July 2010 Staffing Release Friday, March 5, 2010.

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July 2010 Staffing Release Friday, March 5, 2010*Agenda for March 5, 2010System UpgradeApplicant FlowHiring Manager InterfaceSecurity ChangesNew Reporting FeaturesLegacy SystemSystem DowntimePurging Solution for Data Over 48 Months Old*System UpgradeStaffing upgrade consist of implementing a new staffing solution (Authoria 10.12)Upgrade will result in two environments New environment will include all requisitions and supporting data from July implementation forwardArchived environment will include all requisition data prior to 5:00 p.m. EST on July 9, 2010*System UpgradeModern look and feel (e.g., dashboards, web feel, etc.)Ability to have standard system branding across all platforms (SAP, Authoria)Ability to implement changes quicker Ability for the state (DMS) to perform configuration changesAbility to take advantage of new features upon release by AuthoriaAbility to create Ad hoc reports*Applicant FlowNew applicant log-in pagePeople First branding will be applied to the applicant siteApplicant data from Legacy System will be carried forward into the new systemSimplified process for applying for a JobAbility to attach forms, documents, etc. (e.g., DD214, cover letter, resumes, etc.)Resume builder optional feature, does not replace State of Florida ApplicationApplicants will be able to view the details of the requisitions they have previously applied to*Hiring Manager InterfaceImproved Navigation the redesigned user interface allows more efficient navigation of requisition and applicant data (easier to find data, move between applicants, etc.) Dashboard Feature designed to give easy access to documents, information, and tasks essential to your requisitionSmartGrid Functionality allows user to customize how data is displayed (sorted, column order, etc.)Bread Crumbs FunctionalityAction Block Functionality specific buttons for each page that allow easy access when actions need to be taken; e.g., add notes, mark candidates, etc.Proxy Assignment enables users to setup a delegate for performing actions on their behalfBulk print featureBuilt in help featureAbility to disposition separate groups of applicants, within a given requisition *SecurityContinued single sign-on with People FirstRole codes in People First will be mapped to AuthoriaHuman Resource Staff will be able to view all requisitions within the agencyOrg Code Allowances will not be applied in AuthoriaAbility to search for a given applicant to see what they have applied for at your agencyKey word search capabilities*New Reporting FeaturesAd Hoc Report Feature SmartGrid functionality allows users to filter and sort data within reports and to add custom fields to reports. Reports can be downloaded in many formats e.g., Excel, Word, PowerPoint, XML, CSV and PDFAbility to create Ad Hoc reports from a specific requisitions dataStandard ReportsEEOApplicant RegisterCandidate FlowEtc.*Legacy SystemAccess will exist through 12/31/2010Agencies will have access to the previous requisition data once the system is back up allowing them to complete the hiring process for all requisitions that were created in the legacy system The legacy access will give agencies the ability to:View requisition information Notate hired applicant and disposition applicants Print applicants dataetc.*System DowntimeSystem goes down at 5:00 p.m. EST on July 9Agencies should prepare for two weeks of downtime All requisitions must be closed no later than 06/30/2010All requisition data needed for hiring decisions (e.g., applications, DD214 forms, etc.) should be printed prior to 5:00 p.m. EST on July 9 Agencies/DMS will not be able to access any requisition data during the downtimeAgencies should work to complete the requisition process for as many requisitions as possible prior to July 9Applicants will not be able to log in to their account during the downtime*Purging SolutionStarting January 2011All requisition information 49 months or older will be purgedAll applications attached to requisitions 49 months or older will be purgedAny supporting documentation attached to requisitions 49 months or older will be purgedAll documentation that is required to be saved (e.g., due to a lawsuit) will need to be printed and stored until the retention period is metArchiving will take place on a quarterly basis Archiving communications process will be fully documented and communicated to the agencies as we get closer**