions to Determine Business Credit Did the activity help to advance the mission of your organization? Did the activity impact the organizations bottom line? Was the activity grass-roots or legislative in nature? Did the activity help influence a major organizational change? Tie to the Business section of the HR Body of Knowledge
  • Global Defined Recertification credits which are specific to global practices Tie to the GPHR Body of Knowledge California Defined Recertification credits which are specific to California HR practices Tie to the California Body of Knowledge
  • Multiple Credentials Synchronize certification cycle with the first certification obtained (with prorated credit-hour requirements to accomplish this). MULTIPLE CREDENTIAL CYCLE SAMPLE 1st credential obtained SPHR Recertification cycle (example) 06/30/1006/30/13 2nd credential obtained GPHR Recertification cycle (example) 06/30/1106/30/13 Recertification credit hours requirement 35 (HR); 15 (Business); 10 (Global) Recertification fees: First certification: US$150 Additional certification: US$50 (unless certification was acquired during the last 6 months of original certification)
  • Documenting Online Profile Update your contact information (as needed) Report recertification activities as they occur Keep documentation of activities you participate in; this will be needed in the event you are audited (or upload)! Apply for online recertification after 60 recertification credit hours are acquired AND as long as you have been certified for at least 12 months
  • Changes to the Recertification Process Suspended status to replace Lapsed status Easy tracking of the recertification credits Recertification Cycle tied to Birthday month Visit Recert Connection blog on www.hrci.org to learn more about these changes with the new and better system.
  • How to Submit Your Recertification Activities
  • Suspended Status
  • Birthday Rule Your new recertification date will be the end of your birth month. This will allow you to more easily remember when your recert cycle ends (just like your drivers license). This will spread your workload out evenly throughout the year, allowing us to provide better and timelier service.
  • Late Submissions Time Recertification Fee Additional Fee Total Fees On/before certification cycle end date USD 150 N/A USD150 112 months after certification cycle end date Suspended Status in effect N/A USD100 USD250 >12months after certification cycle end date, certification expires. Pay full exam fees. Please check www.hrci.org for latest fees and updates.
  • Planning Tips Know your recertification end date! Recertification begins as soon as you become certified; Keep in mind the specified credits hours; Refer to the Body of Knowledge to answer, Will this add to my HR knowledge? Keep up to date on changes that are coming from HRCI email, print and announcements on our website