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  • 1. I like work; it fascinates me. I can sit and look at it for hours.-Jerome K. Jerome
  • 2. Jeromes Ambitions English Literary Writer, Novelist, Actor, and Screenwriter Jerome K. Jerome once confided that he wanted toaccomplish four ambitions in his life. These ambitions were to do the following:1. To edit a successful journal2. To write a successful play,3. To write a successful book4. To become a member of English Parliament. Out of all four of these ambitions, Jerome only accomplished three. He never made it to Parliament.
  • 3. The Journey Starts Here in Theatre Jeromes start into the Arts and Literature started as an actor inspired by his sisters, Blandina, love of theatre in 1877. He would begin his career with a repertory troupe that toured the country under the stage name of Harold Critchon. With meager resources, he would also produce low budget plays. He would work in the theatre for three years and then walk away at age 21.
  • 4. On the Stage- and Off, The BriefCareer of a Would Be ActorAfter a succession of rejections from his attempts of satires, essays, and short stories Jerome would make a successful return to theatre. Inspired by Longfellows poem By The Fireside (which curiously had the title of Gaspar Becerra). The poem would inspire Jerome to write a play based off his acting experiences. The play, entitled On the Stage- and Off, The Brief Career of a Would Be Actor would be a success in two ways, both Theatrically and Literary.
  • 5. Along with being an Acting success, the play would receive critically acclaim from a magazine named, The Play. In 1885, the play would be placed in Book form. According to a Society established in his name years after his death, the Jerome K. Jerome Society, it is still one of the most detailed, absorbing (and under-rated) portraits of late- Victorian theatre life.
  • 6. IDLE THOUGHTS OF AN IDLE FELLOWAfter the success of On The Stage, Jerome would followup with a collection of essays entitled, Idle Thoughts of an Idle Fellow. Described by Robert Wringham, a writer from, he says about this work: (The Book is) a collection of gentle and naughty essays on the subject of idling and related topics (includinglove, melancholia, poverty, deportment, and aspiration or rather ones lack of it), is something of an inadvertent manifesto against todays tiresome inclination toward workaholic and the general sense of tedium vitae that comes with office life and daily commutes.
  • 7. The Comic Masterpiece Shortly after returning from his honeymoon with his new wife, Georgina Elizabeth Henrietta Stanley Marris (Ettie), Jerome would begin work on his comic masterpiece called, Three Men and a Boat, released in 1889. It would become the book that would make him rich and famous. Jerome would use actual events and would based the characters on himself and two of his close friends, George Wingrave and Carl Hentschel. (George, Harris, and J) The book would chronicle the threes adventures up and down the river Thames. The success of the book would spawn a sequel in 1900 and would be the final appearance for the three in the book Three Men on a Bummel (Three Men on a Wheel in America).
  • 8. Two Literary Publications Founded In 1892 and 1893, Jerome would help find two London Literary Publications. He would co-found the 1892 publication The Idler (with good friend and fellow humorist Robert Barr) and then the 1893 Co- Weekly To-day. Jerome, now well connected, teamed with such writers such as Mark Twain, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, and Rudyard Kipling. The publications would lampoon Victorian Values with Cartoons, Essays, and Anecdotal tales.
  • 9. Finally Success Achieved Five years after the 1902 publication of his autographical novel, Paul Kelver, Jeromes success would finally pay off.O He would be invited to do lectures across the United States and even Russia.O He would then write the famous morality play, The Passing of the Third Floor Back, a play about a Christ- Like strangers visiting a rundown boarding house, changing the lives of the inhabitants, in 1907.O The play would become successful only after people would become adjusted to Jeromes style of delivery with his uncharacteristic moral tone.
  • 10. JEROMES AUTOBIOGRAPHY In 1926, Jerome would publish his autobiography, My Life andTimes, to which his society has remarked that it he would not go in any chronological order and was frustratingly short on details,however, it would contain some of the most vital points of Jeromes life.
  • 11. KNIGHTHOOD AND DEATHOn February 17, 1927, he would go to Belsize, the place of his birth, to see a tablet grace the place of his birth and to be honored to receive the title of Freeman of the Borough of Walsall in the Town Hall, and given a dinner. A few months later on June 14, 1927, he died in Northampton, England after suffering a series of strokes.
  • 12. ClosingJerome K. Jerome, as said earlier, wanted to accomplish four ambitions. Now, as seen, he never made it toBritish Parliament, but he did have a success at the other three. His Autobiography My Life and Times, His successful play The Passing of the Third Floor Back, and his novel and masterpiece, Three Men and a Boat lived to be extremely successful.


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