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With our over 40 years of E-type restoration experience and over 25 years of rotisserie use. Superior panel fit and finish. Custom fit chrome. A vast knowledge and attention to originality. All of this experience reflects in our show quality restorations.We would be happy to discuss a future restoration project with you. Serious restoration inquiries only please.Thanks, JeffOwner/ Restoration Specialist

History of the Jaguar E-type

A civilized production version of the Jaguars Lemans winning D-types, the E-type was an immediate sensation when released in 1961.

The E-types beauty and overall harmony ofline combined with luxury interior and the performance of a race car!

These attributes created a demand far beyond factory expectations or initial production capabilities.

The E-type set the bar for sports cars for years to come. Personally, the Jaguar E-type personifies what a sports car is.

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