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Ella is sailing in between waves from a deep colored sea


  • Written and Illustrated byLaura Camila Sabogal Espinel

  • Ive lost My story! (Se me perdi mi historia!)All rights reserved. Any reproduction in whole or in part by any means, electronic, digitalor mechanical process (graphics systems, micro film, photographic, phonographic recording and video graphics) without the written permission of the author are forbidden. Theserestrictions also apply to the graphical features of the work and its editing.

    Text and Concept: Laura Camila SabogalArt Direction: Laura Camila Sabogal EspinelPhoto and Illumination: Nicols GuarnDesign and Edition: Laura Camila Sabogal Espinel

    Second EditionColombia - Bogota2012

  • To a littlecouple of cats...

  • As I was sailing, looking for a story,I sank into a deep colored sea of letters.

  • Among so many waves and bubbles,Ive lost my story, and now Im in trouble!

  • So many things I want to tell,so many things that I dont see,

  • thousands of things in my head;so many that I lose myself.

  • Stories between pillows,stories behind the fluffy clouds in the sky,

  • stories hidden in your eyesstories with wings to make you fly.

  • Stories for every once in a while,stories for now and forevermore,

    stories that are kept in secret,and then not remembered anymore.

  • All of them special at the end,all uneven stories after all.

  • I just wanted a story about you,a story about me.

  • A little story...!

  • About our universe.

  • A story to tell you,how much I love you.

  • This book was reprinted at 7 th day of November 2012 with two copies for the second edition, each

    one in a different language.

    Behind the pages of this book, there are at least 15 meters of cloth, of different colors and textures. Statistically the highest percentage is Lenci cloth.

    To my kids ... who are not here yet, I love you.