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ANLatPuThDiacgraasTetabqudaconanThthavCAclurecfulcrecreCAAcareupCoicsviepaprocedures, and educational outcomes.Members with concern as to a programscompliance with the standards are en-couraged to forward their comments toCAforcoravcadcacomlated30ulerev20DoMethedoforUnorgolddelibdoknaadouEDAsJuterCeSinsocAsofaOpneexpcomnopochnutritional status of both the Asian andglobal population, and also to discussthe results of research presented at theCongress. For more information, visitIntNuOcTrneentio20aticuonfoorolvenwivaanDfothb1oenthtoEDietetic Association, 120 S.Riverside Plaza, Suite 2000,Chicago, IL 60606;journal@eatright.org; 312/899-4829;TWmysmrwtawDE. A list of programs under review http://www.acn2011.com/.or fax, 312/899-4812.2011 by the American Dietetic Association Journal of the AMERICAN DIETETIC ASSOCIATION 1073from thNOUNCEMENTSest CADE Accreditation Decisionsblished Onlinee Commission on Accreditation foretetics Education (CADE) is ADAscrediting agency for education pro-ms preparing students for careersRegistered Dietitians and Dieteticchnicians, Registered. CADE es-lishes and enforces eligibility re-irements and accreditation stan-rds that ensure the quality andtinued improvement of nutritiond dietetics education programs.e accreditation decisions made ate most recent CADE meeting areailable at http://www.eatright.org/DE/content.aspx?id7829 and in-de status of programs which haveeived candidacy for accreditation,l accreditation, probationary ac-ditation, and withdrawal from ac-ditation.DE Invites Program Accreditation Inputcredited dietetics education programsperiodically reviewed to ensure theyhold the standards set forth by themmission on Accreditation for Dietet-Education. Part of the program re-w process is the consideration of third-rty input on a programs practices,ADA CALENDAR2011 ADA Food & NutritionConference & ExpoSeptember 24-27, 2011San Diego, CA2012 ADA Food & NutritionConference & ExpoOctober 6-9, 2012Philadelphia, PA2013 ADA Food & NutritionConference & ExpoOctober 19-22, 2013Houston, TXe assoccandidacy or full accreditation and aresponding site visit schedule isailable at http://www.eatright.org/e/programsunderreview.aspx.The Accreditation Standards are lo-ted at www.eatright.org/cade. Anyments on substantive matters re-ed to the quality of any of theseucational programs must be sentdays prior to the programs sched-d site visit or by the designatediew date to:The American Dietetic AssociationATTN: Ulric Chung, PhD120 South Riverside Plaza, Suite00Chicago, IL 60606nating Journalsmbers often inquire about donatingir old Journals to a good cause, butnt know where to start. The Web sitethe Health Sciences Library at theiversity of Buffalo provides a list ofanizations that accept donations ofjournals and redistribute them toveloping countries, found at http://web.lib.buffalo.edu/dokuwiki/hslwiki/u.php?idbook_donations. The Jour-l encourages our readers to takevantage of this opportunity to sharer knowledge.UCATIONAL EVENTSian Congress of Nutritionly 13-16, 2011, Suntec Singapore In-national Convention & Exhibitionntre, Suntec City, Singapore. Thegapore Nutrition and Dietetics As-iation will be organizing the 11thian Congress of Nutrition, the themewhich is Nutritional Well-Being forProgressive AsiaChallenges andportunities. As Asia moves into thext decade of the 21st century, it iseriencing changes in infrastructure,munications, technology, and eco-mics. The Congress provides an op-rtunity for nutrition scientists to ex-ange ideas on how to improve theiationPEOPLE & EVENTSernational Scientific Conference ontraceuticals and Functional Foodstober 25-27, 2011, Hotel Double-ee by Hilton, Koice, Slovakia. Thext International Scientific Confer-ce on Nutraceuticals and Func-nal Foods, Food and Function11, will facilitate worldwide cooper-on between scientists and will fo-s on current advances in researchnutraceuticals and functionalds and their present and futuree in maintaining health and pre-ting diseases. Leading scientistsll present and discuss current ad-nces in research on nutraceuticalsd functional foods as well as neweadline for submitting materialr the People and Events section ise first of the month, 3 monthsefore the date of the issue (eg, Mayfor the August issue). Publicationf an educational event is not andorsement by the Association ofe event of sponsor. Send material: Ryan Lipscomb, Departmentditor, Journal of the Americanell Us Your Issue . . .e care about the concerns of ADAembers and want to hear fromou. There are four easy ways toubmit your issues:E-mailissuesmgmt@eatright.org.Fax 312/899-4790.Phone 800/877-1600 ext 5000.Contact your delegate.You will receive immediate confir-ation that your message has beeneceived and action will be takenithin 2 months. For more informa-ion, visit ADAs member home pagend click on Member Issues or visitww.eatright.org/issues.sciquingplitroapprehedemaorIntandNoPlateranpliallknhecusanweleswisuCDRtAaMotsCfrUrHaAtoeDiex19togrIndevtionconwoadechadarfuncluistrdatwoYakdonnamDieSouChPEOPLE & EVENTS107opher Award Winner Ruth M. Yakeliesuth M. Yakel, MS, RD, winner ofhe 1977 Marjorie Hulsizer Copherward, the American Dietetic Associ-tions highest honor, passed away onarch 22, 2011. Yakel was a graduatef James Millikin University in Deca-ur, IL, completed her dietetic intern-hip at Indiana Universitys Medicalenter, and held a masters degreeom Teachers College, Columbianiversity. At the beginning of her ca-eer, she worked at Iowa Methodistospital in Des Moines, organizednd taught classes in dietetics for themerican Red Cross, and taught nu-rition and dietetics at the Universityf Utah. In 1950, Yakel was appointedxecutive secretary of the American4 July 2011 Volume 111 Number 7etetic Association, later becomingecutive director, and serving until72. In her career as executive direc-r, ADA began its scholarship pro-am, participated in the first of manyternational Congresses of Dietetics,eloped new titles, position descrip-s, and educational standards,ducted national seminars andrkshops, revised experience and ac-mic requirements for membership,nged internship educational stan-ds, received its first governmentding, and expanded its scope to in-de new positions in legislation, reg-ation, continuing education, anda processing. In addition to herrk as executive director of ADA,el was a Life member. Memorialations made in Ruth M. Yakelse may be sent to the Americantetic Association Foundation, 120th Riverside Plaza, Suite 2000,icago, IL 60606-6995.entific evidence that supports orestions the efficacy of already exist-or prospective substances and ap-cations. Novel compounds and con-versial but scientifically solid ideas,proaches, and visions will also besented, with particular focus onalth claim substantiation and evi-nce-based benefits. For more infor-tion, visit www.foodandfunction.netcontact info@foodandfunction.net.ernational Physical Activity, Nutrition,Health Congressvember 23-26, 2011, Wow Kremlince Hotel, Antalya, Turkey. The 1st In-national Physical Activity, Nutrition,d Health Congress is a multidisci-nary organization where people fromdifferent disciplines share theirowledge with the aim of improvingalth. Topics of the Congress will fo-on various aspects of physical activityd nutrition, including psychologicalll-being, special groups (children, ado-cents, elderly people, athletes, peopleth disabilities), measurement is-es, chronic diseases, public health,weight management, recreation, andpublic policy. For more information,visit www.ipanhec2011.org.ABOUT PEOPLEObituaryKathryn Oliveiro Bishirjian, MS,RD, April 2011, was bureau chief forthe Allegheny County (PA) Depart-ment of Human Services, Area Agencyon Aging, where for 26 years she ledthe nutrition and health programs forsenior citizens as well as Meals onWheels. Bishirjian, who earned a mas-ter of science degree from DuquesneUniversity, served in a variety of lead-ership positions in the American Di-etetic Association, including as chair ofthe Healthy Aging Dietetic PracticeGroup (DPG), as well as in other pro-fessional groups. She also received sev-eral national and regional awards,such as the Healthy Aging DPGs Dis-tinguished Member Award for her ser-vice and professional achievements,which included teaching at several col-leges and hospitals, consulting fornursing homes, appearing on televisionto discuss healthy cooking and eating,and publishing and speaking nation-ally on gerontology nutrition.Jane B. Pollack, RD, April 2011,was a graduate in dietetics from MaryWashington College of the Universityof Virginia and was a practicing dieti-tian for over 50 years. She was an ac-tive community and civic leader whoreceived several awards and honors forher work. Pollack was a member of theAlabama Dietetic Association andserved on many boards, including theWest Central Alabama RehabilitationCenter, Salvation Army, and SABRASanctuary in Selma, AL.Agnes Lucy Haldane Cooper Mor-gan, RD, April 2011, was a graduateof Marshall University and did an in-ternship in dietetics at New RochelleHospital in New York. She was amember of the American Dietetic As-sociation and worked at a therapeuticdietitian at Cabell-Huntington Hospi-tal, Marshall University, and Hun-tington (WV) State Hospital.