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James Gurney. (Realism and Fantasy) By: Kaitie Brady. Dinosaur Parade. The following drawing was created for his first Dinotopia book called Dinotopia : A Land Apart From Time. Medium: Oil. Ride To Atlantis. Genre: Fantasy and Science Fiction Medium: Oil. Convoy Surrounded. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


James Gurney

(Realism and Fantasy)

By: Kaitie BradyJames GurneyDinosaur ParadeThe following drawing was created for his first Dinotopia book called Dinotopia: A Land Apart From Time.Medium: Oil

Ride To AtlantisGenre: Fantasy and Science FictionMedium: Oil

Convoy SurroundedTaken from Dinotopia: The World BeneathMedium: Oil

Abandoned Guest HouseMedium: Pencil

Chris PayneDone at the Columbus College of Art and Design

Medium Water Soluble Colored Pencils

Gorilla: Sketched From Life At a ZooMedium: Pencil

Mud PuddleMedium: Pencil and Water Color

Background Painting for Fire and IceMedium: Pencil

HomecomingMedium: Oil

Spaceport BarMade as a wraparound paperback coverMedium: Oil

CoverThis illustration was made for Tim Powers novel On Stranger TidesMedium: Pencil and Water Color

Stanley The RobotDesigns for a sculptureMedium: Pencil

Garden of HopeMade for Dinotopia: World BeneathMedium: Oil

Arthur Helps Young GigantosaurusCreated for Dinotopia: World BeneathMedium: Pencil

Mossy Brook FallsGenre: RealismMedium: Oil

All images taken from http://jamesgurney.com/site/images


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