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Only by mastering observation can you master selling


  • 1. SellingSkills Basic

2. SellingSkills Level 1 3. SellingSkills Jedi Level 1 4. Master Jedi SellingSkills Level 1 Observation 5. You must master observation 6. So you can adapt 7. Know yourOpponent 8. Observe 9. The APPROACH The Steel Method 10. Observation Meaning Hurried Enthusiastic Methodical Unhurried Competitive Friendly Dependable Careful 11. Observe 12. The HANDSHAKE The Steel Method 13. Brief Strong Grip Pump and Hold Friendly & Firm Loose & Brief Direct Communicative Good Listener Precise Observation Meaning 14. Observe 15. The Office The Steel Method 16. Heaps & Piles Pictures of Self Pictures of Family Neat Inquisitive Verbal Kind Logical Observation Meaning 17. Observe 18. The Manners The Steel Method 19. Rude or Blunt Sociable Welcoming Very Polite Self Starter Positive Amiable Perfectionist Observation Meaning 20. Observe 21. The Eye Contact The Steel Method 22. Direct & Steady Friendly & Steady Warm & Friendly Evasive Eyes Assertive Persuasive Deliberate Accurate Observation Meaning 23. Observe 24. The Body Language The Steel Method 25. Fidgety & Restless Relaxed Defensive Posture Expressionless Driving Influential Deliberate Compliant Observation Meaning 26. Know who you are selling. 27. Assertive Driving Competitive Forceful Inquisitive Direct Self Starter Influential Persuasive Friendly Verbal Communicative Positive Compliant Careful Systematic Precise Accurate Perfectionist Logical Dependable Deliberate Amiable Persistent Good Listener Kind Dominance (Power) Influence (People) Compliance (Policy) Steadiness (Pace) 28. Modify 29. Your Approach 30. To Maximize your Acceptance. 31. Only then will you master sales 32. ABOUT THE AUTHOR David Steel is the President of New Jersey-based sales consultancy, The Steel Method, LLC.The Steel Method supplies the glue that holds your sales team together: education, programs, seminars, workshops,compensation, and more Visit