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JTNews | The Voice of Jewish Washington's 2012 Hanukkah edition.


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Doing what we can in an unredeemed worldRabbi Donniel HaRtman The shalom Hartman InstituteThe foundational obligation and responsibility of every nation is to protect its people. When it comes to Israel, this obligation has a particular twist of a profoundly secular nature. Rising out of 2,000 years of powerlessness, and 2,000 years of belief that salvation of Israel is in Gods hands, the modern State of Israel chose to live by the credo that God helps those who help themselves. Instead of waiting for God to repeat the Exodus story and again redeem Gods people with a mighty hand and an outstretched arm, with the rebirth of Israel, the Jewish people have chosen to wait no more. We recognize that we dont live in a redeemed world, in a world where God ensures that everything will work out, that everything will find its right place. It is a world in which the just do not necessarily prosper, nor do the wicked by definition fail. If we are to achieve, it will only be the result of our efforts on our own behalf, and even then with no guarantee of success. To be a Zionist is to embrace this reality, not as a curse but as a responsibility, if not a gift. To be part of shaping ones own destiny and defining ones peoples history in the midst of the uncertainty of an unredeemed world is the privilege which Israel has bestowed upon modern Jewish life. It is critical that we remember the above as we assess our actions and responsibilities in Operation Pillar of Defense. First, we simply have to do what we have to do. What any nation not merely has the right to, but the obligation to do. Our citizens cannot be terrorized, nor our soldiers attacked, without attempts on our part to prevent them and stop them from occurring in the future. While the world is filled with Monday morning quarterbacks, questioning the efficacy of every move with the benefit of hindsight, the targeted killing of Ahmed Jabari and the destruction of the long-range missile capacity of Hamas and Islamic Jihad was at the very least a plausible attempt by Israel to fulfill its obligations and responsibilities as a sovereign nation. Living in a non-redeemed world, in a world where the just do not necessarily prosper nor the wicked by definition fail, obligates us to act to protect ourselves and better our future. However, precisely because the world is not redeemed, actions that are just, actions that are necessary, and even acts that are prudent, are not guaranteed to succeed. In a non-redeemed world we must remember that not every problem has a solution, and doing the right thing will not necessarily lead to a positive result. I dream of an Arab peace partner who will want to join with me in working to make our region truly bloom. As a Zionist I recognize that my dreams will only come true to the extent that I fulfill my responsibilities and pursue every possibility for peace to reign. Hamas and Islamic Jihad, however, are not peace partners and when promulgating an approach to Islam that makes Jewish presence and independence in Israel an affront to Allah, they create a nightmare. In their world, Jewish civilian casualties are a legitimate military goal, while Muslim civilian casualties a public relations success. In their world, success is not measured primarily by their ability to better the life of their people, but by their ability to endure suffering on the altar of a distorted version of Allahs will. As painful as this reality is, the responsibility of one who has chosen to recognize that ones world is not redeemed is to see this reality for what it is. It will not be changed by the saving hand of God, nor will it be resolved by a military operation, whether limited or extensive. We must avoid the Messianic temptation of believing that our military is God and that because our cause is just, we will by definition prevail. The dream of seeing Hamas and Islamic Jihad waving a white flag, or the population of Gaza repudiating their leadership and tactics is precisely that a dream. It is not a reality, and certainly not one that will be ushered in through military action. A substitute will be found for every terrorist leader who is killed, and every missile destroyed will inevitably be replaced. For some, the above will be depressing. The danger in this perception is that depression is all too often a fertile ground for Messianic fantasies, for belief that because it ought to be so, it is in our hands to make it so. Messianic fantasies lead to irrational demands of our politicians and military leaders. In such an environment, one is tempted to reach beyond ones grasp, and ineffective, not to speak of dangerous policies and operations inevitably ensue. With the rebirth of Israel, the Jewish people have embraced reality and our responsibility to do our best within it. We have relinquished the need for salvation as a standard of success and have chosen instead the beauty, complexity, and responsibility of living in a nonredeemed world. One of the advantages of the Middle East is that it always brings one back to the incompleteness of reality. This is our world, and our task is to create

letters to the editorAbout thAt election


I have to say that I am not happy with the fact that the Democrats in this state are supported by many in the Jewish community, particularly for Governor and Attorney General. Inslee and Ferguson were inferior candidates to McKenna and Dunn. They will bankrupt the state in the next five years. Additionally, it is not a good idea to support same-sex marriage, as it will destroy the fabric of our society, people will become confused, why does person A have two mommies and person B has a mommy and daddy? Josh normand SeattleModern equAlity for Modern iSrAel

A new womens liberation movement that demands equal pay should insist on womens rights in other realms as well. (I think that the womens liberation movement began with Esther). I agree with the Jessica Kessler Marshall column you published (The Kotel belongs to all of us, Rabbis Turn, Nov. 16), and I wonder how hard we try to achieve peace in our time? Israel, and by extension, Jews everywhere will continue to suffer the slings and arrows of a world which is not yet ready to accept a swords into plowshares mindset. We Israelis, who want peace more than anyone on earth, are portrayed in the media in a way that reminds people of other nations atrocities against civilians. Nowadays, we get better reporting on everything, so its hard to pretty up an ugly situation that makes us look like the Syrians and the Iranians and other tyrannical regimes. People might start asking how different are we from the narrow mindedness of the Ayatolas and the Taliban who will deny women their God-given dignity. I applaud the women who defied the absurd law that had been imposed on all Israelis (against their will sometimes), antiquated notions that dont belong in a modern land like Israel. We need a new government that can diminish the influence of the minority party of religious zealots in this cobbled-up parliamentary system of pathological politics. Israels image should be one associated with technological advances that would give the world a $9 ecological bike that is entirely made up or recycled cardboard and so lightweight. Wouldnt that relieve the worlds dependence on oil, and make an effort to own up to the global warming scenario? Its the land of milk and honey, and the promised land. We might need to cobble up something new in a new world of Arab summer, fall, winter and spring. Mordecai Sackett everett

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pockets of decency, sanity, safety, prosperity, and yes, even holiness within it. It is normal to want more. However, if you need more, you undermine Israel and the Jewish peoples ability to continue on our journey. In our world, you can do the right thing, the necessary thing, the prudent thing, and still not achieve the desired out-

come. In our world, there is a simple truth: It is not for you to complete the task, but neither are you free to desist from it. (The Ethics of the Fathers 2:21).Donniel Hartman is president of the Shalom Hartman Institute and director of the Engaging Israel Project. This article was first published in the Times of Israel.

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This is definitely the most difficult time weve had here. Dr. Asher Friedman of the Israeli town of Ashdod, on the missile fire on his town during the Israel-Gaza war that reached a cease fire last week. A story on how people in Israels southern cities coped is on page 28.


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JTNews . www.JTNews.NeT . friday, November 30, 2012

Coming upThursday, December 6 at 5:30p.m.

Dinner and exhibition in honor of Raoul Wallenberg

Raoul Wallenberg, the Swedish diplomat who helped save thousands of Jews from the Nazis, would have turned 100 on August 4. In honor of his service, the 18th annual Raoul Wallenberg dinner will feature keynote speaker Ingrid Carlberg, an award-winning author and journalist who wrote the comprehensive biography on Wallenberg, There is a Room Here Waiting for You. At the Nordic Heritage Museum, 3014 NW 67th St., Seattle. Tickets are $45 for members of co-sponsoring organizations, $50 for non-members. Please make reservations by contacting the Nordic Heritage Museum at 206-789-5707, ext.10 or RSVP@nordicmuseum.org. Local Jewish literary journal Drash: Northwest Mosaic Volume 7 will return in late May 2013. Drash invites everyone from established literary artists to those new to the writing business to submit pieces related to Judaism and the Northwest. Submissions must be mailed or emailed by December 15, and writers will be contacted by the end of January. For more information and guidelines, visit www.templebetham.org/music/drash.

The Leadership 1000 Scholarship application will be available in January for students who plan to attend or currently attend an eligible four-year college or university in Washington State. To qualify, students must be Washington State residents, plan to enroll as a freshman, sophomore or junior in fall 2013, plan to file a FAFSA, maintain a GPA of at least 2.75, and meet financial need criteria. Other conditions apply. For more information, contact Vickie Rekow at 425-679-5549 or visit www.collegesuccessfoundation.org.

Leadership 1000 Scholarship applications available in January

Wednesday, December 5, 5:308 p.m.J-Tech, a program of the Jewish Federation of Greater Seattle and Startup Seattle, connects tech professionals with the Jewish community and one another. Norm Judah, CTO of Microsoft Worldwide Services, will talk about what its like being at the top of an international, multi-billiondollar corporation. Doors open at 5:30, schmoozing with snacks and an open bar commences at 6, and Judah will speak at 6:45, with a Q and A to follow. At The Easy at Founders Co-op/TechStars, 511 Boren Ave. N (basement), Seattle. Registration required at www.meetup.com/Jewish-Tech-Meetup; RSVPs checked at the door. $5. For more information, contact Michael Wardlow at MichaelW@JewishInSeattle.org, 206-774-2256, or www.JewishInSeattle.org.

J-Tech Meetup

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