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  • 1. Partners in Innovation: Green Preservation in the Field Case Study: Nuevo Amanecer Woodburn, Oregon

2. NUEVO AMANECER, PHASES I AND II- 90 UNITS TOTAL- MEDIUM/LOW DENSITY HOUSING IN A RURAL CENTER- 1- AND 2- STORY ATTACHED FLATS AND TOWNHOUSES- 2-, 3-, AND 4- BEDROOM FAMILY UNITS- AT OR BELOW 50% AMI- 38 UNITS RURAL DEVELOPMENT RENTAL ASSISTANCE 3. NUEVO AMANECER ORIGINAL FUNDING:-Phase I (50 units), built in 1994 -Low Income Housing Tax Credits, Farmworker Tax Credits, Federal Home Loan Bank, other state housing grants, two permanent financing loans -Total Development Costs: $3,570,000 ($90k per unit)-Phase II (40 units), built in 1998 -USDA Rural Development financing (loans and grants), Federal Home Loan Bank, other state housing grants -Total Development Costs: $3,240,000 ($64k per unit) 4. NEED FOR REHABILITATION AT YEAR 15 CONVERSION:- Water penetration and moisture damage, including dry rot and mold- Site drainage and stormwater management issues- Long-term structural and building systems integrity- Upgrades for energy and water efficiency 5. HOW TO MAKE THE REHAB GREENER?Inherently, preserving and renovating existing housing stock is the most sustainable method of building, especially if located in a walkable neighborhood near to amenities. 6. HOW TO MAKE THE REHAB GREENER?Focus first on the building envelope and major exterior systems for long-term durability and integrity of the structures