jesus heals….signs of the kingdom

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Jesus Heals.Signs of the Kingdom. Chapter 8 Page 171. Do you Believe in Miracles?. Why or Why Not?. 9/11. Chilean miners rescued after 69 days underground. Plane Crashes Into Hudson: Hero Pilot Saves Everyone. First wordsnow actions. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


Jesus Heals.Signs of the Kingdom

Jesus Heals.Signs of the KingdomChapter 8Page 171Do you Believe in Miracles?Why or Why Not?9/11

Chilean miners rescued after 69 days underground

Plane Crashes Into Hudson: Hero Pilot Saves Everyone

First wordsnow actionsMIRACLES



Type 3Restoration of Life= Jesus raised people from the dead

Type 4Nature MiraclesThese miracles demonstrate Jesus control over the forces of nature

What Makes the Miracles significant?They demonstrate that the power of God was truly present in Jesus. Without some concrete demonstration of Jesus power over sin and evil his words would lack credibility. P. 172Questions to ask about the meaning of the miraclesWhat did the Gospel writers intend to teach about Jesus and his Kingdom?What did Jesus intend to reveal through his miraclesHow are we to understand the miracles today? (this is the most critical)Why are miracles sooooooo challenging? P. 174The ideas of miracles today often present the logical mind with serious, disturbing questions rather than faith strengthening signs of hope.

Two Schools of Thought

Take em or Leave em

Take emAccepting all of Gods miracles at face value and in doing so are forced to reject many of our modern scientific findings.This view is often called fundamentalist approach. These followers do not accept any part of the Scriptures as symbolic or open to interpretation.These people take the miracles at face value.

LeaveemReject any possibilities of miracles because they go beyond science and the laws of nature. People who reject miracles consider the Gospel accounts to be illusions of a primitive people or fables

Does it have to be ALL or NOTHING?

The Middle School Christians in this school believe.. Jesus did in fact work SOME wonders

And..These events, these happenings have something valid and true to tell us..

What is the evidence that Jesus worked wonders?Supported by historical recordsJesus was referred to as a wonder worker.Not denied by the Pharisees.Affirmed by eyewitnessesMany of whom chose to die rather than deny him.

Persistent ProblemThe Gospels seem to disagree with one another about the same events. Read page 176

Possible ExplanationA tendency to EXAGGERATE in the early community of faith.

Questions for us.On what basis can we approach and judge the truth of the miracles?How are we to understand them if they cannot always be understood as historical events reported with complete accuracy?