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  1. 1. Rotherham Social Prescribing Service Janet Wheatley: CEO Voluntary Action Rotherham
  2. 2. Rotherham Social Prescribing Service: Connects people with long term conditions, referred through case management teams, to sources of support in their community 5 VCS Advisors, employed by VAR, linked to 36 GP practices, work with referred people to find a service or activity that meets their needs 19 VCS organisations receive funding to provide a menu of 20 different services and activities Provides a gateway to a wider pool of VCS services that are not directly funded through social prescribing, predominantly provided by local community centres and groups 2 PRESCRIPTIONExercise / healthy lifestylesSelf-managementprogrammes Social and leisureArts and craftsBefriending/mentoringConfidence buildingLearning/trainingMoney benefits, debt, fuelpoverty Housing/adaptationsCarers supportDementia supportTransport/mobilityAdvocacy
  3. 3. Why are we doing it? Strengthening individuals, strengthening communities NHS Efficiency Challenge - reduces pressure on NHS and social care Improves outcomes for patients with long term conditions and their carers Recognition that patients need support with non-medical issues - creates a wider range of options for primary care and patient Shift of focus to prevention and early intervention - increases independence, resilience of individuals and communities Supports integration and personalisation Doing things differently more of the same is not an option
  4. 4. Feedback Feedback Rotherham Social Prescribing Model
  5. 5. G P VCSA VCS provider Service 1 VCS provider Service 3 VCS provider Service 2 SPS Funded SPS Funded Patient attends peer-led group Patient continues to access service (external funding sustains service) Patient referred on to sustainable activities / service No sustainable outcome for patient SPS funded Provider Service SPSReferralin Referral Out VCSAFOLLOWUP Social Prescribing Patient Journey SPS funding Patient continues to access service (patient self funds) Towards Independence Maintaining Independence Sustainable funding
  6. 6. Activity 2014-15 1392 referrals into SPS (3067) 1554 referrals out to funded VCS (3643) 574 referrals out to non-funded VCS (1052) 651 referrals out to non-VCS (1241) 36 GP practices (all) Highest 328 referrals 65% aged 75+ (66%) 61% female (61%) 30% aged 85+ (31%) 13% aged under 60 (12%) 3% BME (3%)
  7. 7. Referrals out top categories Advice and Information (Benefits) 387 Community Activities (Social, education, exercise, leisure) 378 Befriending Plus 354 Transport 233 Therapeutic 166 Community Hubs 144 Advocacy and Support 111 Dementia Support 109 Carer Respite 71
  8. 8. Hospital Episodes - 12 month cohort Inpatient Admissions: All patients: 21 per cent reduction Patients referred to funded VCS provision: 25 per cent reduction A&E Attendance: All patients: 20 per cent reduction Patients referred to funded VCS provision: 24 per cent reduction Outpatients: All patients: 21 per cent reduction Patients referred to funded VCS provision: 29 per cent reduction
  9. 9. Wellbeing Improvements 83% of patients made progress in at least one outcome area
  10. 10. Cost/Benefits For an annual investment of 500,000: 415,000 potential cost savings in first year post-referral 870,000 to 1.9M potential full cost savings (dependent on length benefit sustained/drop-off rate) 660-742,000 potential social value of well-being gains in year post-referral 350,000 additional welfare benefits claimed 280,000 external funding accessed 180,000 estimated value of volunteer contribution Potential wider savings for primary and social care
  11. 11. Outcomes for patients and carers Quantitative and qualitative evidence points to a range of improvements for patients and carers: improved mental health greater independence -reduced isolation and loneliness increased physical activity welfare benefits Social Prescribing represents an important first step to engaging with community based services and wider statutory provision Without Social Prescribing many patients and carers would be unaware of or unable to access these services
  12. 12. Outcomes for the public sector Pilot delivered in the context of austerity measures, rises in long term health conditions and the use of unplanned hospital care, and an ageing population Social Prescribing was targeted at those most at risk of requiring unplanned hospital care Reducing attendances and admissions is an important measure of success There are positive signs, with reductions of up to a fifth after 12 months. Translates into cost reductions for commissioners Broader outcomes such as satisfaction with care and patient experience,
  13. 13. Outcomes for the VCS Opportunity for smaller organisations to access NHS funding/demonstrate impact Funding to expand capacity/develop new services not happened in other areas of UK - 907,000 given out in grants / spot purchases Greater ability to attract external funding - 327,000 Additional funding from CCG mental health, dementia, carers Showcased contribution of VCS to health and wellbeing priorities Promoted greater collaboration between VCS Improved sustainability groups, community centres, organisations Catalyst for innovation and social action
  14. 14. GP quote: supportive and insightful Patient quote: I feel there is much more to life and I feel happier Patient quote: it has been fantastic, getting out of the house, meeting nice people, we are back in society, love it! GP quote: fantastic feedback from patients and their families GP quote: reduces our workload and reassures that all that can be done is donePatient quote: so many housebound and disabled people have a better quality of life now because of all you Patient quote: something to look forward to. Feel Im doing something to improve myself and my situation GP quote: patients who are responsive to voluntary sector referrals have notably had less need for presentation to us Volunteer quote: the reward for me is seeing people become brighter, more talkative, looking forward to having visitors and making a new circle of friends GP quote: unequivocally patients benefit. Having spoken to patients they, like me, welcome and appreciate the service Patient quote: gets me doing things I never thought possible Patient quote: I feel more confident, Im taking my medication, physical condition under control
  15. 15. Further Information Links to the full evaluation reports http://www.shu.ac.uk/research/cresr/sites/shu.ac.uk/files/social-economic http://www.shu.ac.uk/research/cresr/sites/shu.ac.uk/files/social-economic Further support from VAR Janet Wheatley: janet.wheatley@varotherham.org.uk/Linda Jarrold : linda.jarrold@varotherham.org.uk Further support from Age UK Rotherham Lesley Dabell: lesley.dabell@ageukrotherham.org