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Lighting a candle for IsraelThe winners and losers of the Gaza war On page 27Meryl AlcAbes

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AA Meetings at JFStuesdays: 7:00 p.m. Contact (206) 461-3240 or ata@jfsseattle.orgm

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Doing what we can in an unredeemed worldRabbi Donniel HaRtman The shalom Hartman InstituteThe foundational obligation and responsibility of every nation is to protect its people. When it comes to Israel, this obligation has a particular twist of a profoundly secular nature. Rising out of 2,000 years of powerlessness, and 2,000 years of belief that salvation of Israel is in Gods hands, the modern State of Israel chose to live by the credo that God helps those who help themselves. Instead of waiting for God to repeat the Exodus story and again redeem Gods people with a mighty hand and an outstretched arm, with the rebirth of Israel, the Jewish people have chosen to wait no more. We recognize that we dont live in a redeemed world, in a world where God ensures that everything will work out, that everything will find its right place. It is a world in which the just do not necessarily prosper, nor do the wicked by definition fail. If we are to achieve, it will only be the result of our efforts on our own behalf, and even then with no guarantee of success. To be a Zionist is to embrace this reality, not as a curse but as a responsibility, if not a gift. To be part of shaping ones own destiny and defining ones peoples history in the midst of the uncertainty of an unredeemed world is the privilege which Israel has bestowed upon modern Jewish life. It is critical that we remember the above as we assess our actions and responsibilities in Operation Pillar of Defense. First, we simply have to do what we have to do. What any nation not merely has the right to, but the obligation to do. Our citizens cannot be terrorized, nor our soldiers attacked, without attempts on our part to prevent them and stop them from occurring in the future. While the world is filled with Monday morning quarterbacks, questioning the efficacy of every move with the benefit of hindsight, the targeted killing of Ahmed Jabari and the destruction of the long-range missile capacity of Hamas and Islamic Jihad was at the very least a plausible attempt by Israel to fulfill its obligations and responsibilities as a sovereign nation. Living in a non-redeemed world, in a world where the just do not necessarily prosper nor the wicked by definition fail, obligates us to act to protect ourselves and better our future. However, precisely because the world is not redeemed, actions that are just, actions that are necessary, and even acts that are prudent, are not guaranteed to succeed. In a non-redeemed world we must remember that not every problem has a solution, and doing the right thing will not necessarily lead to a positive result. I dream of an Arab peace partner who will want to join with me in working to make our region truly bloom. As a Zionist I recognize that my dreams will only come true to the extent that I fulfill my responsibilities and pursue every possibility for peace to reign. Hamas and Islamic Jihad, however, are not peace partners and when promulgating an approach to Islam that makes Jewish presence and independence in Israel an affront to Allah, they create a nightmare. In their world, Jewish civilian casualties are a legitimate military goal, while Muslim civilian casualties a public relations success. In their world, success is not measured primarily by their ability to better the life of their people, but by their ability to endure suffering on the altar of a distorted version of Allahs will. As painful as this reality is, the responsibility of one who has chosen to recognize that ones world is not redeemed is to see this reality for what it is. It will not be changed by the saving hand of God, nor will it be resolved by a military operation, whether limited or extensive. We must avoid the Messianic temptation of believing that our military is God and that because our cause is just, we will by definition prevail. The dream of seeing Hamas and Islamic Jihad waving a white flag, or the population of Gaza repudiating their leadership and tactics is precisely that a dream. It is not a reality, and certainly not one that will be ushered in through military action. A substitute will be found for every terrorist leader who is killed, and every missile destroyed will inevitably be replaced. For some, the above will be depressing. The danger in this perception is that depression is all too often a fertile ground for Messianic fantasies, for belief that because it ought to be so, it is in our hands to make it so. Messianic fantasies lead to irrational demands of our politicians and military leaders. In such an environment, one is tempted to reach beyond ones grasp, and ineffective, not to speak of dangerous policies and operations inevitably ensue. With the rebirth of Israel, the Jewish people have embraced reality and our responsibility to do our best within it. We have relinquished the need for salvation as a standard of success and have chosen instead the beauty, complexity, and responsibility of living in a nonredeemed world. One of the advantages of the Middle East is that it always brings one back to the incompleteness of reality. This is our world, and our task is to create

letters to the editorAbout thAt election


I have to say that I am not happy with the fact that the Democrats in this state are supported by many in the Jewish community, particularly for Governor and Attorney General. Inslee and Ferguson were inferior candidates to McKenna and Dunn. They will bankrupt the state in the next five years. Additionally, it is not a good idea to support same-sex marriage, as it will destroy the fabric of our society, people will become confused, why does person A have two mommies and person B has a mommy and daddy? Josh normand SeattleModern equAlity for Modern iSrAel

A new womens liberation movement that demands equal pay should insist on womens rights in other realms as well. (I think that the womens liberation movement began with Esther). I agree with the Jessica Kessler Marshall column you published (The Kotel belongs to all of us, Rabbis Turn, Nov. 16), and I wonder how hard we try to achieve peace in our time? Israel, and by extension, Jews everywhere will continue to suffer the slings and arrows of a world which is not yet ready to accept a swords into plowshares mindset. We Israelis, who want peace more than anyone on earth, are portrayed in the media in a way that reminds people of other nations atrocities against civilians. Nowadays, we get better reporting on everything, so its hard to pretty up an ugly situation that makes us look like the Syrians and the Iranians and other tyrannical regimes. People might start asking how different are we from the narrow mindedness of the Ayatolas and the Taliban who will deny women their God-given dignity. I applaud the women who defied the absurd law that had been imposed on all Israelis (against their will sometimes), antiquated notions that dont belong in a modern land like Israel. We need a new government that can diminish the influence of the minority party of religious zealots in this cobbled-up parliamentary system of pathological politics. Israels image should be one associated with technological advances that would give the world a $9 ecological bike that is entirely made up or recycled cardboard and so lightweight. Wouldnt that relieve the worlds dependence on oil, and make an effort to own up to the global warming scenario? Its the land of milk and honey, and the promised land. We might need to cobble up something new in a new world of Arab summer, fall, winter and spring. Mordecai Sackett everett

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pockets of decency, sanity, safety, prosperity, and yes, even holiness within it. It is normal to want more. However, if you need more, you undermine Israel and the Jewish peoples ability to continue on our journey. In our world, you can do the right thing, the necessary thing, the prudent thing, and still not achieve the desired out-

come. In our world, there is a simple truth: It is not for you to complete the task, but neither are you free to desist from it. (The Ethics of the Fathers 2:21).Donniel Hartman is president of the Shalom Hartman Institute and director of the Engaging Israel Project. This article was first published in the Times of Israel.

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This is definitely the most difficult time weve had here. Dr. Asher Friedman of the Israeli town of Ashdod, on the missile fire on his town during the Israel-Gaza war that reached a cease fire last week. A story on how people in Israels southern cities coped is on page 28.


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Coming upThursday, December 6 at 5:30p.m.

Dinner and exhibition in honor of Raoul Wallenberg

Raoul Wallenberg, the Swedish diplomat who helped save thousands of Jews from the Nazis, would have turned 100 on August 4. In honor of his service, the 18th annual Raoul Wallenberg dinner will feature keynote speaker Ingrid Carlberg, an award-winning author and journalist who wrote the comprehensive biography on Wallenberg, There is a Room Here Waiting for You. At the Nordic Heritage Museum, 3014 NW 67th St., Seattle. Tickets are $45 for members of co-sponsoring organizations, $50 for non-members. Please make reservations by contacting the Nordic Heritage Museum at 206-789-5707, ext.10 or RSVP@nordicmuseum.org. Local Jewish literary journal Drash: Northwest Mosaic Volume 7 will return in late May 2013. Drash invites everyone from established literary artists to those new to the writing business to submit pieces related to Judaism and the Northwest. Submissions must be mailed or emailed by December 15, and writers will be contacted by the end of January. For more information and guidelines, visit www.templebetham.org/music/drash.

The Leadership 1000 Scholarship application will be available in January for students who plan to attend or currently attend an eligible four-year college or university in Washington State. To qualify, students must be Washington State residents, plan to enroll as a freshman, sophomore or junior in fall 2013, plan to file a FAFSA, maintain a GPA of at least 2.75, and meet financial need criteria. Other conditions apply. For more information, contact Vickie Rekow at 425-679-5549 or visit www.collegesuccessfoundation.org.

Leadership 1000 Scholarship applications available in January

Wednesday, December 5, 5:308 p.m.J-Tech, a program of the Jewish Federation of Greater Seattle and Startup Seattle, connects tech professionals with the Jewish community and one another. Norm Judah, CTO of Microsoft Worldwide Services, will talk about what its like being at the top of an international, multi-billiondollar corporation. Doors open at 5:30, schmoozing with snacks and an open bar commences at 6, and Judah will speak at 6:45, with a Q and A to follow. At The Easy at Founders Co-op/TechStars, 511 Boren Ave. N (basement), Seattle. Registration required at www.meetup.com/Jewish-Tech-Meetup; RSVPs checked at the door. $5. For more information, contact Michael Wardlow at MichaelW@JewishInSeattle.org, 206-774-2256, or www.JewishInSeattle.org.

J-Tech Meetup

Drash accepting submissions

EXPERIENCE EXCELLENCE IN CLINICAL AND COSMETIC DERMATOLOGYPeter Jenkin, MD FRCPC, FAAD Medical DirectorWith more than 30 years experience in dermatology, I draw upon that experience to offer every patient the very best advice and treatment I can.

news briefsSpain eases citizenship for Sephardic JewsFive hundred years after the Spanish expulsion, Spain announced last week that it is easing citizenship for Sephardic Jews who wish to return to the country. Spain already has a preferential naturalization process that requires two years of residency before granting citizenship to Jews with Spanish origins. The change eliminates the waiting period and grants passports to any Jews who can prove Spanish ancestry.

HAPPY HANUKKAHLet the light shine upon you Our clinic specializes in: Skin cancer diagnosis and treatment Cosmetic dermatology, including Botox, llers and laser procedures Mohs micrographic surgery Psoriasis, acne and other diseases of the skin The largest dermatology research center in the Northwest

Bernard Goffe, MD

Push to temper Palestinian U.N. bid fails

Metropolitan Park East Tower 1730 Minor Avenue Suite 1000 Seattle WA 98101 206.267.2100 info@DASeattle.com www.DASeattle.com 1801 NW Market Street Suite 207 Ballard WA 98107

Happy HanukkaH!

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JERUSALEM (JTA) An American push to temper a resolution asking the United Nations General Assembly to grant the Palestinians enhanced status has failed, Israeli newspaper Haaretz reported. The final draft of the Palestinians resolution, which was set to be introduced Thursday in the General Assembly, was circulated Tuesday in New York. The United States had urged the Palestinians to add a clause to the draft saying they would not file criminal charges against Israeli leaders at the International Criminal Court in The Hague, but the Palestinians refused to make the addition. The Palestinians, who are seeking status as a non-member observer state, told the U.S. they would provide an oral promise not to file charges with the international court for six months, but after that would not be obligated to the guarantee. The Palestinians, represented by the Palestinian Authority and the PLO, were rebuffed last year in their bid to have the U.N. Security Council recognize Palestine as a state; the United States successfully lobbied against the move, threatening to use its veto. There is no such veto in the General Assembly, where the Palestinians have an assured majority.

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yIddISH lESSonby SopHie melD Az me ken nit ton vos me vil, tut men vos me ken. If you cant do what you want, do what you can.CorrectionsIn the M.O.T. item about local Mitzvah Book participants (Loving books and helping people, Nov. 16), Justin Coskey was listed as a student at the Seattle Jewish Community School. He actually attended the Jewish Day School of Metropolitan Seattle. The article The annual JTNews koshies open new foodie frontiers and close others (Nov. 16) incorrectly stated that there is no authentic kosher Parmesan cheese. In fact, varieties are available through KosherItalia.com and AffordableKosher.com. JTNews regrets the errors.

inside this issueDangerous mindsA Seattle Hebrew school teacher is on the lam after being caught having a relationship with an underage student.

Good educationThe Melton School of Adult Jewish Learning returns to Seattle, new and improved.

6 7

Here to stayRabbi Sholom Ber and Chanie Levitin celebrate 40 years since their arrival in Seattle to start ChabadLubavitch of the Pacific Northwest.

Giving backHolocaust survivor, social worker, and community pillar Josh Gortler and his wife, Sarah, announce their new scholarship for Yeshiva University.


This American parent

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REmEmbER WHEnFrom the Jewish Transcript, November 24, 1958. Marilyn Weinstein, Betty Golub and Myrna Boruck show off their hanukkiot in anticipation of the Jewish Community Centers Candle Glow Cocktail Dance. This is one of many Hanukkah events occurring in the region for the Festival of Lights.

A new podcast captures the diverse experiences of local families.

Hanukkah, oh Hanukkah!All the places to light the menorah, get together, and dance the hora, 2012-style.

Gendering the impossible

Sculptress Lauren Grossman will show her series of feminized Leviathans at the Platform gallery as part of The Seattle Art Museums exhibition Elles.

Save the Twinkie!If the American icon goes away forever, heres how to make your own.

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The remains of the dayAs the dust settles, pundits weigh the winners and losers of Operation Pillar of Defense.

Reality on the ground These roots run deep

Recently relieved, however temporarily, from a barrage of rocket fire, Ashkelon residents try to regroup.

A tourist discovers a forgotten Jewish cemetery in the south of France.

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A great miracle happened thereA 19th-century Ukrainian miracle story lives on through family members today.

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Light a candle for LincolnAfter Ulysses S. Grant ordered the Jews expelled on the eve of Hanukkah in 1862, Lincoln came to the rescue.

The whole kitsch and kaboodleMore gift ideas exist for under your Hanukkah bush than youve ever imagined.

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JTNews . www.JTNews.NeT . friday, November 30, 2012

Religious school teacher charged with molestationJoel magalnick editor, JTNewsThough he has been charged with molestation, police may never apprehend a former Hebrew school teacher who has likely fled to Central America. Lydia Katz was charged with two counts of third-degree child molestation by the King County Prosecutors Office on Nov. 15 following Katzs alleged contact with a 14-year-old girl whom he taught at the Temple De Hirsch Sinai Religion School. According to the charges, the defendant used his position of trust as a religious instructor to gain access to his young victim, to exploit his position of authority and to secure the trust of her family. The prosecutors office believes Katz left Seattle after the victims parent notified the synagogue and may now be in Guatemala. Katz was employed for a year as an 8th-grade teacher and worked with the 6th-grade class at Temple De Hirsch Sinai and, according to the charging papers, another synagogue that was not identified. TDHS fired Katz after the victims mother forwarded messages she had discovered from Katz in her daughters email account that appeared to confirm a relationship. Daniel Weiner, Temple De Hirsch Sinais senior rabbi, told JTNews that the temple could not comment on anything that may impede or jeopardize or cause any obstruction in the investigation of Katz, and that our chief concern is for the student and the family as well as for all our temple students and families. Weiner did note, however, that we do assiduous, law-enforcementbased background checks of all employees of the synagogue. Katzs background check did not raise any red flags. In addition to teaching, Katz led some childrens programs at Camp Kesher, an annual Labor Day-weekend family camp sponsored by all of the areas Reform synagogues. Ken Kranseler, Keshers co-director, told JTNews that because the camp is largely volunteer run, we rely heavily on the local synagoguesfor support and recommendations of its program staff. The camp and congregational rabbis notified families who had attended this years Kesher program about the charges against Katz, and noted he was not under investigation for inappropriate behavior at the camp. While the charging papers stated thatX PAge 7

Adult learning program opens in SeattleJaniS Siegel JTNews correspondentMore than a decade after they last appeared in Seattle, Melton School courses have returned. As of next month, worldclass Seattle Jewish educator Rivy Poupko tle, a very excited Kletenik, SHAs head of school, told JTNews. Kletenik has previously taught individual Melton courses in Seattle, Pittsburgh, and Israel. The two

courTesy sHA

Rivy Poupko Kletenik, facing forward at the head of the table, teaches an adult learning class at the Seattle Hebrew Academy.

Kletenik will host an official Seattle-based mini-franchise of Hebrew Universitys popular Florence Melton School of Adult Jewish Learning. The first-year courses in HUs certificate program will be held at the Seattle Hebrew Academy and the Stroum Jewish Community Center on Mercer Island, which makes Washington one of 23 states in the U.S. to have a dedicated Melton site. Were bringing Melton back to Seat-

classes at SHA are open to the entire community. At the SJCC, we are offering the Foundations of Jewish Living class that Im teaching, and that is open to the SJCC early childhood parents exclusively. This years streamlined Seattle program is tailored to meet the needs of both busy adults and multi-tasking parents. In the past, Melton courses required a three-hourX PAge 20

Wishing the entire Jewish community a Happy Hanukkah

Certified Public Accountants + Business Advisors

bader Martin

The management and staff of Barrier Motors wish our friends and customers a Happy Hanukkah.


www.barriermotors.com1000 Second Avenue, 34th Floor, Seattle, Washington 98104-1022 206.621.1900 www.badermartin.com





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chabad-Lubavitch of the Pacific Northwest turns 40emily k. alHaDeff Associate editor, JTNewsAssimilation, growing anti-Semitism, terrorism, a nuclear threat, war in Israel news around the world paints a bleak picture of Jewish reality. But Rabbi Sholom Ber and Chanie Levitin see the bright side. Tip the balance. One more mitzvah, you could be the one, said Chanie Levitin at their North Seattle home last week. By doing that mitzvah, you could be the one that will tip the balance and bring redemption of the world. Much has happened in the 40 years since the rabbi, his wife and their two young daughters moved to Seattle to pioneer Chabad-Lubavitch of the Pacific Northwest. Theyve built a shul, a mikvah, and educational programs, and theyve seen Chabad centers sprout like mushrooms in the Northwest rain from Oregon to Alaska, all while raising what eventually became a family of 12 children. And they have no plans to slow down. With an affiliation rate of what the rabbi estimates at around 30 percent in the region, theres still a lot of outreach to be done. Rabbi Levitin recalls the decision to volunteer for emissary work that brought them to Seattle. Faced with the choice between Seattle and Baltimore, they left the decision up to their rabbi, Menachem Mendel Schneerson, better known as the Rebbe. The Rebbe underlined Seattle, and drew two arrows to Seattle, Rabbi Levitin said. Pretty strong. A leader in the Chabad movement informed Levitin of his responsibilities: Youre the governor, Levitin remembers him saying. Anything Jewish which is necessary in all of these communiW teAcHeR PAge 6

tiesyou are responsible for. If someone needs kashrus in Montana, youre the one responsible. For most Jews under 40, Chabads presence around the globe is a given. It is hard to imagine a time when Hassidic families did not open the doors to

are you going to leave? That was a psychological change to many people, said the rabbi. Until the Messiah comes [and] takes us all back to Israel, that were really, really, really going to stay that was radical. One of the things Chabad brought to

eMIly K. AlHAdeff

Rabbi Sholom Ber and chanie Levitin in their North Seattle home, where they have lived for almost 40 years.

police had no further evidence of relationships with other students, they did note that there is information that Katz spoke to several 14-year-olds about sexual subjects.

their homes on Friday nights to droves of strangers for challah, chicken and a few shots of slivovitz, or lead dancing in the streets on Simchat Torah, or perform stunts like driving around cities with huge electric menorahs on the roofs of their cars during Hanukkah. But when the couple arrived in Seattle on October 15, 1972, things were different. They didnt know what to make of the rabbi at first, said Chanie Levitin. People would ask, How long are you going to stay? And Id say, Were here. No, but really, how long...Can I be your friend, or

Jewish life was, I can go to a place, because I know a Chabad is there. The Levitins first settled in Seward Park. Six months later, the Chabad House in the University District was opened to serve students at the University of Washington, and another young couple moved in to run it. Within a couple of years, the Levitins moved to View Ridge to expand the community north. The dynamism of the Chabad movement can be traced to Schneerson. The Rebbe himself started bringing a consciousness of Mashiach [Messiah] to

the world, said Chanie Levitin. The Rebbe felt were not thinking enough about it. Were not feeling enough about it. Were not demanding it. He was the one, after the Holocaust, who took the ember and made a conflagration, she said. The Rebbe was all about doing something active, proactive. Do something. The idea that the Rebbe himself could be the Messiah had grown in the later years of his life, and his death in 1994, almost exactly halfway between the Levitins arrival and today dealt a devastating blow to the Chabad community. But instead of crumbling, the movement grew stronger. By continuing to do the work, you are honoring the Rebbes vision and the Rebbes love for his fellow man, fellow Jew, said Rabbi Levitin. Rabbi Levitin frequently recounts stories of positive encounters with Jews and non-Jews alike, and its these experiences that give him his undying optimism. He keeps folders of letters from students at Seattle Prep, where he gives an annual presentation on Judaism. A random letter from a 15-year-old girl reads: You made me realize I want to do something more with my lifeI never knew that the three pillars of Judaism are Torah, prayer and charity. I think, even though I am Catholic, I will try to incorporate these three pillars in my life and try to be present wherever I am, because of you. People are looking for spiritual guidance, Rabbi Levitin believes. They are waiting. That motivates and energizes me, he said. I can be dead tired at the end of the dayand I know someone could be waiting for my call. And Im so tired. And I make that call, because that could be the call.

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Paying it forward: Scholarship honors Seattles gortlersgigi yellen-koHn JTNews correspondentYou know Joshs story? Id love to have more Mr. Gortlers! said Carmen Ortiz Hendricks, dean of Yeshiva Universitys Wurzweiler School of Social Work, amid a chorus of cheers for the new Joshua H. Gortler and Sarah B. Gortler Scholarship in Geriatric Social Work at her school. A festive reception at the Seattle penthouse home of philanthropist Becky Benaroya on Oct. 18 brought YUs President, Richard Joel, to Seattle to join longtime friends and family of the Gortlers in honoring these two pillars of Seattle social service. Josh graduated from YU, Sarah from Stern, YUs womens college. The Gortlers are outstanding examples of the kind of person the university tries to turn out, Joel said. Look at Joshs life I could write it as a poster child for YU. He has the drive to say, Im here for a reason. You have a YU couple, Josh and Sarah: They both brought parallel values. Josh Gortlers story before Seattle, before Sarah, before social work begins in Poland, as a scrappy child on the run across Siberia and Uzbekistan, fleeing the Nazis. He passed through displaced person camps, where he became a Bar Mitzvah, and on to Arizona, where his parents packed him a couple of sandwiches for what they were sure would be a trip of a few hours, and sent him off on a bus to New York. He would attend high school and college at Americas only Orthodox Jewish university, and earn his MSW as a member of the second class of graduates from YUs Wurzweiler School of Social Work. I saw how much the social workers did with DP camp survivors, helping them with their trauma and with putting their lives back together, Josh Gortler told courTesy JosH GorTler Susan Myers, YUs Yeshiva University president Richard Joel, left, presents a plaque to Sarah principal gifts officer, Barash gortler, center, and Josh gortler on the establishment of a who also attended the scholarship in the gortlers names at the universitys Wurzweiler School of Seattle celebration. I Social Work. felt like I wanted to future of his chosen career. dedicate my career to helping people and On his retirement as CEO of the Kline giving back to society as well. Galland home, the board wanted to give For 46 years in Seattle, Josh Gortler Gortler a generous gift. Asked what he worked hard to turn the profession of would like, he requested funding for a Jewish senior care into a national example scholarship to train geriatric social workof excellence. As head of Seattles awarders. Launched by that board with $150,000, winning Caroline Kline Galland Center, the fund thanks to Gortlers talent as the visionary behind the building of The a fundraiser has now reached over Summit at First Hill assisted- and inde$200,000. According to Joel, the plan will pendent-living facility, and now president be either to award five $2,000 scholarships of the Kline Galland Foundation, he has or two $10,000 scholarships. The Gortler turned his expertise around to serve the awards will give first priority to undergraduate students of YU and Stern who plan to attend YUs Wurzweiler school and specialize in geriatric social work. The cost of the social work degree without financial aid would be about $60,000, according to Dean Ortiz Hendricks. Myers pointed out that Gortlers entire education at YU was on scholarship, making this gift a wonderful way for him to give back. According to Ortiz Hendricks, Wurzweiler students in geriatric social work benefit from access to a huge population of diverse older adults. Cultural competence is going to come into the field in a strong way, she said. The first-ever Latina woman to head a Jewish school of social work, she noted that YUs school of social work is considered very small. Four hundred students, the smallest in New York, she said. We know every one of our students. Some 60 people, including family, Seattle Jewish community leaders and longtime Kline Galland staff, attended the event. Benaroya has maintained a deep friendship with the Gortlers as did her late husband, Jack. Becky Benaroya served as a longtime Kline Galland board member. At YU we combine great text training and an environment that says yourX PAge 21

Hanukkah Greetings!

to all our family & friends! Bruce Caplan Parking

Hanukkah Greetings

A Great Miracle Happened There

Hanukkah Greetings!

Frances roGers Jimmy, Zoey & sabina roGers Linda & micHaeL morGan Todd morGan & wendy Lawrence oLiver & Jacob meLissa, marTy, arieLLa & sasHa neLson

Bruce & Esther Brianna, Carl, Alexander & Matthew Rachel & Bill

Linda & David Stahl & Familyhanukkah greetings!

Laurie Boguch Sharon Boguch Janet Boguch Kelby Fletcher & Kalen

Happy Hanukkah!

Happy Hanukkah!

Chag Sameach!Bob & Becky Minsky Kevin Minsky, Natasha Sacouman & Tala Siri Caryn Weiss Abbi Evanna & Adina Natali Wendi Neuman Alexandra Rachel & Daniela Talya

Joann goldman

Dick & Marilyn Brody

Dan, Cheryl, Candace & David Becker arthur, susie, Brandon & Mackenzie goldman

Larry & Shelley Seth, Josh & Dani Bensussen

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Its all about the family: Local podcast series provides inspiration on parentinggwen DaviS special to JTNewsLife is about work, school, friends, hobbies and at least one cup of coffee every morning for basic survival. But life is also and most importantly about family. This is what inspired two local moms and aspiring radio journalists to create Homefront Chronicles, a series of podcasts featuring different families and how they deal with parenting. The stories aim to have listeners know they are not alone when it comes to parenting. The founders and producers, Leisa Goldberg and Rebecca Steinfeld, decided to create this program a year and a half ago, when they became friends at the Seattle Jewish Community School, where both of their children attended. We bumped into each other a lot and talked about work and our lives and how were both looking for inspiration, Steinfeld said. A random conversation at the gym spun this project where we combined our interests into something we had no background in and chose to create documentaries about family life. While Steinfeld and Goldberg were beginners in radio journalism, they had access to Goldbergs husbands audio studio. We were incredibly fortunate, Steinfeld said. The pair also snagged tech people to help them record, edit and produce the shows. Along the way, Steinfeld and Goldberg gained experience in writing scripts and interviewing. We learned how to edit and record courTesy leIsA GoldberG shows, Goldberg New family podcasters Rebecca Steinfeld, left, and Leisa goldberg in the said. By spring of studio. that year we were can Life, she said. We didnt know how able to put shows together. it was going to go, but surprisingly we had The duo first acquired stories by intermany people who wanted to tell stories. viewing family and friends. They interHowever, the pairs goal has been to go viewed approximately 10 people at that beyond the traditional family per se, and time. reach out to all families. Later on, Steinfeld and Goldberg hit Family is not just family, Steinfeld the interview jackpot. said. Family is your friends, your partWe partnered with the MamaCon ners family means a lot of things. We conference, a conference for moms in May didnt want to limit ourselves as to what of last year, with about 250 moms, Goldfamily means. berg said. We had 30 interviews in a row, Their latest podcast, which came out in each interview about 30 minutes. November, was on same-sex families. We told people what we were doing From the mom conference one theme how this was similar to This Amerithat emerged was same-sex parenting. We also know several people who lived abroad with their kids those ones seemed interesting, too, she said. In addition, the pair tapped experts for each respective topic. For same-sex marriage, for instance, we wanted to interview a rabbi or a legislator, Steinfeld said. Instead of letting stories find us, we find the stories weve been able to reach into the community. The majority of the interviews come from local parents, although the experts are located all over the country. We look for themes that emerge, themes that would be interesting for listeners, Goldberg said. If the bulk of interviews seem to be going one way we go for it we want whats interesting, whats current. If we need more information, we look for more. During Homefront Chronicles first year and half, the duo has produced three full podcasts. Once we get the momentum, the podcasts will come quicker, Goldberg said. It takes Steinfeld and Goldberg approximately 20 to 30 hours to produce eachX PAge 39

a Dinner anD Party to benefit MaZon: a JewisH resPonse to Hunger

Celebrate HanukkaH

Saturday, december 15, 2012

5:008:00 p.m.

temple de HirScH Sinai1520 east union St., Seattlea Hanukkah feast provided by matzoh momma catering features delicious traditional potato latkes, baked salmon, and much more, with jelly doughnuts for dessert! Joyous music provided by Sasson and the Shalom ensemble, featuring chava mirel bring your appetite, your family, your friends, and your checkbook.if you cannot attend, please celebrate Hanukkah with a donation to maZOn. Send a check to: maZOn c/o mirel 1301 Spring St., #21-H, Seattle, Wa 98104 For further information, contact rabbi Jim mirel at 206-323-7674 or matzoh momma catering at 206-324-6262. Sponsored by

Happy HanukkahWishing you aLet the light shine through

From our home to yours

The Caroline Kline Galland home Kline Galland hospiCe serviCes The summiT aT FirsT hill The polaCK adulT day CenTer The Kline Galland FoundaTion Kline Galland home healThMark Kane, Chairman Jeffrey D. Cohen, Chief Executive Officer


haNukkah greeTiNgs

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Cut out, post and write in your Hanukkah events or download your own countdown calendar fromHANuKKAH ArT by MAree Truelove



South Lake Union 206.621.8262 Leschi Marina 206.329.4191 Bellevue Place 425.462.4662

South Lake Union 206.223.2722

Wishing You A Happy HanukkahMay joy and happiness fill your hearts this season.

Seattle 206.623.3134

Redmond Town Center 425.881.4400

Seattle 206.623.8194


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Something for everyone for HanukkahCOmPILed by emILy K. aLHadeFF Surely youd like to do something to celebrate Hanukkah this year. Well guess what? Weve got listings of pretty much everything happening throughout Washington. Dont stuff yourselves too much on those latkes!Rooted in Jewish rituals, these yoga, meditation and discussion workshops uncover themes of healing and empowerment. Be supported in community as you explore ways to be grounded in your body, quiet your mind and open your heart. Facilitated by Anna Burstein, MA, RYT and Jackie Smith, MA, LMHCA. Free. Location confidential, space limited; register in advance. Contact Project DVORA at 206861-3186 or jackiesmith@jfsseattle.org. Light the Candles: a Hanukkah Celebration for all 45:30 p.m. The Seattle Jewish Chorale presents an interactive, family-friendly concert featuring traditional and contemporary holiday songs in Hebrew, English, Yiddish and Ladino. A reception with holiday treats will follow. $12/Adults, $10/students and seniors, children $6, un(der)employed pay as able. At Westside Unitarian Universalist Congregation, 7141 California Ave. SW, West Seattle. Contact jewishchorale@live.com or 206-7087518 or visit www.seattlejewishchorale.org. sensation AlakaSam will impress with a family magic show. At Temple Beth Or, 3215 Lombard Ave., Everett. Contact Amy Paquette at AmyHP@JewishInSeattle.org or 206-774-2237. bowling, Latkes and doughnuts with eastside Torah Center 79 p.m. A Hanukkah party for young adults (20s and 30s). $10. At Tech City Bowl, 13033 NE 70th Pl., Kirkland. RSVP to sholome@gmail.com.

Sunday, deCember 2

Third annual nyHS Hanukkah Kids Carnival and breakfast 10 a.m.1 p.m. Bouncy House, face painting, button making, music, arts and crafts, and for the first time, magician GG Green will perform sleights of hand and feats of mystery. Live music by one-man band Michael Bilavsky. Bring a toy for the Hanukkah toy drive with Friendship Circle. Treats for kids and a special surprise in store for alumni kids. $20 per family, $7 per person. At Northwest Yeshiva High School, 5017 90th Ave. SE, Mercer Island. RSVP to carnival@nyhs.net.

Sunday, deCember 9Hanukkah basket making and delivery Time varies Help make and deliver holiday baskets for over 100 JFS clients living in the Seattle area. This is a fun, family-friendly event and a great way to give back to the community. At Jewish Family Service, 1601 16th Ave., Seattle. Contact Jane Deer-Hileman, 206-861-3155 or volunteer@jfsseattle.org Hands-on Hanukkah 11 a.m.1:30 p.m. Several hands-on Hanukkah activities from the Stroum Jewish Community Center include a calendar coloring station, pictures with David the Dreidel, a dreidel spin challenge, cookie decorating, face painting, dreidel origami, a hanukkiah lighting, and live entertainment. Everyone is welcome.

haNukkah greeTiNgs


Free. At Northgate Mall, 401 NE Northgate Way, Seattle. For more information, contact Dana Weiner at DanaW@sjcc.org or 206-388-1992 or visit bit.ly/Qhu7Se. Hanukkah on Ice 24 p.m. Join the Kavana community for ice-skating, dreidel games, sufganiyot, and menorah lighting.For adults and kids alike, on a private rink just pick up a pair of skates on your way in ($3 per pair). At Highline Ice Arena, 18005 Aurora Ave. N, Shoreline. Contact info@kavana.org. a Hanukkah Celebration for People of all abilities 35 p.m. Shaarei Tikvah: Gates of Hope presents a community-wide, nondenominational celebration for persons of all abilities. Led by Rabbi James Mirel, Cantor David Serkin-Poole, Rabbi Aaron Meyer and special guests. Spin dreidels, sing and eat latkes. Great for all ages. Advance registration encouraged. At Temple Bnai Torah, 15727 NE Fourth St., Bellevue. Contact Marjorie Schnyder at 206-8613146 or familylife@jfsseattle.org. Hanukkah Happening 35:30 p.m. Celebrate Hanukkah in West Seattle with the

Second annual Kadima Hanukkah art Sale 10 a.m.2 p.m. Featuring kosher mezuzah scrolls written by Womens Torah Project scribes; Judaic and secular art; and gifts including mezuzah cases, jewelry, ceramics, glass and fiber art. At Kadima House, 12353 Eighth Ave. NE, Seattle. Contact Lois Gaylord at ljgaylord@quidnunc.net or 206-933-0759 or www.kadima.org. Hanukkah Potluck for Interfaith Couples and Families 13 p.m. Blending two tastes together is part of the interfaith family experience. Join Jewish Family Service for a special lunch with a chance for discussion, stories and songs to get you ready for Hanukkah and the winter holidays.JFS and PJ Library will provide kosher potato pancakes. Please bring your familys holiday favorite vegetarian dish or dessert to share. All ages welcome. At Jewish Family Service, 1601 16th Ave., Seattle. RSVP to Leonid Orlov at 206-861-8784 or familylife@jfsseattle.org. yoga and Jewish ritual Workshops: Hanukkah Mindful Yoga Practice For Those Who Have Experienced Intimate Partner Abuse 1:304:30 p.m.

SaTurday, deCember 8Havdalah in Pajamas at the Tacoma art museum 4 p.m. Join Temple Beth El for a special Havdalahin Pajamas at the Tacoma Art Museum (pajamas optional).Passes to see museum exhibits available at the Temple Beth El office or at the museum at 3 p.m. At 4 p.m., gather for songs and stories and special Hanukkah snacks, as well as traditional Havdalah songs. At 5 p.m., move across the street to Polar Plaza ice skating rink. Free. At the Tacoma Art Museum, 1701 Pacific Ave., Tacoma. Contact Cantor Leah Elstein at 253-564-7101 or lelstein@templebethel18.org. magic of Hanukkah at Temple beth Or 6:308:30 p.m. Join this community celebration on the first night Hanukkah with musical leader Julie Plaut Warwick and then (after playing games) magic

X PAge 12

Temple De Hirsch Sinai.Temples Famous Hanukkah Celebration & Annual Latke Dinner!Hanukkah Shabbat Latke

For more information visit www.tdhs-nw.org


haNukkah greeTiNgs

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W HANUKKAH eveNtS PAge 11Seattle Kollel and the West Seattle Torah Learning Center. Decorate a doughnut, bedazzle a menorah, and light up the eyes of a sick Jewish child. Meet other Jewish kids and enjoy a Hanukkah dinner of latkes and pizza. $7/adults, $5/children. At High Point Community Center, 6920 34th Ave. SW, Seattle. RSVP to Rabbi Yehuda and Shevi Greer at shevigreer@gmail.com or 732503-0795. Sippy Cup Schmooze 45 p.m. Families with kids newborn to 5 years are invited to learn about the holiday, spin dreidels, make Hanukkah cards, and have fun with stickers and puzzles. Light snacks for the kids; cheese and wine for the adults. RSVP to Alysa at alysa@templebetham.org with the number in your party and if you can help set up. At Temple Beth Am, 2632 NE 80th St., Seattle. Light the Candles: a Hanukkah Celebration for all 45:30 p.m.

The Seattle Jewish Chorale presents an interactive, family-friendly concert featuring traditional and contemporary holiday songs in Hebrew, English, Yiddish and Ladino.A reception with holiday treats will follow. $12/Adults, $10/students and seniors, children $6, un(der)employed pay as able. At Temple Beth Hatfiloh, 201 Eighth Ave. SE, Olympia. Contact jewishchorale@live.com or 206708-7518 or visit www.seattlejewishchorale.org. Hanukkah Celebration with SeCC and PJ Library 45:15 p.m. Join SECC and PJ Library for a Hanukkah celebration with singing, story, snacks and activities. RSVP required. Free ($5 donation accepted). At Temple Bnai Torah, 15727 NE Fourth St., Bellevue. Canned Food menorah Lighting 4 p.m. You can light up a life. The 10-foot canned food menorah is being organized, built and donated by Chabad of the Central Cascades. Participate by sponsoring canned foods used to assemble the menorah, which will be donated to

the Issaquah food bank for local families in need. At Blakely Hall in the Issaquah Highlands. The celebration will follow a public outdoor menorah lighting at Village Green with Mayor Ava Frisinger. Contact Rabbi Berry Farkash at 425-427-1654 or rabbi@chabadissaquah.com or visit www.ChabadIssaquah.com. Candy menorah 4:30 p.m. Bellevues first candy menorah. Listen to songs and music from the Eastside Torah Centers Chabad Hebrew School childrens choir. Dreidels and gelt available for everyone to enjoy. At Crossroads Shopping Center, 15600 NE Eighth St.,Bellevue. annual Hanukkah Party at Temple beth am 57 p.m. Enjoy live music with KlezKids, magician GG Green, candle lighting (bring your own hanukkiah and candles), and dinner with homemade soup, professionally made latkes, fresh breads and salads. At Temple Beth Am, 2632 NE 80th St., Seattle.

a Klezmer Hanukkah 58 p.m. Hosted by Mitriyah, South Seattles new progressive Jewish community. Bring your menorahs, and sing, dance and celebrate. Featuring live music by Marc Smason and the Katatonics, dancing, crafts, candle lighting and a vegetarian potluck. Sliding donation $6-$36; children under 13 free. At the Church of Hope Social Hall, 3818 S Angeline St., Seattle. Contact info@mitriyah.org or visit mitriyah.org.

mOnday, deCember 10KlezKids Performance 56 p.m. At Aljoya Thornton Place, 450 NE 100th St., Seattle. Hanukkah at redmond Town Center 6:30 p.m. Come to the annual giant menorah lighting. Dreidels and gelt available for everyone to enjoy. At Redmond Town Center, 7525 166th Ave. NE, Redmond.

Happy Hanukkah!

Happy Hanukkah!

Happy Hanukkah to everyone!

Toby Franco

from The Feldhammers Allan & Lynn Matthew & Sarah David & Nici

Dita and Fred Appelbaum

Peter & Peggy Horvitz

happy hanukkah!

The Eastern FamilySam & Sharon Richard, Stacey, Joshua, Emily & Zachary David, Deena, Max & Isabelle

Hanukkah Greetings!Natalie & Bob Malin Lori Goldfarb & daughter Samantha Rogel Keith, Linda, Alec & Kylie Goldfarb Melissa, Todd & Brandon Reninger Kevin Malin

Happy Hanukkah!

Stephen, Robin & Sara Boehler

Hanukkah Greetings!Doug & Marcia Wiviott David, & Christin & Naomi Wiviott Stephanie, Tony, Tori & Bentley Harris Rainier Overseas Movers

Joel Erlitz & Andrea Selig

Jennifer, Joel, ben & oscar Magalnick

Emily, Elan & Leila Shapiro Lindsay, Barry, Elle & Sadie O'Neil

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haNukkah greeTiNgs


TueSday, deCember 11Sephardic bikur Holim annual Hanukkah Party 5:45 p.m. Enjoy candle lighting, dinner with bumuelos, and fun for the entire family. The event will also honor the 2013 recipients of the Sarah Maimon Humanitarian Award. $18/Adults, $10/kids 612, kids 5 and under free. At Sephardic Bikur Holim, 6500 52nd Ave. S, Seattle. RSVP to rsvpsbh@gmail.com by Dec. 6. Fourth annual Light the night: a GLbTQ Hanukkah 68 p.m. Tasty latkes, music and a beautiful candlelighting symbolize the miracle of Hanukkah and the idea that great leadership and community action will prevail against oppression. This year will celebrate a new miracle in our time, marriage equality in Washington State, by honoringcommunity leaders who played a key role in helping to pass Referendum 74. Free and open to the community (21-plus). At the Lobby Bar, 916 E Pike St., Seattle. Contact Alysa Rosen at 206-525-0915, ext. 210 or alysa@templebetham.org. Kindle, nosh and network 6:30 p.m. A Hanukkah celebration with food for Puget Sound Jewish professionals, with a panel presentation about starting and managing your own business. Location details sent upon RSVP. To sign up, visit bit.ly/SQr92F.

WedneSday, deCember 12Temple beth am young adult Sake and Latke 6 p.m. Young Adults at Beth Am presents a night of music, latkes, candle lighting, and schmoozing. Meet at U Village for the community hanukkiah lighting and a KlezKidz performance. Then head over to Blue C Sushi for dinner, with latkes and cocktails. The first drink is on YABA! Open to anyone ages 2239. Newcomers and non-members welcome. At University Village, NE 45th St. and 25th Ave. NE, Seattle. RSVP to alysa@templebetham.org. KlezKids Performance 66:30 p.m. At University Village. Light the Candles: a Hanukkah Celebration for all 78:30 p.m. The Seattle Jewish Chorale presents an interactive, family-friendly concert featuring traditional and contemporary holiday songs in Hebrew, English, Yiddish and Ladino. A reception with holiday treats will follow. $12/Adults, $10/students and seniors, $6/children, un(der)employed pay as able. At Temple Bnai Torah, 15727 NE Fourth Street, Bellevue. Contact jewishchorale@live.com or 206-708-7518 or visit www.seattlejewishchorale.org.

Beth El invite you to hear Peter Callaghan, political columnist for the Tacoma News Tribune. Come early to check out the Judaica shops Hanukkah selection and sales (open 11 a.m.2 p.m.). $12 per person. RSVP no later than Dec. 10. Pay at the door or in advance at www.decemberadultluncheon.eventbrite.com. At Temple Beth El, 5975 South 12th St., Tacoma. For questions or to RSVP, contact 253564-7101 or rfarley@templebethel18.org. endless Opportunities: Hanukkah Celebration with the Shalom Klezmer band 10:30 a.m.12 p.m. For adults 60-plus: Spin dreidels, sing Hanukkah songs, and celebrate with lively klezmer music. Rabbi Jim Mirel, Julie Mirel, Chava Mirel and the band members will perform joyful music. Free. RSVP by Dec. 7. At Temple Bnai Torah, 15727 NE Fourth St., Bellevue. Contact Ellen Hendin at 425-603-9677 or endlessopps@jfsseattle.org.

Enjoy a pre-service nosh before Shabbat Hanukkah services at 6 p.m. Dinner at approximately 7:15 hosted by the Temple Beth El membership committee. The evening will include music, a family menorah lighting,sufganiyotand more.Everyone is welcome. $8per person; free for children ages 3 and under.RSVP for dinner at www.tbeChanukah2012.eventbrite.com or download a registration form from www.templebethel18.org/images/stories/ ChanukahDinner2012.pdf. At Temple Beth El, 5975 S 12th St., Tacoma. Contact 253-565-9024 or membership@templebethel18.org. Community Shabbat dinner at eastside Torah Center 6 p.m. Everyone is invited to the annual Hanukkah dinner, complete with traditional Hanukkah food and crispy latkes. Reservations required: contact eastsidechabad@gmail.com or 425-957-7860 or visit www.chabadbellevue.org. At Eastside Torah Center, 1837 156th Ave. NE, Bellevue.

FrIday, deCember 14Shabbat Hanukkah Service and dinner at Temple beth el 5:30 p.m.

X PAge 15

Your Life CYCLe event is our speCiaLtYBar & Bat Mitzvah Kiddush Luncheons Brit Milah & Baby Namings Birthdays Weddings Anniversaries

THurSday, deCember 13annual Joint Hanukkah adult Luncheon at Temple beth el 12 p.m. Tacoma Hadassah, Sisterhood and Temple

Catering With a Personal touChPiP

Join us for our annual Chanukah Party to benefit Mazon on Saturday, December 15th 5 8 p.m. at Temple De Hirsch SinaiCall for more details

206-324-MAMAServing the Community for more than a quarter centuryand MiriaM


Happy H! kka Hanu

The Season of Reason Sales Eventrobfriedman@acuraofbellevue.com 425-644-3000 x.1108 425-503-0804THE #1 Volume New Acura Dealer in Washington

Acura of Bellevue

Robert Friedman


JTNews . www.JTNews.NeT . friday, November 30, 2012

community connections2031 THIRD AVENUE | SEATTLE, WA 98121-2412 | P: 206.443.5400 | F: 206.443.0303 | WWW.JEWISHINSEATTLE.ORG | INFO@JEWISHINSEATTLE.ORG

Jewish Federation of Greater Seattle

Residents of Kiryat Malachi Cope with Aftereffects of Latest ConflictAs we went to press, the cease-fire in Israel was holding but residents of Kiryat Malachi are still coping with the aftereffects of the attacks that left three residents dead and others wounded, including an 8-month-old baby. At the Jewish Federation of Greater Seattle, we feel especially close to Kiryat Malachi, where for the past 12 years we have provided volunteers and financial support through our TIPS partnership. Kiryat Malachi is one of Israels most economically challenged communities. More than 25% of its population is from Ethiopia and the percentage of children in families receiving supplementary income or welfare services is more than twice Israels national average. Throughout the recent conflict we had regular updates from our friends in Kiryat Malachi and this past Sunday we received the latest email from Ira Kerem, our TIPS consultant there: Kiryat Malachi went into shock when a missile exploded in a residential building in the Habad neighborhood. There were barely 15 seconds to get to the interior stairwell once the siren went off. The building does not have a useable bomb shelter, but in a region where alarms go off all the time and distant bombs can be heard, many people felt confident that Kiryat Malachi would not be hit. In over six years of missiles falling in southern Israel, Kiryat Malachi had never been struck. Residents would often joke that there was nothing of value in the town that terrorists wanted to hit. For a week and half there was no school. Most of the stores and businesses were closed. People stayed close to home and to shelters. Children especially became frightened every time a siren sounded. Some of them refused to be separated from their parents. Some wet their beds at night on hearing a siren. Others cried for hours. On Wednesday and Thursday, buses supported by the Jewish Agency, which is partially funded by the Jewish Federation of Greater Seattle, took school children out for a day of fun to sites in the north deemed to be safer. Obviously the town now feels vulnerable and there is both a sense of sadness and anger. Yet most people want nothing more than peace so that they can get on with their lives. More information on Kiryat Malachi and the programs supported through our TIPS Partnership is at jewishinseattle.org/ programs-initiatives/israel-overseas/ our-tips-partnership-israel

Super SundayThis years Super Sunday was a rousing success thanks to Chairs Nance and Steve Adler, our almost 100-strong corps of volunteer callers and of course all of YOU who donated so generously. The event raised over $103,000 through the efforts of our callers. The Adlers delivered so much in the way of excitement and good cheer both during the planning of Super Sunday and on the day of the event. Because of Nance & Steves hard work, we were able to give away dozens of prizes to volunteers, from ski passes and theater tickets to restaurant vouchers! Thanks also to Grand Master Jacob Lunon and his Kung Fu fighters for an exciting live performance, Denise Weinstein for her henna art and Mercer Wellness Chiropractic & Massage for massage services for callers. We are also grateful to Island Crust Caf for providing outstanding food and beverage service throughout out the day. Congratulations and thanks to our Community Sponsors who participated in Super Sunday, and especially to Friendship Circle, winner of the $1,000 prize for recruiting the largest number of callers!

Connections 2013

Microsoft CTO Norm Judah to speak at second J-Tech meetupNorm Judah, CTO of Microsoft Worldwide Services, will be the featured speaker at the second meeting of J-Tech, a meetup for Jewish tech professionals. On December 5, Judah will talk about what its like to be CTO of a multi-billion dollar, international company like Microsoft. The event starts at 5:30 in South Lake Union and provides a great chance for socializing, meeting local thought leaders and networking. J-Tech, chaired by Corey Salka, is a program of the Jewish Federation of Greater Seattle in partnership with StartUpSeattle. J-Tech is also sponsored by J-Pro and Jconnect. RSVP at meetup.com/ Jewish-Tech-Meetup

Photo: Michael Lamont

Its never too early to think about camp!Nows the time to apply for financial assistance and this year the Federation has two programs. Community Needs-Based Jewish Overnight Camp Scholarships Campers must be Washington State residents, and plan to attend one of the 150+ Jewish overnight camps approved by the Foundation for Jewish Camp. Instructions for how to apply are at jewishinseattle.org/ campscholarships. Applications are due March 1, 2013. First-Time Camper Incentive Grants In a partnership with the Foundation for Jewish Camp, the Federation now offers One Happy Camper First-Time Camper Incentive Grants for Washington State residents. If your child is a first-time camper, you

may be eligible for up to $1,000 toward a Jewish overnight camp experience! Eligibility criteria and more information are at jewishinseattle.org/firsttimecampers. Applications for a One Happy Camper grant are online at OneHappyCamper.org. If you have questions about either program or how to apply, please contact Annie Jacobson, Planning and Community Services Associate at anniej@ jewishinseattle.org, 206.774.2243.

Please join us in January at Connections 2013, a special performance by pianist and radio host Mona Golabek. Golabek will perform excerpts from her acclaimed one-woman show The Pianist of Willesden Lane, which has received rave reviews from the LA Times and other publications. Along with her career as a concert pianist, Golabek hosts The Romantic Hours radio program, syndicated on the WFMT Radio Network and XM Satellite Radio. More about Mona can be found at holdontoyourmusic.org. Connections 2013 Iantha Sidell & Brooke Pariser, Chairs Sunday, January 27, 11 am Hyatt Regency Bellevue Register for Connections at jewishinseattle.org/connections2013 or 206.443.5400.

Time is Running Out!Open a Jewish Federation Donor Advised Fund by December 31 and well waive our administrative fee for one year plus you may be eligible for a 2012 tax deduction regardless of when you recommend grants to the charities of your choice. Contact Lauren Gersch, laureng@ jewishinseattle.org, 206.774.2252

friday, November 30, 2012 . www.JTNews.NeT . JTNews

haNukkah greeTiNgs


W HANUKKAH eveNtS PAge 13Temples Famous Hanukkah Celebration and annual Latke dinner 6 p.m. The evening starts with a Hanukkah service and Rock Shabbat. Latke dinner to follow at 7 p.m. Suggested donation $5 per person, $15 per family. At Temple De Hirsch Sinai, 1511 E Pike St., Seattle. For more information call 206-323-8486.

Meyers of Matzoh Momma. If you cannot attend, please consider sending a check made out to MAZON c/o Mirel, 1301 Spring St. #21-H, Seattle, WA 98104. At Temple De Hirsch Sinai, 1511 E Pike St., Seattle. Contact Rabbi Jim Mirel at jamesmirel@earthlink.net. Hanukkah under the Stars 5:307:30 p.m. This family Hanukkah celebration features kids bands Recess Monkey and The Sababas, plus PJ Library, arts and crafts, and community candle lighting. Dinner available for purchase from Stopskys Delicatessen, Island Crust Caf, along with kosher Chinese and Street Donuts. Free with a donation of personal items (such as toothpaste, toothbrushes, deodorant, shampoo or soap) to Jewish Family Service. Register online at www.sjcc.org. At the Stroum Jewish Community Center, 3801 E Mercer Way, Mercer Island. Contact Zach Duitch at ZachD@sjcc.org or 206-388-1990. Secular Jewish Circle of Puget Sound Hanukkah Celebration 5:307:30 p.m. Bring your menorah and candles to light together, share a potluck meal with fresh latkes, and sing some songs. Suggested donation of $5 per person, $15 per family. In Seattles Wallingford neighborhood. Contact info@secularjewishcircle.org or 206-528-1944 or visit secularjewishcircle.org. bCmH annual Hanukkah Party 7 p.m. Enjoy a dairy dinner featuring pizza, latkes and jelly donuts. NCSY will sell popcorn, cotton candy and slushies. A moon bounce, Cub Scout craft

table, face painting and balloon artists available for the kids while adults play bingo. $12/Adults (age 12-plus), $8/kids (4-11), kids under 3 free. At Bikur Cholim Machzikay Hadath Congregation, 5145 S Morgan St., Seattle. Contact Julie Greene at julie@bcmhseattle.org or 206-721-0970. Congregation emanu-el Hanukkah Party Activities and prizes for kids, with music provided by Aaron Press Taylor for children and adults.Latkes for all.Please bring a dairy or vegetarian dish to share. At Friendship Hall, Unitarian Church, 4340 W Fort George Wright Dr.,Spokane. Contact neal.e.schindler@gmail.com.

night of celebration, joy, happiness, dance and drinks with Seattle Jewish Productions. $10 at the door; if over 100 people sign up by Dec. 15 the price will be reduced to $5. At Chop Suey, 1325 E Madison St., Seattle. Visit on.fb.me/U7R6Mq.

mOnday, deCember 24Latkepalooza 9 p.m. This legendary bash is back! Jconnect and the Jewish Federations YAD take over Q Nightclub with awesome drinks and music all night long. With one of the hottest clubs in town, get ready for a night you wont forget! $20 in advance, $25 week of, and $30 at the door. At Q Nightclub, 1426 Broadway, Seattle. Visit www.jconnectseattle.org or contact Josh Furman at joshf@hilleluw.org.

SaTurday, deCember 15Kol Haneshamah Hanukkah Party 48 p.m. 45:30: The Sababas lead Jewish music, storytelling, puppetry, and kid-oriented games. 5:308: Community dinnerwith candlelighting and latkes. The ensemble will lead singing, with Israelidancing and games to follow. Please bring menorahs, candles, latkes, food, and beverages for dinner. Free. At 6115 SW Hinds St. Seattle. Contact execdir@khnseattle.org . benefit for maZOn: a Jewish response to Hunger 5 p.m. Celebrate the last night of Hanukkah and fight hunger! JTNews, Matzoh Momma Catering and Temples Bnai Torah and De Hirsch Sinai are once again hosting a Hanukkah fundraising event with traditional Hanukkah foods and music. The meal is free, but donations to MAZON are welcomed and appreciated. MAZON works with food banks across the country to help feed everyone who is hungry. Mazon CEO Abby Liebman will be present, with entertainment by the Shalom Klezmer Band featuring Chava Mirel and Sasson. Delicious Hanukkah foods prepared by Pip and Miriam

Sunday, deCember 16Jewish Women Sisterhood annual Hanukkah brunch 11 a.m. The Hanukkah brunch is a yearly womens tradition. Delicious food includes lox, bagels and sufganiot. All with wonderful company and a lively presentation by blogger Lea Geller. Members only join today! Visit www.chabadbellevue.org for complete information. Contact eastsidechabad@gmail.com or 425-957-7860. At a private home; RSVP for location. KlezKids Performance 12:301:15 p.m. At the Armory, Seattle Center. Hanukkah dance Party 9 p.m. The eighth candle of Hanukkah is not going to look the same in Seattle this year. Come to a

THurSday, deCember 27KlezKids Performance 11:30 p.m. At the Kline Galland Home, 7500 Seward Park Ave. S, Seattle.

& Holiday HappinessHerb M. Bridge and Family

Happy Hanukkah

Happy Hanukkah!

Hanukkah Greetings!to my friends & family & wishing you good health!

Happy Hanukkah!

The Volchok Families

Frieda Sondland

Happy Hanukkah!Shirah and Chauncey Bell and Family

Sara Bernson

Happy Hanukkah!Bob & Becky Zimmerman Michael, Beth, Bauer & Grant Zimmerman Esther, Rabbi Yossi, Yehudah, Yonah Mordechai, Razi & Moshe David Malka Sharon Zimmerman & David Tutton Susan & Josh Stewart

Hanukkah GreetingsIn loving memory of Rose ZimmerIrving Zimmer Karen Zimmer Kathy, Ray, Celina & Marlo Cafarelli


haNukkah greeTiNgs

JTNews . www.JTNews.NeT . friday, November 30, 2012

Give Life to Manyby Mike Selinker & Gaby Weidling

With a candle each night, celebrate the many dimensions of courageDaSee beRkowitz JTA World News serviceNEW YORK (JTA) My 4-year-old son is obsessed with superheroes, dressing up at every opportunity as the superhero du jour to do battle with the bad guys lurking around the corner. (My 2-year-old daughter is just as enthusiastic, but at her age all she can really muster is a meanie face.) From a developmental perspective, I know this fantasy play is his way of exercising control over a world he is learning is increasingly out of his control. But I also see other qualities his desire to be strong, to stand up for the good guys in short, to be courageous. Becoming courageous doesnt happen overnight. It develops when children have opportunities to stand up for whats right and to take responsible risks. Through experiences my husband and I provide, and the stories we tell them, we can lay some groundwork. As I think about a central message of the Hanukkah story and the way I want to portray it to my kids, models of courage abound. From Judah Maccabee, to Judith and Hannah and her seven sons, heroes and heroines fought for the right to be different, to be Jews who refused to assimilate into the prevailing Hellenistic culture. When Antiochus Epiphanes came to power, and observance of the most basic mitzvot (circumcision, Shabbat celebration and kashrut) were turned into capital offenses, their acts of courage formed the basis of a central narrative of the Hanukkah story that has been passed down through the generations. Consider Judah Macabee, whose army with a bunch of Jewish soldiers used guerrilla tactics and religious zeal to defeat the stronger Assyrian Greek army. He forced the Assyrian Greeks to rescind the policies that forbade Jewish practice, and in 164 BCE liberated the Temple in Jerusalem and rededicated it to a place of Jewish worship. Consider Judith, who did her part to prevent the siege of Jerusalem in her hometown of Bethulia by seducing Holfenes, the Assyrian Greek army general, and then decapitating him. Her bravery is so highly esteemed by the rabbis that it is because of her act of courage that Jewish women are obligated to light Hanukkah candles. And consider Hannah and her seven sons, who refused to bow down to Zeus and Antiochus and eat non-kosher meat. The Book of Maccabees relates that each of her sons and then her mother were tortured to death. These acts of courage seem extreme and even unpalatable to our modern ear what woman would sacrifice her son, not to mention all seven? And arent we a peace-loving people who should not extol brute force? But they also lead us to a deeper questions about the nature of courage. Are there values and beliefs for which we are willing to make great sacrifices, and if any of these values or beliefs were to be violated, would we be stirred to action? While these figures present us with one narrative of the breNdAN rIley/creATIve coMMoNs Hanukkah story of heroism in battle and martyrdom a second narrative is favored by the ancient rabbis. The story begins with the rededication of the Temple in Jerusalem and the faith that the Jews had that the small cruse of oil which should have lasted for one day only could last for eight (in time for others to travel and get more oil.) The second narrative downplays the military victory won by human hands and elevates the story to one in which our faith in God and Gods miracles are kindled. It reminds us that courage is born when we continue to have faith and hope even in our darkest time. Having faith in itself is an important kind of courage. While the call to be courageous is central to the Hanukkah story spiritually or physically it is also daunting. But the rabbis offered another way for us to understand how to live a courageous life and be our own heroes. Who is a hero? the rabbis ask. One who overcomes his urges. (Pirkei Avot 4:1) Overcoming our most natural desires and exercising personal restraint is another kind of heroism. This is a kind of everyday courage. When we are present in a difficult conversation with someone we care about even though our impulse is to leave, we are a hero. When we resist the urge to say something that we know will offend another person, even if we think it is warranted, we are courageous. When we have vowed not to feed a habit that is destructive to us, and when tempted and resist (aX PAge 36

Blood is life is the message from Deuteronomy, and there is no greater way to embrace that message than to donate blood. Your blood donation can help up to four people, as your blood is composed of four vital elements. And when you think about how much youre giving up, you wont go unrewarded either.ACROSS 1 Corners of a diamond 6 Hedwig and Woodsy, for two 10 Insect in a cocoon 14 Colorful parrot 15 Spring 16 King Kong and Dr. Zaius, for two 17 With 22-, 37-, and 51-Across, the four 20 21 22 26 27 28 30 31 34 37 41 42 44 47 48 49 51 57 59 60 65 66 67 68 69 70 DOWN 1 The ultimate driving machine 2 Ooh and ___ 3 Poli ___ 4 Patronize, as a bagel shop 5 Stockholm resident 6 ___, All Ye Faithful 7 Receiving the fewest stars 8 Sass 9 Bit of hate speech 10 Agreements 11 Burning the midnight oil 12 Cheated during hide-and-seek 13 Declare 18 Pac-12 school 19 In need of Dramamine, perhaps 22 HP Pavilion and Dell Inspiron, for two 23 Hideout 24 Green Gables girl 25 You need this like a hole in your head? 29 Shakes triggered by alcohol withdrawal, for 32 33 34 35 36 38 39 40 43 44 45 46 50 52 53 54 55 56 58 61 62 63 64 Answers on page 27 2012 Eltana Wood-Fired Bagel Cafe, 1538 12th Avenue, Seattle. All rights reserved. Puzzle created by Lone Shark Games, Inc. Edited by Mike Selinker and Mark L. Gottlieb.

components of a blood donation Second or sixth president Additional shot, on a movie set See 17-Across Daisylike flower Recyclable container What bouncers check NJ summer hours Mount where Moses was given the Ten Commandments Em, to Dorothy See 17-Across Most common craps rolls Weirdos ___, humbug! Enthusiast Puppys playful bite In any way, shape, or form See 17-Across Like some flashy NBA passes Get broadcast by What you get for donating the above foursome Tabloid prefix with mom Bad news for a blimp pilot or a covert agency Womanizer, in rap slang ___ Having a Baby Nearly finless fish Country wracked by insurgency in 2011

short Commercials Frog : lily pad :: penguin : ___ Seattles is Key It merged with The WB to become The CW Evil Woman rock grp. Cells used for in vitro fertilization A looooooooong time Read just enough to get the gist of Mud bath venue Bluegrass instruments Somewhat Rock salt, to a mineralogist Doritos ___ Tacos (Taco Bell offering) 2012 French Open winner Rafael Legendary Seattle drive-in restaurant Expert Seeing stars Where to wear an electronic monitoring device Leafy vegetable related to collard greens Maiden name preceder ___ the Walrus (Beatles tune) LASIK target ___ Diego

friday, November 30, 2012 . www.JTNews.NeT . JTNews


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Chanukah ROP WK 40 11/30/12 IMW JT News

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whaTs your Jq?

JTNews . www.JTNews.NeT . friday, November 30, 2012

embracing the lightRivy poupko kletenik JTNews columnistDear Rivy, I have always wondered about this question in connection to Hanukkah: Why, of all the different vessels in the Temple, does the story of Hanukkah care so much about the menorah? I am sure there were other items in the Temple that had to be fixed or purified. Why do we care so much about the menorah and its lights? Why was that the central manifestation of a miracle? There are other vessels of the Temple, for example, the table for the showbread, the altar for incense or the washstand. Why this emphasis on lights so much so that we even call the holiday the Festival of Lights? Excellent point the search for the oil truly did take on an almost disproportionate centrality relative to its inherent utility. Many scholars discuss the overzealousness in getting that menorah lit. Additionally, the halachic reality was, ironically, given that all the oil was ritually impure, it might even have been permitted to use impure oil at that time. Thus, we must assume there is something here beyond the functional; we are in that potent realm of symbol. Those lights on the menorah are unquestionably emblematic of something far greater than the luminance thereof. The light of the menorah, more so than any other vessel, captures our imagination as it most probably did the Maccabees of yore. Not one of us wants to be there when this the paradigmatic light of all lights goes out. There is something profoundly symbolic about light. It is the very primal of all creations, as in, Let there be light fame. To say that light is decidedly metaphorical, both in our tradition and universally, would be an understatement. As such, it speaks to our imagination and kindles sparks in our collective consciousness. We are a people enamored with light; Moshe the Lawgivers face beams with light, we address the Almighty lovingly as our light and salvation, we see ourselves as a light unto the nations, and we collectively envision a day when a new light will shine on Zion. And our Hanukkah refrain, light up the night, speaks to the deepest darkest days of winter when many a culture draws on light motifs to lift the spirit. Enjoy this panoply of eight lustrous ideas to inform each of your eight nights of Hanukkah. In the spirit of the menorah, which represents all branches and facets of human enlightenment, it draws on a wide-ranging luminescence. By all means use them as a springboard for meaningful conversations over the holiday. Perhaps read and share one each night after the lighting of the candles. First Night: Spiritual activist Marianne Williamson teaches that our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our Light, not our Darkness, that most frightens us. In what way were the Maccabees able to conquer this very human of limitations? In what particular acts can you see their commitment to overcoming the darkness? Is there a moment in your own life where you see this teaching reflective of your experience? Second Night: From Plato we learn: We can easily forgive a child who is afraid of the dark; the real tragedy of life is when men are afraid of the light. Knowing of the Republics famous parable of the slaves in the cave whose fate is to never emerge from the darkness into enlightenment, could this possibly mean that we humans are afraid of insight, knowledge and understanding? Is this at all fathomable? Is there anyone in the Hanukkah story who might be accused of being afraid of the light? Were you ever fearful of the light? Is there a comfort in darkness of ignorance? Third Night: Leonard Cohen sings hauntingly, There is a crack in everything, thats how the light gets in. What is it about being broken that leads to insight? Do you find this to be true? Rabbi Shlomo Carlebach spoke often of the wholeness of the broken heart while classic Lurianic Kabbalah teaches of a world created through the shattering of vessels. In what way does this notion resonate with you? To

WHatS yOUR Jq?

Hanukkah Greetings!

Hanukkah Greetings!Aaron & Edith DichtEr Stephen, Gina, Marisa & Lauren DichtEr robin, Max & Denielle Morgan ZAMbrowSky

Hanukkah Greetingsfrom all of us at Hasson, Laible & Co. p.s.

Rosalie & Joe Kosher Cary & Cathy Kosher Lance & Logan Lonnie & Michele Kosher Zakary Louis & Sabrina Rose

Hanukkah Greetings!Cathy & Cliff Godwin Kendra, Aaron, Lili, Shoshana & Layla Hasson, LaibLe & Co. p.s. 206-328-2871 hassonlaible@earthlink.net

Happy Hanukkah!

Hanukkah Greetings!Stan & Iantha SIDELL Mark, Leslie, Leah & Hannah Scott, Pam, Sydney & Emma Ben, Brooke & Ella Dora Pariser

Carl and Joann Bianco

friday, November 30, 2012 . www.JTNews.NeT . JTNews

whaTs your Jq?


what aspect of brokenness does the Festival of Lights speak? Where in Jewish history have cracks allowed the light to shine? Fourth Night: What does Alan Cohen mean when he says, Appreciation is the highest form of prayer, for it acknowledges the presence of good wherever you shine the light of your thankful thoughts. According to Rabbi J.B. Soloveitchik, the central theme of Hanukkah is Hallel, praise or gratitude with additional prayers, Al Hanisim, (For the Miracles), and of course Hallel being an essential expression of thanksgiving. Why does Cohen equate gratitude with light? What qualities do they share? Fifth Night: Dont tell me the moon is shining; show me the glint of light on broken glass, writes Anton Chekhov.

What is the difference here between telling and showing? Why is one associated with the faraway moon and the other with the broken glass easily accessed? In what way is showing indispensable to Jewish tradition? When in your life was telling inadequate, while showing was critical? In what way is showing connected to Hanukkah and the menorah? Sixth Night: This might be a personal favorite. To learn to read is to light a fire; every syllable that is spelled out is a spark, taught Victor Hugo. How amazing is it that the word Hanukkah shares the same root with the Hebrew word for education, chinuch? What nuances do the two words share? In what way does education light a spark? In what way is dedication connected to learning? Are there associations that you

can make with the meaning of Hanukkah as initiation and ideas of learning? Seventh Night: There is a quality of flames that all appreciate and many never tire of pointing out. Unlike most natural phenomena, it is not decreased when it gives to the other. And thus, we are not surprised by this instruction, if you have knowledge, let others light their candles in it, shared by Margaret Fuller. Interestingly, it is not surprising that we all commonly share an attribute; have you noticed that as soon as we learn something we have a powerful desire to share it, to tell others about it? Our tradition aptly pictures this as a mother cow desperately wanting to nurse her young. Where in the Hanukkah story do you see this compelling urge to share? Could we possibly extend this powerful

concept of giving without losing to other forms of giving, especially in this gift-giving season? Eighth Night: Light tomorrow with today, pithily states Elizabeth Barrett Browning. In what way might we carry the lights of Hanukkah forward through the year? Where do you keep your menorah? Do you see menorahs day in and day out in Jewish settings? Why is that? What would it look like to light tomorrow with the Hanukkah candles of today?Rivy Poupko Kletenik is an internationally renowned educator and Head of School at the Seattle Hebrew Academy. If you have a question thats been tickling your brain, send Rivy an e-mail at rivy.poupko.kletenik@gmail.com.


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commuNiTy News

JTNews . www.JTNews.NeT . friday, November 30, 2012

W meLtoN ScHooL PAge 6

commitment per week. For young parents who dont really have that kind of time, however, this class may be more schedulefriendly. Foundations of Jewish Family Living is a 20-class curriculum where parents can apply life lessons and the wisdom from biblical stories to their own families through an everyday-type approach to problem solving and communication.

Basically, it has parents taking a look at Jewish texts through the parenting lens, Kletenik said. So even though weve heard the story of Joseph and his brothers, or God creating human beings, were looking at things now, specifically, as a parent. How does that help us become better Jewish parents? How do we have a conversation at home really driven by Jewish values? The Purposes of Jewish Living course, a 30-session module, is more philosophical and allows students to ask the big questions

of life by exploring biblical and modern approaches to areas of Jewish thought. Its less of a focus on how do I do Jewish and more of a focus on how do I be Jewish, Kletenik said. It really helps parents talk about God. Its an opportunity for people to talk about questions they may have just been wondering about for all of these years and there was never a space to talk about them. A leader and a pioneer in its field, the 26-year-old Melton school has built its rep-

utation on welcoming adults from all Jewish backgrounds while giving them a place to learn about the practical, everyday application of Jewish values from expert teachers. The tuition is largely subsidized by the SHA and Jewish Education Services of the Jewish Federation of Greater Seattle. Each course costs $100, mainly because the two instructors, Kletenik and Rabbi Aaron Bayer, will be teaching the classes as part of their responsibilities at SHA. The tuition is nominal, said Sari

Home Computing CoachHappy Hanukkah Feeling overwhelmed by your technology?

Celebrate with us.

Kol Haneshamahs

Are at home, at your own Relax and learnyou giving pace. the gift of technology?Dont forget to add a gift certificate for a private lesson Android Apple their pace. in their home, at MicrosoftIve been teaching adults to use personal technology since 1985 and I treat every client Nancys focus on YOU guides you you twice and youll know theyre as my own family. Ages 3090+, they will thank from confused to confident. getting the respectful, patient help youd give them if you could be there yourself. All devices: Android Apple Microsoft

Computing Handheld Devices Home Technology

Hanukkah Party!SAT DEC 154:00 8:00 pm featuring

Nancy Ferrell, MS

Coaching Computing you from confused to confident. Nancys focus on YOU guides Confidence since 1985 www.homecomputingcoach.com Nancy Ferrell, MS coach@homecomputingcoach.com | 206-784-0606www.homecomputingcoach.com Gift certificates available. coach@homecomputingcoach.com | 206-784-0606Ferrell-JewishTranscript-ad-2x4-v2.indd 1 7/22/2012 8:52:06 PM

THE SABABASperforming 4:15 5:00 pm 6115 Southwest Hinds Street, West Seattle Details:

khn.org or religiouslife@khnseattle.org11/18/12 3:47 PM

JT NEWS-hanukkah12.indd 1

Happy HanukkahAs we celebrate this Festival of Lights and Miracles, may our community and Jews around the world live in prosperity and peace.

206.443.5400 www.jewishinseattle.org

friday, November 30, 2012 . www.JTNews.NeT . JTNews

commuNiTy News


Weiss, SHAs director of institutional advancement. Weiss will also serve as the director of the Melton School as part of her job at SHA. We dont want to undervalue the course by charging $100 but we also dont want to put a roadblock in front of anybody who is thinking that this is a great opportunity for me to step into Jewish learning for the first time. The Melton classes are also designed to be small so students can take their time and

IF yOU gOfor those interested in sampling a Melton course, the school will hold introductory sessions of Foundations of Jewish Learning on Dec. 5 at 7 p.m. and Purposes of Jewish Learning on Dec. 6 at 2 p.m. at SHA, and on Dec. 7, at the Stroum JCC at 9:30 a.m. for Early Childhood Education parents. Contact Sari Weiss at 206-323-5750, ext. 239 or sweiss@sha613.org for registration details.

incorporate the life lessons while getting to know others in their group. These arent classes that are 30 or 40 people busting out of the rooms, Weiss said. Theyre meant to be intimate and to be able to carry on a dialogue and talk about your personal experiences. It is meant to be that intimate class of 12 to 15. Another new initiative from the Melton School, which began this month, is an online program for distance learners where no Melton franchises currently exist. Melton has a spectacular reputation and they have a team of experts at Hebrew University, Weiss said. The four courses really provide an adult with the breadth and depth of Jewish knowledge, while at the same time, really engaging people, firsthand, with texts. It is a product that is tried and true.

W goRtLeR PAge 8

studies here are bigger than you. Young people today want to know that they matter my life matters, for myself and others, Joel said. Which is why Im so gratified that when Josh thinks of his legacy this is what he thinks of. Denver native Sarah Barash Gortler has long served Seattles senior population as well as a well-respected social worker for Jewish Family Service. The two are avid world travelers and concertgoers, proud parents and grandparents, including one grandchild now beginning studies at Yeshiva University. Josh Gortler is a natural performer who can let loose with a wild rendition of Tumbalalaika or hold a high school audience spellbound with his personal story. He frequently reaches out to students across the state as part of the Washington State Holocaust Education Research Center speakers bureau.

Hanukkah Greetings to the community from Raz & Amy Gunderman

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Your year-end contribution to TOWN HALL:Provides a beautiful home to scores of arts and civic organizations Supports emerging nonprofits Underwrites free and low-cost public events

All of the above!Town Hall is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization and relies on rentals, membership, volunteers, and fundraising to sustain its many activities.


Tuesday, December 4 at 7:30 p.m. Naomi Wolf: The Science of the brain-Vagina connection lecture Author and political activist Naomi Wolf is attributed with launching a new wave of feminism in the early 90s with her international bestseller, The Beauty Myth. In her most recent book, Vagina: A New Biography, Wolf examines the connection between a womans brain and her vagina, and how that affects her sense of creativity, consciousness, and sense of self. Wolf explores the neuroscience, physiology, and anecdotal evidence that show what women really need to awaken their full potential. At Town Hall, 1119 Eighth Ave., Seattle. Advance tickets are $5 at www.townhallseattle.org or 888377-4510 and at the door beginning at 6:30 p.m.TOWN HALL

December 4 through January 6 to me theres no other choice Raoul Wallenberg 1912-2012 Museum exhibition Swedish diplomat and humanitarian Raoul Wallenbergs actions during the final stages of World War II saved tens of thousands of Hungarian Jewish lives. This exhibit depicts a journey from light to darkness and back to light in order to understand the man behind the heroic myth, and to study the existential and moral lessons gained from his life decisions. As part of the Raoul Wallenberg centenary, this exhibit has traveled the world. At the Nordic Heritage Museum, 3014 NW 67th St., Seattle. For more information visit www.nordicmuseum.org.



get your tickets online now seattleartmuseum.org/ellesElles: Women Artists from the Centre Pompidou, Paris is organized by the Seattle Art Museum and the Centre Pompidou, Paris. The Seattle presentation of this exhibition is made possible with critical funding provided by SAMs Fund for Special Exhibitions. Image: S.O.S. Starification Object Series: An Adult Game of Mastication (Mastication Box) (detail), 1974-75, Hannah Wilke (American, 1940-1993); Mixed media installation; Collection Muse national dArt moderne, Centre Pompidou, Paris; Donation by the Centre Pompidou Foundation, partial gift of Marsie, Emanuelle, Damon, and Andrew Scharlatt, Hannah Wilke Collection and Archive, Los Angeles, to the Centre Pompidou Foundation. Marsie, Emanuelle, Damon, and Andrew Scharlatt/Licensed by VAGA, New York, N.Y.


friday, November 30, 2012 . www.JTNews.NeT . JTNews

The arTs


Wednesday, December 12 at 6 p.m. Pray the devil back to hell film screening American Jewish World Service, in partnership with Temple Beth Am, the Kavana Cooperative, Congregation Beth Shalom and a host committee of local individuals, present the captivating documentary Pray the Devil Back to Hell, the true story of Liberian women whose nonviolent protest movement helped bring an end to Liberias devastating civil war. Special guest Cecelia T. M. Danuweli of the West African Network for Peacebuilding in Liberia will be present to share her story of life before, during and following the war, including her participation in events depicted in the film. At the Frye Art Museum, 704 Terry Ave., Seattle. A cocktail hour will begin at 6 p.m., hosted by AJWS with remarks and film screening beginning at 7 p.m. To RSVP, contact Matt Balaban at mbalaban@ajws.org or 415-593-3298.

Wednesday, December 12 at 7 p.m. theo deacon Presents: Broadway Musicals lecture Dr. Theodore Deacon presents his third program in a six-part series about Broadway musicals. Deacon will focus this lecture primarily on the work of Rodgers and Hart. Mention the name Richard Rodgers to any lover of American musical theater, and expect an association with Oscar Hammerstein. Yet, for nearly 25 years Rodgers was popularly linked with lyricist Lorenz Hart. From their first meeting at Columbia University in 1919, Rodgers and Hart went from writing amateur student productions to a string of 28 hit musicals, including A Connecticut Yankee, Jumbo, Babes in Arms, and Pal Joey. At Temple Beth Am, 2632 NE 80th St., Seattle. RSVP at 206-5250915. Light refreshments served at 7 p.m., program starts at 7:15. Free and open to the public.

Thursday, December 13 at 8 p.m. dana berger and dan toren in concert Music For one night only, catch Dan Toren and Dana Berger, two of Israels most beloved singer-songwriters of the last two decades. Influential in Israeli rock since the 80s, Toren has produced over 10 albums and played with several bands throughout his career. Berger started her career in the 90s, appearing on the popular television program Inyan Shel Zman and was the lead singer in Israeli rock band Balagan. Among her greatest hits are Ahava (Love), Ad Hakatze (To The Edge), Hamimut Holefet (Transient Warmth), and Mechaka Lo (Waiting For Him). At Vino Bella wine bar, 99 Front St. N, Issaquah. Tickets are $45 advance purchase at www.brownpapertickets.com/ event/293234 or $55 at the door.

Thursday, December 13 at 8:00pm Wisemen theater This sacrilegious musical follows the trials of three representatives from the Wisemen Law Firm: Goldberg, Frankenstein, and Murray. In these trials, the three lawyers face an evil Santa Claus, the gangstarapping Easter Bunny and God himself as they attempt to uncover the truth. Rosenstock Productions sets Christmas on fire with an ungodly script and an original score ranging from klezmer to hip-hop to funk to salsa ACT Theatre. Wisemen is recommended for ages 16 and up. At the ACT, Falls Theatre, 700 Union St., Seattle. Show runs through December 22. Tickets are $20 in advance, $25 at the door. To purchase tickets, visit www.acttheatre.org or call 206-292-7676.

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ISSAQUAH Nov 7- Dec 30, 2012 Jan 4-27, 2013


verett: (425) 257-8600 www.VillageTheatre.org


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JTNews . www.JTNews.NeT . friday, November 30, 2012

Leviathans wifeemily k. alHaDeff Associate editor, JTNewsThe first floor of Lauren Grossmans Central District home is gutted and full of lab glass, molds, materials, and grotesque curiosities (sewn-up body parts, a headless rendering of Christ affixed to pipes, a gum-pink whale pocked with false teeth) produced over the course of her threedecade career as an installation and sculpture artist captivated by biblical imagery. Between the house and her studio in the backyard, she points to a headless bust on the ground. Theres Jobs wife, she said, with her head blown off. Grossman is one of the artists whose work will be featured in Elles: Platform, a womens group show at the Platform Gallery in Pioneer Square through Dec. 15. The show is one of several community partner exhibits and events organized as a local response to Seattle Art Museums Elles: Women Artists from the Centre Pompidou in Paris. The daughter of a Jewish father and Presbyterian mother, Grossman, 52, grew up in Tucson, Ariz., an area she describes as heavily Roman Catholic. But coming of age in the 1960s, after much religious content had been purged from the curriculum, Grossman realized she was missing crucial cultural knowledge. I knew I didnt have enough information, she said. Because I didnt get it, I started researching it. The more research I did, the more interesting it became. Grossman holds a bachelors of fine arts in ceramics from the University of Washington. In addition to making jewelry out of lab glass as well as candles, Grossman spends much of her time casting molds, smelting iron, and welding, resulting in installations that, according

IF yOU gOLauren Grossmans work will be on display at the Platform Gallery, 114 Third Ave. (Pioneer Square), Seattle through Dec. 15. For more information visit www.platformgallery. com/current.html or www.laurengrossman.com.

courTesy lAureN GrossMAN

Lauren grossmans feminized Leviathan.

to her artists statement, engage the peculiarities of the Judeo/Christian legacy. Her current exhibit at Platform the gallery that represents her work uses the book of Job as a jumping-off point. In particular, she focuses on the conversation

between Job and God about Leviathan, the mysterious ancient sea beast that periodically surfaces throughout the Tanach. In keeping with Elles, Grossman sought a feminine approach. The interesting thing to me is that hes gendered in the text, said Grossman. Im positing the other gender of Leviathan.X PAge 31

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m.o.T.: member of The Tribe


Running and relief An Issaquah boy enjoys Fiddler run


her family. There was a lot Hurricane Sandy of emotion around this trip wreaked destruction in I trained for so long. It was the Northeast, but in such a huge letdown. Issaquah it caused two neighT h en s h e wondered, bors to meet. What would make me feel Growing up in Kew Garbetter? dens, Queens, Sabina Honig And that, she realized, was had dreamed of running the to run the marathon, and do New York Marathon since it in such a way that it would she was 10. She didnt start have some tie to New York, running until about 2001, said. To help people. trying to get back in shape She decided to run the after her son was born. Member of marathon here as a fundThere are a few ways to get the Tribe raiser for the American Red into the worlds most famous Cross hurricane relief efforts. She solicmarathon, but the most common is ited pledges and donations, and her friend through a lottery. She had entered that lotBecki Chandler offered to be her support tery unsuccessfully a few times when she person, carrying water and other supplies on her bike. Becki, who works at the American Jewish Committee, is a Northwest native who grew up in Bothell. She and Sabina met at a Shabbat dinner soon after Sabina moved here. She says that a 26-mile bike ride is average for her. I was glad I had the opportunity to help out a friend who had set this goal HeNry HoNIG Runners Amir Feinsilber, left, and Sabina Honig, center, with support and wasnt able to get person Becki Chandler at the finish line of the surrogate New York there, reflects Becki. She marathon they ran in Issaquah after Hurricane Sandy cancelled the took lemons and made lemonade. race. Looking for company, Sabina posted a notice about her run on still lived back east. Then she tried again the Issaquah Highlands Facebook page. this year and secured a spot. Amir Feinsilber stepped up. The Microsoft employee learned she Israeli-born, Chicago-bred Amir is wasnt going even before the race was cana former video game programmer who celled because her flight and all flights founded The Force Realty (he once had been cancelled. worked with George Lucas). He, his wife I was really upset, she says. In addiStacey and three kids, Hannah, Joshua tion to running, she was anxious to see

Diana bRement JTNews columnist



and Benjamin, moved here from Las Vegas about three years ago. A serious runner who clocks eight to 10 miles each day, and runs one to two marathons a year, Amir says Sabinas notice touched him because he was also concerned for his own friends and family in the Northeast. JAy KoH The devasta- Josh Feinsilber, front right, onstage in the Village Theaters production of tion[was] really Fiddler on the Roof. disheartening, he says and, he adds, Im a sucker for a chalnatural ability for the stage, taking direclenge as well. He only committed to runtion well and engaging the audience. Im ning 10 miles of the route, because he had not just saying this because Im his father, not trained for a marathon. he laughs. On Nov. 4, the scheduled day of the Josh got the theater bug when the New York race, Sabina, Amir and Becki family still lived in Las Vegas, appearing started out from the Issaquah Highlands, in a KidShine show and singing in their heading through downtown Issaquah, synagogue choir. along Lake Sammamish into a bit of BelJosh says his favorite part of Fiddler levue, and looping back to downtown would have to be the wedding scene Issaquah. because theres dancing and a lot of At 13 miles, Amir had the option of action. peeling off and heading to Temple Bnai The budding young actor, a 6th grader Torah where his kids were in Sunday at Pacific Cascade Middle School, says his school (and where Sabinas husband favorite subject is language arts. He works Henry Honig teaches) and Stacey could hard to manage his schoolwork and get get him. But he kept going and completed good grades even while he is in a show. the 26 miles. Josh is also excited about his upcoming role at Seattles Fifth Avenue Theater, when he will play Winthrop in their 2013 Speaking of Issaquah, fans of its production of Music Man, reprising a Village Theater may recognize the part he also played at the Village Theater. name Feinsilber. Josh Feinsilber, Fiddler plays in Issaquah through the Amirs middle son, is currently in Fidend of December and in Everett through dler on the Roof, which is getting rave the end of January. More information is at reviews. www.villagetheatre.org. Amir says Josh showed an early and

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JTNews . www.JTNews.NeT . friday, November 30, 2012

miss your twinkies? make your owneileen goltz special to JTNewsFirst and foremost, the Twinkie has never been kosher, so missing it isnt really an issue for me. However, I believe that reports of the Twinkies imminent demise along with its friends the Ho Ho and Ding Dong is being blown slightly out of proportion. Yes, the company has entered a liquidation phase, but I know in my heart of culinary hearts there will be a rebirth of the confections that have been a part of Americana since the 1920s. Maybe a large multinational conglomerate or a private equity firm whose director ate them 24/7 when he was 9 years old will be the white knight. There are 30 separate brands in the Hostess (a.k.a. Interstate Brands) family, so until we hear otherwise Twinkie, Dolly Madison, Drake Brand (they were kosher certified) and Wonder Bread are on a permanent vacation. Hopefully the company that buys the brands will have the foresight to see how important kosher certification is. Since die-hard foodies are known for not letting something as annoying as a product being unavailable stop them from enjoying what they want, I will share how you can make your own Twinkie one thats delicious and kosher. Todd Wilber, one of my favorite cookbook authors, has been recreating iconic recipes for years and he has created a fabulous recipe that tastes almost the same as the original. A little work, yes, but so worth it.of cake mix. Instead, beat the egg whites until stiff. In a separate bowl combine cake mix with water and beat until thoroughly blended (about 2 minutes). Fold egg whites into the cake batter and slowly combine until completely mixed. Pour the batter into the molds, filling each one about 3/4 of an inch. Bake in the preheated oven for 30 minutes, or until the cake is golden brown and a toothpick stuck in the center comes out clean. For the filling, combine salt with the hot water in a small bowl and stir until salt is dissolved. Let this mixture cool. In the bowl of an electric mixer combine the marshmallow creme, shortening, powdered sugar and vanilla and beat, high speed until fluffy. Add the salt solution to the filling mixture and combine. When the cakes are done and cooled, use a skewer or chopstick to make three holes in the bottom of each one. Move the stick around inside of each cake to create space for the filling. Using a cake decorator or pastry bag, inject each cake with filling through all three holes. Serves 10.

Faux Twinkie (dairy)Non-stick spray 4 egg whites One 16-ounce box golden pound cake mix 2/3 cup water Filling 2 tsp. very hot water 1/4 tsp. salt 2 cups marshmallow creme (one 7-ounce jar) 1/2 cup shortening 1/3 cup powdered sugar 1/2 tsp. vanilla You will need a spice bottle, approximately the size of a Twinkie, ten 12 x 14-inch pieces of aluminum foil, a cake decorator or pastry bag, and a chopstick. Preheat oven to 325. Fold each piece of aluminum foil in half twice. Wrap the folded foil around the spice bottle to create a mold. Leave the top of the mold open for pouring in the batter. Make 10 of these molds and arrange them on a cookie sheet or in a shallow pan. Grease the inside of each mold with a light coating of non-stick spray. Disregard the directions on the box

Joel KrAuT/creATIve coMMoNs

When the Twinkie turned 75 in 2005, Hostess asked everyone who had ever eaten a Twinkie to share their recipes and ideas for showcasing sponge and filling cake-ette in a cookbook. They got a bazillion wacky and oddly delicious treats that included (and Im not kidding you) Twinkie Sushi, Twinkie Burrito and Twinkie Bread Pudding. All of the recipes make sense when you realize they are sweet lookalikes for their namesakes.

Twinkie Sushi (dairy)3 homemade Twinkies Assorted dried fruits Assorted fruity decorative candies 2 green fruit leather roll ups Dried mango Slice the Twinkies into pieces about X PAge 36

where to worshipGREATER SEATTLE Chabad House 206/527-1411 4541 19th Ave. NE Bet Alef (Meditative) 206/527-9399 1111 Harvard Ave., Seattle Congregation Kol Ami (Reform) 425/844-1604 16530 Avondale Rd. NE, Woodinville Cong. Beis Menachem (Traditional Hassidic) 1837 156th Ave. NE, Bellevue 425/957-7860 Congregation Beth Shalom (Conservative) 6800 35th Ave. NE 206/524-0075 Cong. Bikur Cholim Machzikay Hadath (Orthodox) 5145 S Morgan St. 206/721-0970 Capitol Hill Minyan-BCMH (Orthodox) 1501 17th Ave. E 206/721-0970 Congregation Eitz Or (Jewish Renewal) Call for locations 206/467-2617 Cong. Ezra Bessaroth (Sephardic Orthodox) 5217 S Brandon St. 206/722-5500 Congregation Shaarei Tefilah-Lubavitch (Orthodox/Chabad) 6250 43rd Ave. NE 206/527-1411 Congregation Shevet Achim (Orthodox) 5017 90th Ave. SE (at NW Yeshiva HS) Mercer Island 206/275-1539 Congregation Tikvah Chadashah (LGBTQ) 206/355-1414 Emanuel Congregation (Modern Orthodox) 3412 NE 65th St. 206/525-1055 Herzl-Ner Tamid Conservative Congregation (Conservative) 206/232-8555 3700 E Mercer Way, Mercer Island Hillel (Multi-denominational) 4745 17th Ave. NE 206/527-1997 Kadima (Reconstructionist) 206/547-3914 12353 8th Ave. NE, Seattle Kavana Cooperative kavanaseattle@gmail.com Khal Ateres Zekainim (Orthodox) 206/722-1464 at Kline Galland Home, 7500 Seward Park Ave. S Secular Jewish Circle of Puget Sound (Humanist) www.secularjewishcircle.org 206/528-1944 Sephardic Bikur Holim Congregation (Orthodox) 6500 52nd Ave. S 206/723-3028 The Summit at First Hill (Orthodox) 1200 University St. 206/652-4444 Temple Beth Am (Reform) 206/525-0915 2632 NE 80th St. Temple Bnai Torah (Reform) 425/603-9677 15727 NE 4th St., Bellevue Temple De Hirsch Sinai (Reform) Seattle, 1441 16th Ave. 206/323-8486 Bellevue, 3850 156th Ave. SE SOuTH KING COuNTy Bet Chaverim (Reform) 206/577-0403 25701 14th Place S, Des Moines WEST SEATTLE Kol HaNeshamah (Reform) 206/935-1590 Alki UCC, 6115 SW Hinds St. Torah Learning Center (Orthodox) 5121 SW Olga St. 206/938-4852 WAShinGTon STATE AbERdEEn Temple Beth Israel 360/533-5755 1819 Sumner at Martin bAinbRidGE iSLAnd Congregation Kol Shalom (Reform) 9010 Miller Road NE 206/855-0885 Chavurat Shir Hayam 206/842-8453 bELLinGhAm Chabad Jewish Center of Whatcom County 102 Highland Dr. 360/393-3845 Congregation Beth Israel (Reform) 2200 Broadway 360/733-8890 bREmERTon Congregation Beth Hatikvah 360/373-9884 11th and Veneta EVERETT / EdmondS Chabad Jewish Center of Snohomish County 2225 100th Ave. W, Edmonds 425/967-3036 Temple Beth Or (Reform) 425/259-7125 3215 Lombard St., Everett FoRT LEWiS Jewish Chapel 253/967-6590 Liggett Avenue and 12th iSSAquAh Chabad of the Central Cascades 24121 SE Black Nugget Rd. 425/427-1654 oLympiA Chabad Jewish Discovery Center 1611 Legion Way SE 360/584-4306 Congregation Bnai Torah (Conservative) 3437 Libby Rd. 360/943-7354 Temple Beth Hatfiloh (Reconstructionist) 201 8th Ave. SE 360/754-8519 poRT AnGELES And SEquim Congregation Bnai Shalom 360/452-2471 poRT ToWnSEnd Congregation Bet Shira 360/379-3042 puLLmAn, WA And moScoW, id Jewish Community of the Palouse 509/334-7868 or 208/882-1280 SpokAnE Chabad of Spokane County 4116 E 37th Ave. 509/443-0770 Congregation Emanu-El (Reform) P O Box 30234 509/835-5050 www.spokaneemanu-el.org Temple Beth Shalom (Conservative) 1322 E 30th Ave. 509/747-3304 TAcomA Chabad-Lubavitch of Pierce County 2146 N Mildred St.. 253/565-8770 Temple Beth El (Reform) 253/564-7101 5975 S 12th St. TRi ciTiES Congregation Beth Sholom (Conservative) 312 Thayer Drive, Richland 509/375-4740 VAncouVER Chabad-Lubavitch of Clark County 9604 NE 126th Ave., Suite 2320 360/993-5222 Rabbi@ChabadClarkCounty.com www.chabadclarkcounty.com Congregation Kol Ami 360/574-5169 www.jewishvancouverusa.org VAShon iSLAnd Havurat Ee Shalom 206/567-1608 15401 Westside Highway P O Box 89, Vashon Island, WA 98070 WALLA WALLA Congregation Beth Israel 509/522-2511 WEnATchEE Greater Wenatchee Jewish Community 509/662-3333 or 206/782-1044 WhidbEy iSLAnd Jewish Community of Whidbey Island 360/331-2190 yAkimA Temple Shalom (Reform) 509/453-8988 1517 Browne Ave. yakimatemple@gmail.com

friday, November 30, 2012 . www.JTNews.NeT . JTNews

world News


operation Pillar of Defense: Lessons learneduRiel Heilman JTA World News serviceANALYSIS(JTA) As Israel and Hamas mostly stilled their guns Nov. 21 after reaching a cease-fire agreement, ending eight days of intense bombardment, both sides took home some new lessons about their foes. By firing longer-range rockets capable of reaching Jerusalem and Tel Aviv, Hamas demonstrated for the first time that it could expand the borders of the missile battleground to include the densely populated center of Israel. Even under severe aerial bombardment, Hamas managed to launch some 1,500 missiles over the course of the week. Some traveled as far as 50 miles. But with its Iron Dome missile defense system, Israel showed how technology can be a game changer on the battlefield. Of the missiles targeted by Iron Dome, which is designed to knock down only missiles aimed at populated areas, approximately 80 percent to 90 percent were eliminated, the Israeli military said. In all, the Israel Defense Forces said Iron Dome downed 421 missiles. Eight days ago, Israel launched an operation after terror attacks from Gaza escalated, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said on the night of Nov. 21. With several major terrorist commanders eliminated and much weapons infrastructure destroyed, he said, we have decided to give cease-fire a chance. Israel suffered five fatalities in the fighting, all but one civilians. The Palestinians reported more than 140 killed, including militants and civilians. Thats approximately the same proportion of Israeli-toPalestinian casualties the last time Israel and Hamas went to war, during the 22-day Operation Cast Lead launched in late 2008. But the Palestinian casualty rate this time was about one-third the rate of Cast Lead, when an average of 350 Palestinians were killed per week. Thats probably because this round of fighting, which the IDF dubbed Operation Pillar of Defense, did not include a ground invasion. Palestinian casualties increased significantly during Israels ground invasion in the 2008-09 war, stoking international anger. As that war dragged on, Israeli critics said the military achieved diminishing returns the longer it stayed in Gaza and should have gotten out quicker. This time, though Netanyahu threatened to send in ground troops calling up 75,000 reserve troops and massing tanks on the Israel-Gaza border he did not follow through on his threat. Under the terms of the cease-fire, Israel agreed to halt its operation in Gaza, including targeted assassinations, and Palestinian terrorist groups agreed to stop their rocket fire and border attacks against Israel. Some sporadic fighting was still reported after the cease-fire went into effect. So, who won, and what did the fighting accomplish? If it holds, the cease-fire will have ended the rocket fire on southern Israel without any concessions to Hamas a clear victory for Israel. The operation also enabled Israel to do some damage to Hamas terrorist infrastructure, including killing the Hamas military chief, Ahmed Jabari. The IDF was able to do it all without undertaking a risky ground invasion that could have ratcheted up the casualty count on both sides and fueled more international ire. On the plus side for Hamas, the group showed that despite Israels ongoing blockade of the Gaza Strip, terrorists are able to get their hands on increasingly potent and sophisticated weaponry, representing a greater threat to Israel. And despite Israels bombardment, Hamas rocket launching capability has not been destroyed. Few Israelis believe its anything but a matter of time before the rocket fire starts anew. Additionally, in the week since the hostilities ceased, it has become clear that Hamas standing has been elevated in the Arab community. There are some very clear losers here. Again, the Fatah-led Palestinian Authority was left sitting on the sidelines while Hamas commanded Israels attention and claimed the mantle of the Palestinian cause. Negotiations between Israel and the Palestinian Authority, led by President Mahmoud Abbas, have been frozen since 2009. While Hamas did not achieve any tangible gains from the fighting, Palestinians in theX PAge 29

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world News

JTNews . www.JTNews.NeT . friday, November 30, 2012

A look at Southern Israel under fireJuDy laSH balint special to JTNewsOn a sunny, late fall day the promenade at Ashkelon would normally be full of people enjoying a stroll next to one of Israels most beautiful beaches. While life has begun to return to normal, during Operation Pillar of Defense, Israels just-completed pushback against Hamas rocket strikes on civilian targets, the Mediterranean cities of Ashkelon and Ashdod were all but deserted. A visit to the area on a day that saw Grad rockets landing on a high school and a hospital in Ashkelon reveals that hundreds of thousands of Israelis found themselves living in a tense reality where every normal activity was disrupted as rocket fire pounded Israeli cities over a large area of southern and central Israel. Im afraid to get into the shower in case the siren goes off, said Estie Ohayon, 58, a worker at Ashdods city hall. Traffic in and around Ashdod, Ashkelon and Beersheva was sparse, as schools and many non-essential factories closed to prevent injuries. Several roads in the area were closed to all but military traffic and intercity bus service limited due to both road closures and the IDFs need for the buses to transport the tens of thousands of reservists called up to the Gaza border. Small businesses, restaurants and other places of entertainment all suffered, as most people werent in the mood to go out and workers stayed home to take care of kids whose schools remain closed. Israels Federation of Chambers of Commerce approximates the loss of retail and service trade in the south at between NIS 90 million ($23 million) and NIS 100 million ($25 million) per day. They estimate that around 80 percent of the more than 25,000 small businesses in the region had closed during the hostilities. On one of Ashdods main streets on the morning of Nov. 19, right across the street from an apartment block that had taken a direct Judy lAsH bAlINT hit from a Hamas Dr. moshe Levy, head of Barzilay hospital, with an undetonated rocket that rocket the day before, fell on the hospital grounds. few shoppers milled Ive lived here for 30 years, said Dr. about. One caf owner said his business had Friedman, a local dentist. This is defidwindled to less than 10 percent of normal. nitely the most difficult time weve had Sitting on a bench outside, Dr. Asher here. Friedman, 42, his pregnant wife, and his Were not afraid, he added, but the 10-year-old son were trying to enjoy some time has come for some serious cleaning family time when they would each norout. But, this is the Middle East, and there mally be at work or at school.

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A few miles away at the ORT Ronson High School in an upscale Ashkelon neighborhood, Israel National Police spokesman Mickey Rosenfeld pointed to the damage done by a Grad rocket that sliced through the roof of a playground, causing extensive damage. Judy lAsH bAlINT An emergency-response team at the site of rocket attack that damaged an No one was hurt, since all schools in apartment building in Ashkelon. the area were closed. Some 40 makeshift childcare centers may never be a solution. around Ashkelon were set up to help parEddie Benhamou, spokesperson for ents occupy the children who are out of the city of Ashdod, was more upbeat. He school. The human resources department explained that its his job to stay relaxed, at Ashkelons Barzilay Regional Hospital and he pointed out that despite extenoperated a childcare facility in the bomb sive damage to the apartment complex shelter of an old Ashkelon hotel to enable in the center of his city, assessors arrived its workers to come to work. quickly and the emergency response team Approximately 100 primary and midrelocated the family to a hotel while their dle-schoolage kids were scattered about apartment undergoes repairs. the heavily fortified basement, engaged in The area has quickly returned to activities organized by student volunteers normal, Benhamou asserted.W LeSSoNS LeARNeD PAge 27

and female IDF soldiers. I feel useful here, said Tel Aviv University student and Ashkelon resident Ettie Peres, 22. I havent been able to work or study and Ive been afraid to go to sleep or go out of the house. Its not normal to live like this, without even being able to fulfill the minimal needs of a human being. Romi Levy, 8, who was playing quietly near Ettie, said she was happy to be in the shelter. We dont hear the sirens here, she said. Over at the Barzilay Hospital, the parents of those kids playing at the shelter didnt have the same luxury. Code Red sirens sounded frequently through the day, and around lunchtime a rocket fired from Gaza fell on the grounds of the hospital, close to the operating room. There are no words anymore, said Dr. Moshe Levy, the hospitals director. I thought no one would bomb a hospital. This is supposed to be the new Middle East. Levy said that only one area of the 550bed hospital is in a protected area, and Hamas knows that. When Pillar of Defense began, Barzilay mediator in the conflict. Finally, theres the issue of cost for Israel. The Israeli government estimates the cost of the Iron Dome missile interceptor at between $25 and $30 million for the week, and Israelis suffered damage to infrastructure ranging from homes to schools to roads. But President Obama has pledged to seek additional funding from Congress for the Iron Dome system. The United States already has sent Israel $275 million for Iron Dome over the last two years, and

sent more than half of its patients home and stopped all non-essential surgeries. Weve ceased almost all other medical activity, apart from treating the wounded from rocket attacks, Levy said. By the time the cease-fire was announced, the hospital had treated approximately 120 casualties, with one third suffering from trauma and anxiety, according to Levy. The relatively low casualty figure of Operation Pillar of Defense is due to the highly professional and well-publicized citizen preparedness program of the Home Front Command. Instructions on how to behave in a rocket attack and what to do when the siren sounds were circulated in many languages to every Israeli citizen. As in many of Israels previous confrontations, its the citizens who are on the frontlines. Limor Livnat, Israels minister of sports and culture, spent Nov. 19 touring the southern communities. Youre the source of strength for the IDF, she told a group of Ashkelon residents at one of its shelters.Former Seattle resident Judy Lash Balint is a Jerusalem-based writer.

more moderate Fatah-ruled West Bank rallied to Hamas side. The notion that negotiation rather than violence is the path toward Palestinian statehood seems to have suffered yet another setback. While Hamas was emboldened by the Egyptian governments very public and sympathetic stance, the sympathy didnt translate into any concrete assistance on the ground. Egypts prime minister visited Gaza during the fighting as a show of solidarity, but Egypt kept out of the fighting and retained its role as a broker between Israel and Hamas.

Thats a triumph for President Mohamed Morsi, who showed that despite his affiliation with Egypts Muslim Brotherhood Hamas is an offshoot of the Egyptian Islamist group he could play the role of mediator in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Egypts gain showed Turkeys loss. Once Israels closest Middle East ally and a key conduit between Israel and the Arab world, Turkey was left on the sidelines of this conflict. Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogans description of Israel as a terrorist state may have won him fans among his Muslim base, but it also signaled that Turkey had lost its unique ability to act as a

earlier this year the U.S. House of Representatives proposed an additional $680 million through 2015, with the Senate proposing an additional $210 million. Iron Domes success during the fighting also could be a boon for Israels defense industry, as other countries facing similar rocket threats clamor for the pioneering missile defense system. Whether that defense coupled with Israels offensive in Gaza is enough to deter Hamas from resuming its attacks remains unclear.

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French Jewish cemeterys roots run deepRobeRt wilkeS special to JTNewsBraking on the downhill, I struggled to read the route instructions fixed to my handlebars. Nancy and I were descending rapidly into the town of Saint-Rmy on the fourth day of a six-day bicycle tour of Provence. Our hotel on Boulevard Victor Hugo and a refreshing shower were now less than a half-kilometer away. I could taste the icy German beer waiting for me in the bar across the street. Turn left at the yield sign, I deciphered with one eye on the instructions and another on the road. The Jewish cemetery will be on your left. A Jewish cemetery? Its high stone walls appeared as promised. We braked hard and searched for a gate. It was the second cemetery we visited in as many days. A day earlier we wandered through a French cemetery outside a small hillside village. Our guides had set up a French picnic in the countryside surrounded by vineyards ablaze with autumn feuilles mortes. We lunched on truffle spreads and baguettes under a sycamore tree, the French cemetery with its high walls nearby. I travel to experience the culture and, without a doubt, the French are sentimental. The cemetery was adorned with flowers and expressions of love and remembrance. Souls resting here know they are loved. The Jewish cemetery in Saint-Rmy was starkly different. We found the heavy metal gate secured by a substantial padlock. Peering over, I saw stone graves that mirrored those on the Mount of Olives. Grass and weeds covered the grounds. Unlike the tenderness of the French cemetery, the Cimetire des Juifs of Saint-Rmy had lost its connection to the living. Jews lived in Provence for centuries as moneylenders, meat merchants, and metal workers, among other trades. Their condition varied from benign toleration to outright suppression. They were required to wear badges signifying they were Jews and pay a special tax, among other humiliations. After the death of Good King Ren in 1481, Provence became part of the Kingdom of France, and Provenal Jews became subject to French expulsion decrees. Following anti-Jewish disturbances in Arles, Aix and Marseilles, they were driven out of Provence in 1501. Most graves date to the 15th and 16th centuries, though the last burial took place in 1910, and the cemetery was closed in 1977. I am told it is opened once each year for historical tours. An abandoned Jewish cemetery evokes all sorts of thoughts in the mind of a Jewish traveler. The 500-year-old graves spoke to me, but the meaning eluded my understanding. Southern France is blessed with limestone soil and a sunny climate. The region produces wines such as Ctes du Rhne and Chteauneuf-du-Pape. Our tour guide, Pascal, is also a vintner. He proved to be a fine teacher of the French approach to wine. The all-important concept of terroir, he explained, is about geography, climate and the soil. It translates loosely to a sense of place. Pascal took us to a winery where soils were on exhibit in tall glass cases. One could see the variations: Sandy, rocky or rich in limestone. We dont regard wine by the grape variety, said Pascal. Its all about the placeand therefore the soil.

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JeNNIfer sHevITz

max, 3, Hannah, 9, and Jakob, 2, look at the tzedakah box they designed and colored. Blank cardboard boxes were sent to the approximately 1,000 families in the Seattle area who receive books through the PJ Library Jewish book program, with the idea that the kids could draw on the box and learn about giving to charity.

boTANy bob/creATIve coMMoNs

W gRoSSmAN PAge 24

The gates of the abandoned Jewish cemetery in St. Rmy, France.

The soil gives the wine its subtle flavors and characteristics. In France, he continued, we are not permitted to water the vineyard if we want to have the appellation of our region. Some years our yields are low, but we want the roots to set deep into the earth, 60 meters or more. That way the grapes can gather the characteristics of the soil. Voil! Terroir is the meaning of the Jewish graves in Saint-Rmy. As Jews, our roots are in Israel where they are deep, as

deep as any on earth. The Diaspora was our period of rootlessness, when we struggled to maintain our dignity and our Jewish identity. For centuries we died on foreign soil, thirsting for the sustenance and safety of a homeland of our own. No more. Once again, we have planted our vines in Israel. Jews everywhere are connected to Israeli soil and to the land of our heritage. After two millennia, Jews have a sense of place, a Jewish terroir. And the fruit is sweet.

The three sculptures shes showing are small, lumpy, slipcast porcelain whales with breasts precariously perched on scaffolding. Maybe Leviathan had a wife. Maybe Leviathan needs a mate, she said. Ive been thinking a lot lately about being a wife, because I am one, and have been one for some time. Wife-ness changes as you get older. It becomes more of a long-term partnership. Originally, Grossman planned to show Jobs wife, but the iron for the mold didnt

heat properly. Hence the headless woman in her yard. I rarely have studio disasters like that, but it was just a really bad day, she said grimly. The breasted Leviathans are fun little pieces to me about gendering the impossible to imagine, Grossman said. The scaffolding gives a sense of weightlessness and symbolizes the shaky constructs we live on. Some of my work is more serious than others, she added. I would say this is on the lighter end.


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Why my great-grandfather chaim was late for Hanukkah latkescuRt leviant special to JTNewsIn the winter of 1843, my great-grandfather Chaim Leviant, then a youngster of 15, was driving his grandfather Moshes horse-drawn sleigh along the snow-covered roads not far from Kariukovke, a shtetl in Ukraine. In another hour or so the first light of Hanukkah would be kindled at the house of Chaims grandparents, where the entire family was gathered to sing songs, play dreidel, and eat Grandmother Dobbes crispy potato latkes. The snow had finally stopped. All was silent, except for the little bells in the horses harness; the horses hooves made no sound in the deep snow. Chaim had just delivered food to a poor Jewish family in a neighboring shtetl. His grandfather Moshe was a wealthy man who supplied the local sugar factory with beets. He owned his house, but leased the land on which he grew the beets, for Jews were forbidden to own land in Czarist Russia. Suddenly, Chaim glimpsed something on the edge of a snowdrift. He tugged at the reins. The horse stopped. He saw a fur hat and jumped off the wagon. Lying in the snow was a boy of about 12, stunned but breathing. As he lifted the lad into the sleigh, Chaim surmised that a snoozing coachman, likely drunk, had dropped the reins and the unrestrained horses had set off in a gallop. Thats when the lad must have tumbled out into a snowbank. Chaim patted the boys face. He took off his own bearskin coat and wrapped the boy in it. Can you hear me? Chaim asked. Father, father, the boy whimpered. Youre safe, Chaim said. Who is your father? The boy answered slowly. Arkady IvanovichGoluptsin. I fell off our coach. Ivan Goluptsin? Our provincial governor? My father Following the boys instructions, my great-grandfather Chaim made his way to the Goluptsin winter mansion. A servant opened the door and shouted, Master, hes here. Arkadys mother and the governor saw a tall boy supporting their son, who was wrapped in a huge bearskin coat they did not recognize. He saved me, mama. He found me, papa. Who are you, my boy? Chaim Leviant from Kariukovke. Oh, yes, where Brodsky has his sugar plant. I know Brodsky well. Do you know who I am? Your son told me. The governor put his hand on his heart. Thank you, thank you for saving my sons life. Come with me, please. Governor Goluptsin put his arm around Chaims shoulders and led him into a spacious dining room. Sir, if you dont mindII am late for our Hanukkah celebration. My family is surely worried. It will only be a moment. The governor opened a drawer and placed a purse on the desk. I know you have a holiday custom of giving coins to the children, he smiled. Chaim, how many grandchildren does your grandfather have? Chaim began counting to himself. Yakov, Israel-Noah, Mendl, Tanya, Rachel, Rivka, Dvora and Boris and. He finally reached 18, including himself. The governor counted out 18 of the large, glittering five-ruble gold coins. Chaim knew that an average workers wages were a ruble a month. Sir, Chaim said, please dont think me ungrateful, but I dont want to be rewarded for the mitzvah of saving a life. The Talmud teaches us that when someone saves one life it is as if he has saved an entire world. This alone is my reward. Governor Goluptsin looked at Chaim. Hmm, I seeWell, then, is there anything I can do for you? Yes, said my great-grandfather Chaim. As you know, sir, Jews are not allowed to own land in Russia. Our family does business with Brodsky. They have always wanted to buy land to cultivate more sugar beet and provide jobs for many people in the area. How can I help? Could you get my family permission to buy a tract of land outside Kariukovke? For a moment the governor was silent. Then Goluptsins face brightened. Chaim, you have my word. I shall contact the Imperial Bank in Kiev to prepare the documents. Thank you again for good deed. And dont forget your bearskin greatcoat. When he arrived at his grandfathers house, his parents kissed and embraced him. And then he quickly told his story. Time to light the first candle, said a beaming Grandfather Moshe. Then Grandmother Dobbe came in with a large platter of latkes. Grandfather Moshe gave Hanukkah gelt to all the children and then called Chaim into his study. You refused the governor, but you wont refuse me, eh? Moshe smiled. Then he pulled a five-ruble gold piece from his pocket. Its for you. When the time comes, give it to your first-born son and tell him to pass it to his son, along with this story. And this is the coin, whose worth is far more than its weight in gold, that we keep next to our menorah during the eight days of Hanukkah. Like a legend, it sheds its own special light.Curt Leviants most recent book is the short story collection Zix Zexy Ztories.

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Linking to Lincoln on HanukkaheDmon J. RoDman JTA World News serviceLOS ANGELES (JTA) We need to celebrate a Lincoln Hanukkah this year. Its not because of the new Spielberg movie that gives us something to do on Christmas Day but because of the 150th anniversary of a little-known event in American history that threatened to expel a portion of the Civil War-era Jewish population from their homes on the Festival of Lights. On Dec. 17, 1862, during the height of the war, Gen. Ulysses S. Grant issued General Orders 11 expelling Jews as a class from a war zone that included areas of Tennessee, Mississippi and Kentucky within a 24-hour period. It was the first day of Hanukkah. At the time, Hanukkah was not the major holiday it is now. But Grants order, if carried out, meant that entire families would be uprooted during the holiday and beyond, and exiled from their communities. Today, relaxing in our home with family on Hanukkah, retelling the Maccabee story that takes place in a far-off time and land, its uncomfortable to imagine a different story about our freedom that hits much closer to home. On that day, Grant was attempting to cut off the black-market sale of Southern cotton, in which some Jewish and other traders were engaged. As researched in the engaging new book When General Grant Expelled the Jews (Schocken) by the prominent historian Jonathan D. Sarna, we find that Grants order was enforced in several towns in Union hands, including Paducah, Ky.; Holly Springs, Miss.; and Trenton, Tenn., among others. Only a few Jews were seriously affected by General Orders 11, perhaps fewer than 100, according to Sarna, but news of the order and the resulting outrage was quickly spread by The Associated Press. The Bnai Brith sent a petition to Washington calling upon President Lincoln to annul the order. Other Jewish leaders moved to organize delegations to meet with Lincoln. A Jewish merchant from Paducah named Cesar Kaskel traveled to Washington on a mission to have the order overturned. Upon arrival he was able to arrange through an Ohio congressman a meetingX PAge 36

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seeking writersPoems (3 max) and/or essays and fiction (under 5,000 words) on Northwest and Jewish themes from established and emerging writers for Spring 2013 issue of Drash. Include separate page with contact info and short bio. Deadline: December 15, 2012 submit by snailmail only to: Wendy Marcus, Music Director Temple Beth Am 2632 NE 80th St., Seattle 98115 206-525-0915 www.templebetham.org

knowledge & experienceaFh - adult Family homesAccessibility for the handicapped

Live-in companion to heLp active seniorand assist with meals, light household tasks, bathing and dressing. Shopping, if companion has car. View Ridge area. Lovely home with pool. Monthly salary. References required. Call 206-525-8695 or 206-265-0904.

Renovations & Repairs Home Maintenance Quality Remodeling Custom Additions Over 30 years experienceLicensed Bonded Insured

lba haugen hOmes, inc.lbahaugenhomes@msn.comlbahah1945pw

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donate that CaR to Chabad! Free Pick-up No DOL filing No smog certif. Running or not

425-603-1492funeral/burial servicesCEMETERy GAN ShALOMA Jewish cemetery that meets the needs of the greater Seattle Jewish community. Zero interest payments available. For information, call Temple Beth Am at 206-525-0915.

jew-ish .com/jewishdotcom

Next issue: december 14 ad deadliNe: december 7 call becky: 206-774-2238

Receive a tax write-off. Any vehicle okay Plus RVs, boats, real estate, lots, etc.


friday, November 30, 2012 . www.JTNews.NeT . JTNews

haNukkah greeTiNgs


great Hanukkah gifts for everyoneDiana buRmiStRovicH JNs.orgThese days, we remember and celebrate the centuries-old victory of the Jewish Maccabees, but with a modern and material spin plenty of gifts. And do we Americans like gifts. But gifts can have a spiritual component. This year, consider bringing back the historic themes of the Festival of Lights through your purchases. It is the Festival of Lights, after all The nine branches of the menorah have signified the Jewish peoples perseverance for more than 2,000 years since the Maccabees Hanukkah triumph. Though the story stays the same, your menorah doesnt have to. Bringing the holiday back to the future, the brushed metal menorah from atIndustrial Designs on Etsy.com offers acontemporary take on tradition.Fashion lovers may not get a new pair of shoes for every night, but they can sure pretend with this Menorah Blahnik reinterpretation on Moderntribe.com. Whether it is something themed or traditional, menorah.com, Squidoo.com and BargainJudaica.com all have wonderful options. Hanukkah headwear If a dog is a mans best friend, why shouldnt he or she get a gift as well? Los Angeles-based Lena Pavia creates Hanukkah hats to get your beloved pooch (or pussycat!) in the holiday spirit and sells them on Etsy.com. Pavias kippahs are handcrafted with a Star of David and peyot that are suited for any teacup, small, and medium sized pet. Kitsch for the kitchen Are you jealous of Bubbes latkes, sufganiyot and kugel? Strive to make Grandma proud with your own cooking this year, using the help of some of this years newest Hanukkah-themed cookbooks. Many traditional foods are heavy-handed on the oil ing Christmas in their own way. Why buy candy canes when you can buy Hanukkah canesfrom Moderntribe.com to put out on the table? When you arent sucking down a Meshuggah mintcheck out Zazzle.coms overwhelming amount of ornaments apt to make any Hanukkah bush a little more jovial. Spruce it up even more with some themed string lights found at your local Target or online on Judaism.com. Kidding around Keep your kinder looking cool at this years family dinner with an organic glow-in-the-dark onesie or fancy blue and white bib,both from Moderntribe.com. Is your tyke a toddler? Outfit him in some sweet t-shirts from RedBubble.com. Even local department stores are catching on; Macys, Target, and Walmart all have affordable themed options this holiday season. Perhaps youre feeling more like a philanthropist than Santa Claus this winter and want to give something more meaningful. Theres no better time than now to give your kid his or her own personalized tzedakah box. There are plenty of handcrafted options available on Etsy.com and your little car lover will both love and learn from their own train shaped boxfrom Moderntribe.com. Your tech-savvy teens will surely thank you for the hip, new Hanukkah-themed iPad covers from Zazzle.com or iPhone cases from CafePress.com that are fun, festive, and protective. Happy shopping!

Above: atIndustrials brushed steel menorah, available at etsy.com. Right: Pick up a oneKseven Hanukkah iPhone case at cafePress.com.

to assure that we dont forget what this holiday is really about. For those looking for a fresh and healthy alternative, Barbara Lori offers the Healthy Hanukkah Cookbook: Savory Jewish Holiday Recipes, available on the Amazon Kindle. Amateurs and kids alike are sure to find something that hits the sweet spot in Ronne Randalls Hanukkah Sweets and Treats. Even a seasoned pro in the kitchen can cook up some Hanukkah spirit with an Oy to the World apron, intricate menorah from Cafepress.com, plates and serving platters from Williams-Sonoma. com, or a 7-piece cookie cutter set from Kitchenworksinc.com including shofar, dreidel, and kiddush cup shapes for the kids. Hands-on Hanukkah Use old family recipes or new interpretations to treat the family every night. Rather than buy gifts, why not whip up a different dessert for every night and pack-

age it nicely with some blue and white ribbon? A lot of party stores also offer Star of David confetti and stickers to accent your DIY gift as well. Not only will it be delicious, but your own masterpiece is often more meaningful than anything you could buy. Not just for non-Jews Hanukkah isnt traditionally a gift-giving holiday, but everyone wants an excuse to give (okay, fine, receive) gifts when seeing their Christian counterparts drooling over this years new coolest thing during Christmas. We may envy their style, but Jews do a wonderful job recreat-

Happy Hanukkah

Long-term health is not guaranteed. Long-term care can be.Happy kah Hanuk

7525 SE 24th Street, Suite 350, Mercer Island, WA 98040 marv@creativeplanninginc.com


Marvin Meyers

Chag SameachDennis B. Goldstein & AssociatesCertified Public Accountants Tax Preparation Consulting & Planning for Individuals & Small Business

Hanukkah Greetings!

Mercer Island Sunset ChevronTune Up n Brake Work n Emission Specialist 7655 Sunset Hwy n Mercer Island n 206-232-8190

Happy Hanukkah



haNukkah greeTiNgs

JTNews . www.JTNews.NeT . friday, November 30, 2012

W cANDLe PAge 16


.jtn w


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s /be t


smoke, an extra piece of chocolate cake), we are being our own heroes. This Hanukkah, celebrate all of the dimensions of courage by dedicating each night to one of them: Candle 1 to the classic Hanukkah heroes of Judah Maccabee, Judith and Hannah. Candle 2 to the courageous acts of our children who welcome a new kid to the school, speak out against bullying, or have faith that the next day at school might be a little better than today. Candle 3 to someone in your community who took up a cause you believe in and fought for it.

Candle 4 to someone in your family perhaps parents or grandparents and a courageous act they performed during their lives. Candle 5 to American and Israeli soldiers who are fighting to protect values and ideals that are sacred to us. Candle 6 to the courage that you have exercised by restraint with a co-worker, spouse, child, friend or parent. Candle 7 to a person in your life who exemplifies courage the most. Candle 8 to that quality of courage in ourselves that enables us to bring light into dark places and for the energy to continue to stoke the embers of our own sense of courage.

It's your turn. You tell us!Wher es the best p izza?

W tWINKIeS PAge 26

an inch tall. Slice fruit rollups in strips to be long enough and wide enough to wrap around the Twinkie pieces. Place dried fruits and candies into the cream filling. Place the Twinkie rolls on a plate. Garnish with strips of dried mango (kinda looks like pickled ginger). And serve them with chopsticks

Note: You can use crushed-up cookies or black sprinkles (like caviar) or even a crushed-up Butterfinger to look like the fried onions

Submitted by Anna Merth-Simpson, modified from the old Hostess website.Find two more faux Twinkie recipes online at www.jtnews.net.

The annual JTNewss th What e ynag best s ogue?

W LINcoLN PAge 34

Best of Everything surveyWho makes the pr ettiest ketubot?

is now open!

Go Here: www.jtnews.net/best

with the president. According to an account of the meeting that Sarna says is often quoted but most likely embellished, Lincoln, using biblical imagery, asked Kaskel, And so the children of Israel were driven from the happy land of Canaan? In response, Kaskel asks for Father Abrahams protection, to which Lincoln replies, And this protection they shall have at once. The reality seems to have been that when Lincoln finally heard of Grants order, he ordered the general in chief of the Army to countermand it. An account by the prominent Cincinnati Rabbi Isaac Mayer Wise, who also had met with the president about the issue, provides Lincolns rationale: I do not like to hear a class or nationality condemned on account of a few sinners. This Hanukkah, then, with Lincoln on our minds, how should we commemorate Lincolns action to rescind what Sarna cites as the most sweeping anti-Jewish regulation in all American History? Should we devise a stovepipe hat menorah? Fry up four score latkes or change the lyrics of the modern classic Peter Paul & Mary Hanukkah song to Light one candle for the Tennessee Children? Not necessary. Jews going back to Lincolns presidency have found ways to connect before. After his assassination, expressing their sorrow, many rabbis delivered sermons that were collected in a book by Emanuel Hertz titled Abraham Lincoln: The Tribute of the Synagogue. The basis for the LibraryEVENTS BLOGS NEWS

of Congress Alfred Whital Stern Collection of Lincolniana was donated by Alfred Stern, a Chicago businessman. Theres even a Lincoln Street in Jerusalem. Continuing the connection is this years Steven Spielberg film about Lincolns role in the passage of the 13th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution that abolished slavery. Watching the film, I found it to be an excellent way at Hanukkah time to rededicate an interest in Lincolns heart, humor and wisdom. Another film, Saving Lincoln by director Salvador Litvak, approaches the Lincoln story through the eyes of his bodyguard. It might prove another way to light up a Hanukkah night. Sarnas book would be good for any night of the holiday, which many see as a struggle for freedom. For me it was a reminder that the dreidels message a great miracle happened here can apply to the U.S. as well. In the end, General Orders 11 greatly strengthened Americas Jewish community, Sarna writes. The successful campaign to overturn the order made Jews more confident. And Grant, to repent and to rehabilitate himself with the Jewish community during his two terms as president appointed more Jews to office than had any of his predecessors. This Hanukkah, when we stand before our lit hanukkiot reciting Hanerot Halalu, These lights which we kindle recall the wondrous triumphs and the miraculous victories, perhaps we can also recall the victories here of Cesar Kaskel, Rabbi Wise and ultimately Abraham Lincoln, who protected our freedom.REVIEWS FORUMS MORE


friday, November 30, 2012 . www.JTNews.NeT . JTNews

commuNiTy caleNdar


the calendarto Jewish Washingtonongoing eventSEvent names, locations, and times are provided here for ongoing weekly events. Please visit calendar. jtnews.net for descriptions and contact information. 9:1510:15 a.m. Advanced Talmud for Men Seattle Kollel 9:1510:15 a.m. Journey Through Halachah Seattle Kollel 9:1510:15 a.m. Mitzvot: The fabric of Jewish living Seattle Kollel 9:3010:30 a.m. Introduction to Judaism Temple Bnai Torah 7:308:30 p.m. Jewish ethics for Women Seattle Kollel 7:3010:30 p.m. HeAri Israeli dancing Danceland Ballroom 810 p.m. open beis Medrash Seattle Kollel 8:309:30 p.m. daf Hayomi/Mishna berura Seattle Kollel

@jewishcaltueSDayS121 p.m. lunch n law at Microsoft Eastside Torah Center 7 p.m. Alcoholics Anonymous Meetings Jewish Family Service 7 p.m. Teen center BCMH 79 p.m. The Jewish Journey Seattle Kollel 7:30 p.m. The Tanya Chabad of the Central Cascades 7:308:30 p.m. Tanya In-depth Eastside Torah Center (call for location) 810 p.m. open beis Medrash Seattle Kollel 8:309:30 p.m. daf Hayomi/Mishna berura Seattle Kollel 78:30 p.m. Jewish learning, Jewish living Temple Beth Or 79 p.m. Teen lounge for Middle schoolers BCMH 7:30 p.m. Parshas Hashavuah Eastside Torah Center 89 p.m. Talmudic ethics and stories Seattle Kollel 810 p.m. open beis Medrash Seattle Kollel 8:309:30 p.m. daf Hayomi/Mishna berura Seattle Kollel

fRiDayS11:15 a.m. Tots Welcoming shabbat Temple Bnai Torah 12:303 p.m. drop-in bridge Stroum Jewish Community Center 12:304 p.m. drop-in Mah Jongg Stroum JCC

SatuRDayS9:30 a.m. beginners Minyan Eastside Torah Center 9:45 a.m. bcMH youth services Bikur Cholim Machzikay Hadath 1:15 p.m.2:15 p.m. Adult ed Temple Bnai Torah 2 p.m. Kabbalah 101 with rabbi Alyjah Navy Vashon Intuitive Arts 6:307:30 p.m. Avot ubanim Seattle Kollel 6:309:30 p.m. Wisdom of the Heart spiritual singles celebrations Vashon Intuitive Arts

tHuRSDayS10 a.m.2 p.m. Jcc seniors Group Stroum JCC 121 p.m. lunch and learn Seattle Kollel (Island Crust Caf) 7 p.m. Junior Teen center BCMH 89 p.m. rabbi eli Mansour video Presentation Seattle Kollel 810 p.m. Teen lounge for High schoolers BCMH 810 p.m. open beis Medrash Seattle Kollel 8:309:30 p.m. daf Hayomi/Mishna berura Seattle Kollel

monDayS9:3010:30 a.m. essays in ethics for Women Seattle Kollel (call for location) 1:302:30 p.m. coffee and Parsha of the Week class for Women Chabad of the Central Cascades 89 p.m. Talmud for Men Eastside Torah Center 810 p.m. open beis Medrash Seattle Kollel 8:309:30 p.m. daf Hayomi/Mishna berura Seattle Kollel

weDneSDayS11 a.m.12 p.m. Torah with a Twist Seattle Kollel (call for location) 12 p.m. beyond the bible: Jewish Text study Temple Bnai Torah 1212:45 p.m. Talmud study (berachot) Seattle Kollel (Tullys Westlake Center) 7 p.m. beginning Israeli dancing for Adults with rhona feldman Congregation Beth Shalom 78 p.m. crash course in Hebrew Seattle Kollel

SunDayS910:30 a.m. Torah study Temple Bnai Torah

candlelighting times November 30 .................. 4:02 p.m. december 7 ..........................4 p.m. december 14 ........................4 p.m. december 21 .................. 4:03 p.m. fRiDay


5:308 p.m. family shabbat service and dinner Carol Benedick at carolbenedick@bethshalomseattle.org or 206-524-0075 or bethshalomseattle.org Family Kabbalat Shabbat service led by Rabbi Lauren Kurland followed by family-friendly Shabbat dinner, singing, and program for kids and adults. Pre-registration required. $10/person, $5/children age 35. At Congregation Beth Shalom, 6800 35th Ave. NE, Seattle.

30 novembeR

59 p.m. sHA Gala: celebrating 65 years Sari Weiss at sweiss@sha613.org or 206-323-5750, ext. 239 Celebrate 65 years of Jewish education and creating Jewish leaders from CEOs and PhDs to rabbis, board directors, lawyers and more. At Seattle Hebrew Academy, 1617 Interlaken Dr. E, Seattle. 9 p.m. Annual Jsu casino Night Ari Hoffman at thehoffather@gmail.com or SeattleNCSY.com Food, photo booths, music, and more for grades 812. $20 if dressed in formal attire, $30 if dressed casually. Proceeds to go to Israel. Then, join a Shabbaton in Seward Park With Nahum Zak, director of NCSY JOLT.At Tech Dwellers Georgetown, 6100 Fourth Ave. S, Seattle. X PAge 38

1 DecembeR

Join us this winter for Half-Day Preschool!for children 2 1/2 - 4 years~ Visit our website to learn about our other exciting programming!

Grades 6-8

at Green Lake

Special Event!. Academic Excellence . Personalized Advisory . Integrated Outdoor . Exceptional FacultyOpen Houses: Wednesday Nov 7, 6:30 pm & Tuesday Dec 11, 6:30 pm. Drop In events Saturday, Dec 1, and Saturday Jan 12, 10am-noon. www.billingsmiddleschool.org 206-547-4614Billings Middle School admits students of any religion, race, color, sexual orientationand national or ethnic origin.

Chanukah Music & Storytime with PJ Library! Dec 9, 4:00 - 5:15 p.m. For more info, contact Llavinthal@templebnaitorah.org (425) 603-9677 x209 Temple Bnai Torah * 15727 NE 4th St. * Bellevue, WA 98008 (425) 603-9677 * TempleBnaiTorah.org * Facebook/SolomikeEcc



commuNiTy caleNdar

JTNews . www.JTNews.NeT . friday, November 30, 2012

W cALeNDAR PAge 37


68 p.m. Annual Advocacy In Action: community reception and campaign event on energy security Becki Chandler at chandlerb@ajc.org or ajcseattle.org Wine and hors doeuvre with guest speakers David Harris, AJC executive director, and Michael Granoff, founder of Maniv Energy Capital and head of Oil Independence Policies for Better Place. At the Seattle Art Museum, 1300 First Ave., Seattle.

2 DecembeR


1111:30 a.m. PJ library story Time at Mockingbird books Amy Paquette at amyhp@jewishinseattle.org or 206-774-2237 or jewishinseattle.org/pjlibrary Musikal Magiks Betsy Dischel will play her guitar and guide you to sing, pound on drums, shake your eggs and learn a few words in American Sign Language, Hebrew and a song or two in Spanish. Free. At Mockingbird Books, 7220 Woodlawn Ave. NE, Seattle. 121:30 p.m. current events in Israel and the Middle east Shelly Goldman at sgoldman@a.templebnaitorah.org or 425-603-9677 or www.templebnaitorah.org Discuss a topic in the news pertaining to Israel with Nevet Basker. For information about this months topic or to join the email list, contact Jayne Carlin at jscarlin@gmail.com. Optional pre-reading is available at www.broaderview.org/current. This session will be repeated on Thursdays at 7 p.m.

5 DecembeR

$5 payable at the door. At Temple Bnai Torah, 15727 NE Fourth St., Bellevue. 5:308 p.m. J-Tech Meetup Michael Wardlow at MichaelW@JewishInSeattle.org or 206-774-2256 or www.JewishInSeattle.org The Jewish tech professional meetup group will feature Norm Judah, CTO of Microsoft Worldwide Services. Advance registration required. $5. At The Easy at Founders Co-op/TechStars, 511 Boren Ave. N (basement), Seattle. 89 p.m. organ donation and Jewish law Julie Greene at julie@bcmhseattle.org Part of Rabbi Moshe Kleteniks ethics and Jewish law series. Refreshments served. At Bikur Cholim Machzikay Hadath, 5145 S Morgan St., Seattle.

author Ingrid Carlberg. $45$50. At the Nordic Heritage Museum, 3014 NW 67th St., Seattle. 78:30 p.m. current events in Israel and the Middle east Shelly Goldman at sgoldman@a. templebnaitorah.org or 425-603-9677 or www.templebnaitorah.org Same topic as event on December 5. $5 payable at the door. At Temple Bnai Torah, 15727 NE 4th St., Bellevue.




10:30 a.m.12 p.m. Jewish symbols and Their development Ellen Hendin at endlessopps@jfsseattle.org or 206-861-3183 or www.jfsseattle.org Art historian Andrea Diaz will discuss Jewish and Hebrew symbols, their development from biblical to contemporary times, and explore the layers of Jewish symbols in different cultures and periods. At Temple De Hirsch Sinai, 3850 SE 156th Ave. SE, Bellevue. 5:307:30 p.m. 18th Annual raoul Wallenberg dinner Linda Lingle at lindal@nordicmuseum.org or 206-789-5707 or www.nordicmuseum.org/ events.aspx#Wallenberg Join the Nordic Heritage Museum and State Senator Ken Jacobsen for the 18th annual Raoul Wallenberg Dinner with distinguished journalist and

6 DecembeR

1 p.m. Jewish day school open House Amy Adler at aadler@jds.org or 425-460-0260 or www.jds.org Prospective families can tour the JDS campus and learn about the preschool8th grade program. At Jewish Day School of Metropolitan Seattle, 15749 NE Fourth St., Bellevue.

7 DecembeR

1111:30 a.m. PJ library story Time at Mockingbird books Amy Paquette at amyhp@jewishinseattle.org or 206-774-2237 or jewishinseattle.org/pjlibrary Free. At Mockingbird Books, 7220 Woodlawn Ave. NE, Seattle. 89 p.m. A Halachic Perspective on Intellectual Property rights Julie Greene at julie@bcmhseattle.org Rabbi Moshe Kletenik will discuss the Jewish ethical issues of unauthorized downloading and/or distributing media as part of his ethics and Jewish law series. At BCMH, 5145 S Morgan St., Seattle.

12 DecembeR



10 a.m.12 p.m. double chai brunch Carol Benedick at carolbenedick@bethshalomseattle.org or 206-524-0075 or www.bethshalomseattle.org Congregation Beth Shaloms annual fundraiser. Learn more and RSVP at www.bethshalomseattle. org. No entry charge, no minimum/maximum gift required. At Congregation Beth Shalom, 6800 35th Ave. NE, Seattle. 7 p.m. Tds Wine and dine Sasha Mail at sashamail@msn.com or tdsseattle.org/events/winedine Five-course dinner and wine pairing featuring new kosher wines. Reservations required. $100 couvert. At Urban Enoteca, 4130 First Ave. S, Seattle.

9 DecembeR

10:30 a.m. PJ library story and song Time with shoshana stombaugh Amy Paquette at amyhp@jewishinseattle.org SJCS and PJ Library Seattle present stories, songs, and an activity with Shoshana Stombaugh on the second Friday of almost every month. Everyone is welcome. Free. At Seattle Jewish Community School, 12351 Eighth Ave. NE, Seattle.

14 DecembeR


68 p.m. The livnot Project Think Tank Julie Hayon at juliehayon@gmail.com or 206-486-0104 or www.thelivnotproject.org Discussion on text and tikkun olam, the Jewish commitment to justice work, with Rivy Kletenik. At Jewish Family Service, 1601 16th Ave., Seattle.

16 DecembeR

Happy Hanukkah!www.campschechter.org 206-447-1967 Info@campschechter.org

See why Camp Solomon Schechter was voted Best Jewish Camp 2 years in a row!

Early bird discounts available through Dec. 15

Register Now!

www.kalsman.urjcamps.org 425-284-4484

friday, November 30, 2012 . www.JTNews.NeT . JTNews



LifecycLesMary Katherine (Alhadeff) Halela was born in Seattle November 25, 1923. Our loving mother, grandmother, great grandmother, aunt, great aunt, friend and community member passed away peacefully surrounded by family on October 10, 2012 at Marikas AFH in Bellevue. Mary is survived by her daughter Maggie (Mark), son Robert, Randi Halela, grandchildren Courtney, Joey, Sydney, Rachelle, Shelby and great-grandchildren Jackson, Jagger and Lake. Mary is also survived by numerous nieces and nephews and great-nieces and nephews. Mary graduated from Garfield High School and attended the University of Washington for two years. She worked for many years as a secretary until she met Dad in 1948. Mom and Dad married in 1950. Marys life was her family; after raising the children she went back to work. Mom also enjoyed her many years working at Longacres Race Track in the program office. Mary was a member of Sephardic Bikur Holim and a member of her beloved Terra Tillers Garden Club for over 50 years. She enjoyed dance, music, theatre, traveling, flower arranging and spending time with her family, especially her grandchildren. Marys family and extended family meant everything to her. Her love touched all who knew her. We will miss her dearly. The family suggests that remembrances in Marys memory may be made to Temple Bnai Torah, Sephardic Bikur Holim, or Congregation Ezra Bessaroth.

Mary Halela

How do I submit a lifecycle announcement?Send lifecycle notices to: JTNews/Lifecycles, 2041 Third Ave., Seattle, WA 98121 E-mail to: lifecycles@jtnews.net Phone 206-441-4553 for assistance. Submissions for the December 14, 2012 issue are due by December 4. Download forms or submit online at www.jtnews.net/index.php?/lifecycle Please submit images in jpg format, 400 KB or larger. Thank you!

Empowering each girl to live her potential.

2012 Open HouseTuesday, Dec 4, 6 pm 8 pm2706 S Jackson St. Seattle 98144

W HomeFRoNT PAge 9

podcast which on average lasts 15 minutes. Goldberg has a BA in English and theater from Indiana University and a teaching certificate in education from Seattle Pacific University. She has taught preschool through high school and has two children. Steinfeld has an MPH in health services from UCLAs School of Public Health. She has worked in the pharmaceutical industry and in management of patient and professional education programs for health websites. She is the mother of elementary-aged twins. Steinfeld and Goldberg say their diverse backgrounds make the productions richer. This journey has been very rewarding in so many ways, Steinfeld said.To listen to the podcasts, visit the Homefront Chronicles website at www.hfchronicles.com.

2-for-1 Happy Chanukah CardsWhen you let JFS Tribute Cards do the talking, you send your best wishes and say you care about funding vital JFS programs here at home. Call Irene at (206) 861-3150 or, on the web, click on Donations at www.jfsseattle.org. Use Visa or MasterCard. Its the most gratifying 2-for-1 in town.

www.seattlegirlsschool.org 206.709.2228

Inquire. Investigate. Connect. DISCOvEr


WED,DEC 5TH 5:30-7:30PM

Hands on. Hearts on. Minds on.November 29, 9:00 a.m. December 11, 9:00 a.m. Tours also available by appointment

School Day Parent Tours

206.691.2625 seattlecountryday.org

www.sjcs.net 206.522.5212 admissions@sjcs.net


commuNiTy News

JTNews . www.JTNews.NeT . friday, November 30, 2012

Bridge receives first UW veterans awardJoel magalnick editor, JTNewsAfter a 41-year naval career launched by the bombing at Pearl Harbor, Herb Bridge retired with the rank of rear admiral, the highest rank possible for a reserve officer. On Nov. 10, 71 years after he first put on a uniform, Bridge stood onstage at the WashingtonUtah football game as a guest of University of Washington president Michael Young, to receive the first UW Alumni Associations Distinguished Alumni Veteran Award. I had to get out and get this honor in front of 70,000 of my closest friends, Bridge said. It was fun. Two days later, on Veterans Day, Bridge attended a ceremony that marked his service in the Pacific during World War II, in Korea, and in the Naval Reserve. Young spoke at the ceremony, as did Bob Stacey, interim dean of the UWs College of Arts and Sciences. Staceys son Will, a marine stationed in Afghanistan, was killed by an improvised explosive device in January. Bridge has long been active in Seattles civic and Jewish community, from expanding his fathers jewelry business, Ben Bridge Jeweler, to one of the countrys largest chains of jewelry stores (with his brother Bob as partner) to his support of local agencies such as Hillel at the UW, the Jewish Federation of Greater Seattle, and the United Way. Bridges naval career was also a family affair. His father Ben served in the Navy, as did his son Jon, who had nine years of active duty and 26 years in the Naval Reserve. In addition to graduating from the UW in 1947, Bridge attended the Naval War College and served on the staff of Adm. John McCain, Jr., father of Sen. John McCain of Arizona. He also spent several months commanding a fleet in the Indian Ocean near Oman. Even weeks after his honors, Bridge is still excited about his experience. Its very nice to be the initial recipient of something like that, he said.

roN Wurzer

Rear Admiral, Ret. Herb Bridge, at a ceremony honoring him as the first recipient of the University of Washington Alumni Associations Distinguished Alumni veteran Award.

TapestryWeaving together a community of learnerssave the date:

HAWAII Pesach 2013Early bird discount! Book by Dec 31st

by Phillip & Dayna Klitzner

- The Luxurious Maui Sheraton


sunday, March 17, 20134:30 9:00 p.M. | the seattle sheraton

Live Concert!








head oF school and a jds Founder auction co-chairs: judy lynn rice & paMela love

Maria Erlitz






For More inFo: rcoleMan@jds.org | 425-460-0242 | jds.org



www.hawaiianpesach.com info@hawaiianpesach.com