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    t h e v o i c e o f j e w i s h w a s h i n g t o n

    january 13, 2012 18 tevet 5772 volume 88, no. 1 $


    connecting our local Jewish community


    @jew_ish @jewishdotcom @jewishcal

    J-Teen 15 20 24

    young artists a game of catch 2012s first! a design retrospective

    Tw lcal day schls rciv natinal award

    Janis siegel JTNws CorrspondntFor 2012, theres an extra $25,000 in each o the coers o the Seattle

    Jewish Community School and the Jewish Day School o Metropolitan

    Seattle to buoy them through the new year.

    Te two day schools were chosen, as were 23 other institutions, rom

    127 schools in the U.S. that applied or the Partnership or Excellence in

    Jewish Education 2011 Challenge Award. Both schools won or imple-

    menting creative new revenue streams in their schools to strengthen

    Jewish education and Jewish community, which is PEJEs mission.

    Providing a high-quality Jewish day school education to current

    and uture generations o Jewish children is vital to a vibrant and endur-

    ing Jewish uture, said Donna Woonteiler, PEJEs director o market-

    ing and communications, in the organizations December 2011 award

    announcement. And in todays economic climate, attaining sustain-

    ability and aordability or our day schools is the most essential actor

    in meeting this goal.

    Both schools submitted applications or the prize, and according to

    PEJE the applications received multiple reviews beore winners were


    Studies have repeatedly shown that one o the best promoters o

    Jewish identity and the best antidote to Jewish assimilation in the U.S.

    is a ull-time Jewish day school education. Te research reveals that it

    grounds children, creating strong Jewish connections. Day schools als

    provide enterprising adult education programs that engage parents i

    lielong learning.

    Tis list gives us a national picture, not o crisis, but o hope, har

    work, innovation, and resiliency, said PEJE board chair Diane rode

    man in the same announcement reerring to the award winners.

    Tirteen o the winning schools were community and multi-denom

    inational schools both JDS and SJCS all into that category an

    seven were rom Orthodox communities. Another six schools won ro

    the Conservative movement, and one school rom the Reorm commu

    nity received the award.

    Fourteen small schools, dened by a student body o 200 students o

    less, o which SJCS is one, won the award. In total, the PEJE gave $625,00

    in Challenge Award money to Jewish schools across the country.

    PEJE is a leading resource organization ocused on keeping Jewish ed

    cation aordable and ongoing by ostering initiatives that help schoo

    boost revenue through annual campaigns, legacies, and endowments.

    Last year, SJCS embarked on a strategy to market its new brand

    as a multi-use community hub and a gateway or Jewish amilies

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    Why it is right t scrutiniz Irans huan rights abuss

    Wendy Rosen Spcil to JTNwsAs Iran ignores the international com-

    munity while developing nuclear weap-

    ons, the regimes abysmal treatment o

    its own citizens is equally disturbing, and

    now is capturing global attention and

    action. It is time we all pay heed.UN member states put Iranian human

    rights abuses ront and center last month

    by endorsing two new reports one by

    Special Rapporteur on the Situation o

    Human Rights in Iran Ahmed Shaheed

    and the other by UN Secretary General

    Ban Ki-moon that expressed grave

    concern about the countrys continu-

    ing assault on human rights. A UN Gen-

    eral Assembly resolution, introduced by

    Canada, gained 89 countries voting in

    avor and 30 against, with 64 abstentions.

    All o the worlds Western democracies

    supported the nonbinding resolution.

    Te UN resolution identied a wide

    range o heinous acts carried out by Ira-

    nian government agents, including:

    Te requent use o torture

    Flogging and amputation

    Inliction o capital punishment

    or vaguely deined crimes, oten

    through coerced conessions

    Frequent public executions and

    secret group executions

    Iniction o the death penalty against


    Execution by stoning, despite a gov-

    ernment rule against it, and by pro-

    longed strangulation.

    It has been reported elsewhere thatIran executed more than 450 people in

    2011, one-third o them in secret.

    UN members also expressed deep con-

    cern at pervasive gender inequality and

    violence against women in Iran, as well

    as a continued crackdown on womens

    human rights deenders and the violent

    repression and arrest o women exercising

    their right to peaceul assembly. Te UN

    reports on Iran both ocused on the per-

    sistent arrest o women working or the

    Campaign or Equality, also known as

    the One Million Signatures campaign,

    which seeks to bring attention to serious

    orms o gender inequality enshrined in

    Iranian law.

    Iran has engaged in ongoing, sys-

    temic, and serious inringement o

    reedom o expression and reedom o

    peaceul assembly, according to the UN

    resolution. It noted the extensive impris-

    onment o journalists and bloggers, the

    orceul breaking up o demonstrations,

    unair trial practices that prevail in the

    Iranian revolutionary courts, and arrests

    and death sentences or the vague charge

    o enmity against God. Te UN resolu-

    tion called on Iran to immediately release

    those detained or simply exercising their

    right to peaceul assembly and participat-

    ing in peaceul protests.

    Iranian violations o the rights oethnic and religious minorities were also

    cited in the UN resolution. It particu-

    larly highlighted persecution o members

    o the Bahai aith, noting that they have

    been arbitrarily imprisoned and denied

    employment, government beneits and

    higher education, and that 20-year prison

    sentences were reinstated against lead-

    ers o their aith ollowing deeply awed

    legal proceedings.

    Te UN also called or Iran to launch

    an impartial investigation o allegations o

    killings and other abuses in the crackdown

    by police and paramilitaries that ollowed

    the 2009 presidential elections, which

    were widely perceived as raudulent. Iran

    was pressed to prosecute those responsible

    or the post-election abuses and to ensure

    that the upcoming 2012 parliamentary

    elections reect the will o the people.

    Tese ndings remind everyone that it

    is vitally important that all member states

    support the UNs eorts to improve the

    human rights situation in Iran and the

    specic recommendations it has set out as

    a needed course o action. Tis includes

    pressing Iran to cooperate ully with th

    mandate o the special rapporteur and

    allow him to visit the country, to allow o

    the air investigation o and public repor

    ing on human rights violations, to sto

    the practice o imprisoning and executinthose who express dissent, and to relea

    those already imprisoned. For all o Iran

    bluster and denial, its leaders are sensiti

    to such criticism. Iran withdrew its appl

    cation or a seat on the UN Human Righ

    Council in 2010 aer international outc

    about how it treats its own people.

    Te realization that such a country m

    soon possess a nuclear weapon provid

    added impetus to highlight its human

    rights record and press or change. Indee

    we should recall the insight by Sovi

    physicist and Nobel Peace Prize winn

    Andrei Sakharov, who pointed out th

    the deense o human rights[is] th

    only sure basis or genuine and lastin

    international cooperation.

    Iran must be pressured, by the UN, th

    U.S., and others, to undamentally alter i

    human rights record beore we can hop

    to make genuine progress on other issu

    o global importance.

    Wendy Rosen is executive director of the

    Seattle chapter of American Jewish Committe

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