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<ul><li><p>Thank You</p><p>Certifications and Areas of Expertise</p><p>Education</p><p>Experience</p><p>JOHN GORDON3034 Indiana Avenue, Vicksburg, MS 39180 | H: 601-456-4133 | C: 601-630-6287 |</p><p>Thank you for taking time out of your day to review my resume. I hope I meet yourstandards and qualifications. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me</p><p>via any of the methods listed above.</p><p>Active DoD Secret ClearanceCompTIA Security+TestOut PC Pro (A+ Equivalent )Microsoft Office</p><p>Technical and Policy WritingKnowledge Management OrientedCustomer Service OrientedTeamwork. Teamwork. Teamwork.</p><p>2014High School DiplomaSt. Aloysius High School Vicksburg, MSVarsity Football - 2 yearsFRC Robotics Team 456 - 2 yearsMultiple Community Service Awards</p><p>Information TechnologyHinds Community College Raymond, MSLead Manager for college band - 2 years</p><p>Nov 2017 to CurrentUSACE IT Operations Center (UITOC) TechnicianVectrus Inc. Vicksburg, MSWorking in the Central Processing Capability I worked as a network monitor andanalyst. We monitored the USACE network and report any outages or servicedegradation and were the liaisons with the Telecommunication companies to helprestore service. We also worked with other teams such as Email/AD, NetworkAdministration, and our sister site WPC (Western Processing Capability) in Oregon toprocess a wide range of requests from PII leakage to network security. This was aclose-knit team so teamwork was paramount. We worked to support all USACE ITTeams and If it involved the USACE network, we were the ones who made it happen.</p><p>Sep 2017 to Nov 2017ClickList AssociateKroger Vicksburg, NSWorked in the ClickList department as a grocery selector and customer service</p></li><li><p>Core Accomplishments</p><p>representative. My time was split between working with the ordering system to pickgroceries for customers to pick up and being the associate in charge of customer pickupand payment. These duties demanded that I be quick, efficient, and knowledgeable.Freshness and customer satisfaction were always top priority.</p><p>Feb 2016 to May 2016IT Support Center StaffHinds Community College Raymond, MSWorked in school IT call center while a student. Responsibilities included answersupport calls and creating/managing support tickets to assist users.</p><p>Jun 2013 to Jan 2016Student Intern - Computer Science/Information TechnologyUnited States Army Corps of Engineers Vicksburg, MSSeasonal Employment during school holidays such as Spring, Summer, and Winterbreaks.During my Student Internship Worked in the Information Technology Laboratoryat the USAC EERDC Facility. Trained under other employees and helped with projects.Helped with Customer Care and Product Support tasks. Worked in the Office of theDeputy Chief Information Officer doing network support for the Research andDevelopment Environment. While working my most recent position i assisted in the thesupport of a joint Windows/OSX enterprise environment. Helped support users withapplications like Microsoft Office, JAMF, and Adobe products. Other responsibilitiesincluded OSX image creation, OSX support, and adaptation of newer versions of OSX toenvironments. Assisted in network planning and testing.</p><p>Aug 2012 to Jun 2013Student Intern/Office SupportDIMCO Inc. Vicksburg, MSResponsible for computerizing over 800 paper auto-cad land survey files into digitalformat.Created database records and made Microsoft Office spreadsheets to organizethe digital data and posted all the information to a Windows server for employeeaccess. Other assignments included general office duties and record keeping. Managedoffice network. Provided software documentation when needed.</p><p>Recipient of the XEROX Award for Innovation and Information Technology(Sponsored by Rochester University) in High School. Was nominated by myprincipal for developing a standard in the student handbook for the incorporatingmobile devices such as tablets and e-readers into the learning environment. Hadto research and implement policies regarding the use of these devices on asecure student Wi-Fi network. This built the foundation for the school to lateradopt a student laptop policy to completely replace their textbooks.During my second year as an intern for USACE I was put in charge of developing aSOP for the use of Apple Time Capsule devices on our research network. Thedevice's default configuration did not comply with our network environmentstandards but its use on the network was deemed necessary. The policy Ideveloped is still in use today.</p></li><li><p>References</p><p>During my third year at USACE I conducted an audit of our Account CreationPolicy for our research network. This audit assessed the time and speed relatedto creating new user accounts. The information gathered determined that wecould decrease account generation time from 13 days to 10 days.While working with the UITOC I coordinated with our sister team in Portland, ORto develop a set of Microsoft Office tools that helped to completely streamlinemany everyday processes that were once deemed tedious. We also developeddocumentation to support future development.</p><p>DIMCO Inc.Mr. Tim McCarly - Office Manager601-831-4110 USACE ITLMr. Robert Walker - Deputy CIOMs. Speler Montgomery - Branch Chief (Scientific Software)Mr. Dan Eng - Branch Chief (Sensors and Integration)601-636-3111- Please ask operator for individual extensions(Information SecurityPolicies prohibit me from disclosing direct employee phone numbers) Hinds Community College IT Dept.Ms. Tamisha Armstrong(601) 857-3809</p></li></ul>