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<ul><li><p>DevOps PaaS with Docker Supportfor Service Providers</p><p>DevOps PaaS Business with Docker Supportfor Service Providers</p></li><li><p>Docker AdoptionNew Target Customers for Hosting Service Providers</p></li><li><p>DevOps AdoptionNew Target Customers for Hosting Service Providers</p></li><li><p>Infinite ScalabilityDeployment Automation DevOps Oriented</p><p>DevOps PaaS for Hosting CompaniesAllows MSPs to differentiate among competitors</p><p>Jelastic is a DevOps Platform-as-a-Service solution for containers orchestration, that is designed for Service Providers</p><p>Automatic scalability</p><p> Up and down for better density</p><p> In and out for improved load spikes handling</p><p> Support of multiple Datacenters and Availability Zones</p><p>Wide range of certified containers</p><p> Java, PHP, Ruby, Node.JS, Python</p><p> SQL &amp; NoSQL databases</p><p> Deployment time is reduced from days to minutes</p><p>High-level automation of complex DevOps workflows</p><p> Smooth management of dev/test/prod environments</p><p> Zero code change adoption</p><p> Application Lifecycle Management, CI/CD tools</p></li><li><p>DevOps PaaS for Hosting CompaniesAllows MSPs to differentiate among competitors</p><p>The turnkey platform with self-service portals, that enables wide set of automation for cloud deployment, along with orchestration, billing, metering, monitoring and marketplace</p><p> UI to manage Docker containers</p><p> 50+ software stacks for one-click provisioning</p><p> Full white labeling of UI and emails</p><p> Wide set of automation for cloud deployment</p><p> Hourly-based billing</p><p> Tiers and discounts</p><p> Pre-paid and post-paid billing models</p><p> Built-in integration with WHMCS, Odin Service Automation, Odin Business Automation Standard</p><p> 24/7 technical support</p><p> Support trainings and certification</p><p> Go-to-marketing campaigns for rapid growth of Docker PaaS business</p><p>Built-In Billing Engine White Labeled Self-Service Portal Support &amp; Marketing</p></li><li><p>DevOps PaaS for Hosting CompaniesAllows MSPs to differentiate among competitors</p></li><li><p>Docker PaaS for Hosting CompaniesAllows MSPs to monetize trendy Docker container technology</p><p>Easy DeploymentSimple Management</p><p> Interactive Docker management UI &amp; CLI client</p><p> Integration with Docker Hub Registry &amp; CoreOS private registries</p><p> Full access to logs inside Docker CT, including stderr &amp; stdout</p><p> Interactive file manager for Docker CTs</p><p> Configurable links, env variables, volumes</p><p> Ability to clone complex Docker configuration</p><p> Automatic vertical scaling</p><p> Automatic horizontal scaling based on load triggers</p><p> Sticky load balancing</p><p> Live migration: within one cloud, from private to public cloud, or across different clouds</p><p> Support of stateful applications</p><p> Persistent local and shared storage</p><p> Rolling redeployment</p><p> Integration with Jenkins, Bamboo &amp; Teamcity</p><p> Ability to perform huge complex deployments in parallel</p><p> Accelerated creation of massive Docker CTs</p><p>Automatic Scaling</p></li><li><p>Docker PaaS for Hosting CompaniesAllows MSPs to monetize trendy Docker container technology</p><p>High Level of Isolation</p><p> More secure virtualization Virtuozzo/OpenVZ instead of LXC</p><p> Advanced Network isolation with own host-routed network interfaces</p><p> Ability to manage disk space size per container</p><p> Ability to limit disk I/O usage per container</p><p> Ability to set fair CPU &amp; memory limits</p><p>Container-Native Orchestration</p><p> Running Docker on bare metal hosts </p><p> Multi-hosts &amp; multi-cloud deployment</p><p> Link support between containers on multiple hardware nodes</p><p> Event-driven Docker orchestration (AWS Lambda style)</p><p>High Availability</p><p> Automatic failover after hosts failure</p><p> Affinity &amp; Anti-affinity rules</p><p> Shared highly-available http &amp; tcp entry point</p><p> Ability to assign public IPv4 for each Docker CT</p><p> Built-in metering, monitoring and alerts</p></li><li><p>Building HA Environments Testing Envs` Management</p><p> Tools for creating and managing huge amount of testing environments</p><p> Cloning, updating without downtime, migration between datacenters</p><p> Integration with continuous integration servers</p><p> Automatic hibernation of unused resources for high density</p><p> Automation via API</p><p>Development Envs` Management</p><p> Self-service portal for developers to speed up prototyping</p><p> More than 50 open source software stacks are available out-of-the-box </p><p> Possibility to use Docker containers as building blocks</p><p> Marketplace with 3rd party add-ons for Developers</p><p> Scalable frontends and backends Automatic horizontal scaling and </p><p>clustering</p><p> Automated replication for application servers and databases</p><p> Automatic recovery after failures Cloud management automation </p><p>for SaaS providers</p><p>Up to 50% infrastructure TCO savings</p><p>Up to 70% increase in DevOps productivity</p><p>Up to 85% acceleration of application time-to-market</p><p>Solving Specific Challenges of DevOps Teams</p><p>ISVs, SaaS providers, Media, Mobile, Gaming, Telco, Finance, Retail, Internet Startups</p></li><li><p>Customers</p><p>Locaweb (Brazil)</p><p>Layershift (UK)</p><p>ServInt (US)</p><p>dogado (Germany)</p><p>eApps (US)</p><p>Hostnet (Netherlands)</p><p>Including</p><p>50+ MSPs (b2b)</p><p>20+ Enterprises (b2b)</p><p>15+ Reselling Partners (b2b)</p><p>200,000+ Developers (b2b2c)</p><p>25+ Countries</p><p>Proven Solution</p></li><li><p>Jelastic thrives on flexibility for partners and customers offering wide choice of </p><p>programming languages, Docker containers orchestration, datacenter distribution of </p><p>workloads within hybrid cloud, and automation of the main DevOps processes. </p><p>Jelastic has rich container adoption and high level of DevOps automation. Partners </p><p>liked Jelastic's ease of self-provisioning and worldwide support.</p><p>Based on IDC analysis, Jelastic is a Major Player in this IDC MarketScape.</p><p>IDC MarketScape: Worldwide Public Deployment-Centric Cloud Application Platform </p><p>2015 Vendor Assessment</p><p>IDC Opinion</p><p>IDC about Jelastic</p></li><li><p>Infrastructure</p></li><li><p>Jelastic Architecture</p></li><li><p>Multitenant Self-Service Portalfor Developers</p><p>Cluster Admin (Ops) Panel for System Admins</p><p>Easy Cloud Management</p></li><li><p>Jelastic provides advanced scaling, high availability and live migration of containers across data centers and cloud providers</p><p>Multiple Datacenters and Clouds Support</p></li><li><p> 100+ applications for one-click installation</p><p> 100,000+ Docker images</p><p> Integrated marketplace into intuitive UI</p><p> Ability to pack the most demanded apps</p><p> Easy way to add new/custom apps to marketplace</p><p>Built-In SaaS Marketplace</p></li><li><p>Application Servers</p><p>GlassfishJboss ASWildflyTomcatTomEEJettyPassengerPumaUnicornNginxApacheMS IIS</p><p>Load Balancers</p><p>NginxHAProxyApacheVarnish</p><p>Databases</p><p>PostgreSQLMySQLMariaDBPerconaMS SQLMongoDBCouchDBCassandraNeo4jOrientDB</p><p>Message Queues</p><p>ActiveMQRabbitMQZooKeeper</p><p>Continuous Delivery</p><p>MavenAntJenkinsBambooNexusGitlabGit/SVNIDE-plugins</p><p>Add-ons</p><p>NewRelicSendGridAppDynamicsJRebelDripStatLogentriesLogstashTakipi</p><p>Search &amp; Caching</p><p>ElasticsearchShpinxLuceneMemcachedRedis</p><p>Java, JavaEE, .NET, ASP.NET, PHP, Ruby, Python, Node.JS, Groovy, Clojure, Scala</p><p>Wide Range of Certified Containers</p></li><li><p>Logos</p><p>UI texts</p><p>Emails</p><p>Documentation</p><p>Localization</p><p>Support of multiple locales for UI, Emails and Documentation</p><p>English, German, Spanish, Finnish, Japanese, Portuguese, etc.</p><p>Full White-Labeling</p><p>White-Labeling and Localization</p></li><li><p> Built-in integration with Odin Service Automation, Odin Business Automation Standard, WHMCS, Cleverbridge</p><p> Easy integration with custom billing systems (via straightforward REST API)</p><p>Integration with Billing Systems</p></li><li><p>The system of quotas at Jelastic is intended for setting limits on particular options, resources and account usage for users while working with the platform.</p><p>It can be applied for individual users or groups of users.</p><p>Flexible Quotas System</p></li><li><p>Docker Management Technical Details</p></li><li><p>Visual Editor of Docker Topologies</p></li><li><p>Jelastic uses Virtuozzo Containers as a virtualization layer for Docker </p><p>This solution is more secure and mature than standard Docker implementation, based on libcontainer.</p><p>Docker Images inside Virtuozzo Containers</p></li><li><p>Jelastic seamlessly integrates Virtuozzo Storage technology to provide automatic failover solution on containers level</p><p>Containers data are being replicated across several Hardware Nodes.</p><p>In case one of the Nodes goes down, its containers will be immediately restored on another nodes.</p><p>Software Defined Storage</p></li><li><p>Jelastic supports the UI management of Docker Volumes</p><p> These volumes can be both local and shared Volumes are persistent by default, so they can be used for stateful applications Volumes can be highly available due to the usage of Virtuozzo storage Volumes can be automatically detached and attached during containers </p><p>redeployment</p><p>Persistent Volumes Management</p></li><li><p>Jelastic Containers orchestrator contains built-in affinity and anti-affinity rules</p><p> Improved high availability of applications Uniform distribution of load across cloud </p><p>cluster</p><p>Affinity &amp; Anti-Affinity Rules</p></li><li><p>Jelastic Containers orchestrator contains built-in DNS service &amp; Reverse Proxy</p><p> Highly available DNS &amp; reverse proxy Http, Https and TCP support Sticky load balancing support Provides DNS-based auto-discovery</p><p>DNS Auto-Discovery</p></li><li><p>Jelastic provides Service Providers with built-in Registry of certified Docker containers</p><p> Language runtimes, Application servers, SQL &amp; NoSQL databases Caches Message Queues Load Balancers, etc.</p><p>Registry of the Certified Containers</p></li><li><p>Jelastic is integrated with Docker Hub Registry for 1-click installation of any image, accessible from the Hub</p><p>UI Integration with Docker Hub Registry</p></li><li><p>In addition to the numerous Docker images available within the official Hub Registry, Jelastic gives you an ability to add your own private or public Docker from the Custom Registry.</p><p>UI Integration with Private Docker Registries</p></li><li><p>UI CLI</p><p>REST API Declarative Manifest (Kubernetes style)</p><p>Container Deployment Options</p></li><li><p>Jelastic provides comprehensive monitoring solution based on Zabbix</p><p>Zabbix monitoring solution is used in order to monitor the main parameters of Containers infrastructure and cluster components such as hardware nodes</p><p>End-users monitoring is performed by 3rd party tools, that are integrated for one-click installation through the Marketplace - NewRelic, DripStat and ManageCat</p><p>Built-In Monitoring Solutions</p></li><li><p>Automatic Horizontal Scaling</p></li><li><p>Migrate containers with application from one physical server to the other with zero downtime</p><p> Increases operational efficiency Provides better load balancing and data center utilization Scale within a server without downtime Allows moving customers to more powerful nodes without service interruption</p><p>Live Migration of Containers</p></li><li><p>Zero DownTime Re-Deployment (ZDT)</p></li><li><p>Resources can be tracked directly from UI:</p><p> CPU RAM Network Storage etc</p><p>Built-In Metering</p></li><li><p>UI Management of Docker Containers Lifecycle</p><p>UI</p></li><li><p>1. Add required images from the public Docker Registry Hub or from a Custom Registry</p><p>2. Set amount of nodes and resources for each image </p><p>3. Click on Create button.</p><p>Easy as never before!</p><p>Composing Docker-based Topology</p></li><li><p>Docker Environment Deployment</p></li><li><p>To update the version of Docker container, just click on Redeploy container button and choose the desired version</p><p>Docker Containers Redeployment</p></li><li><p>For linking Docker containers you just have to click on Links in the environment topology window and add a new link</p><p>Linking Docker Containers</p></li><li><p>To manage Docker variables, you just have to click on Variables in the environment topology window and add a new variable</p><p>Docker Variables Management</p></li><li><p>To manage Docker volumes, you just have to click on Volumes in the environment topology window and add a new volume or delete existing</p><p>Docker Volumes Management</p></li><li><p>Built-In Billing Engine</p></li><li><p>Built-In Cost Estimation Calculator in UI</p></li><li><p>RAM, CPU, Storage, Network Traffic, IPs, licenses and additional services are billed automatically. </p><p>Billing is based on the actual hourly usage.</p><p>Both pre-paid and post-paid billing options are supported.</p><p>Flexible Hourly Billing</p></li><li><p>Volume discounts are supported and free tiers can be configured in several clicks</p><p>Tiered Pricing</p></li><li><p>Pricing models can be assigned to each user group individually</p><p>Individual Pricing for User Groups</p></li><li><p>Built-In Billing Reports in UI for Users</p></li><li><p>Built-In Billing Reports in UI for Providers</p></li><li><p>For more information, contact us at</p></li></ul>