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september 30, 2011 2 tishrei 5772 volume 87, no. 20 $2

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Just prior to the holiday, Seattle Jewish Community School first-grader Nora works on strengthening her chops to herald in the New Year with the call of the shofar.

After week of U.N. speeches, its up to Palestinians to make a moveRon Kampeas JtA World News serviceANALYSISWASHINGTON (JTA) After the mutual accusations of ethnic cleansing and the sarcastic posturing, the ball is back in the Palestinians court. The upside of last weeks Lollapalooza of speechmaking at the United Nations is that the Obama administration has succeeded in persuading the international community to back the resumption of talks without preconditions a key demand of the government of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. A statement released September 23 by the Quartet the grouping of the United States, Russia, the European Union and the United Nations that guides Middle East peacemaking reiterated its urgent appeal to the parties to overcome the current obstacles and resume direct bilateral Israeli-Palestinian negotiations without delay or preconditions. The statement came just hours after Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas delivered a fiery address to the U.N. General Assembly demanding statehood recognition and setting as a condition for renewed talks a complete cessation of settlement activity. Netanyahus U.N. address delivered the same day, by contrast, repeated his readiness to talk without preconditions. The day I came into office, I called for direct negotiations withoutX Page 31

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Early Fall Family CalendarFor complete details about these and other upcoming JFS events and workshops, please visit our website: www.jfsseattle.orgFOR WOMENPrograms of Project DVORA (Domestic Violence Outreach, Response & Advocacy) are free of charge.


AA Meetings at JFSTuesdays at 7:00 p.m. Contact (206) 461-3240 or ata@jfsseattle.orgm

Support Group for Jewish Women with Controlling PartnersOngoing Confidential location, dates and time.m

Mary LouIsraeli Emmy award-winning musical! Co-Sponsored by JFS as part of the Seattle Lesbian & Gay Film Co-Sponsored by JFS as part of the Seattle Lesbian & Gay Film Festival m Sunday, October 16 4:00 p.m. Contact Leonid Orlov, (206) 861-8784 or familylife@jfsseattle.org.

Kids Club: Helping Children who have Witnessed Domestic AbuseAn 11-week series for mothers and their children using art, games and interactive activities. m Begins in October Contact Project DVORA, (206) 461-3240 or contactus@jfsseattle.org.

New Year, New Intentions: Mindful Yoga Practice for those who have Experienced Intimate Partner AbuseJoin us for this Sukkot yoga workshop where well explore our bodies, integrating them into mindful intentions for the year to come. m Sunday, October 16 12:00 3:00 p.m. Contact Project DVORA, (206) 461-3240 or contactus@jfsseattle.org.

1,000 Mitzvahs: How Small Acts of Kindness Can Heal, Inspire, and Change Your LifeFOR ADULTS AGE 60+

Endless OpportunitiesA community-wide program offered in partnership with Temple Bnai Torah & Temple De Hirsch Sinai. EO events are open to the public.

With Linda Cohen m Sunday, November 13 2:00 p.m. Contact Marjorie Schnyder, (206) 861-3146 or familylife@jfsseattle.org.


Meam Loez The Encyclopedia of Jewish KnowledgeWith Al Maimon m Thursday, October 6 10:00 11:30 a.m.

Bringing Baby HomeKeep your couple relationship strong and be a great parenting team for your baby or toddler! m Monday, Nov. 7 Dec. 12 6:15 8:30 p.m. Contact Marjorie Schnyder, (206) 861-3146 or familylife@jfsseattle.org.


Crafts PotpourriJoin us for a fun afternoon of arts and crafts with other Jewish single moms, dads and their kids. m Sunday, November 6 1:30 4:30 p.m. Contact Marjorie Schnyder, (206) 861-3146 or familylife@jfsseattle.org.

Food Drive Food Sort Bag Hunger? Can Do!Volunteer at the Jewish Family Service Food Sort this October! m Sunday, October 9 10:30 a.m. 12:30 p.m.

Emotion Coaching: An Essential Part of Your Parenting Toolbox!Emotion coaching helps parents guide their children through lifes ups and downs in a way that builds confidence, resilience and strong relationships. m Monday, October 17 6:30 8:30 p.m. Tentatively full. Please call to be on the wait list/early notice list. Contact Marjorie Schnyder, (206) 861-3146 or familylife@jfsseattle.org.

Fascinating Rhythms of North and South AmericaWith Amy Rubin and Mary Cantor m Thursday, October 27 10:30 a.m. 12:00 p.m. RSVP Ellen Hendin, (206) 861-3183 or endlessopps@jfsseattle.org regarding all Endless Opportunities programs.

VOLUNTEER TO MAKE A DIFFERENCE!For details, visit our website, www.jfseattle.org or contact Jane Deer-Hileman, Director of Volunteer Services, (206) 861-3155 or volunteer@jfsseattle.org.

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the rabbis turn

letters to the editorTHE cOLLEcTOR OF THE nAmEs

Col. Seymour Pomrenze: Caretaker of the worlds largest Jewish libraryRabbi maRK s. GlicKman Congregations Kol Ami and Kol shalomIn late February 1946, Captain Seymour Pomrenze of the United States Army rode in a Jeep through Frankfurt, Germany. A blizzard howled through the city, and through the snow, Pomrenze could see bullet-ridden walls and the bombed-out remains of a war-torn city. His driver that day was Lieutenant Leslie Poste, a librarian and archivist who the army had charged with the task of processing books and archival material looted by the Nazis during the war. Poste told Capt. Pomrenze their destination that day was Offenbach, a small city just across the river from Frankfurt. There, in an old warehouse once owned by the I.G. Farben chemical company, was a collecting point where the army gathered looted books and papers the Allies had discovered at wars end. There was, Poste explained, a lot of material to process. It was a well-known fact that the Nazis had a penchant for burning Jewish books (as well as those of other oppressed groups). Less known, however, was that the Nazis had also saved many of these works, and some of what they saved was quite valuable. The Nazi campaign to preserve Jewish books was largely the brainchild of Alfred Rosenberg, a leading Nazi intellectual, ideologue, and military leader. In early 1940, Hitler announced that Rosenberg would be assembling material for the Hohe Schule, a research institute for the study of Jews and Judaism to be established in Bavaria after the war, with a library of 500,000 volumes. As the Nazi rampage gathered steam, the idea grew to a chain of 10 or more institutes located in cities throughout the Nazi empire. Soon afterward, the Einsatzab Reichsleiter Rosenberg (Rosenberg task force) was formally established as the organization in charge of confiscating books and papers in newly conquered Nazi territories. Poste explained that Allied forces had recently sent such material discovered in American-held areas of the former Third Reich to Offenbach. Poste had overseen the initial processing himself, but to date, no books had been returned to their owners. Now it was up to the more seniorranking and experienced Pomrenze to take over. The Jeep carrying the two men pulled up to a heavily guarded concrete building. Pomrenze may have glimpsed some bookcases through the doorway as he approached, but when he entered and beheld the full scope of the buildings contents, what he saw astounded him. My first impressions of the Offenbach Collecting Point were overwhelming and amazing at once, he said in a 2002 speech for the Association of Jewish Libraries. As I stood before a seemingly endless sea of crates and books, I thought, what a horrible mess! What could I do with all these materials? How could I carry out my assignment successfully? The seemingly endless sea of crates and books that greeted Seymour Pomrenze in the old warehouse consisted of more than 1.5 million volumes looted from hundreds of Jewish libraries throughout Europe, and by the end of the decade, a total of more than 3 million volumes would pass through the warehouse doors. Some came from major collections, such as the Rothschild Museum in Frankfurt, the Jewish Theological Seminary in Breslau, and the Alliance Israelite Universelle in Paris. Others were from small-town libraries shtetls with names like Bedzin, Chelm, and Plock. There were old sets of the Talmud, modern secular novels, and archives documenting the history of Jewish communities throughout Europe. There were medieval manuscripts, centuries-old Torah scrolls, and prayerbooks with pages thumbed gray from years of use. It was the literary remains of a decimated Jewish civilization. And if a collection of stolen books could properly be called a library, then at the time it was the largest Jewish library ever assembled. Immediately, Pomrenze realized his mission. Unaware of the extent of the Nazi murder of Europes Jews, he concluded that the only action possible was to return the items to their owners, as quickly as possible. He hired a military and civilian staff, and immediately the team got to work. In short order, the workers identified many of the books and shipped them back to their original owners. In March 1946, they shipped 371 crates of material to libraries in the Netherlands. Later, 137 crates went to Yugoslavia, 41 to Greece, and 115 to Austria.X Page 11

In response to Eric Nusbaums article of Sept. 13, 2011 titled The Family Reunion, the article neglects to mention that the reunion was made possible thanks to a Page of Testimony submitted by Wolf Hall to Yad Vashem in 1980 to commemorate his family murdered in the Holocaust. The page has been freely accessible online since November 2004, when the central database of Shoah victims names was uploaded to www.yadvashem.org. Pages of Testimony are special forms filled out in memory of the victims of the Shoah. The fact that Mr. Halls niece was unable to find his testimony earlier is primarily due the fact that the names of family members were not listed in the correct fields on the Page of Testimony form. The Names Database is a memorial, based largely on the testimony of people who knew the victims. In July 2011 Yad Vashem hosted Rachel Vered and her children and presented them with additional archival documents that brought new information to light on the fate of other family members during the Holocaust. At the time, Yad Vashem staff explained to Vered the importance of updating the information on record on her family at Yad Vashem, explained how to do so and offered assistance. Unfortunately, no full list of the Jewish victims of the Holocaust exists anywhere. In addition, there is no complete list of the Jewish survivors. To trace an individual during the Holocaust or thereafter one should utilize a variety of resources. To date, in an ongoing effort, Yad Vashem has identified two-thirds of the Jews murdered in the Holocaust 4 million names of victims are registered in our online Names Database, which is available at www.yadvashem.org in English, Hebrew and Russian. The public is invited to add new information and to send comments online. cynthia Wroclawski, manager The shoah Victims names Recovery Project, Yad Vashem JerusalemPLAY FOR THE RIgHT TEAm

I agree with the letter writer (Taking up too much space, Sept. 16) who said we must not permit agents of our enemies to use our limited resources (i.e., print space in JTNews). And we should not forget that we do have enemies, and not just in our ancient homeland. I think it was Golda Meir who said something along the line, We will have peace with the Palestinians when the Palestinians start to love their children more than they hate us. When I was a younger man I was quite taken with the peace process and at the time of the Oslo Accords I designed an emblem for the Peace Now movement and even married an Arab-American woman from Libya. I was quite an idealist. Now, I have an Orthodox son, his wife, and two grandchildren in the enemys crosshairs, not far from Jerusalem. I am wondering if they, too, are too young and idealistic, although from a very different perspective. Remember to love all Israel and united we stand, and just dont forget what team youre playing for. If we allow ourselves to forget who we are and why were here, then God help us. Shana tova to all of the readers of this newspaper. mordecai goldstein EverettDEFEnD THE LAnD

In his stirring speech to the Sept. 18 StandWithUs gathering, Rabbi Daniel Gordis criticized American Jewish leaders for their silence on the coming UN vote on Palestinian statehood. The op-eds by Michael Weil and Mervyn Danker in the Sept. 16 JTNews provide ample evidence to support his criticism. These Jewish leaders promote different paths to achieve what they consider to be a great benefit for Israel, the creation of a state dedicated to her destruction within easy firing range of her major population centers. Let them consider some points raised by Rabbi Gordis. Abbas has said that the Palestinians have been under occupation for 63 years. Do the math. He isnt talking about the controversial capture of lands in the Six Day War of 1967; he is talking about the creation of Israel in 1948. He is quoted as saying no Jews will be allowed to live in the territory ceded to the Palestinians, and on top of that he still insists on a right of return not only of those who left in the war the Arabs started in 1948, but all of their descendants. This will destroy the Jewish majority needed to keep Israel under Jewish control, making a mockery of the concept of a Jewish state, which he refuses to recognize. Arab media and school materials have never called for the two-state solution our authors are advocating, but the two-state solution of Arafat, negotiate for as much Israeli land as

X Page 30

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Wheres the Palestinian and wheres the Israeli that actually are Israelis and Palestinians? Prof. Mark Rosenblum of Queens College, on why he shouldnt have been the one to speak at a recent event at Town Hall Seattle. See page 12.


JTNews . www.JTNews.NeT . friday, sepTember 30, 2011

Chabad-Lubavitch of Washington Statewould like to wish the entire Jewish community a Wonderful & Blessed New Year.ReflectionS foR the neW yeaR a neW yeaRS meSSage fRom the Rebbe o.b.m.OneS TRue Self In his famed introduction to the Talmudic chapter of Chelek, Maimonides enumerates the thirteen basic principles of the Jewish faith.The first four principles deal with the belief in G-d: that G-d is the Original Cause upon which every creation is utterly dependent for its existence; that He is absolutely one and singular; that He is non-corporeal and timeless. The fifth principle establishes mans duty to serve Him and fulfill the purpose for which he was created. Principles six to eleven establish that G-d relates to humanity: that He communicates His will to man; that every word of the Torah was transmitted by G-d to Moses; that G-d observes and is concerned with the behavior of man; that there are consequences for the wicked and rewards the righteous. The final two principles deal with the era of Moshiach; the belief that there will arise a leader who will bring the entire world to recognize and serve the Creator, ushering in an era of universal peace and Divine perfection. What does it mean when we say that something is a basic principle in Judaism? A simple definition would be that in order to qualify as a believing Jew one must accept the truth of these thirteen precepts. But the Torah clearly makes no such distinctions. As Maimonides himself writes in his eighth principle: This entire Torah, given to us by Moses, is from the mouth of the Almighty namely, that it was communicated to him by G-d.In this , there is no difference between the verses, The sons of Ham were Kush and Mitzrayim, The name of his wife was Meithavel and Timna was a concubine, and the verses, I Am the L-rd is One]: all are from the mouth of the Almighty, all is the Torah of G-d, perfect, pure, holy and true So a basic principle is more than a required set of beliefs; that would apply to each and every word in the Torah. Rather, these are thirteen principles upon which everything else rests. The Hebrew word Maimonides uses is yesodot, foundations: different parts of an edifice could conceivably exist independently of each other, but without the foundation, the entire building would collapse. So, too, each of these thirteen principles is a foundation to the entire Torah. Not In Heaven The Torah details a most exacting and demanding code of behavior, governing every hour of the day, every phase of life, and every aspect of the human experience. It takes a lifetime of committed labor, tremendous self-discipline, and every iota of mans intellectual, emotional and spiritual prowess to bring ones life into utter conformity with the Torahs edicts and ideals. Thus, there are two possible ways in which to view the Torahs vision of life. One may conceivably argue that the level of perfection expected by Torah is beyond feasible reach for a majority of people. From this perspective, Torah is an ideal to strive towards, a vision of absolute goodness designed to serve as a point of reference for imperfect man. A person ought to seek attaining this ideal says this view although he will probably never reach it, for he will much improve himself in the process. The second view takes the Torah at its word: each and every individual is capable of, and expected to attain, the perfectly righteous and harmonious life it mandates. Torah is not an abstract ideal, but a practical and implementable blueprint for life. The Torah itself leaves no room for doubt on its own view of the matter: For the mitzvah which I command you this day, it states, it is not beyond you nor is it remote from you. It is not in heavennor is it across the sea. Rather, it is something that is very close to you, in your mouth, in your heart, that you may do it. (Deuteronomy 30:11-14) Underlying Perspective These two views reflect two different way of looking at the essence of G-ds creation. If man is inherently or even partially evil, then obviously he can go either way. There is no reason to assume that he will, or even can, attain a state of perfect righteousness. A world community that is utterly committed to goodness, in which every single individual acts in concert with the purpose for which he was created, can only be the dream of a chronic optimist, or of one who is hopelessly out of touch with reality. Yet if one believes that the world is intrinsically good; that G-d has imbued His every creation with the potential to reflect His absolute goodness and perfection; then, ones concept of reality is completely different. Then, our currently harsh reality is the anomalous state, while the reality is of the Messianic era. The Nature and Definition of Truth Of course, man has been granted freedom of choice. But the choice between good and evil is not a choice of what to be he cannot change his quintessential self but the choice of how to act. Man can choose to express his true essence in his behavior, or choose to suppress it. Ultimately, the truth, by nature and definition, always comes to light. So, while man can choose how to act in any given moment, the very nature of humanity, and of G-ds creation as a whole, mandates that the human not only can, but will attain the perfection of the era of Moshiach. May it be speedily in our time. Wishing you all a happy New Year. Sichos (Talks Year 5728)


Rabbi Menachem Mendel Schneerson Lubavitcher Rebbe OBM

21St annual yom KippuR SympoSiumTuesday, October 4 Mincha Services at 7 pm, Program at 7:15 pmRefreshments will be served

Congregation Shaarei Tefilah-Lubavitch6250 43rd Avenue Northeast, Seattle, WA 98115 Join community rabbis for discussion and reflections on Yom Kippur concepts and Mitzvot.Rabbi Simon Benzaquen Sephardic Bikur Cholim Congregation Rabbi Mordechai Farkash Director, Eastside Torah Center Chabad of Bellevue Rabbi Sholom Ber Levitin Regional Director, Chabad-Lubavitch Congregation Shaarei Tefilah-Lubavitch Rabbi Bernard Fox Dean, Northwest Yeshiva High School Rabbi Moshe Kletenik Congregation Bikur Cholim Machzikay Hadath Rabbi Avraham David Rosh Kollel Kollel Seattle Rabbi Sheftel Skaist Head of School, Torah Day School Rabbi Ron-Ami Meyers Congregation Ezra Bessaroth Rav Bet Sefer, Seattle Hebrew Academy Moderated by Rabbi Yechezkel Kornfeld Education Director, Chabad-Lubavitch Director, Chabad-Lubavitch, Mercer Island Rabbi, Congregation Shevet Achim, Mercer Island

Save the dateSunday, October 16 7:15 pm

Chabad-Lubavitch Annual Sukkot ConcertFeaturing the fabulous Yossi Ben-Shimon Congregation Shaarei Tefilah-Lubavitch For more information or tickets, contact 206-527-1411 or e-mail info@chabadofseattle.org

Shluchim and RepReSentativeS of the lubavitcheR Rebbe o.b.m., WaShington StateRabbi and Mrs. Sholom Ber Levitin Regional Director, Chabad-Lubavitch of the Pacific Northwest Rabbi, Congregation Shaarei Tefilah-Lubavitch Rabbi and Mrs. Elazar Bogomilsky Director, Northwest Friends of Chabad Director, Friendship Circle Rabbi and Mrs. Yossi Charytan Head of School, Menachem Mendel Seattle Cheder Rabbi and Mrs. Cheski Edelman Director, Chabad-Lubavitch of Thurston County Rabbi and Mrs. Yechezkel Kornfeld Educational Director, Chabad-Lubavitch of the Pacific Northwest Director, Chabad-Lubavitch of Mercer Island Rabbi, Congregation Shevet Achim Rabbi and Mrs. Zalman Heber Director, Chabad-Lubavitch of Pierce County Rabbi and Mrs. Eli Estrin Director, University of Washington Campus Activities Rabbi and Mrs. Avrohom Yarmush Director, Chabad-Lubavitch of Whatcom County Rabbi and Mrs. Avroham Kavka Administrator, Chabad-Lubavitch of the Pacific Northwest Director, Gan Israel Day Camp Rabbi and Mrs. Shmulik Greenberg Director, Chabad-Lubavitch of Clark County Rabbi and Mrs. Zevi Goldberg Director, Chabad-Lubavitch of Snohomish County Rabbi and Mrs. Avi Herbstman Educator, Menachem Mendel Seattle Cheder Rabbi and Mrs. Shimon Emlen Community Educator Rabbi and Mrs. Mordechai Farkash Director, Chabad-Lubavitch of Bellevue Rabbi, Eastside Torah Center Rabbi and Mrs. Sholom Ber Farkash Director, Chabad-Lubavitch of the Central Cascades Rabbi and Mrs. Yisroel Hahn Director, Chabad-Lubavitch of Spokane County Rabbi and Mrs. Sholom Ber Elishevitz Educational Director, Eastside Torah Center

In memory of Shmuel ben Nisan O.B.M. Samuel Stroum Yartzeit March 9, 2001/14 Adar 5761 Sponsored by a friend of Samuel Stroum and Chabad-Lubavitch. For more information on any of these events and/or service times in all Washington State locations, please contact Chabad House at 206-527-1411, info@chabadofseattle.org, or visit our Website at chabadofseattle.org.

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YIDDIsH LEssOnby Ruth peizeR

inside this issueTaking the law to OlympiaThe Olympia Food Co-op board gets slapped with a lawsuit for its decision to boycott Israeli products.

6 7 7 8

A halber emes iz a gantser lign.A half-truth is a whole lie.

Groundbreaking Jewish lifeThe Eastside Torah Center breaks ground on its new Bellevue facility.

Learning at the Hands of great judgesAnd the Judge Learned Hand goes to...

Making a new mark on Bremerton

Rabbi Sarah Newmark officially came on board no, make that on land as Beth Hatikvahs official rabbi Sept. 1.

Another missed opportunity for dialogueHow the recent Israel-Palestine talk hosted by the Episcopal Diocese got it wrong.

12 26

Spectacular failureAn approach to successful education is letting kids fail.

From the Jewish Transcript, September 26, 1997 The Transcript welcomed students back to the University of Washington with a story about one of their most accessible Jewish resources, Hillel at the UW. This picture shows then-assistant director Linda Karlin playing guitar at a retreat. Though Linda moved on years ago, students who come to the organizations door will find a new executive director, Rabbi Oren Hayon, and plenty more in store to get their Judaic needs met starting, of course, with High Holiday services.

Remember when

MORE M.O.T.: Garlic heaven and a rising star educator Wedding Celebrations Community Calendar Emilys Corner: Golden meatballs and pomegranates The Arts Lifecycles The Shouk Classifieds

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Hillel and Jconnect holding bone marrow screening driveThrough the High Holidays, Hillel at the University of Washington and its Jconnect young adult program, in conjunction with the Gift of Life Bone Marrow Foundation, are holding donor recruitment drives to register potential bone marrow donors for its worldwide registry. Positive matches can provide bone marrow and blood stem cells for lymphoma and leukemia patients as well as people suffering from other immune-deficiency diseases. Registrants for the screening must be between the ages of 18 and 60 and in good health. The drive runs from Wed., Sept. 26Sat., Oct. 8 from 9 a.m.5 p.m. For more information, contact Josh Furman at joshf@hilleluw.org or 206-527-1997 or visit www.giftoflife.org.

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commuNiTy News

JTNews . www.JTNews.NeT . friday, sepTember 30, 2011

Israel resolution prompts members to sue Olympia Food Co-opAfter more than a year and several requests to repeat the process, lawyers for five members of the Olympia Food Co-op filed a lawsuit in Thurston County Superior Court on Sept. 2, alleging that 16 individual co-op board members willfully violated the co-ops boycott policies. Longtime co-op members and opponents of the Israel boycott claimed that it failed to achieve a consensus from the staff when it adopted a boycott and divestment policy against Israel at its July 2010 board meeting, and that the board disregarded a policy requirement that a boycott be nationally recognized, which, lawyers claim, was not the case at the time of the filing. Whats crystal clear is that they failed to abide by their boycott policy enacted in May of 1993, which dictates how boycotts are adopted by the co-op, Seattle attorney Avi Lipman told JTNews. Lipman is co-counsel in the suit, with attorney Robert Sulkin. Both are from the Seattle law firm of McNaul Ebel Nawrot and Helgren PLLC. In a May 2011 letter to the co-op board, plaintiffs in the suit disclosed they are not asking for a repeal, but a fair process. We have repeatedly asked the board to act on these issues in accordance with the rules and bylaws of OFC, Lipman said. We agree, of course, that OFC would be bound by the result of such a process. Kent and Linda Davis, Jeffrey and Susan Trinin, and Susan Mayer initiated the suit. Susan Trinin is a former president of the co-ops board of directors. Lawyers are also suing the board members on behalf of the Olympia Food Co-op and its approximately 22,000 members in the greater Olympia community. We intend to hold each of [them] personally responsible for these procedural violations and the breaches of [their] duties, said Lipman. Sources close to the issue told JTNews they believed that lawyers have taken on this case pro bono. Lipman did not confirm or comment. Plaintiffs had hoped the board would voluntarily rescind the politically motivated boycott against Israel, engage in a more inclusive discussion, and vote again, but it refused. What happened here, as far as we can tell, Lipman said, is that the board did an end-run around the staff in violation of the boycott policy, because we believe they knew that the staff wouldnt reach universal agreement, so they enacted this thing themselves. The boycott language, in part, not only bans the co-op from buying Israeli products and investing in the Jewish State, but also bans the co-op from doing busi-

Janis sieGel JtNews Correspondent

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ness with non-Israeli companies that sell products or services to Israel that are used to violate the human rights of the Palestinians, according to the document the board enacted. If lawyers for the group prevail, any damages awarded by the court would be borne by each individual board member, some of whom no longer serve in that capacity, and would go directly to the co-op. My clients stand to gain nothing in this lawsuit, Lipman said. Unable to comment on the issues raised by boycott opponents since the lawsuit was filed, Jayne Kaszynski, a board member in outreach and training at the co-op and a staff representative to the board, referred JTNews to an August 2010 blog post for the boards account of events leading up to and following the adoption of the boycott. According to its timeline, in 2008, an OFC cashier suggested to a merchandise coordinator there that the co-op comply with an Israel boycott. The coordinator then brought it to the board, per board policy, given the contentious nature of conflicting opinions among staff at the time. However, the board volleyed the issue back to the coordinator and asked that he or she try to achieve a consensus, as required by the co-ops boycott policy. Kaszynski was asked to write up a proposal to the staff. In the process of consideration of the proposal, several staff members expressed strong support for the proposal, the board account continued, while several others indicated that they would block the proposal from moving forward. Most staff expressed opinions somewhere in between. In its May 2010 meeting, the board asked and received board consent to have now-former board member and a defendant in the complaint, Harry Levine, write a boycott proposal to try for staff consent by the July meeting. According to the final accounts of the process, although the mixed reactions to the boycott were originally reported to the board, it accepted the boycott proposal in July. Since the decision, states the post, the Co-op has received hundreds of messages by phone and e-mail, both in support and in opposition to the boycott and to the process used to make the decision. We believe that we were operating within the letter of co-op policies when we approved this boycott proposal, it concluded. After listening to member concerns we agree that these policies could be improved.X Page 28

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commuNiTy News


New Eastside Torah Center breaks groundJoel maGalnicK editor, JtNewsNoting that it was just 72 hours before the New Year, Rabbi Mordechai Farkash drew parallels to Rosh Hashanah as he presided over the groundbreaking ceremony of the Eastside Torah Centers new 16,000-square-foot synagogue and center in north Bellevue. This is a further development in the work of the Lubavitcher Rebbe, Farkash told the crowd of about 200 during a sun break on the afternoon of Sept. 25. The primary goal of the center will be education, Farkash said. Its all about learning, he said. Education to the youth, education to adults, education to the golden age. Aside from synagogue services, several programs that include youth and young adult programming will be held in the new center, as will an expanded Jewish library. The Eastside Torah Center currently resides in 3,000 square feet about a half mile west of the new facility. The $4.5 million project was launched three years ago when longtime Torah Center member Karen Mannering pledged a $1.8 million matching grant. Though center officials had expected the project to be completed by last years High Holidays, the economy and other issues got in the way. Still, the centers development director and lead fundraiser, Dan Cahn, who returned to Bellevue for the ceremony from Israel after recently making aliyah, noted that 77 percent of the fundraising had been completed, with not one penny of debt. Rabbi Yechezkel Kornfeld, a longtime Seattle-area educator and rabbi of Congregation Shevet Achim on Mercer Island, told the crowd that the new center will be a source of light in the community. It will illuminate the hearts and souls of Jews old and young that will enlighten all segments of Jews in Bellevue, he said. Following a shofar blowing and speeches from several area Chabad rabbis, the ceremonial digging took place on the spot where the ark that holds the centers Torahs will be located. Rabbis Farkash and Kornfeld, as well as Mannering, her father, and Rabbi Sholom Ber Levitin, director of Chabad of the Pacific Northwest, carved out a hole just large enough to drop in a large rock. The first piece of the structure should be made from a material that wasnt man-made, such as concrete, Farkash said, but something that came from the earth. Let the beginnings of a building be a heavenly made stone, Farkash said.

Joel MAgAlNiCK

Tamir Derav, left, and Rabbi Shalom Elishevitz, one of the rabbis at the Eastside Torah Center, blow their shofars on the porch of an old house that will be demolished to make way for the new Eastside Torah Center. A rendering of the soon-to-be-built center was nailed to the house above them.

AJC brings its prestigious legal award to Seattlesofts chief counsel for 25 years and also founded the World Justice Project, an organization that uses the rule of law to protect human rights and bring equality to citizens across the world, called Pritchard the master of the art of exuberant empathy. Pritchard was crucial in establishing the day-to-day operations of the organization. Llew has this sense of simple justice, social justice, Neukom said, and he made sure that anyone who needed legal representation could get it. Llew was stalwart and DANi Weiss PhotogrAPhy Attorney Llewelyn Pritchard takes the stage to receive his honor spent literally hundreds of as the first recipient of the Seattle chapter of the American Jewish hours in hotels and motel meeting rooms to provide repCommittees Judge Learned Hand award. resentation for the people. Bill Gates, Sr., a longtime colleague In his day, Judge Billings Learned Hand and friend who co-chaired the event with was known as one of the finest legal minds Neukom, agreed. in the United States. He was also known It is so appropriate that Llew would for his alternately open-minded, progresbe chosen as the first percipient of the sive views and his adherence to judicial award of Judge Learned Hand, said Gates. restraint. The American Jewish CommitWhatever Llew joins up with, he takes tee named an award for Hand because of seriously and performs conscientiously these traits, and several heavy hitters comwith his sense of humor. pared Hands legacy at the AJCs first Seattle Pritchard expressed his appreciation presentation of the award to local attorfor the award by quoting the judge for ney Llewelyn Pritchard at a luncheon on which it was named. Sept. 21. Liberty, he said, was not located in Like Llew, [Hand] personified the best American law, constitution and courts, but in legal life, said Steven Posner, the assisin the liberty of the people, Pritchard said. tant U.S. secretary of state for the Bureau I cannot define it. I can only tell you my of Democracy, Human Rights and Labor. own faith. He believed so deeply in justice, liberty and human rights. Joel Magalnick William Neukom, who worked as Micro-





commuNiTy News

JTNews . www.JTNews.NeT . friday, sepTember 30, 2011

Cast Your Crumbs into the Waterby Andrew Marc Greene

This Weeks Wisdom

Bremerton synagogue gets its own rabbiemily K. alhadeff Assistant editor, JtNewsWhen Rabbi Sarah Newmark answers the phone, she sounds a little scattered. Shes trying to compose a Rosh Hashanah talk, but she cant decide what to write on. Yesterday I was leaning to Al chet, she says, but had begun to gravitate toward Kol Nidre. Either way, she set a deadline to decide by that night. Theres just a lot of firsts going on in my life right now, she says. Although shes been in the rabbinic role at Bremertons Congregation Beth Hatikvah for a year, she just started as its permanent rabbi on September 1. where she served as president, Newmark chose to embark on a second career as a rabbi. She enrolled in the Reconstructionist Rabbinical College and moved with her husband Zephron to Pennsylvania. Newmark, who likes to go by Rabbi Sarah, grew up in the Conservative movement and has spent her adult life in the Reform movement. Personally, Reconstructionist is the best fit in terms of theology, she says. Reconstructionist rabbis are also often flexible enough to take over pulpits of other affiliations or congregations that cant decide on their affiliation. This was the case with Beth Hatikvah, which years ago voted by a margin of one vote to affiliate with the Reform movement over the Conservative. I prefer a more traditional liturgical framework, Newmark says; however, I feel really comfortable in the Reform setting. Yet these differences of praxis are not too much of a concern. Over the years of roving rabbis, Skype-chat Bar Mitzvah lessons and transient Navy families, rather than falling apart, These people have created a kehillah, a sacred community, Newmark says. That community-based congregational view is very Reconstructionist. Theyve done such a great job of creating a continual presence on the Kitsap Peninsula, she says. Theyve done an extraordinary job, but theyve never had professional leadership. Newmark details the effects of an absence of a constant rabbinic presence in this summers issue of Reform Judaism magazine. While being introduced to the young members of the congregations small religious school, who go by their Hebrew names in class, Newmark learned that several had inaccurate meanings and incorrect pronunciations. Literally, things got lost in translation. They never had Selichot services, she says. Theyve never had Shavuot services. These issues, along with a long list of other programs, are on Rabbi Sarahs to-do list. Im launching about 10 things, she says. I just take it one day at a time. Among her ambitions are a book group, a post-Bnai Mitzvah educational program, tikkun olam projects with local churches, more connections with nearby synagogues like Kol Shalom on Bainbridge Island, adult education, Jewish parenting classes, conversion and Jewish 101 classes, and another, more spirited and family-friendly Shabbat service called Shabbat ruchanit. Im pretty ambitious, she says. I realize everything I want to accomplish is really a five-year plan. Rabbi Sarah has lots of energy and new ideas and will take the congregation in the direction we need to go, saysX Page 25

Rosh Hashanah, the Jewish New Year, has a tradition called Tashlich, where crumbs are tossed into a river to symbolize casting away sins. Rabbi Richard J. Israel, the author of the book The Kosher Pig and Other Curiosities of Modern Jewish Life, compiled a tongue-in-cheek list of which crumbs are suitable for various misdeeds. For example, for sins of indecision, Israel recommends waffles. Dig in for more.ACROSS 1 Boozehounds 5 For being holier-than-thou, use a... 10 Command-and-control ctrs. 13 Devout 15 Draw out 16 Arctic bird 17 San Antonio attraction, with the 18 Dominant male 19 Scented neckwear 20 Like yarn made from other yarn 22 For dropping in without calling beforehand, use a... 24 Summer hours in NJ 25 E-mail option 28 For immodest behavior, use a... 29 What Febreze eliminates 30 Euripidess Cyclops has just one 32 Ten-time guest star on The Love Boat 35 Washington neighbor 37 Dr. Zaius, for one 40 For promiscuity, use... 42 For auto theft, use... 44 Carry a balance 45 ___ Pyle, U.S.M.C. 47 Family reunion attendee 48 The third degree? 49 Duck and goose, but not turkey 51 Shrek, for one 54 Chvez of the United Farm Workers 55 Labradoodles coat 58 For sycophancy, use a... 61 Neuter, as a bomb or a tense situation 63 Goal 64 Darth Vaders pyre was on a moon of this planet 67 Elizabeth of cosmetics 68 1959 Kingston Trio hit about an eternal subway ride 69 Keach who played Mike Hammer 70 One of two in 12 71 Twit 72 For causing injury or damage to others, use a.... 73 Oscar winner Catherine ___-Jones Answers on page 25 DOWN 1 Flat necessity 2 Treated a squeak 3 For arson, use... 4 Drainage pit 5 Rues Golden Girls costar 6 Org. that combats bigotry against Jews, among others 7 Tiny aquarium inhabitant 8 Parrot 9 ___ of faith 10 Middle Eastern dessert 11 Were here, were ___, get used to it! 12 Edge past 14 For being sulky, use... 21 Morpheuss protg 23 Giant slugger Mel 26 Spectral splitter 27 Timothy Learys hallucinogen of choice 29 Marble or cueball 30 Now I see! 31 For telling bad jokes, use... 32 Comedian Margaret 33 First word of a Dale Carnegie book or a Neil Patrick Harris sitcom 34 Consumed 36 Ivars ___ of Clams 37 Days of ___ (period from Rosh Hashanah through Yom Kippur) 38 ___-12 (UW athletic conference) 39 Euripidess Cyclops has just one 41 Indicate agreement 43 Some neural networks 46 Exile from Eden 48 Seat in St. Pauls 50 Totally awesome, dude! 51 The last sitting senator to be elected president 52 For abrasiveness, use... 53 Plum tomatoes 54 Tree on Lebanons flag 55 For telling small lies, use... 56 Way to avoid atrophy, per a rhyming adage 57 ___-car 59 Settle down 60 Fancying 62 Looney Tunes legend Freling 65 Halloween mo. 66 For excessive use of irony, use...

Courtesy sArAh NeWMArK

Rabbi Sarah Newmark of Congregation Beth Hatikvah in Bremerton.

2011 Eltana Wood-Fired Bagel Cafe, 1538 12th Avenue, Seattle. All rights reserved. Puzzle created by Lone Shark Games, Inc. Edited by Mike Selinker and Mark L. Gottlieb. The Crumb List is copyright 1997 by Rabbi Richard J. Israel, and used by permission. It can be found at http://www.bricklin.com/crumblist.htm

Nothing is different and everything is different, she says. For the past several years, the small peninsula congregation, a 40-minute ferry ride from Seattle, has employed either Seattle-area rabbis who come to serve the congregation for select, important occasions like High Holidays, or student rabbis imported from Hebrew Union College in Los Angeles. They never had a rabbi who didnt come by a ferry, says Newmark, who lives in Gig Harbor. Newmark considers the position at Beth Hatikvah as meant to be. While in school in Pennsylvania, she says, We were sojourners there. We were coming home, which I defined as roughly south of the Canadian border, north of the California border and west of the Cascades. When her husband, an ear, nose and throat doctor, found a position in Lakewood they decided to settle in Gig Harbor. Newmark drew a wide radius around job-search territory, and it just so happened that around the time she was looking for a position, Beth Hatikvah had an opening. Oh my gosh, this is bashert, was Newmarks response. After years of Jewish lay leadership and involvement with Temple Bnai Torah,

friday, sepTember 30, 2011 . www.JTNews.NeT . JTNews

m.o.T.: member of The Tribe


Garlic by the gallon Also: A new teacher in town


Oftentimes the greatest ideas are discovered by accident. Take Llance Kezner and his wife, Lori Peha Kezner, the founders of Garlic It!, their new garlic condiments produced in five flavors, as a case in point. Their Private Reserve Caramelized Garlic Finish won a Sofi award for best new product from the National Association for the Specialty Food Trade in January. Things have been going gangbusters since. Llances background is in high tech, and Lori is a kindergarten teacher at the Jewish Day School. They enjoy cooking and their product was born from the bottom of a jar, so to speak, after a Shabbat dinner. Lori was just cleaning up, Llance says, when she took a spoon and put it in the bottom of the jar in which Llance had made salad dressing. She pronounced the marinated garlic clove she found there incredible and they decided the could sell the stuff.

by diana bRement JtNews Columnist


Standardizing the taste was the biggest problem. Writing down a recipe sounds easier than it is, says Llance. It took hundreds of tries. In 2009, Llance was laid off and he now devotes himself to the company full time. Their big break came when they signed up that year to demonstrate their product at the Taste Washington wine and food show. The most Id ever made was 32 ounces in my kitchen, he says. Now we were talking about 40 gallons! It was a hit. The caramelized product began in a similar way. Llance burned some garlic and Lori again tasted it and liked it. Llance was unconvinced that people would eat burned garlic, but they did, and they do. As newbies in the food business, the Kezners found others in the industry open to sharing information. They also discovered that people are extremely passionate about garlic.

Their products are available at almost 300 stores nationwide and by mail at their website, www.garlicit.com with the exception of the caramelized garlic, which is available only at specialty stores. And since you were wondering, yes, Llance is spelled with two Ls. My dads lucky number was six, he says. Llances last and middle names had six letters, the extra L was added to match.

2liAM KezNer

Llance and Lori Kezner in their kitchen with their awards and their award-winning products.

I put it on the same level as coffee and chocolate, Llance says. Lori and Llance are Seattle-area natives who attended Rainier Beach and Inglemore High Schools, respectively. They have two kids and belong to Herzl-Ner Tamid Conservative Congregation.

Montreal native David Kogut is just starting his third year teaching at Seattle Hebrew Academy and his second as a fellow of the Yeshiva University YUTeach program. Part of the Institute for University-School Partnership, YUTeach places recent college grads as day school teachers across North America with funding from the Legacy Heritage Fund. As one of 17 recipients of the two-year teacher training fellowship, David will also receive a masters degree at the end of the program.X Page 28

GEMAR CHATIMAH TOVAHMay your prayers and reflections bring blessings of peace and joy on Yom Kippur and always.





JTNews . www.JTNews.NeT . friday, sepTember 30, 2011

c-o-n-n-e-c-t-o-r2031 Third Avenue | SeAT Tle, WA | 98121-2412 | p: 206 443-5400 | info@JeWiShinSeAT Tle.org | WWW.JeWiShinSeAT Tle.org

a GOOd time WaS had bY aLLOver 600 members of our Jewish community gathered at McCaw Hall on September 18 for a rousing 2012 Community Celebration and Campaign Kickoff. The crowd enjoyed a delicious kosher dinner followed by a program that included a special recognition for extraordinary community philanthropists and leaders Lucy and Herb Pruzan. The exciting news this year was the introduction of a philanthropic model that now allows donors to truly connect their passions to meaningful impact in our Jewish community by allowing them to designate all or a portion of their gifts to community needs and areas of impact most important to the donor. Guests were asked to imagine a Jewish community that offers every Jewish person locally and across the globe a safe, secure place to live and worship...a Seattle Jewish community that attracts people because it is known as a caring, compassionate and dynamic place for Jews of all ages and stages of life. We invited the audience to imagine that all sectors of our Jewish community come together to create innovative programs and partnerships. Then, all those in attendance were asked to help make these visions a reality by contributing generously to the Federations 2012 Community Campaign.

LShana Tovah!a sweet new year

photo www.nityiadesign.com

Shelley Bensussen, left, and Richard

Fruchter, right, recognize community The evening culminated with a lively concert by the now-famous Yeshiva leaders Herb and Lucy Pruzan. Maccabeats, sharing their unique combination of voices as they performed musical favorites and their YouTube hit Candlelight. They were joined on stage by Seattle Jewish high school students for a meaningful rendition of Hatikvah.

Best event ever, and This really brought our community together, were common comments from the crowd as they enjoyed a post-concert dessert buffet before heading home. For more information on the new donation designation choices and how to make a gift or pledge, visit www.JewishinSeattle.org/donatenow.

choices in Jewish PhilanthropyNow you can elect to designate your Community Campaign gift to the area(s) that are most important to you to really express your personal philanthropic passions through your gift to the Federation. Below is a chart showing the five broad areas of impact and community priorities to which you can designate this year. If you are interested in designating to a specific community priority within one of these areas, you can find additional information at www.JewishinSeattle.org/Campaign.

the PJ Library StorytimesFamilies with young children are in for a real treat this fall. The PJ Library is in full swing, with storytime sessions scheduled every week through the fall. For a complete list of where you can find PJ Library storytimes, and to register your child for the PJ Library program, visit www.JewishinSeattle.org/pJlibrary.

iSraeL SchOLarShiPS deadLine aPPrOacheSThe first deadline to apply for a teen Israel program scholarship is quickly approaching! The first round of applications are due on October 28, 2011, which must be at least three months prior to the teens date of departure. Scholarships cannot be awarded on a retroactive basis. Israel scholarships through the Jewish Federation are need-based, but a wide variety of criteria is considered when reviewing each application. For complete details on eligibility and scholarship requirements, visit www.JewishInSeattle.org/IsraelScholarships. Subsequent application due dates are: January 18, 2012 April 19, 2012 July 25, 2012 for questions or to submit an israel Scholarship application, please contact Annie Jacobson at AnnieJ@JewishinSeattle.org or call 206-774-2243.

OctOber 27: LiOn Of Judah LuncheOn: 11:00am-1:30pm nOvember 13: SuPer SundaY PhOne-a-thOn: 11:00am-4:00pm

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rabbis TurN



Pomrenze directed the Offenbach Archival depot for only a few months, but the shipments continued throughout much of the rest of the 1940s. In 1949, the army turned over much of the remaining restitution work to Jewish Cultural Reconstruction, Inc. (JCR), an organization of leading Jewish historians chaired by Salo Baron of Columbia University, and directed by the renowned philosopher Hannah Arendt. JCR concluded most of its work during the 1950s, but

continued to exist on paper until it officially closed its doors in 1977. One of the books it processed was a volume of Jewish law called Hilchot Alfasi, published in Sulzbach Germany in 1765. JCR sent it to a library in Israel, which later deacquisitioned it and sold it to an antiquarian book dealer in Jerusalem, who later sold it to me. It is a large black tome, and it sits on my shelf just a few feet away as I type these words. If only I could know who perused its pages and studied its wisdom over the centuries. I consider myself not its owner,

but its caretaker. As for Seymour Pomrenze, he later rose to the rank of colonel, and served as a leading archivist and records manager for the U.S. Army until he retired in 1976. Over the years, he spoke widely about his wartime activities, and in 2007, President George W. Bush awarded him the National Humanities Medal for his work. On August 25 of this year, one week before what would have been his 96th birthday, Seymour Pomrenze died in New York. Many original owners of these books

died in a massive act of unspeakable violence. Their legacy one that survives today thanks to people such as Col. Pomrenze can thus remind us of the greatness of their world, and also of the tragedy of their deaths. At this season of zichronot memories may the memory of Seymour Pomrenze and the millions of people whose words he worked to restore, endure as a lasting blessing for us all.

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JTNews . www.JTNews.NeT . friday, sepTember 30, 2011

The wrong men for the jobJoel maGalnicK editor, JtNewsWhen the Episcopal Diocese of Olympia, the umbrella of the Anglican Church in Western Washington, brought two experts to speak about Palestine at the United Nations: Elusive Answers, Enduring Hope at Town Hall on Sept. 19, it wasnt a fair discussion, says one of those experts. Its a mismatch, said Prof. Mark Rosenblum. Theres unfortunate misrepresentation of the conflict. Its not that credentials were in doubt; each is an expert in his field. Rosenblum runs a program at Queens College in New York that has brought understanding to students of ethnic or religious groups engaged in conflict. He has also been in a position to read the riot act to leaders like Yasser Arafat. Prof. Ilan Papp has written several books on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and is a professor of social sciences and international studies at the University of Exeter in the U.K. But on stage together, Rosenblum posited that neither was the right person to be representing a position on this topic. Wheres the Palestinian and wheres the Israeli that actually are Israelis and Palestinians? Rosenblum asked. Ilan Papp does not represent Israel. I dont represent Israel. Papp is Israeli but was asked to resign his position at the University of Haifa in 2007 following his attempts to lead a boycott of Israeli academics. His books, including The Ethnic Cleansing of Palestine and Gaza in Crisis: Reflections on Israels War Against the Palestinians, co-written with author and linguistics professor Noam Chomsky, argue in favor of a single, most terrible strategic mistakes that Israel has made since 1967, he said. But, Rosenblum added, Israel is not the only party that has acted badly. The Palestinians, even if theyre unequal, have co-responsibility in this. And talking about being a pauper and not having a state does not mean you have a right to act irresponsibly, he said. There were 10 months of a partial settlement freeze in which the Palestinians didnt negotiate. For any process to work, however, the players have to recognize the other sides grievances. There have to be people who are proPalestinian that are not anti-Israel, and people who are pro-Israeli who are not anti-Palestinian, he said. Rosenblum said he would defend Israels right to exist all the way to the United Nations declaration of its statehood, and had he been alive and able, would have been among the first in line to defend the state of Israel that was recognized by the international legitimate body as a Jewish state. But he acknowledged he was the wrong person to appear at Town Hall. The diocese brought in an anti-Zionist Israeli who vilifies Israel and condemns it for ethnic cleansing and wants to see a Palestinian state emerge, and knows that a bi-national state can only emerge consensually, and the Israelis will not consent, Rosenblum said. And theyve asked a supporter of the peace and security camp, who will say critical things about Israel and about the Palestinians, and they think theyve talked about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict? Rosenblum listed possible speakers that could have held a real dialogue and with effective mediation could have laid groundwork for a starting point for real talks. Akiva Tor, Israels consul general for the Pacific Northwest, would have been an excellent choice, Rosenblum said. You could have brought in the representative of the Palestinians in the United Nations, and [had] a dialogue between the two of them. Real gaps, real differences, because its the real conflict. Ironically, getting the right players on the court is Rosenblums job. His prescription: Get the contestants in an issue, the real combatants in an issue, with a broad umbrella, and we try to structure the dialogue so the authentic people on either sides can meet and have an honest discussion. His course at Queens College, Walking in the Other Sides Shoes, takes students on a year-long journey of living and understanding the life of someone who lives on the opposite side of a conflict, whether its Israelis and Palestinians, Greeks and Turks, or any other ongoing stalemate. At the end, he said, you can be a greater advocate for a cause, your cause, if you believe in the other.

The need to bring people togetherSufi Muslim minister Jamal Rahman told a story of an Israeli rabbi who lived in a West Bank settlement who had befriended a Hamas sheik. Though they knew they had their differences, and the people they led spiritually may have expressed those differences through violence, they came to an understanding that reached to the heart of their conflict. This land does not belong to the Jews. It does not belong to the muslims. It does not belong to the christians, said Rahman of their discussions. It belongs to god. Let us start from there. They only could have this discussion, Rahman added, because they were friends. That sentiment persisted throughout the evening at an interfaith event on sept. 15 hosted by Temple Bnai Torah in Bellevue. Also speaking were Rabbi Arik Ascherman, former executive director of Israel-based Rabbis for Human Rights, Prof. mark Rosenblum of Queens college in new York, and Jeff siddiqui of the American muslims of Puget sound. Its the recognition of the other side that can bring peace to the middle East and elsewhere. Ascherman told a story of how, several years ago, he helped a Palestinian farmer harvest his olives. The farmers son, he said, was one of former Palestinian Authority President Yasser Arafats guards. Though Ascherman was surprised, the son was more surprised that a rabbi would be doing this work for his people, especially because of the negative stereotypes the young man had learned about Jews. A hoped-for result of that meeting was when he comes to a crossroads, he would choose the path of nonviolence rather than choose the path of violence, Ascherman said. The most important thing I can do is break down stereotypes Palestinians have of Jews, especially religious Jews. Ascherman also spoke of a picture on the wall of his organizations office of Rabbi Abraham Joshua Heschel marching with martin Luther King. He found a way to make his faith not a wall between people, rather a bridge, Ascherman said of Heschel. Joel Magalnick

Joel MAgAlNiCK

Prof. Mark Rosenblum addresses the audience at the Temple Bnai Torah interfaith event.

binational state in the region. Rosenblum believes two states are the only solution that would satisfy both sides. He considers himself strongly proIsrael, calling himself a security dove. Much of his immediate family lives there and has served in the army, yet he doesnt hold back on criticizing the government for its actions. I have very critical things to say about Israeli policies and I think the Israeli settlements and the occupation in general in the West Bank a word that I use, I think that it is real is probably one of the worst,

A rich... modern history of East European Jewry.Conjure(s) the vitality so vividly you can almost smell the pungent aromas of the cooking. Stephen Holden, THE NEW YORK TIMES

BRILLIANTLY ABSORBING. Dorman does a MAGNIFICENT job. Plus, the still photography is to die for. Judith Gelman Myers, HADASSAH MAGAZINE

Before there was Fiddler, there was Tevyeand the man who created him.EXCLUSIVE ENGAGEMENT! STARTS FRIDAY SEPTEMBER 30

friday, sepTember 30, 2011 . www.JTNews.NeT . JTNews

weddiNg celebraTioNs


Jewish Weddings Advertiser DirectoryBellevue Club ......................................................................................14 Cinema Books .....................................................................................16 Embassy Suites Bellevue ........................................................................17 Emmanuels Fine Rug & Upholstery Specialists .........................................19 Essence, A Chic Coiffure .......................................................................20 Herzl-Ner Tamid Judaica Shop ...............................................................14 Hyatt Regency Bellevue .........................................................................14 Kaspars Events & Catering ....................................................................19 Menashe & Sons Jewelers .....................................................................19 Mercer Island Community & Events Center ..............................................17 Michael Bilavsky, Musician....................................................................20 Pedersens ...........................................................................................14 Pogacha .............................................................................................17 Israeli Masterpiece Wines .....................................................................15 The Ruins ............................................................................................18 Shawns Kugel .....................................................................................16 Sheraton Seattle Hotel ..........................................................................17 Travel for Less, Inc. ...............................................................................17 Tulalip Resort Casino ............................................................................19 The Westin Bellevue..............................................................................16 The Westin Seattle ................................................................................16Dani Weiss Photography

Woodland Park Zoo .............................................................................20

Sarah Rose Pickles and Matthew Feldhammer

David Schor and Julie Wilchins

When Sarah Pickles and Matthew Feldhammer got engaged in July, they wanted to shout it from the mountaintops. But thats because they were on a mountaintop. In the Swiss Alps. They dont plan to get married for a while the wedding is planned for spring 2013 so they have a bit of time, which they need for their studies. Sarah is currently a doctoral student at the Universit de Montral, where she works at Hopital Notre-Dame researching amyotrophic lateral sclerosis. Matthew, a graduate of Northwest Yeshiva High School, is currently a doctoral student researching non-Hodgkins lymphoma and prostate cancer at the McGill Cancer Center. Sarah is the daughter of Margaret Pickles and Joseph Nicoli of Ville LaSalle, Quebec. Matthew is the son of Allan and Lynn Feldhammer of Issaquah. The couple currently lives in Montreal.

It wasnt any special symbolism or desire to do something out of the mainstream that prompted Julie Wilchins and David Schor to get married on the 6:30 Bainbridge to Seattle run. We just like the ferry, Julie said. The last day of summer, Sept. 22, threatened rain, but the sun came out just before the ketubah signing on the commuter-filled run to the island. As the return ferry pulled out of the dock, a few dozen family and friends gathered under the upstairs metal canopy, which barely fit the wedding canopy, for a traditional but brief ceremony. Homeland Security calls the shots once the boat hits the shore, after all. A wedding on a ferry was a first for Rabbi Zari Weiss of Congregation Kol HaNeshamah, where Dave and Julie are members, but she and the guests said it was a wonderful experience. Anybody hoping to catch the newly married couple driving off the boat and into the sunset was bound for disappointment. Dave and Julie entered and exited the ferry on their bicycles.


weddiNg celebraTioNs

JTNews . www.JTNews.NeT . friday, sepTember 30, 2011

Come see our Artisan Judaica.

Herzl-Ner TAmid JudAiCA SHop3700 e mercer Way, mercer island www.h-nt.org/judaicashop.htmopen Wednesdays 11am3pm each 2nd Sunday 10am12:15pm or call for an appointment 206-232-8555

From unique to traditional, find it at the

The Bellevue Club and Hotel BellevueThe Bellevue Club and Hotel Bellevue is a fourstar, four-diamond, internationally recognized boutique property that provides a private retreat in luxurious accommodations. Located in Bellevue, they are one of the Eastsides premier, most-sought-after locations to celebrate a special event. Their versatile and beautifully appointed Olympic Ballroom is the perfect setting for your special occasion. Their newly designed ballroom has rich textural mixes of warm woods, resin walls and a glass focal point. Suspenseful, color-changing accent walls and cove lighting to match your dcor. Your guests will find the intimate scale and elegant atmosphere to be truly exceptional. Whether you prefer a sit-down dinner, an elaborate buffet or hors doeuvres reception, their culinary team will assist you in creating the perfect menu with classic elegance to suit your style. They will help you to create a spectacular event with their attentive and professionally trained culinary and service staff. Private, professional and prestigious, they are the Eastsides only social address. Contact catering@bellevueclub.com or 425-688-3380.

Cinema BooksCinema Books is the film bookstore of the Northwest. Collections include biographies of movie stars and directors, glamorous picture books of Hollywood, posters, stills and cards of the stars, and technical filmmaking books for the novice or professional. They also carry criticism and reference film books to lead you to movies you may have missed. Call 206-547-7667 or visit www.cinemabooks.net.45004 th Ave. South, Seattle WA 206.749.5400


Embassy Suites BellevueWhether its a wedding, birthday, anniversary, Bar Mitzvah or Bat Mitzvah, Embassy Suites Bellevue can help make your special day a dream come true. A beautiful six-story garden atrium with lush tropical plants, river and cascading waterfall, elegantly appointed ballrooms, great food, two-room suites for your overnight guests, and a professional staff will make the planning process easy. Their in-house chef is happy to accommodate custom menu requests or you can choose one of their pre-planned menu options. Their catering managers can also assist you with choosing your DJ, florist and photographer. With a great location, just off I-90, they offer plenty of free parking. Book an event with them and bring in this ad to receive 10 dozen complimentary hors doeuvres (minimum 50-person dinners). Not good with other offers. For more information call Brittany at 425-698-6689 or visit www.seattlebellevue.embassysuites.com.

Emmanuels Fine Rug & Upholstery Specialistshyatt regency bellevue... enjoy our $185 million expansion.There is no reason to limit your guest list for your wedding at Hyatt Regency Bellevue. With an exclusive location on the Eastside within The Bellevue Collection, the Northwests premier shopping, dining and entertainment destination, our 18,000 square-foot ballroom will accommodate everyone and leave them breathless. Let the wedding professionals at Hyatt Regency Bellevue assist you in making all your dreams come true. Contact our wedding consultants at 425 698 4240 or visit bellevue.hyatt.com.

Theyve been cleaning rugs, carpets, furniture and fine Orientals for 103 years. You can count on them! Highest-quality carpet cleaning, custom in-plant rug washing, rug repair and blind and upholstery cleaning. They specialize in Oriental care, repair and mending and restoration. Emmanuels is the place to go for consigned new and antique Orientals, rug sales and appraisals, as well as on-site carpet cleaning and maintenance. Fifteen percent off all in-home services and 30 percent off all cash-and-carry cleaning services. Gift certificates available. For more information call 206-322-2200, fax 206-325-3841, or visit www.emmanuelsrug.com.

Essence, A Chic Coiffure425 462 1234

bellevue.hyatt.comThe trademarks Hyatt, Hyatt Regency, and related marks are trademarks of Hyatt Corporation. 2011 Hyatt Corporation. All rights reserved.

Owner Cherie Hershman is an active member of the local Jewish community. With more than 20 years experience, she opened Essence, a Chic Coiffure in 2007. Essence is a full-service salon offering haircuts, coloring, sugaring hair removal, permanent make-up, wig styling, face and body treatments and much more.

friday, sepTember 30, 2011 . www.JTNews.NeT . JTNews

weddiNg celebraTioNs


Essence provides the ultimate service when it comes to brides, especially Jewish bridal parties. Stylists will help you look your best from your engagement to your wedding day. Essence staff can join the bride and groom in the yichud room for touch-ups and be on-site for bridal party hair and make-up. Check out their website www.essenceseattle. com for wedding examples or come in for a complimentary consultation. Conveniently located in Seattles Roosevelt/Maple Leaf neighborhood at 1415 NE 80th St., Seattle, 206-523-1187.

Hyatt Regency BellevueOn Seattles Eastside, nine miles from downtown Seattle, Hyatt Regency Bellevue offers 733 guestrooms and 70,000 square feet of event space following a stunning 2009 $185-million expansion. Ideally located in the heart of The Bellevue Collection, a premier urban streetscape with more than 250 shops, 45 restaurants and lounges, a landmark cinema, a stylish billiards and comedy club, day spas, and upscale bowling lanes all connected to the hotel via convenient sky bridges. With Asian-inspired elegance, the new 17,745-square-foot grand ballroom is the largest hotel ballroom east of Lake Washington, and the third largest in Washington State. The hotel specializes in customized menus for your wedding, Bar or Bat Mitzvah, or special family occasion. Group overnight room rates are available. Please contact their catering consultants at 425-698-4240 or visit bellevue.hyatt.com.

Herzl-Ner Tamid Judaica ShopHerzl-Ner Tamid Judaica Shop has what you need to Do Jewish! From traditional to unique, artisan to boutique, come see an amazing variety of merchandise to make your simcha special: Ketubot or personalized kippot; jewelry in gold, silver, enamel, ceramic, acrylic; tallitot in many fabrics, sizes, and colors; mezzuzot in metals, acrylic, wood and mixed materials; ritual and holiday items, and much more. See artisan Judaica by Adi Sidler, Judit Leiser, Emily Rosenfeld, Gary Rosenthal, Lalo and other artists. Open Wednesdays from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. and the second Sunday of the month from 10 a.m. to 12:15 p.m. Also open by appointment for your convenience. Call the shul office at 206-232-8555. For more information visit www.h-nt.org/judaicashop.htm. At 3700 E Mercer Way, Mercer Island.

Kaspars Special Events and CateringYou will remember your special day for the rest of your life, so choosing the right partners to help you is an important decision. The team at Kaspars Special Events and Catering, with more than 22 years of experience and a reputation for excellence, will support you through the entire planning process, including venue selection, menu creation, ceremony, and reception planning, ensuring you are stress-free. Family owned and operated, Kaspars passion is to provide creative, fresh cuisine and superior service at a reasonable price. They cater to groups of all sizes, both within Kaspars as well as at off-site locations including private homes. Whether you are entertaining a few or a few hundred guests, the elements for success are the same: superb fare, impeccable service, the proper ambience, and the right caterer! Kaspars Special Events and Catering has it all. Visit www.kaspars.com or call 206-298-0123 or fax 206-298-0146.X Page 16


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JTNews . www.JTNews.NeT . friday, sepTember 30, 2011

Menashe & Sons JewelersMenashe & Sons is a full-service store featuring a large estate jewelry department, custom design jewelry, and a complete repair department for clocks, watches, and jewelry.The store has a G.I.A. gemologist on staff for a full appraisal service.It also has one of the largest diamond engagement inventories in the city of Seattle. Menashe & Sons specializes in one-of-a-kind custom jewelry pieces featuring oriental jade, Tahitian pearls, fine emeralds, rubies, sapphires, and tanzanite. For honest, professional service call 206-932-4272 or visit www.menasheandsons.com.

The Mercer Island Community & Event CenterThe Mercer Island Community & Event Center stands atop a hill overlooking Luther Burbank Park, Lake Washington and the Cascade Mountains. This center is a primary event hot spot in the Northwest. The quality of the venue competes with many upscale wedding locations while remaining at competitive rates. Conveniently located between Seattle and Bellevue, the center offers several room accommodations for wedding-related events, with free parking for over 220 vehicles. The Mercer Room, a sophisticated, modern space, provides banquet seating for 200 guests, a 16-foot-wide retractable window, three levels of lighting and many more amenities. The adjoining terrace features warm lighting and cover. Large steps perfect for photo opportunities lead out to Luther Burbank Park. A catering kitchen is available for rent and you are welcome to bring in a caterer of your choosing. Visit www.EventsOnMercer.com, or call 206-275-7609 to reserve your date.

Michael Bilavsky, MusicianMichael Bilavsky is a professional musician, singer, and composer with 35 years of experience performing all types of music (from Chassidic,

all you need to say is i do

Cinema Books4735 Roosevelt Way ne


Books Posters stills

From all your favorite movies

Check page 6 or page 24 for details.

Voted Best Jewish Band by JTNews readers in 2007

The toasts will be inspiring. The feelings will be unforgettable. Start your journey together at The Westin Bellevue or The Westin Seattle, where special beginnings are always celebrated.

To personalize your wedding package, please call The Westin Bellevue at 425-628-1064 or The Westin Seattle at 206-727-5833. We will ensure your magical day creates lasting memories.2011 Starwood Hotels & Resorts Worldwide, Inc. All rights reserved. Westin is the registered trademark of Starwood Hotels & Resorts Worldwide, Inc., or its affliates.

Shawns KugelThe Northwests Premier Music EnsembleWeddings, Bar/Bat Mitzvahs, Special Events Contact: Shawn Weaver

206-523-9298email: shawnsax@jps.net http://pweb.jps.net/~shawnsax

friday, sepTember 30, 2011 . www.JTNews.NeT . JTNews

weddiNg celebraTioNs


klezmer and Israeli to swing and rock n roll) for weddings, Bnai Mitzvah, and parties. He has performed with such artists as Shlomo Carlebach, Mendy Wild and Ephee Cohen in Canada, Israel, Australia, Germany, and Moscow, and he has written and produced music for the popular Israeli TV comedy show Ze-Y-Ze. Michael strives to make his clients happy and will go to any length to do so. He will fulfill exactly what you envision for your event, customizing the music to your specific taste and within your budget. Call 206-528-4722 or email michael_bilavsky@yahoo.com.

Mercer Island Community & Event Center

PedersensThe Event Rental Experts Stylish party rentals including: Specialtylinen Glassware Tables China Cutlery Chaircovers Designerchairs Cateringequipment Uniquetabletopitems. 4500 4th Ave. S, Seattle. Call 206-719-5400 or visit www.pedersens.com.X Page 18

The award-winning Mercer Island Community & Event Center is the perfect venue to celebrate your special day. Scenic Lake Washington & Mountain Views Elegant, affordable & state-of-the-art Seats over 200 guests banquet style Outdoor Terrace & free parking

Weddings & Receptions

MarryOnMercer.com 206.275.7862

travel for le$$ incthe Best Deal to israeland all your travel needs around the world

Ziva ShachafOver 20 years experience Former Israeli

425-836-2615 866-591-25555313 188th pl. ne, sammamish, Wa 98074

aIr car hOtel packages FOr IndIvIduals Or grOups


Suite Simcha Flexible banquet and meeting space, accommodating events with up to 500 guests Extensive catering menu selections with special requests available Six story atrium featuring lush tropical plants and waterfall 240 spacious two-room suites Complimentary full cooked-to-order breakfast and evening reception daily Complimentary parking Premier location to Eastside synagogues and easy I-90 access Book an event and bring in this ad to receive 10 dozen complimentary hors doeuvres (min. 50 dinners, not good with other offers)

Special Moments are Better when SharedSheraton is where people come together to share once-in-a-lifetime memories. Intimate spaces, award-winning catering and inviting accommodations combine to create the day youve always dreamed of.

Book at Sheraton.com or call 206-621-9000 Kosher catering provided by Nosh Away

Contact our professional Catering Department at 425.698.6689 for more information or to book your next event.Embassy Suites Bellevue, 3225 158th Avenue SE, Bellevue, WA 98008

2011 Starwood Hotels & Resorts Worldwide, Inc. All Rights Reservaed. Sheraton and its logo are the trademarks of Starwood Hotels & resorts Worldwide, Inc. or its affiliates.


weddiNg celebraTioNs

JTNews . www.JTNews.NeT . friday, sepTember 30, 2011

PogachaPogacha of Issaquah is a casual finedining restaurant nestled in Issaquah with easy access from I-90. They pride themselves on their fresh delicious food, exceptional service, and friendly neighborhood atmosphere. Pogacha has two private dining rooms and full-service catering, and they are delighted to provide personalized event planning with their friendly Pogacha touch. They offer Northwest cuisine with an Adriatic flair. All of the food is made from scratch, using only the freshest ingredients. For questions or information, contact event dining manager Sarah Barnes at 425-392-5550 (office), 425269-2616 (cell) or sarah@pogacha.com. For catering contact Justin McMartin at 425-894-7441.

Today Barkan and Segals are winning international recognition for their wines, from the premium Barkan Superieur and Segals unfiltered wines (wines worthy of cellaring and serving at special occasions) to everyday wines such as the Barkan Classic series and Segals Fusion line. In addition to Barkan and Segals, the holidays are a great time to try other wines from Israels ever-improving wineries. For more information about Israeli wines and where to find them, please contact Michael Friend at 206-7257250 or maf613@comcast.net.

The RuinsThe Ruins is a private dining club with catering facilities open to the public. It is one of the most unique venues in the country. The founder and creator, Joe McDonnal, built a mansion inside of a warehouse with landscaped gardens and four beautifully appointed rooms. The rooms used collectively can accommodate up to 160 for a seated dinner, or 250 for a stand-up cocktail reception. From beginning to end, their professional staff and beautiful venue will offer you and your guests a truly unique and memorable experience. Contact The Ruins at 206-285-7846 or visit www.theruins.net.

Israeli Masterpiece WinesAs we prepare to usher in 5772 we can look back at the past 20-30 years and appreciate the kosher wine revolution that has taken place. Jews have been making wine for several thousand years, as has been documented by the ancient winepresses littered throughout Israel, but it is really only since the 1980s that quality kosher winemaking has enabled consumers to appreciate fine wines on Shabbat, holidays or any night of the week. Two of the leaders in Israeli wines and pioneers of the industry are Barkan and Segals. Segals was started in the late 1920s as a distillery and in the 1950s the Segal family began to concentrate on wine production. Barkan was originally founded as Friedman Winery in 1899 to produce sweet kiddush wines.

Shawns KugelShawns Kugel is the premier Jewish band in the Pacific Northwest, having performed for enthusiastic clients for over 11years. They specialize in getting guests to participate in folk dancing and horas at weddings,Bnai Mitzvah and other lifecycle events. Shawns Kugel has released four CDs, with the latest being Odyssey. Check out Shawns Kugel on MySpace, CD Baby, or iTunes to hear some songs and learn more about this Northwest treasure. Contact 206-523-9298 or shawnsax@jps.net or visit pweb.jps.net/~shawnsax.

Where Dream Weddings Really Do Come True425.688.3382 catering@bellevueclub.combellevueclub.com


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Sheraton Seattle HotelDiscover true comfort as if you were at home. Sheraton Seattle Hotel will make any event youre envisioning a reality. A multiple winner of the prestigious Gold Key and Pinnacle awards, the hotel offers comprehensive meeting and destination planning along with unparalleled service and style. Situated in the heart of the city, adjacent to the Washington State Convention and Trade Center, the hotel is surrounded by Seattles financial and business district and exciting entertainment attractions. Sheraton Seattle is more than just a meeting place its a member of your family. Settle into the inviting comfort of one of 1,258 smoke-free guestrooms offering inspiring views of the city. A peaceful nights sleep awaits you between the crisp sheets of the Sheraton Sweet Sleeper Bed. Visit www.sheraton.com/Seattle for more information.

years experience. Offer air, car, hotel, packages, for individuals and groups. Contact Ziva for more information at 425-836-2615 or 866-591-2555, or at info@2Travelforless.com.

Tulalip Resort CasinoThe AAA Four Diamond Tulalip Resort Casino takes the stress out of wedding planning and ensures a memorable wedding day, from an elegant rehearsal dinner to a luxurious suite for the bride and groom. The bridal party can begin the day with pampering spa treatments at the luxurious T Spa. The bridal lounge provides a private area for staging and preparation that leads directly to the brides perfect entrance: Descending the grand staircase to a ceremonial podium at the edge of the indoor Oasis Pool, complete with rock formations and waterfalls. After the ceremony, 30,000 square feet of elegant function space can accommodate receptions of any size and the resorts skilled staff can cater events with sophisticated culinary offerings. To plan your special day, please contact James Hillman at 360-716-6830. www.TulalipResort.com.X Page 20

Travel For Less, Inc.ZivaShachafFormerIsraeli The best deal to Israel and all your travel needs around the world. Over 20


clean & green Carpet Cleaning Rugs & Upholstery



fall specialWhere Else Can You

find 30,000 sq. ft. of event space ideal for celebrations, outstanding catered meals, and impeccable service... Only at Tulalip.Sales & Catering: (888) 272-1111 www.tulalipresort.com 10200 Quil Ceda Blvd. , Tulalip, WA 98271I-5. Exit 200 between Seattle & Vancouver BC

all in-Home services30% cash & carry discount every day gift certificates available Over 104 years 19072011

15% Off

Fine Rug & Upholstery Specialists Since 19071105 Rainier Avenue S., Seattle, WA 98144

Phone: 206-322-2200 Fax: 206-325-3841 www.emmanuelsrug.com

Menashe & sons JewelersOne of a Kind Jewelry . Custom . Estate . Vintage

Kaspars will ensure your celebration is spectacular!Kosher-style available Chef Kaspar offers exceptional Northwest cuisine along with a superior staff versed in weddings, rehearsal dinners, showers and b'nai mitzvahs. Kaspars can accommodate up to 300 guests or can offer full service off-premise catering at your home or other special location.

Family owned for over 39 years. Member of the Jewish community and West Seattle resident.4532 California avenue sw . west seattle 206.932.4272 . open Mondaysaturday

a seattle tradition for over 20 years

visit www.kaspars.com for menus and upcoming events

19 West Harrison Seattle, WA 98119 206.298.0123 info@kaspars.com


weddiNg celebraTioNs

JTNews . www.JTNews.NeT . friday, sepTember 30, 2011

Bridal Hair & MakeupOn-site or in-salonCall for Complimentary Consultation

The Westin BellevueYour wedding at The Westin Bellevue will be a beautiful reflection of your personality. Trust your vision to them and rest assured every detail will be in place so you may relax and revel in the magic of your day. Their location in the heart of Bellevue opens up a world of entertainment for you and your guests, from shopping at The Bellevue Collection to the natural beauty of Bellevue Downtown Park. To restore calm and balance, start your big day with a massage at Truce Spa. Contact Bruce Crandall, director of catering at 425-638-1064 or bruce.crandall@westin.com.


A Chic Coiffure 1415 NE 80th St. Seattle 206-523-1187 admin@essenceseattle.com

MAkE yOur SiMChA An EvEnt nEvEr tO BE fOrgOttEn!from Chassidic, klezmer, israeli to swing and rock n roll

The Westin SeattleAt The Westin Seattle, the day is uniquely yours. Whether you are planning an intimate ceremony or a grand celebration, their team will provide personalized and impeccable service to help make your dreams come true. Choose from a variety of exceptional venues including the spectacular Grand Ballroom, the Cascade Ballroom, or perhaps one of their more unique spaces to fit your vision. The Westin Seattle offers a total of 39,000 square feet of event space, including the 18,030-squarefoot Grand Ballroom that can accommodate up to 2,000 guests. Let their wedding specialists custom design a wedding package and menu with you and your guests in mind. With their culinary staff expertise and creativity, The Westin Seattle will ensure your magical day leaves behind lasting memories. Contact Jason Tyler, director of catering at 206-727-5884 or jason.tyler@westin.com.


All types of music customized to fit your needs and budget.

Michael Bilavsky

DJ Singer

One Man Band

Call 206.528.4722 or E-mail michael_bilavsky@yahoo.com

Woodland Park ZooWoodland Park Zoo, one of Seattles most cherished community resources, is the perfect location for your next event! Set on 92 acres with over 300 species of animal, the zoo offers 17 unique venues to host your Bar/Bat Mitzvah, holiday party, picnic, meeting, wedding, family reunion or birthday party. Funds generated by your event help support the zoos quality animal care, education programs, and field conservation projects to help preserve wildlife species and habitats in the Northwest and around the world. For more information contact groupsales@zoo.org or 206-548-2590, or visit www.zoo.org.

We offer facilities for: * Weddings, receptions and rehearsal dinners * Bar and Bat Mitzvahs * Business meetings and retreats * Company picnics, dinners and cocktail parties * Family reunions and other private celebrations

For event planning call 206.548.2590 or email groupsales@zoo.org

Fundraise in partnership with JTNews

See page 6 for details.

friday, sepTember 30, 2011 . www.JTNews.NeT . JTNews

emilys corNer


The queen of the Days of Aweemily mooRe JtNews ColumnistWhen I was a little kid, growing up playing in the canyons of Southern California, one of our favorite games was hide and seek, played along the scrubby trails just beyond our backyard. If you werent discovered by the kid who was it and running for home, the greatest peril would be the possibility of someone pelting you with a ripe pomegranate plucked from the child-sized trees laced into the landscape. I had no idea at the time that the cultivated cousins of those robust little wild fruits would eventually become favorites in my (grown-up) chefs world. As I grew and my world expanded far beyond the hot, dusty, beloved canyons of childhood, I slowly became aware that pomegranates hold deep symbolic meaning for cultures and sects all over the world. I began to see pomegranates appear brushed onto Chinese scrolls, cast into the iron gates of courtyards in Mexico, fashioned in ruby tiles on whitewashed walls in the Middle East. My fall menus began to take on a rosy hue as I cast the seeds like jewels into salads, dropped them on longreduced sauces that need a sparkling lift, made their juice into sorbets and ice creams and devised delicious cocktails brushed with their irreplaceable sweet sharpness. That pomegranate juice could promote health and longevity never crossed my mind: I loved their shape, the odd little perfect crowns perched on bodies swollen with remarkably clear ruby seeds packed together so tightly it would seem impossible to pry them apart, much less count them. But count them ancient scholars revealed they had, and irrevocably inserted the pomegranate into the compendium of food-centric prayers given on Rosh Hashanah, comparing the number of pomegranate seeds to the exact number of mitzvot listed in the Talmud and encouraging Jews as a people to fulfill every one each year. Then, the sages entreated, eat a pomegranate on the New Year to remind God of all the mitzvot that have been accomplished, in case our best selves might not be revealed just when we need all the good reviews we can get to be inscribed for a sweet, prosperous New Year! A lovely pomegranate parable for the New Year from Rabbi Aron Moss, writing in the Israel National News, deals with how we can contend with feeling hypocritical about our Jewishness if we are not perfectly observant Jews. Every fruit has seeds but the pomegranate reveals each seed wrapped in its own fruit each is its own entity. So, just as each pomegranate seed is distinct, each Talmudic commandment or mitzvah is separate and valuable; the Talmud says, Even the most disconnected soul is full of commandments like a pomegranate. So, Rabbi Moss says, even if you find yourself doing one mitzvah when you still dont do others, you are not a hypocrite. You are a holy pomegranate. Here is an unusual, and unusually delicious, recipe for Rosh Hashanah to help you celebrate the holidays with the deeply flavorful, and seasonally relevant, pomegranate!

Ash-e AnarmakesThis is one of many versions of a delicious Persian pomegranate soup, warming and filling for a pre-fast meal.3 Tbs. vegetable or olive oil 3 medium onions, sliced thin 3 garlic cloves, crushed 1/2 cup yellow split peas 1/2 tsp. ground black pepper, divided between soup and meatballs 1 tsp. turmeric 2 cups chopped fresh parsley leaves 2 cups chopped fresh cilantro 2 cups chopped scallions 1 cup chopped fresh mint 1 medium beet, peeled and chopped 1 cup basmati (or other) rice 1/4 cup sugar or honey (optional) 2 Tbs. angelica powder (Persian: golpar; see note, optional) 8 cups water 4-1/2 cups pomegranate juice 1/2 lb. ground lamb or beef 1 medium onion, grated 1/4 tsp. salt 2 Tbs. chopped parsley 2 to 4 Tbs. pomegranate seeds 1. Heat the oil in a large, heavy soup pot and cook the sliced onions until golden, about 10 to 15 minutes. Add the crushed garlic cloves and cook until wilted and beginning to turn color. Add the yellow split peas and stir over medium heat for one minute, then add 8 cups water and bring to a boil. Reduce the heat and simmer, partially covered, for 30 minutes.


2. Add the salt, 1/4 tsp. ground black pepper, turmeric, chopped parsley, cilantro, scallions, mint and the beets. Bring back to a boil, reduce heat and simmer, partially covered, for 20 minutes, stirring occasionally. 3. Meanwhile, make the meatball mixture by mixing together the ground meat, grated onion, 1/4 tsp. black pepper and chopped parsley. Form into balls the size of chestnuts and add to the simmering soup along with the rice. Bring back to a simmer, partially cover and cook, partially covered, stirring occasionally, for 30 minutes. 4. Stir in the pomegranate juice, sugar or honey, and angelica powder, if using. Simmer over low heat for 15 minutes and adjust seasoning with salt, sugar or honey and/or lemon juice or more pomegranate juice. Serve in large bowls, garnished with pomegranate seeds and the following mixture: 2 Tbs. olive oil 5 garlic cloves, crushed and chopped 2 Tbs. dried mint 1/2 tsp. ground turmeric 5. Heat the oil in a small saucepan over medium heat and saut the garlic until golden. Remove from heat and stir in the mint and turmeric till thoroughly combined. Sprinkle over each bowl of soup.

Note: Angelica powder, or golpar, is commonly used in Persian (Iranian) cooking with legumes to reduce flatulence. It is also used sprinkled on pomegranate seeds just before eating and is eaten with lettuce leaves dipped in vinegar.

fall harvest festivalWashington State Jewish Historical Society Annual Fundraiser

Taste and Treats of Food and TheaterLaunching Yesterdays Mavens, Todays Foodies Traditions in Northwest Jewish Kitchens Featuring Seattle Jewish Theater Company

Sunday, November 6th at 2:004:30pmHerzl-Ner Tamid 3700 East Mercer Way, Mercer IslandSample delicious recipes. Enjoy a special play Tales of Chelm from The World of Sholom Aleichem, the classic Broadway hit. Fun for the whole family.

tiC ava kets il onl able ine!

Dont miss this RemlingeR family signatuRe eventrides, u-pick, animals, live entertainment, fantastic food & a corn maze too!

Weekends through october 30RSVP by October 27th. Questions? Please call Lori Ceyhun at 206-774-2277 or assistant@wsjhs.org Purchase limited first edition copy of the cookbook at www.wsjhs.org

10 am 6 pm

32610 ne 32nd street in Carnation just 45 minutes east of seattle 425-333-4134 www.remlingerfarms.com


high holidays

JTNews . www.JTNews.NeT . friday, sepTember 30, 2011

Yom Kippur: Its fourth and longedmon J. Rodman JtA World News serviceLOS ANGELES (JTA) Yom Kippur, the fourth quarter of the High Holidays, is coming and time is running out. Our seats are waiting, the gates are closing. Each year we look for a new way to prep for the day: Could football offer a strategy? Though Yom Kippur certainly is no day for sports, like football it does have a time limit, sundown and a playbook, the Machzor. There is even a halftime and cheerleaders liturgical cheerleaders, that is. Its a day when the liturgy seems to ask: Are you going to run, pass or pray? Football is in the air at Yom Kippur time, but the holiest day of the Jewish calendar need not compete with a sacred Saturday or Sunday. Teams will change game dates to avoid a Yom Kippur conflict and allow fans to observe the day. The Jets did so in 2009, and the University of Toledo moved its homecoming game this year. On Yom Kippur, our ultimate game day, we can apply footballs well-known pattern of timed territorial struggle to the personal struggle being played out for our attention, intention and understanding. Heres the play by play: First quarter: Yom Kippur morning, its you vs. the Machzor. Almost fumbling the opening play, you remember that the book opens backward. Turning to mah tovu, How goodly are your tents, you are welcomed into the venue. One of the first plays in the book is the morning blessings, including Blessed are You who girds Israel with strength. A good call; youre going to need it. The night before on Kol Nidre, a kind of big sunset pep rally, you made a major pledge to the team: You decided to fast. So no Gatorade or any food aids this game day. Besides, if University of Wisconsin greats Matt Bernstein and Gabe Carimi could fast on Yom Kippur and even play later in the day, why cant you? Even so, by the end of the first quarter, youre beginning to feel it. Second quarter: Let the days Torah reading get you back in the game. The portion, from Leviticus, in part is about Azazel, a sacrificial goat, a sort of temporary mascot upon whom the high priest confesses all the sins of Israel. How does it end? Lets just say that Azazel really takes one for the team. The quarter closes with a haftarah by Isaiah, quite a player in his day, who reminds every new generation of players that true repentance involves helping the hungry and the afflicted, and changing your ways. Halftime: With the concession stands closed, you really need some inspiration. Its time for the coach, usually a rabbi, to present a rousing locker-room speech. Yes, youve heard it all, but sometimes Coach rallies the team by introducing a new move called teshuvah. It means turning or returning. Teshuvah is tough. Heres where a good coach becomes a cheerleader. On Yom Kippur you need it. Seems that both on and off the field, Coach wants you to confess all your bad plays, like harsh speech, wronging a neighbor, being obstinate unteamlike play they say can keep you from making it into the end zone. Halftime closes with Yizkor, where we solemnly remember all those in our personal halls of fame who are no longer with us. Third quarter: Its time to move toward the goal with musaf. The key play here is a piyyut called Unetaneh Tokef, Let us now relate the power of the days holiness. It was written by a liturgy Hall of Famer named Rabbi Amon of Mainz about a thousand seasons ago. Its a play that gives the other half of the coaching team, the cantor, a chance to really belt out audibles. In Unetaneh Tokef, the whole team is likened to a flock of sheep, and as they pass before the heavenly hosts staff, they are counted and considered, and a verdict is written. We are reminded that some of us just wont make it to next season, with some passing by water and others by famine. It sounds like third and long, but hope is the play here. With repentance, prayer and charity, we might be given a shot at the Book of Life and a new season. Fourth quarter: Its long and Neilah. Here is where we are asked to grind it out for the victory. So many in this final frame are punchy and prayed out, but ignoring our kvetching, Coach tells us to get off the bench and stand. In our minds the chain gang comes out to measure; were only pages from the goal. In the sky, its only inches till sundown. Theres only time for one more play. Coach makes the call: Avinu Malkeinu Our Father our King. We pray that all the hard calls that have gone against us during the year are reversed, that our adversaries fade into the background, that the team avoids injuries (sickness), and that we be remembered, be given another playbook for a good life. With time running out, and only seconds left, the horn sounds. Hopefully we have scored.

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onGoinG eventsEvent names, locations, and times are provided here for ongoing weekly events. Please visit calendar. jtnews.net for descriptions and contact information.

sundays9:1510:15 a.m. Advanced talmud for Men Congregation Beth HaAri 9:3011 a.m. Pathways through the oral torah: An introduction to the talmud and Midrash Temple De Hirsch Sinai 10 a.m.12:30 p.m. repentance: undoing Mistakes and repairing relationships Temple De Hirsch Sinai 10:15 a.m. sunday torah study Congregation Beth Shalom 11:30 a.m.12:30 p.m. hebrew reading Class Back to Basics Congregation Beth Shalom 7:3010:30 p.m. heAri israeli Dancing Danceland Ballroom (call to confirm)

fRidays9:3010:30 a.m. sJCC tot shabbat Stroum Jewish Community Center 11 a.m.12 p.m. tots Welcoming shabbat Temple Bnai Torah 12:303:30 p.m. Bridge group Stroum JCC 12:303:30 p.m. Drop-in Mah Jongg Stroum JCC

7 p.m. CsA Monday Night Classes Congregation Shevet Achim 78 p.m. ein yaakov in english Congregation Shaarei Tefilah Lubavitch 7:458:45 p.m. For Women only Congregation Shaarei Tefilah Lubavitch 810 p.m. Womens israeli Dance Class The Seattle Kollel 7:30 p.m. talmud for Men Eastside Torah Center

Wednesdays7 p.m. Beginning israeli Dancing for Adults with rhona Feldman Congregation Beth Shalom 79 p.m. teen lounge for Middle schoolers BCMH 7:30 p.m. Parshas hashavuah Eastside Torah Center

thuRsdays10 a.m.2 p.m. JCC seniors group Stroum JCC 6:507:50 p.m. introduction to hebrew Herzl-Ner Tamid Conservative Congregation 7 p.m. Junior teen Center BCMH 810 p.m. teen lounge for high schoolers BCMH 7:30-9 p.m. Beth shalom Beit Midrash Congregation Beth Shalom

tuesdays11 a.m.12 p.m. Mommy and Me Program Chabad of the Central Cascades 12 p.m. torah for Women Eastside Torah Center 7 p.m. Alcoholics Anonymous Meetings Jewish Family Service 7 p.m. teen Center BCMH 7:30 p.m. Weekly round table Kabbalah Class Eastside Torah Center 7:30 p.m. the tanya Chabad of Central Cascades

satuRdays10 a.m. Morning youth Program Congregation Ezra Bessaroth 9:45 a.m. BCMh youth services BCMH 910:30 a.m. temple Bnai torah Adult torah study Temple Bnai Torah 5 p.m. the ramchals Derech hashem, Portal from the Ari to Modernity Congregation Beth HaAri

mondays10 a.m. Jewish Mommy and Me The Seattle Kollel 10 a.m. 2 p.m. JCC seniors group Stroum JCC 12:30 p.m. Caffeine for the soul Chabad of the Central Cascades

Have you visited the new online Jewish community calendar? Find it at calendar.jtnews.net!

14th Season Mina Miller, Artistic Director

World Premiere Screening

Plestcheeff Auditorium, Seattle Art MuseumTickets: $18 in advance / $25 at the door Order: (206) 365-7770 | www.musicofremembrance.org

Sunday, October 30, 2011 2:30 p.m.

A Documentary Film

First 100 H.S. students free! See details at websiteImagine youre a Jewish teenagerin 1942. The Nazis have occupied your country. Youve been deported to the concentration camp at Terezn. You dont know your fatebut in fact most of your friends will be sent to a death camp over the next two years. From acclaimed newsman and lm producer John Sharify comes the story of the boys of Terezns Home One, their secret magazine VEDEM, and the unlikely reunion of four survivors in Seattle, 65 years later. Post-screening discussion with director and cinematographer.


commuNiTy caleNdar

JTNews . www.JTNews.NeT . friday, sepTember 30, 2011

Candlelighting times october 7 ........................ 6:20 p.m. october 14 ...................... 6:06 p.m. october 21 ...................... 5:53 p.m. october 28 .......................5:41 p.m. satuRday

9 a.m.12 p.m. Brain rules for Baby with John Medina Kim Lawson at KLawson@sjcc.org or 206-388-0829 or www.sjcc.org Brain Rules for Baby offers parents facts in an engaging, practical way. Find out about your childs brain and how to optimize it. $50. At the Stroum Jewish Community Center, 3801 E Mercer Way, Mercer Island. 1111:30 a.m. tot shabbat Irit Eliav at iriteliav@bethshalomseattle.org or 206-524-0075, ext. 2503 or bethshalomseattle.org Children ages 03 (and their parents) are invited to a fun Shabbat morning tot-friendly service. Service meets on the first Shabbat of the month. Free. At Congregation Beth Shalom, 6800 35th Ave. NE, Seattle.

1 octobeR


10:3011:45 a.m. yom Kippur yoga Cleanse Dana Azose at Danaa@sjcc.org or 206-388-0836 or www.sjcc.org Yom Kippur is a time of deep awareness and cleansing. Join Drew Sowa on a reflective journey toward enlightenment while wringing out unnecessary energy. Wear comfortable clothes. Mats available upon request. $5$10. At the Stroum JCC, 3801 E Mercer Way, Mercer Island.

2 octobeR

11:30 a.m.12:30 p.m. hebrew reading Class Back to Basics Carol Benedick at carolbenedick@bethshalomseattle.org or 206-524-0075 or www.bethshalomseattle.org For those who know the alef-bet and would like to improve reading skills, come to this 10-session class with Talya McCurdy. Early bird and member discounts available. $150. At Congregation Beth Shalom, 6800 35th Ave. NE, Seattle. 24 p.m. Preparation for high holy Days Workshop Shellie Oakley at info@betalef.org or 206-527-9399 The High Holy Days evoke a spiritual journey that unfolds in three steps: Learning to be with what is, searching the heart, and opening to forgiveness. Join Bet Alef Meditative Synagogues Rabbi Olivier BenHaim in this workshop to meet these holy days in ever deepening and meaningful ways. $10; free for Bet Alef members. At Unity of Bellevue, 16330 NE 4th St., Bellevue. 711 p.m. 5th annual tribe Appletini Party at sole repair Lisa at lsbridge@gmail.com Celebrate the New Year with the Tribe (young adults in their 20s and 30s) with music, free appletinis, and great company. At Sole Repair on Capitol Hill, 1001 E Pike St., Seattle.

Everyone wants to develop a healthy and satisfying love relationship. How do we learn the necessary skills to create such a relationship? Dr. Bluma Ekshtut, Psy.D., licensed and practicing clinical psychologist, will address life-changing issues. Free. At a private home, Renton.


121:30 p.m. israel Discussion group Brown Bag lunch Shelly Goldman at sgoldman@templebnaitorah.org or www.broaderview.org Discuss current affairs in Israel and the Middle East with Nevet Basker from Broader View: Israel Resource Center. The group meets the first Wednesday of each month. This discussion will revolve around the Palestinian statehood initiative. $5. At Temple Bnai Torah, 15717 NE 4th St., Bellevue.

5 octobeR

for the first time in the Stroum JCCs Kesher community garden. Kids will make decorations while the parents build. Free. At the Stroum JCC, 3801 E Mercer Way, Mercer Island. 10:30 a.m.1 p.m. JFs Food sort Jane Deer-Hileman at volunteer@jfsseattle.org or 206-861-3155 or www.jfsseattle.org As part of the JFS food drive, bring donated food and volunteer to unload donations. Registration required, location given upon RSVP.




710 p.m. Breaking Down Barriers in relationships Mrs. Giti Fredman at gitifredman@gmail.com or 206-852-6418 or seattlekollel.org

3 octobeR

10:3011:45 a.m. the PJ library and Daring Dannys high holiday Adventure Part ii Amy Hilzman-Paquette at amyhp@jewishinseattle.org or www.h-nt.org Daring Dannys High Holiday Adventure continues. This is the second part of the adventure. Meet at Kidstown. $36/family; free for SJCC and HNT members. Please RSVP before event. At the Stroum JCC, 3801 E Mercer Way, Mercer Island.

8 octobeR

121:30 p.m. ADl No Place for hate luncheon 206-448-5349 or www.adl.org/pacific-northwest Featuring speaker John Quiones of ABCs What Would You Do? and honoring Mark Schuster. This years motto is What would you do to build a better community? Minimum donation of $150. At the Seattle Waterfront Marriott, 2100 Alaskan Way.

11 octobeR



10 a.m.12 p.m. sukkah Building Day Matt Korch at MattK@sjcc.org or 206-388-0830 or www.sjcc.org Families, come help build and decorate the sukkah

9 octobeR

11 a.m.12 p.m. the PJ library storytime at Mockingbird Books Amy Hilzman-Paquette at amyhp@jewishinseattle.org or www.facebook.com/pjlibraryseattle Join the PJ Library for music, storytelling and learning Hebrew through ASL with Betsy Dischel from Musikal Magik, a certified Signing Time academy. Free. At Mockingbird Books, 7220 Woodlawn Ave. NE, Seattle.

12 octobeR


10:30 a.m.12 p.m. PJ library song and storytime at the seattle Jewish Community

14 octobeR

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school Amy Hilzman-Paquette at amyhp@jewishinseattle.org or www.facebook.com/pjlibraryseattle Music, singing and storytelling with the PJ Library and music director Jeff Stombaugh. Come for the songs and story and stay for activities and playgroup fun. Free. At Seattle Jewish Community School, 12351 8th Ave. NE, Seattle. 5:307 p.m. Community shabbat Dinner in the sukkah Matt Korch at MattK@sjcc.org or 206-388-0830 or www.sjcc.org Dinner in the sukkah, songs, PJ Library storytime and a campfire with smores. Part of the dinner will be harvested from the SJCC Kesher community garden. $5$10. At the Stroum JCC, 3801 E Mercer Way, Mercer Island. 7 p.m. J explorers sleepover in the sukkah Matt Korch at MattK@sjcc.org or 206-388-0830 or www.sjcc.org Join dads and their kids for a campfire, smores and a sleepover in the Kesher Community Garden. $20. At Stroum JCC, 3801 E Mercer Way, Mercer Island. 7:30 p.m. Nishmat shabbat Shellie Oakley at info@betalef.org or 206-527-9399 or www.betalef.org Bet Alef teachers share their passion for meditation, mystical chant and the deeper transformational messages of Jewish tradition. Silent and guided Jewish meditations, ecstatic chanting and dancing, and Judaisms non-dual spiritual teachings are alternately offered throughout the evening. $10 donation. At Queen Anne United Methodist Church, 1606 5th Ave. W, Seattle.


610 p.m. temple De hirsch sinai gala event Charlene Polyansky at charlene@tdhs-nw.org or 206-315-7389 or www.tdhs-nw.org At Temple De Hirsch Sinai, 1441 16th Ave., Seattle.

15 octobeR


9:3011:30 a.m. reflective Parenting: Disciplining from the heart Leyna Lavinthal at Llavinthal@templebnaitorah.org or 425-603-9677 or www.templebnaitorah.org Challenged by kids fighting, whining, chores, bedtime problems, or something else? Learn some practical solutions. Led by Lynne Braxg, M.Ed. For parents of children 1-1/2 to 5 years old. Register by Oct. 10. At Temple Bnai Torah, 15727 NE 4th St., Bellevue. 123 p.m. Mindful yoga Practice for those Who have experienced intimate Partner Abuse Project DVORA at 206-461-3240 This Sukkot yoga workshop will explore dwellings, bodies, and how to integrate them into mindful intentions for the year to come. Facilitated by Courtney Campbell, MSW, RYT-200. No prior yoga experience necessary. Free. Confidential location. Register by October 11. 3 p.m. the PJ library sukkot storytime at sJCs Amy Hilzman-Paquette at amyhp@jewishinseattle.org Seattle Jewish Community School is hosting a Sukkot event with performances by students. A PJ

16 octobeR

Library storytime will precede the event. Bring the family. Free. At Seattle Jewish Community School, 12351 8th Ave. NE, Seattle. 47 p.m. Pizza in the hut sukkot Across America Rabbi David Fredman at rabbifredman@seattlekollel.org or 206-251-4063 or seattlekollel.org The sukkah will be open to all with Island Crust Caf pizza. Come shake the lulav and etrog and have a good time. Donations appreciated. At West Seattle Torah Learning Center, Seattle.


67:30 p.m. Meal Planning Made Quick and easy Kim Lawson at KLawson@sjcc.org or 206-388-0828 or www.sjcc.org For those who dont know where to start with meal planning, dont have the time to plan, or are overwhelmed by the varying needs of family members, Jill Ginsberg of Seattle Health Coaches will guide a step-by-step customized meal plan lesson to suit the needs of the entire family. $159. At the Stroum JCC, 3801 E Mercer Way, Mercer Island.

17 octobeR


Come experience the Ultimate Driving Machine

Deborah Vaughn, Beth Hatikvahs president. I think overall this is really positive. There are always people who are averse to change. I guess the one thing is: We shouldnt change too much too fast. [But] I think most changes are really welcome and needed. Besides leading a remote community where, Newmark says, I can go weeks without seeing another rabbi, Newmark has a unique opportunity to engage with Navy families and sailors who come ashore for brief stints on dry land. A ship captain called to seek out Rosh Hashanah services for seven sailors. Once, a sailor walked into the synagogue on his own looking for Shabbat services. In another instance, Newmark was called to counsel a woman in a medical emergency whose husband was on a submarine in a classified location. Id never dreamed of these parts of the rabbinate, Newmark says.

Newmark has found that congregants including children and teens are excited to have a rabbi they can call their own. Vaughn is enthusiastic about the consistency Rabbi Sarahs presence brings, especially when it comes to lifecycle events. What I want most is something that my daughter didnt have, she says: A consistent rabbinical presence. The congregation is almost entirely volunteer-led, so much so that Newmark wants to create a logo with a figure carrying a potluck dish. When the synagogue holds potluck kiddush lunches, she happily finds she cant get members to leave. Shes considering starting the book group on Saturday afternoon. Theyre not leaving anyway, she says. While Newmark has been in service at Beth Hatikvah for over a year, her job description has evolved. Its different for them to say, this is my rabbi, she says. And its different for me to say, these are my congregants.

LShana Tova TikoSevu


Eric Apple 425-358-0634

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Serving your real estate needs in the greater Seattle area Call 206-769-7140

Cynthia WilliamsManaging Broker, Realtor QuorumLaurelhurst, Inc. cwilliams@quorumlaurelhurst.com www.seattlehomesforsale.net Office 206-522-7003

Henry and Sandra Friedman Robert Friedman and Joshua Louis Larry and Debbie Benezra Anthony, Amy and Xander Dr. Jeffrey and Robin Friedman Jonathan and Jordan Jeremy Benezra Selena & Jason Famularo

LShana Tova!

Russ Katz, Realtor

Windermere Real Estate/Wall St. Inc. 206-284-7327 (Direct) www.russellkatz.com

Walt Oppenheimer Family and Krisher Family

JDS Grad & Past Board of Trustees Member Mercer Island High School Grad University of Washington Grad

Jew-ish is new-ishvisit www.jew-ish.com



JTNews . www.JTNews.NeT . friday, sepTember 30, 2011

Failure is an optionRabbi stuaRt liGht special to JtNewsAs parents searching for the ideal school environment for our children, we envision our progeny thriving in a school that focuses energy and attention on avenues and initiatives that lead toward exhibitable success. But what about exhibitable failure? Youd be hard pressed to find any school touting failure as its raison detre, and yet it just may be that helping kids to fail is the loftiest mission of any school today. What does a school look like that advocates failure? This is a school that encourages risk taking and out-on-the-limb deep thinking that does not always produce the right answer. This is a school that sets the bar high and purposely creates expectations that cannot always be reached. This is a school that emphasizes tasks in each area of multiple intelligence so all children have moments at the bottom, moments at the top, and moments that let their tzelem elohim, their God-given spark, shine brightly. What does a student look like in a school that advocates failure? He understands that process is more important than product. She is resilient she can get up after a defeat, brush herself off, and begin a new lesson without diminished confidence and motivation. He is reflective and open to feedback a student who asks himself what went wrong and how he can minimize those obstacles for the next task or project. What does a parent look like in a school that advocates failure? She steps back from that ever-present hover and allows a kid to do kid work. He is present for that end-of-the-day hug to remind a child that parental pride comes not from the top score, but from the attempt to play the game, to join the fray, to opt in instead of opting out. He pushes his child to avoid the easy A and instead take the road less traveled. In the midst of Rosh Hashanah, the importance of allowing for failure in our childrens lives is all the more highlighted by the Torah text the rabbis have chosen for us to read publicly. On the first day of Rosh Hashanah, we read about a long-barren Sara who sees her son Yitzhak quarreling with Ishmael. How does Sara react? Sara goes to Abraham and says, Get rid of that boy Ishmael. Instead of having Yitzhak deal with the challenges and difficulty that Ishmael represents, instead of exposing Yitzhak to the possibilities of failure, Sara grasps upon the quick fix get rid of the problem and Yitzhak defaults to alpha male status. But does he really? Of all the known characters in the Torah, it is Yitzhak who is the most passive. It is Yitzhak who just kind of seems there as actions happen to him, rather than being an active creator of his own destiny. On the second Courtesy JDs day of Rosh Hasha- Jewish Day School teacher Margaret Chasan works with one of her students. nah, we read the story of Abraham going off to sacrifice It will be those moments of rejection his son and we cannot help but secretly and failure when our children, all grown wish that Abraham will risk the success of up, will want to reach deep inside to recall his mission and say, No, I wont do what how to reflect honestly, to reaffirm their youre asking of me God. There are values spark of divinity, and to remember how to that I hold higher than my successful comstand tall and resilient. pletion of your test. Lets hope that in those moments of The world that our children will face need their bouncing-back skills are ready, in the future is one we do not fully underwaiting and nearly hardwired because stand. More likely than not, each one of they were deliberately practiced, intenour children will end his or her career in tionally modeled and continually revisited a job and field different from the one held throughout their educational experience. in the beginning. Although I cant predict As we begin this New Year, lets give which job will result in success and which our schools the permission to succeed at endeavor will be met with failure, I can tell teaching our children how to fail. you this it wont be those high flying moments of success when your child will Rabbi Stuart Light is assistant head of school come looking for help and strategies to at the Jewish Day School of Metropolitan cope and push onward. Seattle.

Find Love in the New Yearwith Soul Mates Unlimited


udith Gottesman is a rare find a traditional matchmaker in todays modern world. After successfully setting up friends and acquaintances for years, the Berkeley resident has made it a career with her business venture, Soul Mates Unlimited, which opened in January of 09 and serves clients on the West Coast.

Im trying to put out a call to the modern Jewish community to go back to the value that its a priority to help people find their match, Gottesman said. Ive helped people find their soul mates, so I absolutely believe they exist. Shes the daughter of Rabbi Aaron Gottesman and has advanced degrees in psychology and social work, so she understands what makes Jewish people tick the first step in making excellent matches. Her clients range in age from 20s to 90s, and all desire a serious commitment. They come seeking an experience more personal than a Web site. Its not a numbers game, but about finding the right match. By asking specific, personal questions and trusting her gut, Gottesman makes lasting and compatible couplings. Clients should be prepared for a one-hour initial consultation where they get deeply introspective about their life goals. For services, clients pay a low one-time fee for the initial consultation and dont pay again until they get engaged.

NityiA PrzeWloCKi

Members of the Yeshiva university a capella singing group the Maccabeats hold court at McCaw Hall with area high school students, who came onstage to finish the concert with Hatikvah, Israels national anthem. The Maccabeats came to Seattle to headline the Jewish Federation of Greater Seattles annual community campaign kickoff event.

Judith Gottesman, MSW (510) 418-8813 info@soulmatesunlimited.com Read testimonials at www.SoulMatesUnlimited.com

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Middle school...redened A powerful middle school experience means the world to your child. culture of collaboration and respect average class size of 15 students Culture of collaboration & respect welcoming the vibrant spirit of Average class size early adolescence of 15 students

Located at Green Lake in Seattle

Visit us at an Open House: Nov. 8th, p.m.,or Dec.9 orand online! Visit us at an Open House, 7 12th Nov. 7th Dec. 8.

www.billingsmiddleschool.org (206) 547-4614 www.billingsmiddleschool.org (206) 547-4614

Billings admits students of any race, color, religion, sexual orientation, national or ethnic origin.

Where Judaism and Joy are Onewww.campschechter.org 206-447-1967 Info@campschechter.org

See why Camp Solomon Schechter was voted

#1 Jewish Camp!

Learning has many faces.Visit SJCS and see for yourself.Open Houses November 6 2:00 pm December 8 7:00 pm Tours by appointmentRegistration begins in October Early bird discounts available

www.sjcs.net 206.522.5212 admissions@sjcs.net www.sjcs.net 206.522.5212 admissions@sjcs.net


m.o.T.: member of The Tribe

JTNews . www.JTNews.NeT . friday, sepTember 30, 2011

W M.O.T. Page 9

At the academy hes teaching first grade Judaic studies in the morning and the rest of my day Im the music teacher for all grades. This lets him vary his approach, with the little ones learning Shabbat songs and the fifth graders making music videos. Hes also started a middle school glee club. While attending Concordia University, David sang with a rock band and says music has always been an important part of his life. I was a hazzan for different synagogues in Montreal when I was living there, filling in when needed, he says.

Growing up at Modern Orthodox Beth Zion in the Cte St. Luc neighborhood, he has been a youth director, Bar Mitzvah tutor and Hillel outreach director in his hometown. Ive always been immersed in the [Jewish] community and surrounded by it, he says. David and his wife, DanCourtesy yuteACh ielle Ellbogen, moved here David Kogut, a fellow from three years ago when Dani- Yeshiva university teaching at elle took a job at Microsoft. Seattle Hebrew Academy.

They live on Capitol Hill in Seattle and they are active in the Capitol Hill Minyan, where David serves as chair of the board. The couple have a 3-and-a-half-yearold son who occupies most of their free time, although David says that as a hockey fan he tries to play once in a while (not a lot of opportunities in Seattle, sorry!) and attend the occasional game here or in Vancouver, B.C.


The boards action plan to review and revise the policy going forward using additional member input fell short of the remedy that those who would eventually file the suit were looking for, according to the suit. Lipmans firm is serving each defendant individually. As of press time, that process was underway. Deadlines for individual answers to the allegations in the complaint vary. No court date has been scheduled.

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The arTs


October 6 at 7:30 p.m. Israeli Rejectionism Author talk Zalman Amit and Daphna Levit, authors of Israeli Rejectionism, will speak to their premise that peace is not in Israels political interest. This, they believe, is a main cause for the failure of the peace process. At Town Hall, Great Hall, Seneca and Eighth Ave. (enter on Eighth). Tickets are $5 and may be purchased through brownpapertickets.com, by calling 800-838-3006, or at the door starting at 6:30 p.m.

October 7 Gainsbourg: A Heroic Life Film Opening Gainsbourg follows the life of Serge Gainsbourg (n Lucien Ginsburg) from his childhood in Nazi-occupied Paris to jazz musician to pop star, and all of his illustrious affairs along the way. Comic book artist Joann Sfar creates a surreal style, and the soundtrack features Gainsbourgs own hits, branding the film as a time capsule to 60s Paris. French, with subtitles. At the Varsity Theatre, 4329 University Way NE, Seattle. For tickets and information visit landmarktheatres.com or call 206-781-5755.

October 9 at 7:30 p.m. Idan Raichel and India.Arie concert Israeli superstar Idan Raichel and his multicultural musical project, along with the soulful India.Arie, will appear together on stage to perform from their brand new Open Door album. Self-described as musical soulmates, Arie and Raichel collaborate on an East-meetsWest sound geared toward their global audience, with Hebrew and English lyrics and minimal sound production. The duo performed for the Nobel Peace Prize ceremony in Oslo, the Kennedy Center in Washington, D.C., and at the Museum of Jewish Heritage in New York. At the S. Mark Taper Auditorium at Benaroya Hall, 200 University St., Seattle. Doors open at 6:30 p.m. All-ages show. Tickets start at $34.50 and are available at the Benaroya Hall box office. For more information call 206-215-4800 or visit seattlesymphony.org.

October 16 at 4 p.m. Mary Lou Film Mary Lou is the musical story of Meir, a gay Israeli who, upon finishing high school, moves to Tel Aviv to locate his estranged mother. A twist on the common quest story: On the way, Meir ends up turning into a successful drag queen named Mary Lou. Packed with romance, searching, sadness, song and dance on par with Glee, this miniseries won an Israeli Emmy. Directed by Eitan Fox, music by Tzvika Pik. At the Egyptian Theatre, 805 E Pine St., Seattle. The film will be followed by a kosher reception at Elliott Bay Bookstore, 1521 10th Ave., Seattle. Tickets on sale at threedollarbillcinema.org. For more information contact Leonid Orlov at 206-861-8784 or familylife@jfsseattle.org.

ConneCting Your Passions to Meaningful iMPaCt in our Jewish CoMMunitYNow you may designate your gift to support what matters most to you. Make a New Years gift today. Build a thriving Jewish community for our future.

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W LETTERS Page 3 possible, and then attack what is left and destroy it. Weil has good Zionist credentials, which gives him a moral duty to support any people that desires self-determination. Great, but what if they insist on self-determining themselves on the land of the Jewish people, as they clearly intend? Mr. Weil, there are homeless people in New Orleans that would like to live in your house. How soon can your family evacuate?

We can disagree over who is the rightful owner of the West Bank, but until the entire Muslim world calls off its war against Israel, the Jewish State needs to hold onto as much land as it needs to defend itself. Bob Kaufman seattleTHE PROuD LABEL On HIs LAPEL

If it werent an Orwell-worthy twist of language interpretation, re: letter writer N. Goldbergs claim that I am not about free speech after Ive written in defense of JTNews edi-

tors for publishing letters with diverse opinions regarding Israel and the Palestinians, it would be funny. (Taking up too much space, Sept. 16) Yet Mr. Goldberg and others whove bitterly attacked me in these pages by urging the editors to cease publishing letters by me and anyone they consider pro-Palestinian and anti-Israel (as if the two were mutually exclusive!) are those who seek to be sole judges of whose opinions are pro-Israel and acceptable. Equally perverse is Goldbergs racist tone against Palestinians by declaring Im pro-

Palestinian, as if being pro-Palestinian were Nazism, Communism or like being a flesh-eating zombie from Gehenna. As a Jew who loves Israel and Judaism, Ill wear Mr. Goldbergs pro-Palestinian label proudly. It makes a nice fit with the time my name appeared in a list of self-hating American Jews in a Kach/Kahane website eight years ago. I dont read the Palestinian press. I read Jewish press, religiously. Mr. Goldberg might try it. Akiva segan seattle

september 30, 2011

shouk @jtnewshelp wanted cleaning services funeral/burial servicesCEMETERy GAN ShALOMA Jewish cemetery that meets the needs of the greater Seattle Jewish community. Zero interest payments available. For information, call Temple Beth Am at 206-525-0915.


help wanted

SoCiaL workEr

DirECtor of SoCiaL SErviCES

kline Galland Hospiceexciting opportunity for a dynamic, motivated social worker to join kline Galland Hospice Services. requires hospice or related health care experience, excellent written and verbal communication skills, computer savvy. MsW preferred. Must have dependable car and insurance. part-time, on call20 hours a week to start. Hours vary. competitive salary. Kline Galland is a top-rated senior housing organization offering a great working environment, stable staff, team approach to delivering services. History of deficiency-free surveys in all facilitiesnursing home/independent and assisted living/adult day center.please email rsum to lindag@klinegalland.org.

kline Galland Homefantastic opportunity with top-rated, progressive long-term care facility with subacute units. this position is part of senior management team of the organization including independent and assisted living, home care, hospice, outpatient rehab and adult day center. candidate must possess strong interpersonal skills and ability to work well with multidisciplinary team. prefer MsW with long-term care experience in management, admissions and discharges. proficient in computer use, ability to multi-task. excellent work environment, competitive wages and benefits.please email rsum to lindag@klinegalland.org.

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Howden-Kennedy funeral HomeDennis 206-799-3334 Jack Barokas 206-725-0364

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Traditional Jewish funeral services provided by the Seattle Jewish Chapel. For further information, please call 206-725-3067. Burial plots are available for purchase at Bikur Cholim and Machzikay Hadath cemeteries. For further information, please call 206-721-0970.

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A COLLEGE EDUCATION IS A MAJOR INVESTMENTSensitive professional assistance to ensure a succesful match between student and school

Call 206-851-5277Gift Certificate Available!

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Receive a tax write-off. Any vehicle okay Plus RVs, boats, real estate, lots, etc.


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preconditions, he said. President Abbas didnt respond. I outlined a vision of peace of two states for two peoples. He still didnt respond. I removed hundreds of roadblocks and checkpoints to ease freedom of movement in the Palestinian areas; this facilitated a fantastic growth in the Palestinian economy. But again, no response. I took the unprecedented step of freezing new building in the settlements for 10 months. No prime minister did that before, ever. Once again you applaud, but there was no response. No response. Such exchanges have been boilerplate for the past year since talks collapsed, but Netanyahu followed up with something new: A public declaration that he was ready to abide by parameters set out by President Obama in a May 19 speech in which the U.S. leader called on the sides to negotiate borders using the 1967 lines, with agreed-upon land swaps, as the basis. In the last few weeks, American officials have put forward ideas to restart peace talks, Netanyahu said in his U.N. address. There were things in those ideas about borders that I didnt like. There were things there about the Jewish state that Im sure the Palestinians didnt like. But with all my reservations, I was willing to move forward on these American ideas. Netanyahu was backing away from his previous insistence that Israel could not abide such conditions, as well as paying back Obama for his U.N. speech Wednesday in which the president made a forceful case for recognizing not just Israels security needs but its ancient stake in the region. Lets be honest: Israel is surrounded by neighbors that have waged repeated wars against it, Obama told the General Assembly. Israels citizens have been killed by rockets fired at their houses and suicide bombs on their buses. Israels children come of age knowing that throughout the region, other children are taught to hate them. Israel, a small country of less than 8 million people, looks out at a world where leaders of much larger nations threaten to wipe it off of the map. The Jewish people carry the burden of centuries of exile and persecution, and the fresh memory of knowing that 6 million people were killed simply because of who they are. Those are facts. They cannot be denied. The Jewish people have forged a successful state in their historic homeland. The speech, which was greeted enthusiastically by American Jewish groups, may have sounded like a pitch to a domestic constituency by a president flailing in the polls, but administration officials insisted it was also part of a strategy: To get the parties to talk on the basis of the May 19 parameters outlined by Obama, which he sees as the only viable way toward achieving Palestinian statehood.


If these negotiations are going to succeed, they must be serious and credible and deal with all of the core issues, a senior administration official told reporters last Friday evening, requesting anonymity that is customary when discussing strategy. I think a very important departure point and it was stressed throughout this statement and in our discussions with the Quartet has been the fact that the remarks of President Obama in May that are guiding us and that provide the solid foundation for the negotiations to succeed. And in fact, I think the Quartet in the statement is making clear those ideas that are key. The Quartet statement also outlines a timeline for talks, and says borders and security should be the priority for the first three months, with a deadline for an agreement of the end of 2012. That made some pro-Israel groups nervous. We believe the Quartet erred in setting a preliminary agenda limited to issues of security and borders and timetables for proposals, the Anti-Defamation League said in a statement. By going as far as it does, the Quartet statement misses an opportunity to send the clearest possible message to the Palestinians that the sole path to statehood lies in direct negotiations with Israel. It remains to be seen how the U.N. week will play out in the immediate future. Upon returning home, Abbas and Netanyahu both received adulatory welcomes from their respective publics for speeches that included charges of ethnic cleansing on both sides. Democrats and Republicans in the Congress stepped up demands to cut off the approximately $600 million in aid received annually by the Palestinian Authority, both because of Abbas statehood bid and because of talks with Hamas aimed at setting up a unity government. President Abbas has been warned repeatedly, said Rep. Nita Lowey (D-N.Y.), the senior Democrat on the U.S. House of Representatives foreign operations subcommittee of its Appropriations Committee, in a statement to JTA. I remain firm: his action crosses a line and should lead to a reevaluation of U.S. assistance for the PA. But Israel and some of its closest U.S. allies are quietly pushing back against an assistance cutoff, saying security cooperation between Israel and the Palestinian Authority has been key to maintaining the quiet in the West Bank. Abbas while sticking to his insistence on a settlement freeze said he was otherwise ready to come back to the table, and notably did not set a deadline for the United Nations to address his membership request. Meanwhile, his unity talks with Hamas are all but moribund. On Tuesday, Israel approved permits to build 1,100 new settlement housing units.

Rosalind Chertow Sternoff May 31, 1913 July 27, 2011Rosalind Chertow Sternoff, 98, of Palm Springs, Calif. passed away July 27, 2011 in Palm Springs. She was born May 31, 1913 to David and Eva Chertow in Brooklyn, N.Y. She is survived by her sons Peter H. Siegel and John Patrick Fuller. She was preceded in death by her spouse Arthur Sternoff and her parents David and Eva Chertow. Private services were held. Interment was at Rosemont Park Cemetery in Chicago, Ill. The family suggests that donations be made to Desert AIDS Project, 1695 North Sunrise Way, Palm Springs, CA 92262.

Barbara Altose Rosenwald October 23, 1950September 19, 2011Barbara Anne Altose Rosenwald passed peacefully and with dignity, having battled Huntingtons Disease so courageously, with every ounce of her being, for nearly two decades. Born in Seattle, Barbara grew up in Magnolia and was a proud graduate of Queen Anne High School (class of 1968) and the University of Washington (class of 1972). Barbara taught elementary school in the Lake Washington School District for 23 years, being as committed to her students as she was to her loving husband of 40 years, Richard (who Barbara affectionately called Dickie). Barbara approached each day as a unique gift for living life to its fullest: Summers on Camano Island, Broadway theatre in New York, family, friends, skiing, gourmet dinners, all 162 games of each Seattle Mariners season, Northwest Folklife Festival, Oprah, Grandmas cinnamon rolls, the changing seasons, ice cream (any flavor) and her beloved spaniels (Spencer, Sam, Joe Cocker and Frankie). Barbara was preceded in death by her parents Alexander and Viola Altose and her in-laws Gilbert and Natalie Rosenwald. She is survived by her husband Richard F. Rosenwald, aunts Margaret Berg and Annette Kaplan, uncle Paul Kaplan, sister Jane E. Sullivan, brother Larry Altose, brothers-in-law James F. Rosenwald and Tom Sullivan, sisters-in-law Vivian, Barbara and Leslie Rosenwald and Anita Altose, numerous cousins, nieces and nephews (and their children). Barbaras beautiful smile, genuine sparkle in her eyes and unquestionably the best hugs in town will be remembered forever. Special appreciation to Adi and Chelsea Nov, who brought sunshine, tranquility, love and laughter to Barbaras final days. Funeral service was held September 22, 2011 at Arthur Wright Chapel, Seattle. In lieu of flowers, memorial contributions are suggested to Jewish Family Service, 1601 16th Ave., Seattle, WA 98122.

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Rabbi Yechezkel Kornfeld and Cantor Ari Goldwag from Israel.

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