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Jobsite competitor watch presentation. Review period Oct-Dec 2013.


  • 1. Jobsite competitor watch Review period Oct-Dec 2013

2. What really happens to Job Alerts Jobsite has the highest Inbox Placement Rate @ 98.34%; Monster has the highest ISP-Marked Spam Rate @ 33.46%; Indeed has the highest Deleted Total Rate @ 14.24%; Reed has the highest Delete Without Reading Rate @ 8.54%; Indeed has the highest Delete After Reading Rate @ 7.93%. Source: Return Path Oct-Dec 2013 3. What this means for our clients Overall Jobsite Job Alerts perform better than our competitors. Our advertisers vacancies will be alerted to the right candidates; We have made job searching responsive on our site, meaning that candidates that get Alerts on their smartphone can apply for jobs via their phone. We have partnered with Exact Target the leading global interactions supplier, and will look to continuously improve our Job Alerts. 4. Share of Voice across UK social media platforms Share of voice is a % of all Career mentions across all UK social platforms eg Twitter, LinkedIn, blogs & forums, Facebook, Google+The Careers topic includes keywords like recruitment, hire, redundancy, job and role specific descriptions.Source: Marketing Cloud Nov-Dec 2013 5. Examples of our social media contentSee @JobsiteUK | | 6. How recruiters have reacted 7. What trade publications are saying about us 8. more on trade PR and reputation 9. but what about conversion mobile/tablet/desk top Increased Facebook, and Twitter likes by over 2k in December; Increased Direct traffic to Jobsite by 37% Nov-Dec 2013; Sky rocketted Jobsite advantage from zero views to 100k by 01.01.14, also increased YouTube subscriptions by 20%; On Google Jobsite has the strongest specialist (IT/Engineering/Finance/Sales/Retail Management) job search and brand impressions share of all competitors including niche, generalist and aggregator Job Boards*; Refreshed Search creative; Refreshed mobile job search creative improving conversion by 35% Industry bench marks we are smashing them: Twice the engagement rates of Monster & Reed TV hijack Tweets; 8.95% engagement rates on Tru-View (standard 6.0%); Competition entry rate 10% from homepage visit (standard 3%); Reach of Tweets Sherlock 79x & CBBOTS 63x (normal reach).Source: AdHunter from 2011-2013 10. Search creative refreshSource: AdHunter from 2011-2013 11. Mindset wins were there with leading brands Born different - Virgin Atlantic Heineken - The Candidate - What's your management style Jobsite - the Advantage