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JOB SEARCH SUCCESS: STEPS TO GET THE JOB YOU WANT. SkillsUSA University Kansas City, Missouri June 2011. STEPS TO SUCCESSFUL INTERVIEWING. Preparation THE INTERVIEW The day of….. What to wear Questions from the interviewer Questions to ask the interviewer Follow up tips. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


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JOB SEARCH SUCCESS:STEPS TO GETTHE JOB YOU WANTSkillsUSA UniversityKansas City, Missouri June 2011

1STEPS TO SUCCESSFUL INTERVIEWINGPreparationTHE INTERVIEWThe day of..What to wearQuestions from the interviewerQuestions to ask the interviewerFollow up tips

2BEGINNING YOUR SEARCHResearch the company and the jobLiterature from the companys public relations departmentAnnual reportsCurrent and former employeesRehearse your presentationKnow what you have to offerAnswer potential interview questionsPractice with family or friendsRelax Who knows you better than yourself?

3THE POWER OF NETWORKING 75 to 80% of all job seekers find a job through people they know.

You can get anything you want in life, if you help enough other people get what they want. Zig Ziglar

BEFORE THE INTERVIEWVisit the officePractice the driveLook at employees dressTalk to receptionistDecide what to wearMake copies of resume and references on conservative stationaryGather all items to take to the interviewReview interview questions and your presentation

5DRESS FOR SUCCESSWear your bestDress one step above the position Be conservativeDark colors are bestClean clothesShower

Perfume or cologne should be a surprise, not a warning.

6DRESS FOR SUCCESS - FEMALESSuits are bestIf you dont have a suit:Conservative long sleeve blouseConservative skirt or pantsBe modestJewelry kept to a minimumOnly one pair of EARRINGSClosed toe shoesConservative hair stylesLong hair should be worn upNo bare legs or feet

7DRESS FOR SUCCESS - MALESSuits with shirt and tie are bestIf you dont have a suit:Long sleeve shirt and tieClean and neat pants with a beltNo jewelry - exceptClass ring or wedding ring WatchNo earrings or any other typeConservative hair cutNo bare feet or sandalsWear socks Dress shoes

8INTERVIEW DAYEat a good breakfastWear your bestGet there early Use the restroom before arrivingFirst impressions are most importantComplete the application in detailHave a positive attitudeReview your resume

9THINGS TO TAKE TO THE INTERVIEWPortfolio Three copies of your resumeThree copies of your referencesSmall purse or walletSocial security numberThin notebookBlack or blue ball point penMoney for parkingName of the interviewerDirections to the officeAddress and telephone number of office

10THINGS NOT TO TAKECell phoneSunglassesHat GumTobacco products

11INTERVIEW TIPSPresenceShake handsDont appear rushed/frustratedRemain confidentBe aware of your nonverbal cluesUse peoples namesUse Maam and SirPay attentionListen carefullyThink: a short pause is alrightRespond clearlyKnow your answers to typical questionsHave a salary in mindKnow your goalsBe able to talk about yourselfRealize the difference between skills and attributesWatch out for tricky questions

12TYPICAL QUESTIONSWhy should we hire you?Tell me about yourself.Why do you want to work for our company?What are your short and long term goals?What are your strengths and weaknesses?What type of position are you most interested?Why do you think we should hire you for this job?What pay do you expect?

Confidence is when you are sure of yourself. Conceit is when you assure everyone else of yourself.

13TRICKY QUESTIONSWould you rather be a big fish in a small pond, or a small fish in a big pond?Give me an example in a previous job where you have shown initiative.How long do you expect to work for this company?Do you prefer working with others or alone?How would you handle a rude customer?What do you do when you have trouble solving a problem?Why should I hire you rather than another applicant?14QUESTIONS YOU CAN ASKWhat would my duties and responsibilities be?What would I do during a typical workday?For whom will I be working?What are my opportunities for advancement? To what positions?What kind of additional training and/or education are available in this job?How is performance evaluated? How often? What are typical office or shift hours?If hired, would I be filling a newly created position, or replacing someone?

15AT THE CLOSE OF THE INTERVIEWIf you want the job, ask for it.Ask when a decision will be made about the position?Thank the interviewer (by name) for taking the time to interview youCompliment the office/facility if applicableShake hands and leave

16HOW TO ENSURE YOU DONT GET THE JOBSpam your resumeAsk, What does your company do?Bring the familyUse your cell phoneSmile or laugh too much (or cry)Come with your own beveragesSend a follow-up thx 4 mtg textFOLLOW UPThank you letterSend promptlyKeep it short and to the pointState why you would be an asset to the companyExpress your interest in the positionUse the same stationary as your resume and referencesFollow up phone call

18REMEMBERStay calmBe honestStay positive mentally and physicallyGood luck Life will judge you according to how well you handle will need to learn how to bounce back.

Never, ever, ever give up.Dr. Suttles