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2. siyentipikong pagtukalasrebolusyong siyentipiko18 siglorasyonalismo 3. Some of the Enlightenment thinkersHobbesLockeMonstesquieuRousseau 4. JEAN JACQUES ROUSSEAU(1772-1778)Ipinanganak sa Geneva, Switzerland noong taong June 28, 1712.Pangalawang anak nina Isaac Rousseau at Susanne Bernard (namatay ng ilang araw na maisilang siya)His family was a pious Calvinist and refugees from France.Lives of PlutarchLouise the Waren - isa sa mga naging nobya nya at naging kasangkapan sa pakikipag-ugnayan sa Catholicism. 5. 1742- nagpunta siya sa Paris upang maging isang musikero.Therese Levasseur- ang naging pang habangbuhay na kabiyak niya.1750- published Discourse on the Arts and SciencesLe Devin du Village ang kanyang opera1753 Discourse on the Inequality Among Men 6. Mme d Epinay1756 Montmorency1761 Julie or The New Heloise1762 The Social ContractJudge of Jean Jacques and The Reveries of the Solitary WalkerJuly 03, 1778 nang siya ay namatayThe Confessions: Rousseaus Autobiography 7. QUOTATIONSMan is born free, but everywhere he is in chainsForce not constitue rights obedience is due only to legitimate powersGratitude is a duty ought to be paid, but which none have the right to expectFree people, remember this maxim; we may acquire liberty, but it is never recovered if it is once lost 8. It is unnatural for a majority to rule, for a majority can seldom be organized and united for specific action, and minority can 9. La Devin du Village 10. THE EMILE Eile or On Education Profession of the Faithof Savoyard Vicar The Emile or On Education is essentially awork that details Rousseaus philosophy ofeducation. It was originally published justseveral months after the Social Contract. 11. Education ContibutionsEMILE. The greatest work produced by Rousseau isEmile. This work is more a tract upon educationunder the guise of a story than it is a novel in thetrue sense of the word novel. The book describes theideal education which prepares Emile and Sophie fortheir eventual marriage. The following represents anoutline of the vital educational principles found inEmile:1. BOOK ONE. This book deals with the infancy of the child.2. BOOK TWO. Rousseau describes the education of the child whenthe tutor has full responsibility. 12. 3. BOOK THREE. This section describes theintellectual education of Emile.4. BOOK FOUR. This section describes the socialeducation and the religious education of Emile. 13. Other works Julie or the New Heloise Julie or the NewHeloise remains one of Rousseaus popular works,though it is not a philosophical treatise, but rather anovel. Reveries of the Solitary Walker like of his work, isapart of a story and part of philosophical treatise. Rousseau: Judge of Jean Jacques The mostdistinctive feature of this late work, often referred tosimply as the Dialogues, is that it is written in theform of three dialogues. 14. THE NEW HELOISE REVERIES OF THE SOLITARY WALKER 15. REVERIES OF THE SOLITARY WALKER 16. THE SOCIAL CONTRACT