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<ul><li><p>7/29/2019 JTNews | September 13, 2013</p><p> 1/20</p><p>w w w . j t w . t n s e p t e m b e r 1 3 , 2 0 1 3 n 9 t i s h r e i 5 7 7 4 n v o l u m e 8 9 , n o . 1</p><p>JEWISHthe voice ofJT</p><p>news w a g t </p><p> latg trpag 15rcrt ralpag 6</p><p>Every journey ends witha nal stepthis one ends on Yom Kiu</p><p>The story begins on page 10</p><p>CourTesy rob Carme</p><p>@jew_ish @jewishca/jtnewsprofessionalwashington.com</p><p>connecting our local Jewish community</p></li><li><p>7/29/2019 JTNews | September 13, 2013</p><p> 2/20</p><p>2 JTN . www.JTNews.NeT . friday, sepTember 13, 201</p><p>MONDAY NIGHT FOOTBALL IN THE SUKKAH</p><p>Monday, September 23, 5:30 p.m.Mercer Island SJCC</p><p>SJCC Members $12/Guests $18</p><p>Monday Night Football in thesukkah in the SJCC Kesher CommunityGarden. Well have pizza, salad, and a beer garden as we catch theOakland vs. Denver game. Co-sponsored by Two Beers Brewing Co.</p><p>www.facebook.com/SJCCSeattle</p><p>The J... where everyone is welcome to learn, grow andcelebrate Jewish life and culture. Learn more at www.SJCC.org</p><p>SENIOR COMMUNITY HANUKKAH CELEBRATION</p><p>Sunday, December 8, 11 a.m.-1 p.m.SJCC Members and guests $7</p><p>At Herzl-Ner Tamid, 3700 E Mercer Way. Join us for a post-Hanukkah brunch of latkes, bagels, fruit, and more. SJCC ChiefOperating Ocer Rene Cohen-Goodwin will share inspirationalHanukkah insights and Herzl-Ner Tamid Cantor Brad Kurland willlead us in Hanukkah songs.</p><p>HANUKKAH COOKING CLASS Monday, November 18, 6:30 p.m.</p><p>SJCC Members $65/Guests $80</p><p>At Stopskys Delicatessen, 3016 78th Avenue SE, Mercer Island.The head chef of Stopskys Delicatessen leads a hands-on cookingclass, putting a new spin on classic Hanukkah dishes. This isnt justa cooking class; youll get appetizers, wine, and dinner and youllleave with delicious recipes.</p><p>J EXPLORERSA program just for dads and t heir</p><p>kindergarten through 3rd grade kids. J</p><p>Explorers play games, learn new skills,</p><p>enjoy the great outdoors, and celebrate</p><p>Jewish values with other dads and</p><p>kids. Must be a J Explorers member to</p><p>participate in events. All events are at the</p><p>SJCC Mercer Island campus.</p><p>J EXPLORERS SUKKOT SLEEPOVERSaturday, September 21, 5 p.m. Sunday, September 22, 9 a.m.</p><p>$40 per dad-child pair/$20 for each additional child</p><p>Celebrate Sukkot with the J Explorers. Enjoy dinner and Havdalah inthesukkah in the SJCC Kesher Community Garden. We will swim,play gaga, and do arts and cras. Breakfast (and coee dont worry,dads!) is included.</p><p>J EXPLORERS TRICKORTREAT FOR HUNGERThursday, October 24, 5:30 p.m.</p><p>free with J Explorers membershipCome trick-or-treat for canned food for the Jewish Family ServicesFood Bank. Bags will be handed out in neighborhoods around theJ earlier in the week with a request for donations. J Explorers willtrick-or-treat to collect the bags. Bring non-perishable food itemsto donate.</p><p>J EXPLORERS HANUKKAH PARTYSunday, December 15, 10 a.m.-noon</p><p>free with J Explorers membership</p><p>Its never too late to enjoy latkes and spread the holiday ruach(spirit)! Bring an unwrapped gi to this post-Hanukkah brunch andwell make holiday cards to adorn them before we deliver the gis tofamilies at Seattle Childrens Hospital.</p><p>JEWISH TOUCH SERIESSubscribe to the 2013-2014 series by</p><p>October 27: SJCC members $25/guests $36.AN AFTERNOON WITHHOLLYWOODSANNE FRANK</p><p>Sunday, October 2710:30 a.m. l m screening</p><p>2 p.m. discussionNEW LOCATION FOR 10/27 ONLY:Herzl Ner-Tamid, 3700 E Mercer Way</p><p>SJCC Members $8/Guests $12</p><p>Foster Hirsch, professor of lm at BrooklynCollege, will interview Millie Perkins, star ofGeorge Stevens acclaimed 1959 lm, The</p><p>Diary of Anne Frank, about her experience working on the landmarkdrama. Reception will follow. Watch the lm at 10:30; screening is freeand open to all.</p><p>BLACK SABBATH: THE HISTORY OF AFRICANAMERICAN AND JEWISH POPULAR MUSIC</p><p>Sunday, April 6, 2 p.m.</p><p>SJCC Members $8/Guests $12</p><p>A musical exploration of the myriad ways Jews and African-Americanshave coalesced, clashed, and come together through Americanpopular music. Josh Kun, Associate Professor of the USC Departmentof American Studies and Ethnicity, leads the discussion.</p><p>ANIMATING JEWISH LIFESunday, May 4, 4 p.m.</p><p>SJCC Members $8/Guests $12</p><p>A look at the ways in which Jewish life and culture is portrayed inanimation. Journalist Mark Pinsky of the Orlando Sentineldiscussesthe funny and the serious ways animation, from Disney movies to TheSimpsons, showcase Jewish faith, customs, and ethnicity.</p><p>THREE CANTORS IN CONCERT: EAST MEETS WESTSunday, June 8, 4 p.m.</p><p>SJCC Members $8/Guests $12</p><p>Back by popular demand! Cantors Brad Kurland and I ke Azose, alongwith Rabbi Simon Benzaquen, will perform a delightful program.</p><p>PRESERVATION AND RENEWAL:BUILDING JEWISH COMMUNITY</p><p>At Washington Hall, 153 14th Avenue, Seattle. A collaboration with 4Culture,Book-It Repertory Theatre, Washington Hall, and Washington State Jewish HistoricalSociety, these site-specic events highlight the historical signicance of the SeattleJewish community and the c ommunitys role in the future of our environment.</p><p>SAVE THE DATES: MARCH 1-9, 2014SJFF, a program of the SJCC, brings the best in independent international Jewish and Israeli cinema toSeattle each March. But why wait until March? Join SJFF for these events this fall.</p><p>SJFF OUTDOOR FILM: RENEWALDaily September 23-29, 7-11 p.m.freeThis installation features dailyscreenings of the SJFF lm Renewal.The lm will be projected onto theside of the building from asukkah inthe parking lot designed by Seattlearchitect George Ostrow. Renewal,a 2008 documentary lm, consists ofeight short lms about dierent faithtraditions and their approaches toenvironmental preservation. Passers-by can stop and enjoy a single story orsettle in to watch the lm in its entirety.</p><p>PLAY AND FILMSunday, September 226:30 p.m.SJCC members $8/Guests $12This double-featureincludes a play and alm about Jewish community. First, a p erformance of Book-It Repertory Theatres In the Land of Rain and Salmon, aproduction about early Jewish settlers in the Northwest,commissioned by the Washington State Jewish HistoricalSociety. Following is a screening of the documentary Renewal,a series of short lms about faith traditions and preserving theenvironment.</p><p>HANUKKAH UNDER THE STARS</p><p>Saturday, November 23, 5:30-7:30 p.m.Mercer Island SJCC</p><p>free</p><p>Celebrate Hanukkah with the J community! Sing and dance with thekids band Recess Monkey, returning aer their awesome show lastyear. Well have arts and cras and storytelling from PJ Library.Co-sponsored by the Jewish Day School.</p><p>FAMILY SUKKOT DINNER</p><p>Friday, September 20, 5:30-7 p.m.Mercer Island SJCC</p><p>SJCC Members $12/Guests $18/Children $5</p><p>Join us for a Shabbat dinner in thesukkah in the SJCC KesherCommunity Garden. Well celebrate Sukkot with a fall-inspired dinnerof macaroni and cheese, salad, and butternut squash soup. Wellhave activities for kids, a special dessert treat, and a story around thecampre with PJ Library.</p><p>MAKE YOUR OWN CHALLAH</p><p>SEATTLE SJCC Thursday, October 3, 6 p.m.MERCER ISLAND SJCC Thursday, October 10, 6 p.m.</p><p>SJCC Members $8/Guests $12</p><p>Instructor Gail Pollack, food lover and SJCC Director of Development,shares her grandmothers much-loved recipe with you. Learn howto prepare challah dough and braid and form the perfect loaf. Takehome a beautiful challah for your own Shabbat celebration. Enjoy timeto schmooze and sip wine with old friends and new while the doughrises!</p></li><li><p>7/29/2019 JTNews | September 13, 2013</p><p> 3/20</p><p>letters to the editorthe rabbis turn</p><p>friday, september 13, 2013 . www.jtnews.net . jtnw</p><p>opinion</p><p>I was aware o the size o Israel on a map, but when you travel to the border with Syria and Lebanon or down to Gaza, you realize how small it really is.</p><p> Rep. Dave Reichert (R-8th) on his impressions o his frst visit to Israel. Learn about his visit on page 6.</p><p>Write A letter to the eDitor: W wud v a fm yu! Yu may um yu d@jw.. pa m yu axmay 350 wd. t dad f x</p><p>u sm 17. Fuu dad may fud .</p><p>t f u cum ad adv d cay fc vw f Jtnw Jw Fda f Ga sa.</p><p>The dynamic self</p><p>Rabbi ben aaRonson Cpitol Hill minynYoure late or a meeting. You pull</p><p>into the parking lot, and its entirely ull</p><p>except or one illegal spot right near theentrance. I you park there, youll make</p><p>it to your meeting on time. I you have to</p><p>nd another spot, youll be late.</p><p>Tis situation happened to Nobel Lau-</p><p>reate and economist Gary Becker. He rea-</p><p>soned through the possibilities, conducted</p><p>a cost-benet analysis, and made his choice.</p><p>Tis incident gave rise to Beckers Simple</p><p>Model o Rational Crime, or SMORC</p><p>or short. According to SMORC, people</p><p>commit crimes because they benet. Tey</p><p>examine the likelihood o getting caught,</p><p>contrast it with the potential benets or</p><p>consequences, and make their choice.</p><p>During this time o year we review our</p><p>mistakes and ailings. Part o teshuva </p><p>repentance is a commitment to avoid</p><p>these specic mistakes in the uture. Our</p><p>view o decision-making is deeply tied to</p><p>this process. Tough SMORC may sound</p><p>too robotic to account or the ull range o</p><p>human behavior, we oen respond implic-</p><p>itly based on this model. We try to incen-</p><p>tivize certain behavior, which increases the</p><p>likelihood o getting caught (e.g., increased</p><p>police patrols) or increases punishments</p><p>(increased sentence lengths).</p><p>Dan Ariely, an Israeli-American pro-</p><p>essor o psychology and behavioral eco-</p><p>nomics at Duke University, questioned the</p><p>validity o SMORC. He conducted a series</p><p>o experiments into the phenomenon o</p><p>cheating and dishonesty. In his basic exper-</p><p>iment, Ariely had participants complete a</p><p>series o dicult matrix math problems.</p><p>Tey correctly solved an average o our</p><p>problems. He paid participants 50 or each</p><p>correct problem. However, when given</p><p>the opportunity to sel-report, participants</p><p>reported completing an average o six cor-</p><p>rect problems, allowing them to collect $3</p><p>instead o the $2 they were entitled to.</p><p>SMORC predicts that as you increase</p><p>the reward and decrease the likelihood o</p><p>getting caught, there will be a correspond-</p><p>ing increase in cheating. Tis turned out</p><p>to be alse. When Ariely increased the</p><p>amount paid, as high as $10 per problem,</p><p>people actually cheated a little less. All in</p><p>all, something besides SMORC seemed to</p><p>be driving human behavior.</p><p>Ariely proposes an alternate hypothe-</p><p>sis to SMORC. He asserts that people are</p><p>driven by two competing actors: What a</p><p>person wants, and how a person wants to</p><p>see him or hersel. Most people see them-</p><p>selves as airly good. While people recog-</p><p>nize they possess some aults, they gure</p><p>they trend overall on the good side. Tis</p><p>helps them make certain allowances orless-than-desirable behavior. Tus, some-</p><p>one might be willing to udge the number</p><p>o problems he or she correctly solved at</p><p>50 apiece, but not at $10.</p><p>When we view ourselves overall as</p><p>good, we are susceptible to what Ariely</p><p>calls the udge actor, the degree to</p><p>which we are willing to udge the num-</p><p>bers while keeping our positive view o</p><p>ourselves intact. When we view our-</p><p>selves overall as bad, we are susceptible to</p><p>another phenomenon, which Ariely calls</p><p>the what-the-hell eect. His research</p><p>shows that people begin with a little bit o</p><p>cheating, but at a certain point, the cheat-</p><p>ing increases steeply. People stop kidding</p><p>themselves and just cheat as much as they</p><p>can, because, What the hell? It doesnt</p><p>matter anymore.</p><p>Maimonides understood how power-</p><p>ul a persons sel-concept can be in dictat-</p><p>ing behavior. He writes, A person should</p><p>view onesel throughout the year as i he</p><p>or she is hal innocent and hal liable, and</p><p>so too the whole world, hal innocent and</p><p>hal liable. I one perorms a single mis-</p><p>deed, one tips the balance or onesel and</p><p>the entire world to the side o liable, and</p><p>causes destruction or onesel. I one per-</p><p>orms a single mitzvah, one tips the bal-</p><p>ance or onesel and the entire world to the</p><p>side o merit, and causes deliverance and</p><p>salvation or onesel and or others (Laws</p><p>o eshuva, 3:4).</p><p>Based on Ariely, we understand the</p><p>pitalls o viewing onesel as completely</p><p>righteous or wicked. Tis simplistic view</p><p>distorts our sel-concept and our sense o</p><p>our own behavior.</p><p>But what does it mean to view our-</p><p>selves as hal innocent and hal liable,</p><p>as i everything hangs in the balance? And</p><p>why should we view a single misdeed or</p><p>meritorious act as tipping the balance or</p><p>onesel and the entire world?</p><p>Maimonides instructs us to view our-</p><p>selves as developing and in fux, neither</p><p>good nor evil. We should view our ate as</p><p>undetermined, as i we have not yet been</p><p>dened. While the uture is unknown, we</p><p>should look at every action as i it could</p><p>dene us, tipping the balance o our char-</p><p>acter. So, too, the world is neither entirely</p><p>good nor entirely evil. It is dynamic and</p><p>evolving. We are to act as i our individ-</p><p>ual actions dene the world, which indeed</p><p>they do.</p><p>l parc trY</p><p>As one born in Rhodes, I feel I must correct Vic Alhadeffs article (Rhodes: Embracing the</p><p>past, Aug. 30). The Spanish Inquisition was in 1492 and the expelled Jews spread along the</p><p>Mediterranean on both the north and south coasts, and many who moved eventually to Rhodes</p><p>had moved to Italy and Turkey. It was the Turkish leader Suleiman the Great who invited the</p><p>Sephardic Jews to move from their adopted countries to Rhodes to encourage trade along the</p><p>sea routes Rhodes was situated on.The Turks had conquered the Knights of St. John, who had held the island, and expelled</p><p>them before he invited the Sephardim to Rhodes and gave them properties taken from the</p><p>knights (much of the old city). So when the Sephardim arrived there, there were no knights on</p><p>the island. Vic must be confusing them with the few Romaniot Jews who did live there at the</p><p>time of the knights. In all the years from the early 1500s until 1918, Rhodes was a Turkish posses-</p><p>sion and the Jews were treated extremely well, and were even allowed to have their own vir-</p><p>tual government within the old city. The Italians took over the island after the First World War</p><p>in 1918 and initially treated the Jews well, as they were the basis of the economy there. It was</p><p>only when Mussolini started to align himself with the Germans that things started to deteriorate.</p><p>omon enshe</p><p>osde, aiz.</p><p>allwg vr p</p><p>The JTNews Editor and Publisher recently chided several members of the Jewish com-</p><p>munity for questioning the appropriateness of publishing a letter by Linda Frank defending</p><p>the Palestinian Authority and its policies toward the Jewish people. In your statement, you</p><p>defended publishing Franks letter by citing free speech and criticized some who assert that</p><p>the JTNews should not be used as a forum to express such views.</p><p>Section 5 of your own Letters Guidelines state:</p><p>JTNews seeks views from many perspectives. However, letters that contain obvious fac-</p><p>tual inaccuracies, unattributed facts and quotes, unsubstantiated allegations of wrongdo-</p><p>ing, insulting comments, or defamatory statements will not be printed. Letters harmful to the</p><p>Jewish community, call for the destruction of Israel, or contain hate speech will not be printed.</p><p>In July 2013, the JTA News reported that Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas</p><p>told Egyptian journalists that no Israelis will remain in a future Palestinian state. Quoting</p><p>Reuters, the...</p></li></ul>