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  • 8/6/2019 JTNews | June 24, 2011


    june 24, 2011 22 sivan 5771 volume 87, no. 12 $2


    connecting our local Jewish community


    @jew_ish @jewishdotcom @jewishcal

    t h e v o i c e o f j e w i s h w a s h i n g t o n10 under 40 returns! the first five start on page 9.

    When the directors o local Jewish organization

    opened up their email inboxes on June 17, most receive

    a pleasant surprise: For the rst time in three years the

    allocations rom the Jewish Federation o Greater Seattle

    annual community campaign had gone up. In some case

    the increase was signicant.

    We made some strategic decisions within the Feder

    tion budget this past year, and that allowed us to put mo

    money into the allocations system, said Richard Fruchte

    the Federations president and CEO.

    In addition, with a reduction and shi in the way

    pays dues to its umbrella organization, Jewish Federation

    o North America, the Seattle Federations Planning an

    Allocations committee had more money to work with, sa

    Amy Wasser-Simpson, the Federations vice president

    planning and community services.

    All told, allocations to the local agencies and intern

    tional organizations through the American-Jewish Joi

    Distribution Committee and Jewish Agency or Israel

    increased by about 7.5 percent overall rom last year.

    Wasser-Simpson gave much o the credit or th

    increased allocations to the agencies themselves, most

    whom have or the past our years been working on honin

    their requests through an objective scoring process base

    upon several uniorm criteria.

    People are really taking seriously the attributes w

    developed, she said. Agencies are achieving higher scor

    and thereore increasing allocations.

    Wasser-Simpson said the organizations that sa

    increases had been able to present themselves more clear

    and concisely.

    Some o them articulated what their programmat

    pieces are in a way that gave Planning and Allocation mem

    bers more insight into the work o the agency, she said.

    Ken Weinberg, CEO o Jewish Family Service o Great

    Seattle, said he received notication about his agency

    increased allocation as he began his normal Sunday morn

    ing ritual o diving into the New Yorkimes with his wi

    I had a great Fathers Day, and it started with read

    ing the allocation letter, Weinberg said. I was very, ver

    pleased, very excited.

    Nearly all o the increase to JFS about $28,000 w

    go toward emergency services.

    Food, housing, heat in the winter, those are things th

    people simply cant live without, and those things are a

    enormous challenge or us because the numbers o utilizers

    Agnis glm spisdspi dnampaign

    7.5% increase over last year

    Joel MagalnickEditr, JTNews


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    grd d rig ctr. Rd mor o pg 6.

  • 8/6/2019 JTNews | June 24, 2011


    2 JTN . www.JTNews.NeT . friday, JuNe 24, 201

    A division of Jewish Family Service

    A S S O C I A T E S

    As the state licensed home care division

    o Jewish Family Service, we specialize

    in personal and homemaker services that

    make the whole amily eel better. All our

    caregivers are pre-screened, bonded,

    insured and actual employees o Jewish

    Family Service itsel. What could be more



    Call for a no-fee, no-obligation

    intake assessment today.

    Services are tailored to meet the needso parent and amily alikeull or part-

    time, long or short-term, live-in or live-out.

    Ater all, no one cares or loved ones like

    amily does.

    For complete details about these and other upcoming JFS events and workshops, please visit our website: www.jfsseattle.org


    Endless Opportunities

    A community-wide program offered inpartnership with Temple Bnai Torah & TempleDe Hirsch Sinai. EO events are opento the public.

    Not for the Faint of Heart The Restaurant BusinessWith Susan Kauman o Serafna

    mThursday, June 3010:00 11:30 a.m.

    A Slice of America:Coffee & PieWith Dani Cone, owner o Fuel and High 5 Pie

    mThursday, July 710:30 a.m. 12:00 p.m.

    Outing to Mercer SloughNature ParkJoin a tour o the Mercer Slough EnvironmentalEducation Center and walk along the trails inBellevues largest park.

    mFriday, July 1511:00 a.m. 12:00 p.m.

    Keep the Chain Alive:

    A Historical Musical JourneyCantor David Serkin-Poole will lecture anddemonstrate brie examples o Jewish musicthrough history.

    mThursday, July 2110:00 11:30 a.m.

    Jews of Melilla: A SpanishTerritory on Mainland AfricaJoin Rabbi Simon Benzaquen rom SephardicBikur Holim Congregation, who will share thehistory o Melilla and his relationship to thegarrisoned city.

    mThursday, July 2810:30 a.m. 12:00 p.m.

    RSVPEllen Hendin, (206) 861-3183 orendlessopps@jsseattle.org regarding all

    Endless Opportunities programs.

    Summer Family Calendar


    JFS Knows We Are All FamilyPride Shabbat

    m6:00 8:00 p.m.

    Jewish Community Booth at PrideFest

    mSunday, June 26

    ContactMarjorie Schnyder, (206) 861-3146or amilylie@jsseattle.org.

    Kosher Food BankSpecial ood bank opportunity or amilies whokeep a kosher kitchen.

    mWednesday, July 65:00 6:30 p.m.

    Advance registration required.

    ContactJana Prothman, (206) 861-3174 orjprothman@jsseattle.org

    Shaarei Tikvah: Gates of HopeSummer Shabbat Experience forPeople of All AbilitiesEnjoy a delicious meal, Shabbat rituals, and abrie service with riends, amily, andcommunity! Rabbi James Mirel and CantorDavid Serkin-Poole will lead the service.

    ASL interpretation provided.

    mFriday, July 295:30 p.m. Service begins6:30 p.m. Catered kosher dinner

    ContactMarjorie Schnyder, (206) 861-3146or amilylie@jsseattle.org.


    Programs of Project DVORA (DomesticViolence Outreach, Response & Advocacy)are free of charge.

    Support Group for Jewish Womenwith Controlling PartnersmOngoing

    Confdential location, dates and time.

    ContactProject DVORA, (206) 461-3240or contactus@jsseattle.org



    119th Annual MeetingThursday, September 1, 2011


    Tuesdays at 7:00 p.m.

    JFS services and programs aremade possible through generous

    community support o

    To donate, please visitwww.jfsseattle.org

    1601 - 16th Avenue, Seattle

    (206) 461-3240 www.jfsseattle.org

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    friday, JuNe 24, 2011 . www.JTNews.NeT . JTN OpiNiON

    letters to the editorthe rabbis turn

    My mom always reminds me that I was reading the sports section of the L.A. Times when I was 4 or 5 years old.

    Q13 sports anchor Aaron Levine, one of our 10 Jews under 40 making a difference. See page 9.

    Write a letter to the editor: W w v f ! o g wg

    f www.jw./x.pp?/_g.

    p ppx 350 w. t f x

    J 28. F f

    israel must act

    Israel currently controls the lives of 2.5 million Palestinians in the West Bank. I therefore

    nd it difcult to understand Wendy Rosens dire prediction (The coming Palestinian winter,

    June 10) that declaring a Palestinian state will mark an end to Israel as a Jewish state. It

    makes signicantly more sense that to secure Israels Jewish majority and character, its lead-

    ers should act quickly to relinquish the occupied territories and make real progress toward atwo-state solution.

    The West Bank settlements are a huge impediment to this goal. Not only are they an

    obstacle to peace with the Palestinians, a security liability and an economic drain, but also a

    terrible moral burden and a major contributor to Israels growing international isolation.

    It is incumbent upon American Jews who care about the democratic future of an Israel

    that is a light unto the nations that they not check their liberalism at Zionisms door (in

    the words of journalist Peter Beinart). They would do Israel a greater service by challenging

    Israels behavior in the West Bank and Gaza Strip, and by doing everything possible to bring

    about a Palestinian state.

    One cannot help but be concerned, as we watch current events unfold, that if more mean-

    ingful progress is not made in establishing a Palestinian state with the 1967 borders as a

    starting point, other forces will seize the initiative in shaping the Middle East.

    s s


    hoW Will you act?

    As an infrequent visitor to the area I was interested in the JTNews and the opinions

    expressed in the letters written to your publication.

    The letter to Congress written in the J-Teen section (May 27) was interesting in what it did

    not say as opposed to what was written. All the ethical reasons for not standing by and getting

    involved in Libya were stated. What was missing was a personal statement of involvement, a

    statement of what part of we should intervene you personally will make. Will you talk from

    the sidelines, as in send in the Marines or will you volunteer to be part of the intervention?

    Will you join ROTC? Will you enlist to be an active part of the intervention?

    The letter was wonderful as far as it went in ethical thought, but it ended leaving me