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    Call for Papers

    The Journal of the American DieteticAs






    atarerdeHTML.htm and include the status ofprograms which have received can-didacy for accreditation, initial ac-creditation, continued accreditation,







    DfoismisisedenomDthAPlaza, Suite 2000, Chicago, IL60606; journal@eatright.org;312/899-4829; or fax, 312/899-



    129sociation is issuing a Call for Pa- provisional accreditation, substan-4812.

    4 Journal of the AMERICAN DIETETIC ASSOCIATION 2009 by the American Dietetic Associationfrom th


    avioral Health Care Standards ofctice Reaffirmed

    ndards of Practice and StandardsProfessional Performance for Reg-ered Dietitians (Generalist, Spe-lty, and Advanced) in Behavioralalth Care, originally published in

    Journal of the American Dieteticsociation in March 2006, have beenffirmed at this time and its reviewte has been extended until April11. The Behavioral Health Nutri-n Dietetic Practice Group (DPG)s decided to develop Standards ofactice (SOP) and Standards of Pro-sional Performance (SOPP) fors in four distinct practice areas, asposed to revising the current stan-rds. These four practice areas in-de: Eating Disorders, Intellectuald Developmental Disabilities, Men-Illness, and Addictions. For moreormation on the SOP and SOPPrrently being developed by Behav-al Health Nutrition DPG, pleasetact Cecily Byrne, MS, RD, man-er of Quality Management at ADA,cbyrne@eatright.org or Sharon Mc-uley, MS, MBA, RD, FADA, direc-of Quality Management at ADA,smccauley@eatright.org.

    DA CALENDAR009 ADA Food & Nutritiononference & Expoctober 17-20, 2009;enver, CO

    010 ADA Food & Nutritiononference & Expoovember 6-9, 2010;oston, MA

    011 ADA Food & Nutritiononference & Expoeptember 24-27, 2011;an Diego, CAe assocrs on the topic of parenteral nutri-n. All related aspects of this themell be considered. Papers on: specificpulations (ie, home patients, adultschildren with gastrointestinal fail-e, the morbidly obese); electrolytenagement; nutritional assessment;cemic control; discipline-oriented, RN, RPh, MD); vitamin, mineral,

    trace element deficiencies or excess-or adverse events are welcomed. Aiew on acid-base disorders demon-ating a full comprehension of theysiology and the resulting changesparenteral nutrition prescription iscifically sought. However, a broadge of topics is encouraged.eviews, Research and Profes-nal Briefs, Research, PerspectivesPractice, Practical Clinical Solu-ns and Commentaries are all suit-le article categories. Please refer to

    Journals Guide for Authors fortails. Papers are requested to bebmitted byNovember 30, 2009 forestimated publication date in early10. All manuscripts will be subjectroutine peer review.e encourage authors and investiga-

    s to give consideration to this impor-t clinical topic. If you have any ques-ns, please contact the Assistant toEditor-in-Chief, Claire Zulkey, at

    ulkey@northwestern.edu or 312/8-5749.

    est CADE Accreditation Decisionslished Online

    e Commission on Accreditation foretetics Education (CADE) is ADAsrediting agency for education pro-ms preparing students for careersRegistered Dietitians and Dieteticchnicians, Registered. CADE es-lishes and enforces eligibility re-irements and accreditation stan-rds that ensure the quality andtinued improvement of nutritiond dietetics education programs.he accreditation decisions madethe most recent CADE meetingavailable at www.eatright.org/cps//xchg/ada/hs.xsl/CADE_824_ENU_iationPEOPLE & EVENTSl equivalency, probationary ac-ditation, and voluntary with-awal from accreditation.

    nating Journals

    mbers often inquire about donat-their old Journals to a good cause,

    t dont know where to start. Theb site for the Health Sciences Li-ry at the University of Buffalo pro-es a list of organizations that ac-t donations of old journals andistribute them to developing coun-es, found at http://libweb.lib.buffalo.

    eadline for submitting materialr the People and Events sectionthe first of the month, 3onths before the date of thesue (eg, May 1 for the Augustsue). Publication of anucational event is not andorsement by the Association

    f the event or sponsor. Sendaterial to: Ryan Lipscomb,epartment Editor, Journal ofe American Dietetic

    ssociation, 120 S. Riverside

    ell Us Your Issue . . .e care about the concerns of ADAembers and want to hear fromou. There are four easy ways toubmit your issues:

    E-mailissuesmgmt@eatright.org.Fax 312/899-4790.Phone 800/877-1600 ext 5000.Contact your delegate.

    You will receive immediate confir-ation that your message has beeneceived and action will be takenithin 2 months. For more informa-on, visit ADAsmember home pagend click on Member Issues or visitww.eatright.org/issues.

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    PEOPLE & EVENTSu/dokuwiki/hslwiki/doku.php?idok_donations. The Journal encour-es our readers to take advantage ofs opportunity to share our knowl-ge.


    tary Managers Association Annualeting & Expo

    gust 9-13, 2009, Hyatt Regency At-ta, Atlanta, GA. The 49th Annualetary Managers Association MeetingExpo features a variety of educa-nal sessions, a 2-day exhibit show,cial recognition ceremonies, ander fun events. Approved for 23 hoursCertifying Board for Dietary Manag-continuing education credit. Visitw.DMAonline.org for more informa-n.

    ernational Congress on Nutrition

    tober 4-9, 2009, Bangkok Interna-nal Trade & Exhibition Centre,ngkok, Thailand. The 19th Annualernational Congress on Nutrition,med Nutrition Security for All,ll provide the highest quality scien-c program featuring internationallyognized speakers and experts in theld. The most up-to-date nutrition-ated issues will be covered in thenary lectures, dialogues, parallelposia/workshops, and panel discus-

    ns, as well as oral and poster presen-ions. For more information, visitp://icn2009.com/home.html.

    ernational Society of Hypertensioneting

    ptember 26-30, 2010, Vancouvernvention and Exhibition Centre,ncouver, BC, Canada. The Inter-tional Society of HypertensionH) invites you to participate ineir 23rd Scientific Meeting, ISH10, and meet with the worlds lead-scientific and medical specialists

    address the current state of knowl-ge and research in cardiovascularalth and risk reduction. Keynotesentations, industry- and investi-tor-initiated symposia, oral andster presentations, public forums,d exhibits will focus on the risk re-ction theme and stress new inte-

    tive approaches to cardiovascular froeases. For more information, visitw.vancouverhypertension2010.com/.



    uline E. Hart, MBA, RD, Feb-ary 2009, was an active memberthe American Dietetic Associationmore than 50 years. She receivedachelor of science degree in die-ics from Montana State univer-y, followed by an internship ate University of Michigan HospitalAnn Arbor. Hart next earned asters in Business Administra-n from Stanford University, be-ing one of the first dietitians in

    e country to do so. She went on tork for one of the first hospitaldservice management companiesthe United States, and later be-me director of Dietetics at Univer-y Hospitals of Cleveland, wheree worked from 1959 to 1985.mma May Whiteford, EdD,, April 2009, was an administra-and faculty member at Bowling

    een State University, Florida Stateiversity, the University of Cincin-ti, and the University of Minne-a. Whiteford earned a bachelorsgree in dietetics and home econom-from North Dakota Agricultural

    llege (now North Dakota Stateiversity) and served her dieteticernship at Pennsylvania HospitalPhiladelphia. While teaching homenomics at the high school and col-e level in Bloomington, IL, sheved as director of Homemakingd Cafeterias and also completedduate studies at the UniversityIllinois, earning a doctorate in ed-ation in 1955. Whiteford was intive member in several local,te, and national organizations,luding the International Federa-n of Home Economics, the Amer-n Home Economics Association,d the American Dietetic Associa-n.arjorie Johnson Cooper, RD,ril 2009, was former chief of thefice of Food and Nutrition for thete of New Mexico, where she in-ased funding for the states Spe-l Supplement Nutrition ProgramWomen, Infants, and Childrenm $1 million to $4 million. Cooper

    July 2009 Journal of the AMERICAN DIETETIC ASSOCIATION 1295

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    Ferriello Named Relay for LifeMission Education ChairN

    guSoofAmport, CT, Relay for Life. Relay for Life isthe American Cancer Societys signa-ture activity in which teams of peopletake turns walking or running arounda track or path, with a representativefrotimwhLif

    cancer and raise awareness of cancerprevention and treatment.Hodges Publishes Book with

    Foundation Support

    grant from the American Dietetic As-sociation Foundation. The book pre-sents the evolution of military dietet-ics from 1916 through World War II,as well as the development of the pro-

    ERInDiMoArSoMoDrthe May 2009 issue of the Journal(pages 814-822), there is an error inTadehigaresta




    Added sugars (g) 39.616.8Vitamin A (g RAE) 1,259727ViCIrPo




    129ble 3 on page 819. The standardviation values for women in thehest tertile of dietary energy costincorrect. The correct values andndard deviations are listed here:

    i: 10.1016/j.jada.2009.05.028

    the Position of the American Die-ic Association: Nutrition and Life-le for a Healthy Pregnancy Out-e that appeared in theMarch 2008

    urnal (pp 553-561), there is an errorTable 1 on page 554. The Dietaryference Intakes for women listed forinolenic acid were incorrect. The cor-t values are listed here:i: 10.1016/j.jada.2009.06.001

    6 July 2009 Volume 109 Number 7tamin C (mg)alcium (mg)on (mg)tassium (mg)

    able 1. Dietary Reference Intakes for Women

    utrient Adult woman

    -Linolenic acid (g/d) 1.113258738319146.8


    Pregnancy Lactation (0-6 mo)

    1.4 1.3RATAthe article, Lower-Energy-Densityets Are Associated with Highernetary Costs per Kilocalorie ande Consumed by Women of Highercioeconomic Status, by Pablonsivais, PhD, MPH, and Adamewnowski, PhD, which appeared in

    Women Highest tertile (n34)

    Nutrient 4 meanstandard deviation 3Dietary energy cost ($/2,000 kcal) 10.091.39Dietary energy density (kcal/g) 1.120.18Energy (kcal) 1,490505Total fat (g) 54.223.1Total saturated fatty acids (g) 16.47.1Total dietary fiber (g) 23.89.4duated from the University ofchigan with a bachelor of sciencegree in dietetics and completed atetic internship at the Mayoinic in Minneapolis, MN. Shent on to establish a new office ofinical Therapeutic Dietetics atcollet Clinic, also in Minneapolis.oper later established the Albuquer-e Job Corps vocational child cared home economics program in Newxico, started a statewide nutritiongram while serving as chair of thetewide Nutrition Task Force inlahoma, and set up Meals for theerly programswhile working for theerican Technical Assistance Corpo-ion in Dallas, TX.m each team on the track at alles during the overnight event,ich can last up to 24 hours. Relay fore raises much-needed funds to fight

    fession of dietetics nationally, throughaccounts from several sources, includ-ing direct narratives from many dieti-tians who served in World War II.ancy Ferriello, MS, RD, a longtimeest speaker for the American Cancerciety, has accepted the appointmentmission education chair for theerican Cancer Societys first West-

    From Home Sister to Second Lieu-tenant: Army Dietitans in World WarsI and II was written by LTC (Ret)Patricia A. M. Hodges, EdD, RetRD,AMSC, USAR, with the support of a