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  • 8/8/2019 JRM102 - Profile Story - Angelica Facundo (Dark)


    The Dreamer and Wandererin the city of Manila

    ngelica is a sophomore in Far EasternUniversity taking up Bachelor of Arts in MassCommunication. An aspiring model, broadcaster,professor.

    Maybe the reason why I dontwant to be in a relationship

    because I am already satisfied by the love and attention I get frommy father and brother,

    Says the outspoken Angelica Facundo.

    by Angeli Frencillo

    Talking to an Angelica Facundo will make youwonder what she really has inside of her. Shehas certain points of view in life. Unlike othermass communication students, youll find herquite exotic, exotic in a sense that you know thatshes somewhat mischievous but shes serious inher studies. She goes to parties. She lovesshopping. But what makes her different from thestereotypes is that she is focused on her goal tobecome successful in her chosen field. Shes asurprise flavor from a box of chocolates.


    Ma. Angelica Maralit-Facundo, commonly calledand known as Gel in Manila and Ma-An in theprovince, is a native from Nagcarlan, Lagunawhere she experienced her childhood and grewup to be who she is now. Growing up as an onlydaughter, she has experienced being spoiled byher father and only brother.

    Q: How do you feel about being an onlydaughter?A: There is nothing I could ask for more because Igot the love of my dad and my bro. Maybe thereason why I dont want to be in a relationshipbecause I am already satisfied by the love andattention I get from my father and brother. Proof is that, I never really had one in my life.

    Q: Your family is composed of only four people,can you tell us something about them?A: My dad is working at a bank as a manager andmy mom is a preschool teacher. I have onebrother who is ten years older than me and he isworking as a seaman.


    Angelica was forced to take up Accountancy because it was her moms dream for her to be anaccountant someday but little did they know,this little girl had dreams of her own and thatshe wanted to pursue it no matter whathappens.

    Q: How about where you grew up and whereyou are staying now?A: Apparently, I am not really from the city. Myhometown is in Nagcarlan, Laguna but I amcurrently staying in Paraaque because of mystudies.

    Q: How do feel about staying in Manila so far?A: It is stressful and fun at the same time.Stressful because of the environment conditionsthat sometimes make me lose my focus on mystudies. And fun, because of college and all theplaces I can go to and have fun. Its a new worldyou know. [laughs]

    Q: Where do you like it most here in Manila, isadjusting hard for you?A: It would probably be Intramuros. Beautifulsceneries, great venue for photo shoots. [laughs]Nope, I didnt have a hard time adjustingbecause I stay with my dad in the house. I wasnot homesick at all.


    And no, we are not talking about boys. Gelexperienced heartbreak from her best friend inelementary school and ever since then, theirfriendship was never the same again.

    Q: What do you miss most about Nagcarlan?A: My high school friends and my momscooking.

  • 8/8/2019 JRM102 - Profile Story - Angelica Facundo (Dark)


    Q: What was the most heartbreaking thing thathappened in your high school life?A: Whoa! Most heartbreaking thing? Is thereone? [laughs]. I think I have one in myelementary years. That is when my best friendand I broke up after five years of friendship.


    After a year of Accountancy in University of Santo Tomas, Angelica has finally ended heragony by pursuing Mass Communication in FarEastern University.

    Q: What do you enjoy doing?A: I like writing and critiquing films. I likemodeling. I love fashion. I like meeting newpeople and trying lots of things. I am alsointerested in photography, directing andproducing. There are just too many things that Ilove about. And I use all of my energy to explorethese obsessions.

    Q: Let's talk about how and why you came herein Manila, I heard that you tookup Accountancy.A: Yup. I took up BS Accountancy in UST for twosemesters that is why I need to stay in Manila.

    But on the following academic year, I transferredto FEU and shifted to AB Mass Communication.

    Q: How was your experience in UST? Compareit to how you are now in FEU, do you thinkshifting to another university is worth it? If youcould choose to stay in UST, would you? Why?A: My days in UST were nightmares. I think I justbarely survived because I made friends that I candepend on. I have no social life at all because Ineed to triple my effort in studying. I do nothave any inspiration to study because it isagainst my will to pursue accountancy. I do notlike it at all. Huh, so much for my freshman year

    in college. But then again, things change when Icame to FEU. And yeah, shifting courses wasworth it here. I am finally living my life right now.There is nothing I could ask for more. It is justthat, I am on my way to make my dreams cometrue. Well, if I have liked accountancy from thevery start, I think my life would have been easierin UST because I love what am I doing and of course, I would have chosen to stay there.

    Q: How is your life as a Mass Communicationstudent so far, are you enjoying it?A: Do you even need to ask about that? Of course! I am enjoying it very much. A totally

    different story from taking up Accountancy.

    Mass communication is my life! It waseverything that I wanted. Media arts andcommunication. This field is my forte.Q: What are the new things you've experiencedand the things that you think are worthcherishing as a new student/transferee?A: [Uhm] I met persons living their lives. I learnhow important it is to be subjective than beingobjective. After all, life is not just words you mayalways get from the book. There is a thing calledreality to be appreciated and that is what masscommunication is all about. Sometimes, youdont have to always follow the rules. Comingout from your comfort zone is the best thing toexplore life. We dont know how much creativewe can be.

    Q: After completing a degree in MassCommunication, what are your plans?A: Well, there are so many things that I want todo. I am interested on becoming a broadcasteror TV host if it is on screen. I would like to be adirector and producer if it is off screen. And if Iam not going to enter the media industry.

    Q: Are you considering teaching in your field of study? Do you want to become a professor?A: Yes. That is one of my options as of what Ihave said. I can still have vacations same as thestudents. [laughs] I would like to have mymasters and be a good professor to those whoaspires to become mass communicationstudents.

    Q: Tell me something about your aspirations.What are your frustrations and how do youthink will you be able to overcome them?A: I want to create a name in the media industry.I want to achieve works that are capable of reaching the international standards of media. Idream big, huh. And yes, I know that it is toorisky but I am here giving all my best tomaster mass communications. I know I can and Ibelieve in myself and God. I just have to work myway to the top. Everybody starts from scratch.Without it, nobody will ever be able to reachwhere they are now. We just have to developour potential.

    Q: From whom do you draw your strength?A: From God, my family and my friends. Withoutthem, I am not who I am today. And I want tothank them for everything. Both positive andnegative stuffs.

    Q: Just a random thought. What do you thinkmakes you different from others?A: I am not sure of the answer to that question.[Uhm] It is because I am unique? I mean, it isalready a thought that everybody else isdifferent from one another. What I can say isthat I am a whole package of different things.Sometimes, Im kind of erratic. I am obsessiveand compulsive. You can probably understandme right? [laughs]

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    Q: [Joking] Please share your sentiments tothose students who are finding it difficult tostudy Accountancy.A: If they are having trouble in studyingaccountancy, they better change courses as earlyas possible because the earlier it is, the less timeis wasted. Do not copy me for I wasted a year incollege for that. And if you really do loveaccountancy, then you would not havedifficulties in your studies and just have fun withit right?

    Reflect within yourselves and ask if you chose the rightdecision. I know that you will allfind yourselves in the end. Gel