i've lost my home in a fire. what do i do?

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I've lost my home in a fire. What do I do? Common causes of fires and more information provided by Dolman Law Group. Dolman Law Group 800 N Belcher Rd Clearwater, FL 33765 Phone: (727) 451-6900 Fax: (727) 451-6907


  • 1. TlL-i| .l: t4: i "iI: .iA Arson ,i_i_Natural Causesif (like a wild re) Accident(like a grease re) Careless smoking Cooking Accidents CandlesFaulty wiring Defective Electronics.First things rst:Take action with your insurance company as soon as possible to salvage what is left and begin the process of recovery. } Vi i iii '-J-i '-. I'iii'r-. I-I-'~ l = 'll: - "! I!| } -; :.r. -.i1u.rig iiii f. |lillT. ' if Y had t e"aCate Y" I File a "proof of loss claim" with your h"e a"d d'd "t ha"e me agent;itemize what was damaged or t 9'ab a"V e55e"t'a'5' V" Ca destroyed,along with its value. get an advance against your eventual claim. i'ir-. i:. (-, iii, --'i'Il~, 1'. |'f. l'Il'f1, - ii .7". -,ir: ,i_iy: ,. Vlqllhlj r0l, '!'0l3l; |7'. 1'. V, iii ='CI! l,l. iI, |'! i?. |iI/ ' iii! ) , q,iIlg1_i 'i9i; n.Take all appropriate steps to minimize They are required to act the damage,or"mitigate damages. " promptly,if there is no dispute,keep on them to compensate -Tioli ilii-.il-"* 1i"| lI'II .1nioil-il-. ii'1'iui W i" 3 ti'e'Y '3"e'r it 'aYtake way longer than imagined.Ask your re department how. )iEinf-. l'-'.H? iii;. l!I9li: . 'i'll'Il'Il9'ilL_l~ [ '-. .lfii-. | '-. Ii, l.' 9i_i| .ii; l.i 9r3'ii|1lUbM : "7i} ii'ii'i"-"ii ii '"""i '2 hiniui 9.I(': If-lI| ~.i: le-.Errect a fence or barrier around your A ' home to prevent vandalism.Your policy should include a loss of use"clause,which reimburses you for living{'; i;l', - '-iii 7-i. 'l, mi ilii:'gI'!9i; -I'el'ri. 'i expenses while not living into make sure new problems haven't surfaced.your home.~. *-. _ Contact Dolman Law Group for a free V.Oand condential consultation 4 J Insurance companies are forprot entities that are more concernedabout their bottom line than protecting their customers.If your"A Personal by-my and CM] Trial Firm home has sustained re damage,it is crucial for you to sit down800 North Beicher Road with an attorney and go over your policy to maximize your benets.C'ea'Wa*'r FL 33755 ! EZ3?. '.if. Z'fJ. ?.lf f. ?.? .i. ';i. '. f. i?1Z; '? aJ. ?.'f {$5353 332..72745169o0 as possible.You may be dealing with an insurance company looking to take advantage of you and violate your rights.Dolman Dolma n LaW'cm Law Group will aggressively ght to make sure you are properlytreated by your carrier.