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1. Jedi or Padawan ? Tech talk presentation on best practices in Client side Engineering 2. White side or Dark Side ? All of us here are software engineers which are quite lucky to be in the place we currently are, so how did it start ? 3. WEB Developer I started as a Web Developer in a startup in a country which geographical position is a mystery :D, Web Developer what does it mean ? Means you have to know PHP-Python, JavaScript, HTML4, CSS2 and constantly invent wheels, reinvent them or even repair. 4. Was that fun ? No Way, It was not, hours and hours of debugging, headaches, and when you are there, suddenly client changes his mind and wants new features, so you have the redo or glue the all shitty code you produced to get the result. 5. So how to solve ? Some developers run to the nearest supermarket to buy glue and start repairing the project producing even more shitty code, some of them just switch off the phone and hide their steps like professional serial killers. 6. No Other way ? No, there is not, so I decided no to go through any of these paths, I just quit my job and went as a Junior developer in a company where I could learn anything. 7. Buy Books ! Yes I started to learn books, started to learn from Gurus, spent a lot of money attending different conventional conferences and learning from people, actively communicating with communities and doing meetups. 8. I got the light ! Yes I suddenly realized that I was a complete Padawan on my way to become a Jedi, I started to fight on the light side of power. 9. My Friends I got friends with nouns like Design Patterns, Coding standards, Documentation, TDD and Frameworks. 10. My Teachers Two books changed my life forever and introduced a collection of books to read in future: 1. The Gang of Four 2. Douglas Crockford Javascript the Good parts 11. Frameworks and how do we eat them ? Currently on the market there are two most popular Client side Frameworks: 1. Backbone 2. Angular 12. Frameworks and how do we eat them ? Currently on the market there are two most popular Client side Frameworks: 1. Backbone 2. Angular 13. Who are they ? Backbone is a veteran on the market, a lot of Enterprise applications written on it, Angular also is quite mature but got most of the fame during latest releases, Mostly these frameworks bring on board similar ideas, but they have fundamental differences. 14. Backbone 1. Light 2. Custom Templating 3. MV Coll Architecture 4. Flexible 5. Data binding managed manually (performance) 6. Views are Javascript Objects 7. Models are Javascript Objects 15. Angular 1. Complete application Framework 2. Built in templating 3. Two way data binding 4. Forces its own way to develop apps 5. View is a DOM object 6. Model Is a plain JSON object 16. Which is better ? Both, Angular provides robust and complete solution for creating applications from scratch, Backbone is a professional tool for porting existing Padawan legacy codes to modern Javascript world 17. Best Practices in JS 1. Logic less templates 2. Dom Manipulation in Directives 3. Data and logic manipulation in Services 4. Code reuse 5. View is a mirror of Model 6. Models and Collections should cooperate with Backend through REST Apis 18. Do not copy paste In both whenever View or Controllers implement the same logic with a slight difference means you wrote a bad code, take the difference to external module or service and unify the controller to one. 19. Loose Coupling Code is not a family Like one of my mentors said, Classes or Objects should not be connected with each other, they should communicate through Facades or Loaders, so you can kill any at any point and replace and nothing will break. 20. Do not Hack CSS in JS We are all lazy, css is boring, sometimes its not possible to solve an issue fast in CSS, but better spend the whole day and implement a solution in CSS than hack it in JS, at the end of the day css does not have runtime errors, JS has, and this is a BUG for us ! 21. Do not show you are the smartest ! This is an irony, some developers want to write overcomplicated code and show that their mind is Brilliant, well that is perfect but remember about new developers who jump on Board, poor padawans they will just not be able to maintain your code, so Keep it simple! 22. Test Your Code Test driven Development is one of the main aspects in Engineering and believe me if you think how you will test your code, you will remember about loose coupling, no chaining functions no complicated calls, only return statements and Promises. 23. Document Your code Both in Backbone and Angular you have to document your code, in Angular it is NG-Docs, in Backbone preferably JS- docs, and document it so people jump on board do not spend days to understand 5 lines of code, this saves time, money and health on much more pleasant tasks ! 24. USE CSS precompilers Well this was a light for me, write logic in CSS and compile it, no need to prefix stuff, classes and mixins solve all your problems, so Precompilers want you, use them ! 25. USE Git Some people thing GIT is overwhelming, well its not, believe me if you live in a place where electricity is switched off every hour, you would like to Keep in it Git, or if you have 20 developers working on same feature, this is pain, Git solves it !