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I lead the student crews in the Scenic Studio throughout the build process.I taught students useful skills they can use for the rest of their lives.I drafted and lead the build on this custom platform.

A Streetcar Named Desire

Finished FrameworkImplementation

There was a 24 wide, 12 tall, section of the wall (1.) which flew out revealing another acting space upstage that was solid white with LEDs behind the chair rails (2.).Because the wall had to fly into exactly the same position every time, we fabricated tracks in which the wall traveled. Due to operator error it was possible to raise the wall out of the tracks. If this happened we had a back-up plan consisting of 2 technicians that would come on stage in costume during the scene change to help realign the flying wall into the tracks using conduit.I personally rigged the chandeliers (3.) and other flying objects during the show. Being able to do this helped strengthen my rigging abilities.

Comic Potential

1.1.Drafted by Daniel Archibald


We set up a jig to hold all the framing in place so that we could weld the joints together without it moving.The framing created six identical panels that made up the 12x24 wallThen we MIG welded all the joints

Drafted by Daniel ArchibaldComic Potential

Comic Potential


In Show Conditions


DESIGNER DRAWINGAmong many other things I drafted and was in charge of leading crews in the construction of the Tech Desk.

The Government Inspector

This show was designed with false perspective. These scenic pieces are all two dimensional except for the crown molding. The flats were all on a parallel plane.

The Government InspectorThis production was designed with a forced perspective. This video shows a scene change which displays the perspective very well. Video courtesy of Michelle Harvey

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