jazz fusion marsalis (b. 1961 - ) • trumpet performer/educator/composer – new orleans,...

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  • Jazz Fusion & Contemporary Trends

  • Characteristics of Fusion

    Fusion a music genre which combines two or more

    genres. Roots

    Gospel, The Blues. Electric Instruments (Amplifiers)

    R&B (Rhythm & Blues) Originally marketed as race records of the

    1940s Develops into Rock n Roll.

  • Comparing Jazz & Rock

    Preset PerformanceSpontaneity

    Repetitious drummingResponsive drumming

    Simplicity emphasizedComplex melodic and harmonic content

    Short phrasesPhrasing emphasized


  • Miles Davis (revisited once again) Fender Rhodes

    Electric Piano used in the 1960s (prior to synthesizers)

    Electric Guitar and Bass Sound of vibrating string amplified

    by magnetic pickups Percussion

    World instruments, South America, Africa, India.

    Star People (1982) Released after long hiatus from

    1975. Controversial funk album. Not true Jazz

  • John McLaughlin (b. 1942 - )

    English Jazz-Rock Guitarist The Mahavishnu Orchestra

    fused eclectic jazz and rock with eastern and Indian influences.

    Odd & mixed meters Birds of Fire

    Second studio album, 1973 Miles Beyond tribute to

    Miles Davis.


    Evolved from a 1960s Miles Davis studio ensemble.

    Synthesizer covered horn parts.

    Bassist did not play walking bass lines.

    Drummer did not play traditional swing.


  • Weather Report (musicians) Joe Zawinul (1932 2007)

    Pianist/Composer/Bandleader Jaco Pastorius (1951-1987)

    Bassist/Pioneer of Fretless Electric Bass

    Wayne Shorter (b. 1933 - ) Saxophonist

    Heavy Weather (1977) Album featuring the song

    Birdland LISTENING EXCERPT: CD TWO, Track 10

  • Chick Corea (b. 1941 - ) Pianist/Bandleader Return to Forever

    Fusion group that featured Latin rhythms

    Al Dimeola, guitarist Stanley Clarke, bassist

    Light as a Feather (1972) Features hit song Spain


  • Herbie Hancock (b. 1940 - )

    Pianist/Composer Child Prodigy classically trained Maiden Voyage (1965)

    Title song of the album that has become a jazz standard.

    Future Shock (1983) Rockit funk tune feature synthesized

    electronic sounds. Grandmixer DXT (Derek Showard) featured

  • Acid Jazz A style of fusion jazz that emerged in the

    1980s from recording studio techniques. Sampling

    Using recorded excerpts from other musicians. Looping

    Taking a portion of a sampled recording and repeating it over and over.

    Overdubbing An instrumentalist or vocalist performs a solo

    over a loop in the recording studio.

  • Contemporary Jazz Artists Kenny G [Gorelick] (b. 1959 - )

    Soprano saxophonist smooth jazz style.

    Overdubbing (Wonderful World, with Louis Armstrong)

    David Sandborn (b. 1945 - ) Saxophonist/Composer (Lethal

    Weapon 2-4) soulful but aggressive style.

    Pat Metheny (b. 1954 - ) Guitarist, experiments with

    manipulating the guitar sound. Roland Guitar Synthesizer.

  • Contemporary Latin Jazz Artists Tito Puente (1923 2000)

    Percussionist (keyboard perc. & timbales).

    Led mambo bands in the 1980s Paquito DRivera ( b. 1948 - )

    Clarinet/Saxophone prodigy Arturo Sandoval (b. 1949 - )

    Trumpet Performer and Club Owner (MB)

    Film For Love or Country (Andy Garcia)

    Performed on soundtrack Mambo Kings

  • Carla Bley (b. 1936 - ) Pianist/Composer. Eclectic compositional style. Reworks familiar themes.


  • Maria Schneider (b. 1960 - )

    Modern Big Band Composer Unusual form

    Does not use traditional blues progression or 32-bar AABA form.

    Experiments with a variety of tone colors Unusual combinations of instruments.

    Music is often autobiographical. Based on her experiences.

  • Wynton Marsalis (b. 1961 - ) Trumpet Performer/Educator/Composer

    New Orleans, Louisiana Comes from a Musical Family

    Ellis Marsalis, father (pianist) Branford Marsalis, brother (saxophonist)

    Considered a purist Saved jazz from morass of pop fusion and

    noise or instilled a regressive notion of the jazz tradition.

    Criticized Miles Davis fusion recordings (of the 1980s) as not being true jazz"