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  • 1. Cotton by the Numbers By Mrs. Coxs Math Students Cotton Project March 2013

2. Population by Race in Georgia4,000,0003,500,0003,000,0002,500,000White2,000,000 BlackOther1,500,0001,000,000 500,000 01850s 1870s 1900s 1930s 1960s 1980s 3. Average Household Income in Georgia60000500004000030000200001000001850S 1870S 1900S 1930S 1960S 1980S 2010S 4. Working Hours70HOURS6050403020 HOURS10 0 1850s 1870s 1900s1930s 1960s 1980s 2010s 5. Social Activities in Georgia Social Activities in Georgia2010 1980 1960193019001870 1850Card Games andFish, and Outdoor Listen to Music and Play Board and Parlor Watch Movies and Sports and Outdoor Internet/Facebook Church SocialsContests Read Books Games TelevisionGamesand Television 6. 1850s 7. 1870s 8. 1900s 9. 1930s 10. 1960s 11. 1980s 12. 2010 ! 13. Price of Jeans (2011)3% 3%7%13%27% 100+ $19.99 or less $20- 29.99 $30- 39.99 $40- 59.99 $60- 79.99 $80- 99.9920% 27% 14. Jeans Fast Facts 15. In 1875, 12 pairs of jeans cost $13.50. Which means that one pair costapproximately $1.13. 16. Almost all US consumers own at least one pair of jeans, and the average consumer owns seven pairs. 17. China, Mexico, and Bangladesh were the top suppliers of denim jeans in2010, accounting for 68.4% of units imported. 18. Average US retail prices of denim jeansare up in the first quarter of 2011, but down from the same period in 2009. 19. Mid-tier department stores allocatethe greatest share of floor space tojeans and are more likely to have jeanspriced on sale. 20. Consumers see the value in payingmore for a jean that will fit better and last longer, and 76% of consumersthink better-quality clothing is made from natural fibers. 21. Source