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  • 1. High-Performance Cloud InfrastructureFast. Better Visibility. Instantly Scalable. Stellar Support.Development Languages:Develop, launch and run high-performance applications on the Joyent Cloud. Some ofCthe worlds most demanding media, gaming, and mobile application companies useC++ErlangJoyent Cloud to acquire, engage and delight their customers. Purpose-built for todaysJavacustomer intensive applications, the Joyent Cloud is tuned for to burst performanceNode.jselastically, at a low cost, and with no disruption to your application service.PHPPythonPremium hardware including Nehalem/Westmere processors are used on every serverRubyin our data centers. And the Joyent Cloud provides integrated analytics and monitoringApplication Servers:with DTrace to help you optimize performance of your application.ApacheGlassfishNGINX Joyent Cloud is a Better Value: Comparison with Amazon EC2TomCatJoyent Cloud Instance Type SmartOS / LinuxEC2 Instance Type LinuxAmazon All-InStandard SmartMachines*Price/Hr Standard InstancesPrice/Hr Price/HrOperating Systems:LinuxSmallSmall (Default)Unix$0.085 $0.085$0.12 1GB / 1c / 30GB1.7GB / 1c / 160GBWindows LargeLargeDatabases: 8GB / 2c / 240GB $0.36 7.5GB / 2c, 850GB$0.340$0.48CouchDBHadoop Extra LargeExtra Large 16GB / 3c / 480GB$0.64 15GB / 4c / 1.8TB$0.680$0.96MongoDBMySQL Hi-Memory SmartMachinesHi-Memory On-Demand InstancesOraclePostgreSQL Extra LargeExtra LargeRiak$0.64$0.500$0.62 16GB / 3c / 480GB(17G /2c / 420GB)Additional Services: Double XLDouble Extra LargeDynamic VLANs $1.12$1.000$1.24 32GB / 4c / 760GB(34G / 4c / 820GB)IP addressesLocal storageQuadruple XL Quadruple Extra LargeSSL certificates$2.24$2.000$2.48 64GB / 12c / 1.5TB (68G / 8c / 1.6TB)Data Centers:Cluster Compute InstancesSAS 70 Type II CertifiedMulti-layered Physical SecurityQuadruple XL Quadruple Extra Large$1.45$1.600n/aHighly Redundant Power (32GB / 8c intel / 760GB)(23G/8c intel / 1.6TB)Early Warning Fire Suppression* all Joyent SmartMachines are equivalent to Cluster Compute instances on EC2www.joyentcloud.comOne Embarcadero Center, Suite 900, San Francisco, CA 94111 phone (415) 400-0600

2. Ask Our Customers.VisibilityScalable ArchitecturePerformance Joyent Cloud Ecosystem Our big reason for running onSmartOS in Joyent Cloud is the When youre building a platformfor others to use, a lot of thought Performance is a primary consideration as anavailability of Cloud Analytics andDTrace The end result is thegoes into scaling from Day One.Thats why we spent a lot of our e-commerce service provider. Blake Irvinapp runs faster, we need to time early on building a stable, Systems Engineering Manager, ModCloth Inc.spend less time debugging weird scalable platform. We were ableproblems, and ultimately we to do that much more efficientlyneed to buy fewer machines. with Joyent Cloud than otherMatt RanneyCTO, Voxercloud providers.Ty Amel Co-Founder and CEO StackMob TM Key Capabilities of Joyent Cloud CPU Bursting Dynamic, real-time scaling by up to 800%. Vertically bursts your machine(including memory) without any user intervention at no extra charge* Provision New VMsFastest provisioning in the cloud either with SmartOS or using KVM for Linux in


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