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    SeCoTh(Atriautioics under the theme Diet, Nutrition,and Optimal Health: From Food Sup-ply to Nutrigenomics. Please visithttp://www.2007acn.org.tw for moreinf





    35th Annual Kilo Diabetes Symposium

    November 16-17, 2007, Adams Mark




    DfoismisisedenomDthAPlaza, Suite 2000, Chicago, IL60606; journal@eatright.org;312/899-4829; or fax, 312/899-



    124ormation. Hotel, St Louis, MO. The Current4812.

    0 Journal of the AMERICAN DIETETIC ASSOCIATION 2007 by the American Dietetic Associationfrom th


    inatal & Pediatric Nutrition Conference

    ly 16-18, 2007, Stanford Universitympus, Palo Alto, CA. The Ad-nces in Perinatal & Pediatric Nu-tion conference targets dietitians,ysicians, nurses, nurse practitio-rs, and pharmacists from obstetric,onatal, and pediatric practice set-gs. Topic areas include childhoodesity, probiotics, nutrition for pre-ture infants to maximize out-es, food allergies, optimal nutri-

    n during pregnancy and lactation,d long-term impact of early nutri-n. Join nationally known expertsd explore best strategies to meet

    requirements of these specialeds patients. For more information,tact Contemporary Forums at

    0/377-7707, info@cforums.com orline at www.contemporaryforums.


    an Congress of Nutrition

    ptember 9-13, 2007, Internationalnvention Center, Taipei, Taiwan.e 10th Asian Congress of NutritionCN), hosted and organized by Nu-tion Society of Taiwan under thespices of Federation of Asian Nutri-n Societies (FANS), will cover top-

    DA CALENDAR007 Food & Nutritiononference & Expo

    eptember 29-October 2, 2007hiladelphia, PAe assoctitute of Medicine Workshop

    ptember 18-20, 2007, Washington,, Dietary Reference Intakes, 1994-

    04: Lessons Learned and Newallenges. This 3-day Institute ofdicine workshop will explore thecess for developing Dietary Refer-

    ce Intakes (DRIs). While the newcess for DRI development that was

    t in place in 1994 has had manyccesses, it is now appropriate andely to review the approach used

    d to consider options that may en-nce the development of DRIs. Therkshop will serve as a forum forerts from various disciplines and

    th different perspectives to identifyd discuss issues that have arisenring the overall development andplementation of the DRIswith an

    to their future. Further detailse available at www.iom.edu/workshop2007. Interested persons

    ll be required to register in order toend the workshop, but there is not to attend. For more information,ase contact Sandra Amamoo-Kakra202/334-1326 or DRIworkshop2007@s.edu.

    RF/AICR Cancer Prevention Conference

    vember 1-2, 2007, Capitol Hiltontel, Washington, DC. Food, Nutri-n, Physical Activity, and the Pre-tion of Cancer: A Launch Confer-

    ce. World Cancer Research Fund/erican Institute for Cancer

    search (WCRF/AICR) releases andcusses its second expert report oncer prevention, discussing whatresearch tells us about cancer riskit relates to food and nutrition,

    ysical activity, and overweight andesity, with health and diet recom-ndations and directions for re-rch. Attendees earn continuingdical education credit and Ameri-

    Dietetic Association continuingfessional education credit. Forre information and registration,tact the American Institute forncer Research at 1-800-843-8114visit www.aicr.org/conference.iationPEOPLE & EVENTSpics in Diabetes, Endocrinology,d Vascular Diseases symposium,nsored by Kilo Diabetes & Vascu-Research Foundation and Wash-

    ton University School of Medicinentinuing Medical Education, willlude lectures and case studies onmanagement of type 1 and type 2

    betes, the metabolic syndrome,diovascular disease, hypertension,ids, obesity, renal disease, and pa-nt self-management. Attendees re-ve continuing medical educationdit. For more information, contactposium coordinator Beverly Can-

    i at Kilo Diabetes & Vascular Re-

    eadline for submitting materialr the People and Events sectionthe first of the month, 3onths before the date of thesue (eg, May 1 for the Augustsue). Publication of anucational event is not andorsement by the Association

    f the event of sponsor. Sendaterial to: Ryan Lipscomb,epartment Editor, Journal ofe American Dieteticssociation, 120 S. Riverside

    ell Us Your Issue . . .e care about the concerns of ADAembers and want to hear from

    ou. There are four easy ways toubmit your issues:

    E-mailissuesmgmt@eatright.org.Fax 312/899-4790.Phone 800/877-1600 ext 5000.Contact your delegate.

    You will receive immediate confir-ation that your message has been

    eceived and action will be takenithin 2 months. For more informa-on, visit ADAs member home pagend click on Member Issues or visitww.eatright.org/issues.

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    PEOPLE & EVENTSrch Foundation, 1227 Fern Ridgerkway, Suite 120, St Louis, MO141; phone: 314/434-6500; fax: 314/4-6731; e-mail: Beverly@kilorf.com;b: www.kilorf.com.

    etarian Nutrition Conference

    rch 4-6, 2008, 5th Internationalngress on Vegetarian Nutrition,ma Linda University, Loma Linda,, sponsored by the Department oftrition, Loma Linda University.r information on registration, con-t Venice Brown at vbrown@llu.edu909/558-4595. For program inquir-, contact Sujatha Rajaram, Chair,ientific Program at srajaram@.edu. For online registration andstract submission access, visitw.vegetariannutrition.org. Dead-

    e for abstracts for short oral andster presentations is November 15,07.


    orsolarship Established in ADA Membersmeivia Bennett Wood, MPH, RD, willhonored with the establishment ofPurdue University scholarship inr name to commemorate her 34-r career in dietetics education.od is retiring in May 2007 after 34rs in Dietetics Education. During

    r career she has won the College ofnsumer and Family Sciencesaching Award an unprecedentedr times, as well as several Univer-y Teaching Awards, and was in-cted into the Purdue Book of Greatachers and the Purdue Teachingademy. Contributions to the schol-hip are welcome by contacting theS Development Office at http://w.cfs.purdue.edu/pages/giving/index.l or by phone, 765/494-7890.

    titian-Hosted Program Wins Two Tellyardske, Decorate, Celebrate!, a weeklyking, lifestyle, and how-to pro-m on how to bake and decoratecialty cakes for every occasion,s the recipient of two Bronze Tellyards in the television and videoegory. The Telly Awards honor

    tstanding local, regional, and cable

    evision commercials and programs etawell as video and film productions.nners represent the best work of

    most respected advertising agen-s, production companies, televisiontions, cable operators, and corpo-e video departments in the world.ke, Decorate, Celebrate! co-hostncy Siler, MS, RD, is a member ofAmerican Dietetic Association.


    ndal H. Kotschevar, PhD, RD,nuary 2007, received an under-duate degree in home economicsm the University of Washington inattle, leading him to work as a chefd foodservice manager. After join-

    the Navy in 1942, he became theector of training at the cooks andkers schools and the commissarywards school. After World War II,tschevar obtained a masters de-e in home economics from the Uni-sity of Washington and returned

    the Navy as the civilian director ofNaval Commissary Research and

    velopment Facility. He continuededucation by getting a doctorateinstitutional management from

    lumbia University while remain-in the Naval Reserve, from whicheventually retired as a com-

    nder. Kotschevar also had a longeer in teaching that included posi-ns at the University of Montana,chigan State University, Univer-y of Hawaii, University of Nevada-s Vegas, University of Haifa, Glionlinary Academy, Pennsylvaniate University, and Florida Inter-

    tional University. He also wrote 17oks on various topics in foodservicenagement.irginia Atkins, MS, RD, March07, was a graduate of Stout Stateiversity (now University of Wis-sinStout), from which she re-

    ved a Distinguished Alumni Award1981, and earned a master of sci-ce degree from the University ofsconsinMadison. She was a mem-r of ADA since 1963, as well as amber of the Wisconsin Restaurantsociation and the Internationalod Service Executives Association.kins was dean emeritus of the Col-e of Health Sciences at Milwaukeeea Technical College where a me-rial scholarship has been estab-

    hed in her name by the MATCundation for Culinary Arts and Di-

    ry Technician Students.

    July 2007 Journal of the AMERICAN DIETETIC ASSOCIATION 1241