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This is a personal look at John Wood and his training career


  • 1. How I Filled My Resume or 26

2. HIGH SCHOOL LESSONSI bet we could makelearning more useful! I wasnt the most attentive High School Student, if fact I only excelled in three classes, Art, History, and Literature!I confess conventional American Pedagogy did not hold great appeal for me.Then I was fortunate enough to attend a Vocational Technical school presentation and I was hooked!How I learned the meaning of Practical Training in the classroom. 3. A BETTER WAY TO LEARNI began to understandthat I am an Andragogiclearner. I entered a Technical Electronics class with an ex-Navy instructor. Along with the classroom instruction he introduced us to self paced learning. It was book based and not that flashy but it gave me the ability to slow down on difficult subjects (Math) and fly through easy material. (schematics) I thrived, my GPA was 3.98 a 1.89 increase over my other class scores. However, amazingly my other class scores began to rise as well. I could finally see a concrete reason for what I was learning.How I learned the meaning of, positive life influences, on learning. 4. John your hands arefreezing! I graduated well, with a 1000 hr certificate in Electronic Technology. I had a student job as a technician at a research / development company prototyping among other things electronic cow milking equipment I also realized that I needed a college education to be an Engineer.How I learned the meaning of job diversity doing field engineering. 5. This is a picture of my University Of Colorado student ID. I had yet to find a reason to cut my hair. LOLI loved the complexity of engineering and I also loved being employed by a company that provided me a company tuck! I wrote and delivered the first company Technician Training. I was awarded Most Valuable Employee that year. How I learned the wages of Workplace Learning. 6. As with any positive behavioral loop, my need for a skill Transmission prompted my curiosity Further Reward Exploration which then set up a desire to explore for an answer. That was rewarded byCuriosity positive strokes from others for transmitting the information I had A Need For A Specific Skill found and became a learn/ teach way of succeeding.Johns Positive Behavioral Feedback Loop 7. What is important in education of any kind is change. Some call it results, others call it ROI but everyone must agree the if training does nothing to change the student then the goal has not been met. ROI Change Benefit 8. Another uplifting experience had its beginnings during my college career. I began a 20+ year love affair with the martial arts. I loved to fight, I loved the discipline, and I learned to love teaching people to transcend their fears and weakness.I have been fortunate to meet many of the luminaries of the martial artsMy Hobby Competitive Karate and Teaching it 9. During this period I was also lucky enough to be a part of the womens assertiveness movement. I was trained and taught Model Mugging self defense classes to victims of sexual attack. (That would be me in the large rubber head. Students were allowed to use full force techniques on me!)Teaching Can Do Wonders For The Downtrodden 10. Quiz Questions Please pick the most correct answer from those given. Have fun!11Go To Next Slide 11. Guess The Strangest Class John Ever Taught How to fabricate a burial vaultProper dog walking techniquesHow to avoid being murderedAdvanced Algebra 12. Thats Correct!Click here to continue. 13. Sorry, thats not correct! Click here to continue. 14. Sorry, thats not weird enough!(But pretty weird)Click here to continue. 15. How Many Teaching Awards Has John Received? None37 awards to date! 37! Wow! Five major awardsThree and one was from his mum! Leave 16. Thats Correct!ITT Technical Institute Best Student Retention Girl Scouts Of America Gifted Teacher ITI Industries Mentor Of The Year American Black Belt Assn. Education Excellence Bosch Corp. Learning ChampionClick here to continue. 17. Sorry, thats not correct! Click here to continue. 18. My next teaching challenge was as Director of a fast track adult learning program. I was hired by ITT Technical institute to create content, program policies, hire staff and deliver training to 2 groups of trainees per period. It was a stretch, but also a profound learning experience. I was awarded Best Retention for 1984 and Employee Of The Month. Teaching Can Do Wonders For The Downtrodden 19. If that wasnt enough I also began teaching a Kid Physics program that I had created. Here I am teaching Bluebirds to create a working telephone system powered by lemons! Every Teacher Wants A Willing Audience! 20. After 2 years the program at ITT lost funding and I was moved into the regular teaching force in the Electronics Technology program. I taught Advanced Algebra and Basic Electronics.Parting Was A Sweet Sorrow 21. I was contacted by a small electronics manufacturing company in Salinas Ca. I was immediately taken by there management style and I went to work for them shortly after. During my career with them I received 3 teaching awards and 9 other awards. I was there during the Great Earthquake of 1989 within 12 miles ofthe epicenter. Life Is An Adventure 22. I was promoted several times in the nine months I worked at the plant. In 1990 I was promoted to Technical Trainer for 5 states. I was also given an expense account and a new company car every two years! I also delivered over 500 trainings on very dry technical installation materials. Fortunately, I found my inner comedian and made it all fun. I received the Tech Trainer Of The Month award several times. If Its Dull Then Make It Fun! 23. At the ITI Manufacturing Company while managing a four state sales region I developed curriculum and teaching devices for their access control line of products. For this I was given the Mentor Of The Year award. Whistle While You Work, Overtime 24. I then moved on to a local branch of Chubb Security as the Marketing Manager, or the CEOs Batman as most people called me. I organized the first company IT department, created a training department, reworked all the marcom materials, managed all sales personnel during a management overhaul and finally ended up running all of US operations!During my tenure there I delivered almost 100 trainings on 14 different subjects. They included human resources trainings, technical trainings and management development trainings. Mistakes Come And Go Triumphs Are Eternal 25. I have had a number ofCreate Test minor teaching successes during the last few years but nothingThe E-Learning that exciting. Materials Cycle That is until I discovered Plan Deploy E-Learning! Manage Every Teacher Wants A Worldwide Audience 26. Simply filing pages and Fact days with dry facts does nothing toward getting Fact your desired behavioral results. Fact DesiredFact Behavior Planning and focusing on what is crucial is how youFact avoid.. Fact FactFact Fact There Is A Better Way To Reach Peoples Needs 27. (Snore) 28. Information must be edited , values must be put on every word of content. So that the critical information gets through to the student.Focus Is The Art Of Seeing Only The Target 29. Fact Selecting only what isFact pertinent is why Fact DesiredFact the PlanningBehaviorFact phase is so Fact Fact important!Fact FactNo Blah, Blah, Blah! 30. Fun! Fun an important part of connecting with students. if it isnt fun it just wont run! Connection, It Is Everything In Communication 31. Creation of the content requires a good outline and a mastery of the tools. Here are some of the tools I know. Facility Is The Foundation Of Excellence 32. Testing is every bit as important as creation. I like Develop to have an industry or company expert, provided by my customer, involved to review and edit every training I produce. Beta tests with studentsCorrectTest always follow the training materials completion. Powerful Communications Is A Team Sport 33. Convenient deployment is important to busy learners. Making materials and site training available is as important as is affordability. Learning Management Systems are not created equal.Get It To Them Conveniently 34. Today, my hair is no longer red. My life is not as wild, nor do I want to slay big dragons. However, I do want to be a part of a quiet training revolution. We Can Make A Difference


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