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A journey in Interior Design


  • JLJanet Little

    09429 Center Road New Knoxville, OH 45871E: littlej4@miamioh.edu P: 567.204.2652.

  • Growing up in a small farm town, I quickly learned that I would have to venture outside of my bubble in order to fulfill my dreams. Throughout

    the years I have packed my Midwestern values with me, but I have pushed myself outside of my comfort zone through lifes adventures and travels.

    Today I find fulfillment in taking a handful of ideas and making them into a unified story, product, or space. Studying Interior Architecture at

    Miami University has given me the opportunity to design both locally and internationally. Design allows me to utilize my creative abilities to make the visions of clients become a reality while drawing inspiration from

    photographs, magazines, nature, and my own life experiences. The journey of my adventures has been as valuable of experiences as the destinations.

    Welcome to my story.

  • Los Angeles Shanghai Istanbul

  • New York City Zurich Boston

  • Rehabilitation & Counseling Center for Homeless Veterans

    Capstone Studio


  • .

    Project Description:




    Create a space of your choice that houses different uses for a group of complex specified users that is over 30,000 sq. ft. in size. The topic of

    choosing must be important to you. Students will be expected to thoroughly research through scholarly journals and


    Homelessness is on the rise, especially for veterans. A space of over 30,000 sq.

    ft. will incorporate temporary residential housing, rehabilitation, and career services. This will be successful through the incorporation of indoor gardens, which are proven to reduce

    anxiety, elevate mood, and be therapeutic. These areas can act as

    meeting places to promote social inter-action as well as teach horticulture (one of the most recommended professions

    for people with PTSD).

  • The site for Roots is in downtown Los Angeles,

    home to the largest population of homeless veterans in the United States. Within LA, is Culver City which is located less than five miles from Skid Row, home to over 17,000

    homeless. Other reasons for choosing this loca-tion included the prox-imity to UCLA Medical and Psychiatric Hospi-tals as well as the VA.

  • UCLA Medical Campus


    Site Analysis & Sun Path Diagrams

  • First Floor Plan Second Floor Plan

  • Having small gathering areas is important for the social interactions between occupants.

    Engaging with others and having conversa-tions with individuals who can empathize is necessary to overcome depression and create

    friendships. These areas are located outside of the occupants indi-

    vidual rooms, which are also lined with acousti-cal panels to keep noise from being disruptive.

    To be budget conscious, I took advantage of the water pipes already in use for the yoga studios waterfall wall. A feature water wall is also in place in the hallway on the

    opposite side. Features like this element help to incorporate a green environment that is natural. Trickling water sounds have been proven to lessen severe anxiety and

    relieve stress in individuals with PTSD.

  • A yoga studio is integrated into the design to help teach breathing techniques, meditation, and encourages physical activity. The built - in storage allows space for yoga mats and personal belongings. The waterfall wall contributes to

    the serenity of the space to promote relaxation.

  • Garden Inspiration

  • Handicapped Accessible Room Perspectivewith Dropped Ceiling Installation

    Every room at Roots is handicapped accessible as well as private. While some facilities choose to house as

    many individuals as possible, I found that more individualized care is more likely to break the cycle of homelessness. Through research, I

    found that the homeless need a place to call their own in order to feel secure. Only after feeling safe

    and having a piece of ownership can individuals be treated for other mental and physical problems.

  • ShanghaiRetail Studio

    Flower Shop in Shanghai

  • Project Description:

    Concept: Create an experience for the

    customer using the idea of floating from the direct translation of Shanghai,

    Above the Sea. This will be done through materiality, product displays, and programming of the flower shop.

    Above the Seed:

    For an expat client, design a 400 sq. ft. flower shop in Shanghai ,

    China that would be used by other Western expats and Chinese patrons. The client requests a

    modern aesthetic of 1930s meets 2015. Project will be completed

    in teams of three.

  • Shanghai is a small port city bursting with historical contexts, yet continues to move toward the future. Today, it is the most populated city in China and is a metropolis of art, business, and architecture. The same love for old and

    new came into our concept of repurposing old materials to the aesthetics of a futuristic Shanghai. Modern, unorthodox forms contrast traditional geometrics.

    The entrance includes a repur-

    posed sliding door which is similar to

    that used in the old Shanghai fishing markets. Hanging terrariums create

    whimsical elements at different levels

    and make a futuris-tic sea for custom-

    ers to enjoy.

  • Cut Flowers

    Commercial Flowers


    Vases Display

    Work Station

    Cash Wrap


    Office Space


    The use of refurbished wood is a historical

    reference to the fishing crates used in the port. Textured walls add a

    modern aesthetic. Red ceramic vases cantilever

    over the flooring to create an illusion of


  • Longitudinal Section Cut

    Our space glorifies the transformation of Shanghai from a small fishing village to one of the largest port cities of the world. The forward focus of the city is a reflection of subtleties of the past. The space ensures customers feel the essence of Shanghais roots, while appreciating the developmental process of a cosmopolitan metropolis. Shanghai translates to Above the Sea so our group decided to name the flower shop Above the Seed. We mimic the form of a wave with different heights of vases utilizing transparent materials such as glass. The project was created by two architects and one interior designer (me).

  • Section Cut through Immediate Displays

  • Arrangement Types & Materiality

    Perspective of Prearranged Flower and Vase Displays

  • Summer Studio

    Istanbul Study Abroad

  • Retail Studio

    New York CityMens Pop - Up Shop

    in the MeatpackingDistrict

  • .

    Project Description:


    Bonobos: Create a pop-up-shop in the Meat-

    packing district of New York City that communicates the Bonobos brand

    within a 1250 sq. ft. (25 ft. wide x 50 ft. long x 14 ft. tall) environment.

    Designs must also convey the Bonobos graphics and signage. It must also have a digital element since Bonobos is an

    e-commerce store for men.

    I was inspired by a pair of Jimmy Choos trudging through meat sludge on the cobblestone streets of NYC.

    Combining a desirable product with undesirable elements creates a visual

    interest for customers. Design is influenced by the history of NYCs meatpacking district. The Bonobos

    store is geared especially toward men who hate to shop- but love to look


  • Keeping with the companys green initiative, construction is made from reused materials.Locally found metal sheeting adorns the facade while referencing cutting platforms that meatpackers used to use for butchering. Reclaimed wood and exposed brick keep this

    space raw.

  • Using sustainable materials allows for a decrease in con-

    struction cost, reducing depen-dence on imported, higher-cost


    Grid walls when combined with face-outs and signage act as a home for merchandise.

    Walls are made from recycled metal scraps that are then

    fabricated into panels.

    Panel fixtures are made from alusion, stabilized aluminum foam created from recycled metal. The skin is removed through a special blasting

    process, allowing an aluminum sponge to form.

    Tables and platforms are created from plant-based agri-cultural wastes. These come

    from the cultivation of maize crops, providing natural fibers that are a sustainable resource

    for production.

    Material Diagram

    While using a space that is raw, design decisions incorporate fit, technology, and

    sustainable materials. The store is the perfect experience for men with shopping made easy and fun through sarcastic slang,

    unique packaging, technology, and the clothes - or as we call it the meat.

  • Bonobos is an online store, so incorporating digital elements was of high importance. If

    the line is too long, customers can make their orders online at the I-pad checkout.

    Digital signage also plays an important role in the marketing and advertising of the Bono-bos brand. This also allows for employees to spend more of their time with their custom-

    ers instead of changing signage.

    Packaging inspiration comes from meatpackers wrapping in freezer paper as well as tying pork loins with string. Wrapping clothes like meat

    gives Bonobos consumers a fun experience and promotes the brand.

  • Bonobos Cash Wrap & I-pad Checkout

  • Zur