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1. Major US Retailer Case study Fashion industry 2013-2014 season 2. 2014 Ivy Worldwide, Inc. | Confidential 2015 Ivy Worldwide, Inc. Executive Overview Over the course of 2014, our client a major US-based footwear retailer with significant online and offline presence sought to increase online sales during key shopping seasons via a sustained influencer marketing campaign. As a result, the company was able to: Extend its brand presence to key new markets Achieve 28.3M brand impressions Generate 2M audience engagements with influencers content about the brand Engage customers via 66K contest entries 3. 2015 Ivy Worldwide, Inc. Situation OBJECTIVES Drive awareness and consideration in target markets Improve lead generation and sales Expand enrollment in customer rewards program Demonstrate brand advocacy STRATEGY 1. Carefully select influential third parties based on readership reach, audience demographic and inclination toward brand 2. Provoke their creation of high-quality content that is relevant to audience and brand 3. Prompt their brand endorsement 4. Drive potential customers to points of purchase 4. 2015 Ivy Worldwide, Inc. Action Recruited were 126 INFLUENTIAL PERSONALITIES with a wide array of content channels and demonstrated fashion credibility. Influencer content platforms were then employed to: GENERATE content ENGAGE customers ENDORSE the brand PROMOTE new product initiatives LINK to sales channels PROMPT online sales 5. 2015 Ivy Worldwide, Inc. Results Cumulative program results for 10- month campaign: 2592 content pieces bearing third-party endorsement 2M customer engagements* 28.3M brand impressions** >66K contest entries 100% positive/neutral tonality *Customer engagements represent audiences sharing activity (e.g., likes, comments, etc.) **Brand impressions denotes total measurable audience 2.592 2000 0.1 1 10 100 1000 Content pieces Engagement events Thousands Chart rendered in log scale for clarity 6. 2015 Ivy Worldwide, Inc. Holiday Program Overview During the critical Holiday 2013 shopping season, 49 influential bloggers each published product reviews in tandem with giveaway contests of their own concept and execution. Each site owner was provided 1 pair of shoes for review. They then gave away 5 pairs of shoes in a manner of their choosing. 7. 2015 Ivy Worldwide, Inc. Summer Program Overview During the 2014 spring-to-summer transition, 18 highly influential bloggers employed their third-party endorsement to reach an audience of >2.3M readers, followers and subscribers. These influencers each designed and operated their own Pin-to-Win contest, centered on Pinterest and including various other social channels. 8. 2015 Ivy Worldwide, Inc. Back-To-School Program Overview Leading up to the 2014 back-to-school shopping season, 20 bloggers and YouTube personalities reaching over 7.7M monthly unique audience members demonstrated their own back-to-class style. Fan-driven sharing through an Instagram photo contest further amplified influencer content. An offline element consisted of 39 influential bloggers hosting local in-store events.