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<ol><li> 1. 5 Facts You Should Know to Become a Great Leader A great leader has the same human feelings as the average person with their personal challenges and obstacles. A great leader is an ordinary person with a great sense of empathy and the will to make everybody see the best in themselves. Here are five facts you should know to become a great leader 1. People Arent Your Subjects A leader doesnt consider people to be merely subjects in order to use them to help achieve success. A leader recognizes that people are more than their occupations; they have families, aspirations, and fears. People are human beings, and their personal life can easily complicate their work life. But this unclear divide between the personal and professional means people are so much more than unthinking robots. People are capable of anything. 2. Youll Need the Support of Others In order to climb the ladder of leadership, youll require the support of other people. Human beings are social creatures, and they require the support of others to excel. The only way to receive this support is to build trust. 3. Trust is Everything A great leader must develop mutual trust among co-workers. Leaders require the support and trust from their subordinates in order to excel. It is also important to keep in mind that building trust takes a lot of time, and trust is built by taking care of the little things. Examples include maintaining eye contact and attentively listening when somebody speaks to you. 4. Commanding Isnt the Same as Leading Leaders dont just command people to do things, they possess the ability to make someone do something because he/she wants to do it. Leaders dont center their authority over being feared by other people. A leader realizes that work done out of fear does not get great results, in the long run. 5. Leaders Inspire Others Leaders are required to motivate and inspire others in order to take their team members to new heights. Leaders inspire and motivate other people to be their truly great and revel in the process with great humility. </li></ol>


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