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  • KhmerJooml a Joomla1.5 Installation
  • WAMP Server Get WAMP via Install WAMP into your computer There will be a default directory as c:wamp your web root directory shall be c:wampwwww Click wamp server icon on your desktop to start wamp server
  • Creating Database for Joomla http://localhost/phpmyadmin Input the database name EX: db_joomla Click Create Button
  • Installing Joomla Get Joomla 1.5 http://www.joomla.rg/download.html Unpack your Joomla Package on ../www/your_joomla_site Access http://localhost/your_joomla_site
  • The Choose Language screen
  • Pre-installation Check screen
  • License screen
  • Database Configuration screen Databse Type: mySQL Host Name: localhost User Name: your DB user name Password: your DB password Database Name: your DB name
  • The FTP Configuration screen
  • Main Configuration screen 1. Site Name : my joomla site 2. Your E-Mail: Admin Password: ****** Confirm Admin Password: ****** 3. It is better to install Joomla Sample Data 1 2 3
  • Finish!
  • After Installation You need to delete an installation folder under ../www/your_Joomla_Site/installation You can access your site by http://localhost/your_Joomla_Site
  • Version 1.0: by Lonh Samdy( Free to Use and Edit by keeping credit to KhmerJoomla Team