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    ThvelwoThwill show you how to search PubMed,the National Library of Medicinejournal literature search system.PubMed comprises more than 19 mil-lio







    Kathleen Zelman, MPH, RD, hasbeen honored with the American So-ciety for Nutritions 2011 Science Me-dia Award. The award is given for





    DfoisbMPevAspLAS. Riverside Plaza, Suite 2000,Chicago, IL 60606; journal@eatright.org; 312/899-4829; or fax,



    2n citations for biomedical literature consistent, accurate nutrition science312/899-4812.

    011 by the American Dietetic Association Journal of the AMERICAN DIETETIC ASSOCIATION 177from th


    iring Positions

    of December 31, 2010, the Ameri-Dietetic Association positions,

    ood and Nutritional Professionalsn Implement Practices to Conservetural Resources and Protect thevironment (J Am Diet Assoc.07;107:1033-1043) and Food andtrition Misinformation (J Am Dietsoc. 2006;106:601-607), are noger designated as positions of theerican Dietetic Association. The

    sociation Positions Committee willvelop these papers into practice pa-rs. Any questions may be directedDonna L. Wickstrom, MS, RD, ADAadquarters, 800/877-1600, ext. 4835dwickstrom@eatright.org.

    nating Journals

    mbers often inquire about donat-their old Journals to a good cause,

    t dont know where to start. Theb site for the Health Sciences Li-ry at the University of Buffalo pro-es a list of organizations that ac-t donations of old journals andistribute them to developing coun-

    es, found at http://libweb.lib.buffalo.u/dokuwiki/hslwiki/doku.php?idk_donations. The Journal encour-

    es our readers to take advantage ofs opportunity to share our knowl-e.

    E Available for PubMed Tutorial

    e ADA Center for Professional De-opment offers a PubMed tutorialrth 1 hour of Level 1 CPE credit.is Web-based learning program

    DA CALENDAR011 ADA Food & Nutritiononference & Expoeptember 24-27, 2011;an Diego, CAe assocm MEDLINE, life science journals,d online books. Citations may in-de links to full-text content frombMed Central and publisher Webes. This e-learning self-study in-des Web links to the PubMed page,

    online MeSH Browser, and thebMed Help guide. The course in-des PDF files of two journal articleswell as a downloadable CPE certifi-e. For more information, visit www.tright.org/Shop/Product.aspx?id42452649&CatID4295028920.



    M Elects Three Dietetics Prac-ioners as New Memberst its 40th annual meeting, the In-

    tutes of Medicine (IOM) announcednew members, and three dieteticsctitioners were among them: Su-ne P. Murphy, PhD, RD, profes-and director, Nutrition Support

    ared Resource, Cancer Researchnter of Hawaii, University of Ha-ii, Honolulu; Mary Story, PhD, RD,fessor, Division of Epidemiology

    d Community Health, and associ-dean of student affairs, School of

    blic Health, University of Minne-a, Minneapolis; and Connie M.aver, PhD, distinguished professor

    d head, Department of Foods andtrition, Purdue University, Westfayette, IN. Election to the IOM issidered one of the highest honorsthe fields of health and medicined recognizes individuals who have

    onstrated outstanding professionalievement and commitment to ser-

    e. New members are elected byrrent active members through ahly selective process that recog-es individuals who have made ma-contributions to the advancement

    the medical sciences, health care,d public health.

    A Member wins Science Media AwardiationPEOPLE & EVENTSorting for a general audience overlast year. The award honors Zel-

    n for her achievements in the nu-tion science media and also recog-es her efforts in fostering theblics understanding and apprecia-n of current nutrition issues basedscience.

    acek Wins Simko Award

    the 2010 Food & Nutrition Confer-ce & Expo (FNCE) in Boston, MA,nya M. Horacek, PhD, RD, wasmed this years winner of ADAsrgaret Dullea Simko Memorialard for Excellence at a Clinical

    ster Session. This award is given to

    eadline for submitting materialr the People and Events sectionthe first of the month, 3 months

    efore the date of the issue (eg,ay 1 for the August issue).ublication of an educationalent is not an endorsement by thessociation of the event oronsor. Send material to: Ryanipscomb, Editor, Journal of themerican Dietetic Association, 120

    ell Us Your Issue . . .e care about the concerns of ADAembers and want to hear from

    ou. There are four easy ways toubmit your issues:

    E-mailissuesmgmt@eatright.org.Fax 312/899-4790.Phone 800/877-1600 ext 5000.Contact your delegate.

    You will receive immediate confir-ation that your message has been

    eceived and action will be takenithin 2 months. For more informa-on, visit ADAs member home pagend click on Member Issues or visitww.eatright.org/issues.

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    178 January 2011 Volume 111 Number 1ognize quality poster sessions atCE and encourage high-qualityter session admissions in the future.nded by friends and colleagues ofrgaret D. Simko. Ashlee H. Schochs named runner-up for the award.


    ances Selzer Talbert, RD, Octo-r 2010, was one of the foundingmbers of the Mississippi Dieteticsociation. She began her career asietitian after graduating from St

    therines College in St Paul, MN.ring World War II, Talbert wasmissioned as a lieutenant in the

    my Air Corps, and for her servicee was the first female inducted into

    Oxford, MS, American Legionst. She later became the foundingtitian at the North Mississippi Re-nal Center, where she worked un-her retirement.

    RATUMthe article Development of the

    10 US Dietary Guidelines Advisorymmittee Report: Perspectives fromegistered Dietitian in the Novem-

    r 2010 issue of the Journal of theerican Dietetic Association, refer-

    ce 10 on page 1645 was mistakenlyted as: US Department of Healthd Human Services, and US Depart-nt of Agriculture (HHS, USDA).

    etary Guidelines for Americans,edition. Washington, DC: US

    vernment Printing Office; 2010.ference 10 should read as: US De-rtment of Health and Human Ser-es, US Department of Agriculture.port of the Dietary Guidelines Ad-ory Committee on the Dietaryidelines for Americans, 2010. Wash-ton, DC: Agricultural Researchrvice; 2010.

    i: 10.1016/j.jada.2010.11.008