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  • 1. Biography of Jackie Robinson By Jimmy OBrien
  • 2. Jackie Robinson He was born in Cairo, Georgia He was born in 1919 His parents separated when he was 1 years old and he moved to Pasadena, CA
  • 3. Jackie Robinson The Early Years He was really good at sports He was on the basketball, football, baseball and track teams Jackie went to UCLA College He was also an officer in the US Army during WWII
  • 4. Jackie Robinson Adult Life/Career After the Army Jackie played in the Negro American League for the Kansas City Monarchs Jackie joined the Brooklyn Dodgers in 1945
  • 5. Jackie Robinson Accomplishments Robinson was the first African American to sign a contract with a major league baseball team He hit his first home run when he played for the minor league team the Montreal Royals He won the World Series in 1955 He was the first African American baseball player to be elected in the Baseball Hall of Fame
  • 6. Jackie Robinson Impact on the World He was the first African American to play in MLB He helped end segregation He helped poor people after he retired His wife started the Jackie Robinson Foundation
  • 7. Jackie Robinson End of Life Jackie died in 1972 Every season the MLB celebrates his legacy and players wear #42