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Moodle@Worcester College of Technology


  • 1.Moodling at WCT Peter Kilcoyne Director of ILT Worcester College of Technology

2. Moodling at Worcester College of Technology A regional perspective History of Moodle at WCT The WCT approach to Moodle Moodle in Sharepoint An exemplar course Podcasting from Moodle Video Resourses in Moodle The Virtual Language Lab MR CUTE 3. The Moodlification of the West MidlandsNumber of CollegesVLE choice in FE in the West Midlands 45 40 35 30 25 20 15 10 5 02003 2007WebctMoodleLearnw ise VLEVirtual CampusBlackboardother/none 4. History of Moodle at WCT 2000 2006 WebCT limited success but. Moodle pilot, 29 out of 30 preferred Sharepoint Launch of Moodle integrated with Sharepoint Sept 2006 Over 100% increase in VLE usage after 3 months 5. The Worcester Approach to Moodle The Team, Director of ILT, Content Developer and Technical Support Moodle in Sharepoint Single sign on Study Centres Open courses (policy not to use enrolment keys unless there is a good reason) Lots of pedagogically based training Encourage use of Forums, Glossaries, Podcasting and Video 6. The Worcester Approach to Moodle Building a great Moodle course A place to do things not just a place to get things. (quizzes, forums, wikis, glossaries, journals, webquests etc) A place that appeals to different learning styles. (video, podcasting, images, drag and drop as well as text based resources) A place that supports differentiation. (differentiated resources, weblinks, extension activities) 7. Customisation How far do you go? The Gloscat lesson Moodle webparts in sharepoint Gong, Feedback, Media Wiki 8. Moodle in Sharepoint Access from inside and outside College A Portal for Moodle, email, resources and college information Moodle Webparts My site (the start of a PLE?) Video on demand 9. An exemplar course AS Psychology Moodle and AS Psych The Course Wiki 10. Podcasting Promoting a little bribery goes a long way Cool Jazz and Physics Drunk Mandarin A Murder Story 11. Video Resources Beef Carbonnade Video on demand system Building Moodle activities around a video Teacher tube, youtube, video jug etc 12. The Virtual Language Lab Background Building, moodle, audacity and gong Mandarin Gong 1 Gong 2 Screenshot 13. MR CUTE Moodle Repository Create Upload Tag Embed JISC Repository Project Add functionality to Moodle Repository 14. MRCUTE EMBED 15. Some conclusions or Why Moodle is THE e-learning killer app Management, teachers, techies, support staff and students all like it Its Free Easy to use Customising Pedagogically sound 16. Any Questions? 17. Study Centres