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<p>Your new heating system</p> <p>Heat pumps offering lower heating costs and more comfort</p> <p>Heat in a clean and environmentally friendly manner with the markets leading heat pumpsHEAT PUMPS FROM IVT</p> <p>convert the</p> <p>WE SUPPLY COMPLETE SYSTEMS FOR NEW BUILDINGS OR, ON REQUEST, WE CAN SUPPLEMENT YOUR PRESENT HEATING INSTALLATION. Our heat pumps are designed for single-family buildings etc. COMPACT UNIT FOR HEATING AND HOT WATER The Greenline HT Plus is our complete solution with a built-in hot water tank and control unit. This heat pump satises all requirements for heating and hot water. The control unit always guarantees a pleasant room temperature with optimum energy use. ONLY THE VERY BEST All the components for IVT heat pumps come from leading suppliers. We assemble and carefully test them before they leave our factory. and multi-family homes, offices, small industrial</p> <p>NO BURDEN ON THE ENVIRONMENT We use the CFC-free refrigerant R407C. Thus our heat pumps do not represent a burden on the ozone layer. RELIABLE AND LONG-LASTING Heat pumps from IVT are very reliable, and the new scroll compressor technology is fully utilised. It is equipped with our special Compsafe function, which automatically switches the pumps off if there is an operational disturbance, thus preventing damage. SIMPLE INSTALLATION IVT heat pumps are very easy to install. All connections are prepared in the factory and are easily accessible. 30 YEARS OF EXPERIENCE If you opt for IVT, 30 years of experience in the industry are at your disposal. IVT has installed nearly 260,000 heat pumps. Environmentally friendly and energy-saving solutions are our speciality.</p> <p>solar energy stored in the ground into pleasant heat and hot water for your home. The basis of this kind of energy use is a reliable and triedand-tested principle. With an IVT heat pump you make your contribution to environmental protection, as heat pumps cause no CO2 emissions. They require neither a chimney nor a chimney sweep, and at the same time represent an inexpensive form of heating. IVT won first prize with its Greenline in the major Scandinavian competition organised by the Swedish state institute NUTEK (Swedish Board for Industrial and Technical Development), which issues awards for new technologies. The prize-winning heat pump technology is included across our entire programme for all residential and other buildings. Regardless of how you heat your house, with an IVT heat pump you are sure of significant savings.</p> <p>3</p> <p>IVT has a solution for every home</p> <p>REGARDLESS OF WHETHER YOU</p> <p>use</p> <p>switched on on particularly cold days. Complete with a hot water tank from IVT, the heat pump satisfies all requirements regarding heating and hot water. (The Greenline Compact is also available with a built-in hot water tank.) HEATING AND HOT WATER TANK IN ONE APPLIANCE Thanks to its compact design, the Greenline Compact takes up little space. Furthermore, it is equipped for direct connection to the heating circuit, as it has a hot water tank, heating-circuit pump, brine pump, auxiliary electrical heating for peak times, and electronic control. For new buildings, or when replacing an old heating installation, the Greenline Compact is a complete solution for heating and hot water requirements.</p> <p>SIMPLE SOLUTION FOR HOUSES WITHOUT A CENTRAL HEATING SYSTEM In houses without a central heating system or with electrical heating, the heat pump is connected to a small mini water system with one or more air-supported convectors. This achieves even heat distribution with a low noise level. The temperature is regulated via a central room thermostat. For hot water, the Greenline E can be supplemented with a hot water tank.</p> <p>oil, gas, wood or direct acting electrical heating, IVT has the solution for lower heating costs and greater comfort. The control unit is the brain of the heating installation. It controls the heat pump and when necessary switches the auxiliary heating on, so that you can always count on minimum energy use and an even, pleasant room temperature. THE COMPLETE SOLUTION FOR NEW BUILDINGS OR AS A NEW HEATING INSTALLATION If you wish to replace your old heating with a new installation or are building a new house, the Greenline E heat pump is to be recommended. It is equipped with built-in electrical heating, which is automatically</p> <p>Fan coil Stored solar energy</p> <p>4</p> <p>The swimming pool can also be heated using the heat pump. The IVT heat pump can be used as a source of heating for your swimming pool in the summer. For larger indoor and outdoor pools the heat pump is an environmentally friendly source of heating which offers considerable savings.</p> <p>How to use the heat pump to cool the house down on hot summer days. Using a heat pump from IVT, your house or building can even be cooled in the summer. Heat, which in winter is collected from underground, is led back underground in summer. In summer this creates a comfort cooling for no energy cost.</p> <p>How to utilise stored solar energy</p> <p>T HE</p> <p>SUN IS</p> <p>an energy source whose</p> <p>consumes. For ever y kilowatt-hour purchased you receive a free contribution from nature comprising a further three to five thermal kilowatt hours, which are available as heating capacity. A heat pump for earth or water can be used anywhere, producing pleasant and environmentally friendly heat for your home, even on the coldest winter days.</p> <p>heat is stored in the earth. It is this stored heat that is converted by our heat pumps into heating and hot water for your home. Part of the heat from the earth is</p> <p>A novelty which has much to offer.</p> <p>fed into the heat pump through a heat-transfer medium and converted into higher temperatures for your heating. In the process, the heat pump produces far more energy than it</p> <p>The compact collector is designed for the IVT 495 TWIN or IVT Greenline HT Plus with exhaust unit VBX.</p> <p>HEAT FROM UNDERGROUND The heat pump utilises part of the solar heat stored in your property. An earth collector is laid in loops and buried in the ground. The liquid circulating in the loops is heated several degrees by the surrounding earth. The heat pump converts this heat into heating for radiators and hot water (brine/water). This way of utilising heat from the earth does not affect the vegetation in your garden.</p> <p>HEAT FROM UNDERGROUND At depths upwards of several meters the temperature is constant all year round. This form of heat production is thus a reliable method for small properties or ones in which pipes for heat from the soil cannot be buried. A closed system (brine/water) in a hose is lowered into a borehole. The heat is converted into heating in the same way as with geothermal earth.</p> <p>Heat from the earth from 40 m2 with the unique IVT compact collectorMay we present: a product novelty which opens completely new possibilities for the supply of stored solar energy. IVT has developed a completely new type of collector for which a property with an area of 40 m is sufficient to provide heat for a2</p> <p>The compact collector is designed for the IVT 495 TWIN or IVT Greenline with exhaust unit VBX. The collector is charged with heat energy when there is no heat demand in the house. The combination of heat pump, exhaust unit and compact collector enables inexpensive heating and hot water production as well as a healthy indoor climate.</p> <p>tors. With the compact collector IVT offers a solution which enables all home owners to utilise stored solar energy. Due to the new development a maximum output is possible on minimal surfaces. The overall costs for the installation are low. This means that the investment pays off quickly. COMPLETE SYSTEMS FOR</p> <p>indoor climate. It is sometimes combined with exhaust heat either from model IVT 495 TWIN or IVT Greenline with exhaust unit VBX. The collector is charged with recovered heat when there is no heat demand in the house. This enhances the performance of your system reducing your running costs yet further.</p> <p>medium-sized home. Of course with proven and patented technology. Once again IVT is number 1! IDEAL FOR SMALL PROPERTIES or for large distances to rock. In many areas the distance to rock is too great and many properties are too small for common ground collec-</p> <p>HEATING, COOLING AND VENTILATION The IVT compact collector is part of a complete solution which guarantees considerable savings and a healthy</p> <p>HEAT FROM GROUND WATER If you have a ground water well on your property, this can also serve as a source of heat. With the aid of a pump the water is conveyed to the heat pump, which creates heating and hot water. If you have a new well drilled for this purpose, you can not only obtain reliable and inexpensive heating but also water for your garden. Applying this small measure to your garden can thus kill two birds with one stone.</p> <p>HEAT FROM INSHORE WATERS If you live near a lake or big water course, IVT lake heat represents an excellent alternative. The heat contained in the water is utilised. This even works when lakes are frozen over on cold winter days. A collector tube is laid at the bottom of the water, held down by weights. To utilise this form of energy production you only need to dig trenches from the house to the water.</p> <p>A complete product programme for maximum savings</p> <p>THE NEW PROGRAMME of IVT Greenline</p> <p>The Greenline F and G series operate according to the brine/ water principle and cover the energy area of 16 to 65 kW. The Greenline F contains refrigerant 407C and can be used in systems with a flow temperature of up to 55C. The Greenline G contains refrigerant 134A and can be used in systems with a flow temperature of up to 70C. For higher energy demands several Greenline F or G models are connected in parallel. The IVT Greenline F and G series are suitable for multi-family houses, hotels and restaurants, schools, day nurseries and hospitals, office buildings, business premises and heat recover y from exhaust air.</p> <p>THIS IS HOW EASY IT IS TO ACHIEVE A PLEASANT ROOM TEMPERATURE: With the new IVT Greenline HT Plus it is always easy to obtain the correct temperature in the house. The basic settings are made by our representatives to suit your needs. Signals are transmitted from the control panel to the computer-operated control unit. The control unit controls the heating in your home. All settings are made from here. You can immediately see what the settings are from the display. The principle is that with the aid of three buttons and a dial selector you can access various menus to set values or to take readings. In the last line of the display you will nd information about the function of the various keys.</p> <p>HT Plus, 6-17 kW, for single-family houses includes everything from the small, efcient Greenline HT Plus E6 through to the compact model with built-in hot water boiler. You can select from a broad programme of separate hot water boilers which can be connected to the heat pump. HEATING AND VENTILATION An IVT exhaust air heat pump (for single-family houses) ensures efcient utilisation of heat. With this system you can reduce the total energy consumption for heating and hot water in an environmentally friendly manner. LARGER BUILDINGS IVT Greenline F and G is the heatpump programme for buildings with a larger energy requirement.</p> <p>8</p> <p>IVT Greenline HT Plus a new development which is a new standard!IVT G REENLINE HT P LUS is our absolute top model. This heat pump is superior to those of the competition in many ways and works with the unique and award winning scroll compressor by Mitsubishi Electric. The scroll compressor is optimally tuned to heat pump operation: a double pressure chamber and the FCM technology which provides optimal performance and operational safety. HOTTER WATER MORE HOT WATER Due to the new scroll compressors the IVT Greenline HT Plus produces water with a temperature of 65C. This leads to the production of a staggering 45% more hot water as well as water which has a higher temperature. Due to the hotter water for the radiators the IVT Greenline HT Plus becomes an ideal solution for the change from a boiler for which the radiators are designed for higher operational temperatures. Technical Award from the Japan Society of Refrigeration and Air Condition Engineers (2002) First Prize for Promoting Machine Industry (2003) HAS RECEIVED SEVERAL AWARDS Mitsubishi Electric has received several awards for this revolutionary technology. This technology is now available exclusively in IVT heat pumps and on a long-term basis. HIGH PERFORMANCE COEFFICIENT AT 65C The new scroll compressors which are optimised for refrigerant R407C, achieve high performance coefcient at 65C. IVT Greenline HT Plus is a new instrument generation which, due to the unique scroll compressor by Mitsubishi Electric, achieves considerable savings.</p> <p>IVT Greenline HT Plus</p> <p>A new dimension. The scroll compressor produced by Mitsubishi Electric opens new dimensions for heat pumps. This technology is used exclusively by IVT.</p> <p>9</p> <p>HEAT PUMP</p> <p>Floor heating</p> <p>Radiator</p> <p>2 1+0C 0C</p> <p>4+100C +55C +50CConvectors</p> <p>33C</p> <p>Take a look inside the IVT heat pump</p> <p>510C +50C</p> <p>+45CCooling/ air conditioning</p> <p>Horizontal 1 ground heat</p> <p>6 Vertical ground heat</p> <p>This is the operating principle of a heat pump for energy recovery from rock, soil and water1. The coolant (brine), which is heated up by the earth, circulates in a plastic tube. 2. The liquid heats up the refrigerant, which evaporates. 3. The refrigerant is compressed in the compressor. This leads to a higher refrigerant temperature. 4. The heat is transformed into the house's heating and water system in a condenser. 5. The pressure of the refrigerant is reduced in an expansion valve and the refrigerant returns to its liquid form. The liquid refrigerant returns to the evaporator. 6. Air-conditioning system with natural cold. In summer the cold in the borehole area is utilised. Convectors spread pleasant coolness throughout the house.</p> <p>Integrated reversing valve for hot water priority switching</p> <p>Electrical and hydraulic connections at the top.</p> <p>Flexible tubes for soundproong</p> <p>Four-line control panel with full-text</p> <p>Double-walled stainless steel hot water tank Built-in electrical panel Electrical cartridge with an output of 3.6 or 9 kW</p> <p>Circulation pump on the heating side</p> <p>Controlled by atmospheric conditions for the control of an additional heating circuit.</p> <p>Highly efcient, quiet scroll compressor.</p> <p>Due to optimized heat exchanger you receive a higher coefcient of performance and achieve lower heating costs.</p> <p> 10 </p> <p>IVT Optima gives large savings</p> <p>IVT Optima can be connected to your current heating system to provide both heating and hot water. Optima then takes care of the main part of your energy requirement and automatically connects in your present heating system when necessary. IVT Optima can also completely replace your current boiler and together with an electrical cassette and hot water heate...</p>