January jobs report shows 157,000 jobs added inspite of jobless rate incressing

Download January jobs report shows 157,000 jobs added inspite of jobless rate incressing

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    January Jobs Report Shows 157,000 Jobs Added Inspite of Jobless RateIncreasing, EmploymentCrossing.com Finds 2.2 Million Jobs Across UnitedStates

    The January 2013 jobs report shows that there were 157,000 jobs created with healthcare,construction and retail industries being the top jobs creators.

    Pasadena, CA (PRWEB) February 04, 2013 -- The January 2013 jobs report was released on Friday and while itshowed that around 157,000 net nonfarm jobs were created, it also reported that the jobless rate increased to 7.9percent.

    But the Bureau of Labor Statistics defends the unemployment rate by stating in its press release that theunemployment rate was essentially unchanged at 7.9 percent. There are still 12.3 million people in thecountry who are jobless, and that is just the figure put out by the Bureau of Labor Statistics based on thehousehold surveys that it carries out. Out of these 12.3 million, there are at least 4.7 million Americans who arebeing counted as long-term unemployed now (individuals who have been jobless for over 27 weeks).

    The number of part-time employees was 8 million, while another 2.4 million were said to be marginallyattached to the workforce, including 804,000 workers who had given up looking for work, or as the BLS callsthem discouraged workers.

    Job search website EmploymentCrossing.com has been able to track down 2.2 million job openings across theUnited States. The jobs report says that retail and wholesale trade along with construction and healthcare werethe main engines of jobs growth in January.

    The retail industry added 33,000 jobs, and restaurants and hotels added 17,000 jobs. EmploymentCrossing.comhas found 74,000 retail jobs this week. The healthcare industry added 28,000 jobs in January. For this industry,EmploymentCrossing has been able to find 113,000 job openings this week.

    The construction industry was able to add 28,000 net jobs in January because of a housing rebound that isfinally giving a push to the industry. EmploymentCrossing.com has found 8,000 construction job openings.

    For more details on the job openings according to the industry on the site:http://www.employmentcrossing.com/jobs/jobs.html

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