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  • WoodI can be strong for youWood 4x4 under the pressure of 48,000 lbs of steel

  • Basic InformationJeremy Ray woodAge: 26Currently live in Highland Heights, Ky

  • My Strength

  • My StrengthLeadership

  • My StrengthLeadershipTeachable

  • My StrengthLeadershipCreativityTeachable

  • LeadershipA wise man once told me...

  • LeadershipA wise man once told me...Do not ask others to do something that you would not do yourself.Thats my dad!

  • LeadershipMy journey of leadership started in Virginia Beach, VaWhere I went to take part in a music internship

  • LeadershipWithin a year...I was leading that internship(Not me, just how I felt)

  • Being thrust into leadership at a young age also forces you to become teachable.

  • TeachableHumility is essential!!!

  • TeachableI have learned it is okay to admit when you are wrong as long as you are willing to allow that moment to change you

  • TeachableI still pursue opportunities to learn...

  • TeachableI am 5 months away from Earning a B.S. in Music Production with a 3.6 GPAAnd I read as many informative books as I canDonald Miller

  • But I love to create!!!And sometimes I get a little excited about it

  • CreativeTools I use

  • CreativeThis means I will always be looking for creative ways to save money and streamline processes for the greater good of my employer.

  • CreativeCreating through words makes me well versed in the art of communication. This means I can find several ways to make a point and make sure it gets heard

  • Want to know more?Email:


    Flickr: Jeremy_Wood

    SoundCloud: Jeremy_Wood

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